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Sourmelina's secret (as Aunt Zo put it): 'Lina was one of those women they named the island after. -- Jeffrey Eugenides
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Not only a countess but a nymph of the greenwood, -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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I would like a cappuccino," says Linus politely. "Thank you."
"Your name?"
"I'll spell it for you," he says. "Z-W-P-A-E-N
"What?" She stares at him, Sharpie in hand.
"Wait, I haven't finished. Double F-hyphen-T-J-U-S. It's an unusual name, Linus adds gravely. "It's Dutch. -- Sophie Kinsella
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Rhine. The river that, somewhere out there, has broken free. -- Lauren Destefano
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Lille lost her way -- L. H. Cosway
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Roberta Marieschi -- Donna Leon
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Lanthe's nieces were super brilliant, could already trace. If they sensed danger - or bath time - they would simply teleport their diapered butts away. -- Kresley Cole
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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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With a flick of her hand, Sabine wove an illusion. Suddenly she and Lanthe both looked like patients. "We'll create a stampede of humans and run out into the night with them."
Lanthe shook her head. "The Vrekeners will scent us."
Sabine blinked at her. "Lanthe, have you not smelled my humans? -- Kresley Cole
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Old France, weighed down with history, prostrated by wars and revolutions, endlessly vacillating from greatness to decline, but revived, century after century, by the genius of renewal! -- Charles De Gaulle
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Where was this taken?" Jardin recovered enough to speak. "Near Lawrenceville. -- Ilona Andrews
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Atalanta in Calydon -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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Thou hast her, France; let her be thine, for we
Have no such daughter, nor shall ever see
That face of hers again. Therefore be gone
Without our grace, our love, our benison. -- William Shakespeare
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Montreal, this wonderful town ... Pearl of Canada, Pearl of the world. -- Mikhail Gorbachev
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Lauricia or Aurelia? -- Alyson Noel
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Madeline Reynolds -- Natasha Lowe
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closed behind Anne -- L.m. Montgomery
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Lares of the Crossroads -- Colleen Mccullough
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Lady of the Mere, Sole-sitting by the shores of old romance. -- William Wordsworth
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Have proved more important to the human race than any communications yet received through any of the chickens of the Cock-lane brood. France, less favoured on the whole as to matters spiritual than her sister of the shield and trident, -- Charles Dickens
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Lisette was born without the ability to speak, but she'd been brazen with written words as a child, substituting a sharp tongue for a poison pen. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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Clarice, the glorious city, has a tormented history. Several times it decayed, then burgeoned again, always keeping the first Clarice as an unparalleled model of every splendor, compared to which the city's present state can only cause more sighs at every fading of the stars. -- Italo Calvino
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Th' first thing to have in a libry is a shelf.
Fr'm time to time this can be decorated with lithrachure.
But th' shelf is th' main thing. -- Finley Peter Dunne
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Laia is the wild dance of a Tribal campfire, while Helene is the cold blue of an alchemist's flame. -- Sabaa Tahir
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Jesper Llewellyn Fahey, that is enough!" Colm roared. (...)
Inej cocked her head to one side. "Jesper Llewellyn Fahey?"
"Shut up," said Jesper. "It's a family name."
Inej made a solemn bow. "Whatever you say, Llewellyn. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Loeanneth, so greedy and bold. She wondered -- Kate Morton
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Eriskigal, or as some say it, Erishkigal, is Morgan le Fay, Kali, Persephone, and Hel.'
'She's Hel all right,' Jarrah muttered. -- Michael Grant
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Kitty, The "Secret Annexe -- Anne Frank
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Lanthe whirled around and punched her sister in the tit. Regrettably, Sabine was wearing a metal breastplate. -- Kresley Cole
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Where is she? Is she all right? Baldair, you swore to me you would protect her!" Aldrik's words sounded half mad with worry. -- Elise Kova
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Fair Maiden Lilliard lies under this stane, Little was her stature but great was her fame; Upon the English loons she laid many thumps, And when her legs were cuttied off she fought upon her stumps. -- Nigel Tranter
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It was always Isabelle. -- Cassandra Clare
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Le Marais?'

'It's a little district in the centre of Paris. It is full of cobbled streets and teetering apartment blocks and gay men and orthodox Jews and women of a certain age who once looked like Brigitte Bardot. It's the only place to stay. -- Jojo Moyes
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The Lesbian is one of the least known members of our culture. Less is known about her - and less accurately - than about the Newfoundland dog. -- Sidney Abbott
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King Offa's dyke, -- John B. Hattendorf
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I am in an undisclosed location. I call it . . . the Laaaair." "The Lair?" Steve said, laughing. "Hey, every Evil Overlord has to have a lair," Tyler said. "I couldn't find a volcano next to a piranha pit but it's close . . . -- John Ringo
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Ut laeve is genne pannekook -- Diversen
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Larousse is an invaluable tool for any cook. I've used this great resource all throughout my cooking career, and of course I look forward to the new edition. New information and knowledge are always welcome. -- Thomas Keller
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Jean-Marie Le Pen is a holocaust denier who was convicted and fined for dismissing Nazi concentration camps as a, quote, "Detail in History." But he kept running this anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, populist unapologetic xenophobic far right party in French politics. -- Rachel Maddow
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Lan Mandragoran, you bloody wonderful man! You did it!
-Mat -- Robert Jordan
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Angleterre Hotel, -- Masha Gessen
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Sassicaia from Tuscany, -- Aubrey James
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Anne Shirley. Anne with an e. -- Lucy Maud Montgomery
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Well, schmear my bagel, if it isn't Mara Dyer. -- Michelle Hodkin
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Hic sunt leones. Here be lions. -- Pierce Brown
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I hope I don't," she said. "But she said - Laoghaire - " She stumbled on the name. "L'heery," Ian corrected. -- Diana Gabaldon
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WindClan territory -- Erin Hunter
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Aelin of the wildfire. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Rosabelle - answer - tell - pray, answer - look - tell - answer, answer - tell. -- Harry Houdini
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Taniquetil, glorious to behold, loftiest of all mountains clad in purest snow, -- Anonymous
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Now I have discovered where it is that she goes. It's the guillotine that draws her, across the river in the Place Louis Quinze- Place de la Revolution now-where daily crowds gather, the vendors selling lemonade, the children playing prisoner's base, the old ladies gossiping as the heads fall. -- Sandra Gulland
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She's coming here with Aer Lingus. -- Michael O'leary
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Yol Bolsun" (May there be a road) [Louis L'Amour} -- Louis L'amour
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Bychan: little one Cariad: sweetheart, beloved one Annwyl: -- Lisa Kleypas
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Cletus's famous sausage is famous." Cletus's -- Penny Reid
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Beautee eneuch to mak a world to dote. -- James I Of Scotland
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France, mother of arts, of warfare, and of laws. -- Joachim Du Bellay
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Donneven, Bettaquit and Mmmhmmmm -- Sarah Dessen
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I hurt him, Larel ... -- Elise Kova
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When Sabine parted her lips to argue, Lanthe said, "This baby bird's gotta fly, sis." "Great," Sabine drawled. "She's already speaking in avian metaphors. -- Kresley Cole
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Landale's language burns away the mists of the past, preparing a place of welcome for our ghosts. -- John Newlove
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In a village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind, there lived not long since one of those gentlemen that keep a lance in the lance-rack, an old buckler, a lean hack, and a greyhound for coursing. -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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My primary tongue, I would call North-West Mercian. -- Alan Garner
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For me, Lancome was more than just a brand. There was something very nostalgic about the name, about the whole story. -- Alber Elbaz
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Fiordland, a vast tract of mountainous terrain that occupies the south-west corner of South Island, New Zealand, is one of the most astounding pieces of land anywhere on God's earth, and one's first impulse, standing on a cliff top surveying it all, is simply to burst into spontaneous applause. -- Douglas Adams
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Rosa reports the engagement of her niece in 1912 to a nice young man without a name. It may therefore be that the last descendants of the Luxemburg family are living somewhere in England. -- John Peter Nettl
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And I looked closer and it totally did say Latoya. But in my defense, it looked like "Labia" from a distance. Much like tacos. Or Georgia O'Keeffe paintings. -- Jenny Lawson
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La mer is so much greater, so much grander than any petty human passion. It is itself, with no apologies and no explanations." Rosalind -- Elaine Leclaire
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The Lannister woman is our queen, and her pride is said to grow with every passing year. -- George R R Martin
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For if hevene be on this erthe, and ese to any soule,It is in cloistre or in scole. -- William Langland
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Carquinez Strait -- David Downing
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Here comes Monseiur Le Beau.
Rosalind: With his mouth full of news.
Celia: Which he will put on us, as pigeons feed their young.
Rosalind: Then shall we be news-crammed.
Celia: All the better; we shall be the more marketable. -- William Shakespeare
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LAVINIA: I want to feel love! Love is all beautiful! I never used to know that! I was a fool! We'll be married soon ... We'll make an island for ourselves on land and we'll have children and love them and teach them to love life so that they can never be possessed by hate and death! -- Eugene O'neill
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I'm no longer your concern." "You've been my concern ever since you were six years old, come to fort up with me. You're in my blood, Lael - a forever and endurin' part of me! -- Laura Frantz
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The Swendish queen - whose name I couldn't pronounce to save my life. -- Kiera Cass
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Niederhochwald. She seemed determined to work her way through the -- Michael Flynn
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Lyon is full of temperamental gourmets, eternally engaged in a never-ending search for that imaginary, perfect, unknown little back-street bistro, where one can dine in the style of Louis XIV for the price of a pack of peanuts. -- Roy Andries De Groot
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Lancaster, California ... that promised land sometimes called 'the west coast of Iowa. -- Joan Didion
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'LaFerrari' means 'the Ferrari.' The excellence. In this car, we put everything we are able to do. Our extreme technology, extreme experience, extreme capability. And this has been the first Ferrari totally designed in our design center. -- Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
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Lise: Paris has ways of making people forget. Jerry: Paris? No, not this city. It's too real and too beautiful. It never lets you forget anything. It reaches in and opens you wide, and you stay that way. -- Leslie Caron
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Its not Wingardium Levio-sa its wingrardium levi-o-sa -- J.k. Rowling
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The bird, the best, the fisch eke in the see,They live in fredome, everich in his kynd.And I a man, and lakkith libertee. -- James I Of Scotland
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comfort. I'd decided Lucy -- Kiera Cass
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Lari got herself cleaned up from rooter to tooter -- Mariah Violet
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Lyonesse stared wide-eyed at Lynet's hand and swallowed hard. Lynet realized that she was still holding the carving knife and had been pointing it at Lyonesse's breast. She laid the knife down slowly and gathered a few plates of food. "I'll take the rest of my dinner in my room, I think," she said. -- Gerald Morris
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Seattle, the mild green queen: wet and willing, cedar-scented, and crowned with slough grass, her toadstool scepter tilted toward Asia, her face turned ever upward in the rain; the sovereign who washes her hands more persistently than the most fastidious proctologist. -- Tom Robbins
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For a laggard in love, and a dastard in war, Was to wed the fair Ellen of Lochinvar. -- Walter Scott
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Labrinth is a super talented singer, producer, songwriter from London. -- Estelle
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An album of over 250 naturist photos by Leif Heilberg -- Leif Heilberg
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Florence - the city of tranquillity made manifest ... -- Katherine Cecil Thurston
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The bronze rider of Mnementh, Lord F'lar, will require quarters for himself. I, F'nor, brown rider, prefer to be lodged with the wingmen. We are, in number, twelve. F'lar liked that touch of F'nor's, totting up the wing strength, as if Fax were incapable of counting. -- Anne Mccaffrey
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What the hell kind of name is Kitty for a werewolf? -- Carrie Vaughn
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The lake of fire awaits my lady -- Alexandra Adornetto
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Suen Le! (it means, "Let it be. -- Adeline Yen Mah
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Weep not for little Leonie, abducted by a French Marquis. Though loss of honor was a wrench, just think how it's improved her French. -- Harry Graham
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CASTLES IN THE AIR Laurie -- Louisa May Alcott
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Send not a Catt for Lard. -- George Herbert
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Hello - what hotel is this - ? -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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Skye." "Lima-Oscar-Victor-Echo -- Jeanne Birdsall