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A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do. (Leroy Eims) -- John C. Maxwell
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Each and every one of us is a leader. Some of us just don't know it yet. -- Umair Haque
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You are a leader when your actions encourage someone to reveal himself with hope, courage, confidence and trust. -- Debasish Mridha
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Anyone who influences others is a leader. -- Charles R. Swindoll
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A leader organizes people whether they know it or not. -- Holly Goldberg Sloan
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If you're the leader, you've got to give up your omniscient and omnipotent fantasies - that you know and must do everything. Learn how to abandon your ego to the talents of others. -- Warren G. Bennis
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A true leader is someone who can turn people from followers into leaders -- Sunday Adelaja
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If you want leaders, you must become a leader yourself! -- John C. Maxwell
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I haven't been a leader
not at all. -- Kyrie Irving
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The age of leaders has come and gone. You must be your own leader now. You must contain the spirit of our time in your own life and your own nature. You must really explore, as you've never explored before, what human nature is like. -- Laurens Van Der Post
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You are a leader. It is time to lead. You must inspire, you must plan, you must make the world a better place. -- Gemma Malley
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I wouldn't call myself a leader. I don't want to lead people, I want to tempt them, I want to create a new world for them, just for that very small moment, when they are losing themselves in my music. I want to inspire them -- Paul Van Dyk
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By learning more, by doing more, by becoming more, and by creating a common vision, a leader is a person who can inspire others to change for the better. -- Debasish Mridha
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Leadership is standing with your people. People say you have to live to fight another day, but sometimes you have to show you are a true leader. -- Leymah Gbowee
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A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most leaders. -- Neale Donald Walsch
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A leader, first and foremost, is human. Only when we have the strength to show our vulnerability can we truly lead. -- Simon Sinek
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The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers. -- Peter Drucker
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I don't look at myself as a leader. I do look at myself as part of a community. -- Michael J. Fox
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A true leader is one who designs the cathedral and then shares the vision that inspires others to build it. -- Jan Carlzon
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The question is not 'Am I a leader?' - the question is 'What kind of leader am I? -- Steve Knox
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The true leader is a different sort; he seeks effective activity which has a truly beneficient purpose. He inspires others to follow in his wake, and holding aloft the torch of wisdom, leads the way for society to realize its genuinely great aspirations -- Haile Selassie
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Leadership is not a title, a position or an Office but a function -- Kayode Fayemi
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If you can raise the level of effort and performance in those around you, you are officially a leader. -- Urban Meyer
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Leadership is the ability of a single individual through his or her actions to motivate others to higher levels of achievement. -- Buck Rodgers
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The leader is the organization's top strategist ... systematically envisioning the future and specifically mapping out how to get there. -- Bill Hybels
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If your vision inspires others to see their dreams and your actions motivate them to realize it, then you are a leader. -- Debasish Mridha
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Leadership is a mindset in which one is unapologetically driven towards their goals and in behaving accordingly, inspires those around them to join in. -- Steve Maraboli
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A leader, you see, is one of the things that distinguishes a mob from a people. He maintains the level of individuals. Too few individuals, and a people reverts to a mob. -- Frank Herbert
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I think we have to rethink the concept of "leader." 'Cause "leader" implies "follower." And, so many- not so many, but I think we need to appropriate, embrace the idea that we are the leaders we've been looking for. -- Grace Lee Boggs
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To be a leader means, especially, having the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who permit leaders to lead. -- Max De Pree
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If I am your leader, you have to listen to me & if you don't want to listen to me, then drop me as your leader -- Nelson Mandela
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Leadership is elusive and enigmatic, just as it is enlightening and empowering. It is a bright light among human energies that sometimes, by its very intensity, casts a long and dark shadow. -- Marcia Whicker
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As a leader you have to recognize that it all starts with you: your attitude, your commitment, your caring, your passion. -- Pat Williams
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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. -- John Quincy Adams
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I think that a leader is someone that needs to make an impact on, off the cricket field and in their lives as well. -- Gautam Gambhir
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It takes a leader to know a leader, grow a leader, and show a leader. -- John C. Maxwell
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Leadership is a process where a leader has a purpose oriented destination and lets the followers find the best way to get there with a common vision and goal. -- Debasish Mridha
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The real leader has no need to lead - he is content to point the way. -- Henry Miller
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Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity. -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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A true leader is a man who can get people to work together on the points on which they agree and who can persuade others that when they disagree there are peaceful methods to settle their differences. -- Doris Kearns Goodwin
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The leader is the one individual within the organization that is never, ever totally disconnected from those he leads - and the leader who complains about that is not qualified to lead. -- R. Albert Mohler Jr.
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Leaders lead but in the end it's the people who deliver. -- Tony Blair
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If you think like a leader, act like a leader, inspire like a leader then you are a leader. -- Debasish Mridha
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A leader does not tell you what to do but shows you how to do it. -- Myself
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Leaders are not the ones with the right position or a proclaimed or given title, the actual leaders are the people who start acting, who step up, who do change, no matter in what way or how small! -- Akilnathan Logeswaran
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I never thought of myself as the leader. The most important person, perhaps. -- Freddie Mercury
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The new leader is one who commits people to action, who converts followers into leaders, and who may convert leaders into agents of change. -- Warren G. Bennis
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Leadership is the ability to make things happen. -- Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives. -- Robin S. Sharma
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A real leader is not the top dog who merely shouts down orders. a leader is one who holds the space for the brilliance of others. -- Marianne Williamson
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A true leader produces more leaders. -- Zig Ziglar
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A leader takes people where they would never go on their own. -- Hans Finzel
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Leadership defined: An equal and dual commitment to both results and relationships without compromising one for the other. -- Al Ritter
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A leader first tries to listen, then tries to understand, then creates a common vision and then together takes action for the realization. -- Debasish Mridha
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Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating. -- Simon Sinek
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A true leader is a person whose influence inspires people to do what is expected of them to do. You cease to be a leader when you manipulate with your egos instead of convincing by your inspirations. -- Israelmore Ayivor
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You are a leader if your vision, mission, and actions inspire others to emulate you or follow your path. -- Debasish Mridha
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You can be a leader in your workplace, your neighborhood, or your family, all without having a title. -- Travis Bradberry
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A good leader is one who reveals to you your own potential and then inspires and shows you how to reach your potential. -- Debasish Mridha
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Leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who choose to follow. -- James M. Kouzes
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Now that we are recognizing more fully the value of the individual, now that management is defining more exactly the function of each, many are coming to regard the leader as the man who can energize his group, who knows how to encourage initiative, how to draw from all what each has to give. -- Mary Parker Follett
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A leader has to be one of two things: he either has to be a brilliant visionary himself, a truly creative strategist, in which case he can do what he likes and get away with it; or else he has to be a true empowerer who can bring out the best in others. -- Henry Mintzberg
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Leadership is unveiled by Vision, Driven by Passion, Activated by Planning, Engineered by Sacrifice and Actualized by Tireless Pursuit. -- Ld
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If you are in a position to influence someone, you are a leader. -- Sheri L. Dew
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Leadership is the influence of a person(s) on another person(s) which guides their efforts in a specific direction, with more purpose, clarity, and unity than they would have held on their own. -- Michael A. Wood Jr.
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Leaders come in many forms, with many styles and diverse qualities. There are quiet leaders and leaders one can hear in the next county. Some find strength in eloquence, some in judgment, some in courage. -- John W. Gardner
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Leadership is the ability to get individuals to work together for the common good and the best possible results while at the same time letting them know they did it themselves. -- John Wooden
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Leadership is the power of one harnessing the power of many. -- John C. Maxwell
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I don't know what leadership is. You can't touch it. You can't feel it. It's not tangible. But I do know this: you recognize it when you see it. -- Bob Ehrlich
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A leader has a sound program, has a good policy, and then brings people together to solve problems. -- John Kasich
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To be fully in service to something one has experienced as real is the essence of leadership in a nonhierarchical age. A leader is the holder of a story, someone whose experience of its reality is deep enough so that she can hold the belief on behalf of others. -- Charles Eisenstein
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Leadership is neither a rank nor a title. It is a choice. The choice to provide care and protection for those for whom we are responsible. -- Simon Sinek
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A leader is a man who can adapt principles to circumstances. -- George S. Patton
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To be a leader is to be awake and alert, to be dissatisfied at all times -- Peter Koestenbaum
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A real leader will always follow -- Anonymous
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Leadership is not a rank or a position, it is a choice - a choice to look after the person to the left of us & the person to the right of us. -- Simon Sinek
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Leadership means bringing people together in pursuit of a common cause, developing a plan to achieve it, and staying with it until the goal is achieved. -- William J. Clinton
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Leadership is the ability to take people to places they would be afraid to go alone. -- Bob Galvin
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If you don't find a leader, perhaps it is because you were meant to lead. -- Glenn Beck
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Leadership is an active, living process. It is rooted in character, forged by experience, and communicated by example. -- John Baldoni
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You are a leader until you are dictated by your own words. -- M.f. Moonzajer
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I've always been a leader my whole life. I've always led. I didn't know how to do anything else. -- Magic Johnson
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I had been looking for leaders, but I realized that leadership is about being the first to act. -- Edward Snowden
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A leader's role is not to control people or stay on top of things, but rather to guide, energize and excite. -- Jack Welch
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Leadership is not a title. It's a behavior. LIVE it -- Robin Sharma
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Leadership is the activity of influencing people to cooperate towards some goal which they come to find desirable and which motivates them over the long haul. -- Ordway Tead
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The leader sees things through the eyes of his followers. He puts himself in their shoes and helps them make their dreams come true. The leader does not say, "Get going!" Instead he says, "Let's go!" and leads the way. He does not walk behind with a whip; he is out in front with a banner. -- Wilferd Peterson
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The Leader will be a person with the management skills to coordinate the activities of the Team, and to assure that the Team remains faithful to the objectives of the incoming President. -- Richard V. Allen
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A leader shapes and shares a vision, which gives point to the work of others. -- Charles Handy
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Quaker author Parker Palmer said, "A leader is a person who must take special responsibility for what's going on inside of himself or herself . . . lest the act of leadership create more harm than good."[5] -- Lance Witt
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Leaders are the custodians of a nation's ideals, of the beliefs it cherishes, of its permanent hopes, of the faith which makes a nation out of a mere aggregation of individuals. -- Walter Lippmann
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We can not lead an organization, we can run an organization. We can only lead people. -- Simon Sinek
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Leadership isn't the private reserve of a few charismatic men and women. It's a process ordinary people use when they're bringing forth the best from themselves and others. Liberate the leader in everyone, and extraordinary things happen. -- James M. Kouzes
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A leader is a steward of trust. -- Idowu Koyenikan
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A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done. -- Ralph Nader
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Leadership is influence. To the extent we influence others, we lead them. -- Charles R. Swindoll
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Leadership is not achieved by an individual. Leadership is bestowed by the group. -- Simon Sinek
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Everybody wants to be led. Except for me. I want to lead. -- Tilman J. Fertitta
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To be a leader, you must first be a team player, and you must care for the men you lead. -- Dick Couch
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Leadership is a process that involves setting a PURPOSE AND DIRECTION which inspires people to combine and work towards willingly; paying attention to the MEANS, PACE AND QUALITY OF PROGRESS towards the aim; and upholding GROUP UNITY and INDIVIDUAL EFFECTIVENESS throughout. -- James Scouller