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Expect a most agreeable letter, for not being overburdened with subject (having nothing at all to say), there shall be no check to my genius from beginning to end.
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I'm lucky if I write a letter.
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Letters remind us that when we write we can bring back the best of times, even make time stand still, if only for a few minutes.
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May all your letters be received with an abundance of love.
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You deserve a longer letter than this; but it is my unhappy fate seldom to treat people so well as they deserve.
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I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had the time to make it shorter.
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Never write a letter and never destroy one.
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Letters are the real curse of my existence. I hate to write them: I have to. If I don't, there they are - the great guilty gates barring my way.
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I don't have time to write you a short letter, so I'm writing you a long one instead.
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A letter is the portrait of the soul ...
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This is my letter to the world That never wrote to me
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A pleasant letter I hold to be the pleasantest thing that this world has to give.
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She wrote a long letter on a short piece of paper
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Most personal correspondence of today consists of letters the first half of which are given over to an indexed statement of why the writer hasn't written before, followed by one paragraph of small talk, with the remainder devoted to reasons why it is imperative that the letter be brought to a close.
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To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!
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The letters don't get their true delight, when done in haste & discomfort, nor merely done with diligence & pain, but first when they are created with love and passion.
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Letters are signs of things, symbols of words, whose power is so great that without a voice they speak to us the words of the absent; for they introduce words by the eye, not by the ear.
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The power of a handwritten letter is greater than ever. It's personal and deliberate and means more than an e-mail or text ever will. It has a unique scent. It requires deciphering. But, most important, it's flawed.
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A letter, by its arrival, defrauds us of a whole secret region of our existence, the only region indeed in which the true pleasure of life may be tasted, the region of imagination, creative and protean, the clouds and beautiful shapes of whose heaven are destroyed by the wind of reality.
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Nothing is more vulgar than a careful avoidance of beginning a letter with the first person singular)
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Letter-writing too often degenerates into a communicating of facts, and not of truths; of other men's deeds and not our thoughts.What are the convulsions of a planet, compared with the emotions of the soul? or the rising of a thousand suns, if that is not enlightened by a ray?
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Were there language, I'd be my own lone letter.
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Oh no, honey, I can't read little things like letters. I read big things like men.
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Why send a letter when you can send something truly magnificent?
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One serious drawback about letters is that, in order to get them, one must send some out. When it comes to the mail, I feel it is better to receive than to give.
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I do not pretend to write much of a letter. You know under what circumstances I am writing.
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I have owed you this letter for a very long time-but my fingers have avoided the pencil as though it were an old and poisoned tool.
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Real letter-writing ... is founded on a need as old and as young as humanity itself, the need that one human being has of another.
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When sitting down to write a letter, it always pays to calm one's mood, collect one's thoughts, and have a plan.
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Letters are largely written to get things out of your system.
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I like writing letters and receiving letters. It's a shame that we've lost the art of letter-writing and saving correspondence. I mourn that.
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Generally, people who are good at writing letters have no need to write letters. They've got plenty of life to lead inside their own context.
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You glance at an e-mail. You give more attention to a real letter.
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Never write a letter while you are angry.
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It is well enough, when one is talking to a friend, to lodge in an odd word by way of counsel now and then; but there is something mighty irksome in its staring upon one in a letter, where one ought to see only kind words and friendly remembrances.
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For it is said, you know, that a letter will always seek a reader; that sooner or later, like it or not, words have a way of finding the light, of making their secrets known.
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Mr. Laurence. I have got a letter for the lady.
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Writing is, in the end, that oddest of anomalies: an intimate letter to a stranger.
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Successful people, no matter how busy, seem to make time to write letters.
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There were people whose only interest in life was writing letters. To the newspapers, to authors, to strangers, to City Councils, to the police. It did not much matter to whom; the satisfaction of writing seemed to be all.
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When the whole world is writing letters, it's easy to lap into the quiet within, tell the story of an hour, keep alive the narrating inner life. To be alone in the presence of one's thought is not a value, only a common practice.
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You can email me, but I prefer letters that come through conventional mail. I like letters that have been licked by strangers.
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I used to get an awful lot of letters, and they have almost all gone. I used to answer nearly all of them.
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The letter we all love to receive is one that carries so much of the writer's personality that she seems to be sitting beside us, looking at us directly and talking just as she really would, could she have come on a magic carpet, instead of sending her proxy in ink-made characters on mere paper.
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Letters form a by-path of literature, a charming, but occasional, retreat for people of cultivated leisure.
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Please forgive the long letter; I didn't have time to write a short one.
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A letter is the most basic - yet the most flexible - mode of correspondence, regardless of its subject matter.
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I love writing letters. In order to write a novel in first person, I think I needed an addressee.
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If your letters are as long as the bible, they will appear short to me. Only let them be brim full of affection.
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...but for the Girl Writing A Letter these things don't matter, she's got a beer in her free hand, she's on the road, she's real and she's in love.
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Spelling mistakes in a letter is like a bug on a white shirt.
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I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.
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I'm sorry this letter is so long. I didn't have time to make it shorter.
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I folded the letter and carefully placed it back in its spot. Now I had to wait twenty-four hours for a response. This was so much less gratifying than texting.
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This letter has gotten foolish, and I think you know how I detest looking like a fool. But still I do. For you.
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All letters, methinks, should be free and easy as one's discourse, not studied, as an oration, nor made up of hard words like a charm ...
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A letter depends on how you read it, a melody on how you sing it.
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Now everybody who knows anything at all knows perfectly well that even a business letter does not deserve the paper on which it is written unless it contains at least one significant phrase that is worth waking up in the night to remember and think about.
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This is not a letter but my arms around you for a brief moment.
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I'll write to you. A super-long letter, like in an old-fashioned novel
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There is something very sensual about a letter. The physical contact of pen to paper, the time set aside to focus thoughts, the folding of the paper into the envelope, licking it closed, addressing it, a chosen stamp, and then the release of the letter to the mailbox - are all acts of tenderness.
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Letter writing allows us to be alone yet connected. We need a certain amount of solitude in order to have true ideas to communicate. But few of us desire solitude all the time ... Yet solitude is what makes us contemplative and receptive, more aware of life's gifts and our own special blessings.
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The more uninteresting the letter, the more useful it is to the typographer.
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In proportion as our inward life fails, we go more constantly and desperately to the post office. You may depend on it, that the poor fellow who walks away with the greatest number of letters, proud of his extensive correspondence, has not heard from himself this long while.
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And if kisses in these words could travel too, Madam, you'd read this letter with your lips.
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Let us never underestimate the power of a well-written letter.
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One of the key pleasures of receiving a letter is the act of holding and entering the envelope - a sort of cross between Christmas and sex.
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Some people write letters, in the library.
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Your letter filled the hole in my day like a key.
Turn it.
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How do you write a letter on the spur of the moment? And then post it? On the spur of the moment?
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As much as I loved my computer, I wondered if I would ever know the joy of getting a letter from someone I loved, being able to pour over its contents time and time again, to feel the paper that he touched, and to know he took the time to share his day.
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A letter doesn't communicate by words alone. A letter, just like a book, can be read by smelling it, touching it and fondling it. Thereby, intelligent folk will say, 'Go on then, read what the letter tells you!' whereas the dull-witted will say, 'Go on then, read what he's written!
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When one is writing a letter, he should think that the recipient will make it into a hanging scroll.
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A man who gets few letters does not open one lightly.
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Writer is a Film Director of letters.
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I am strangely addicted to the writing of long letters, which, I am afraid, tire you; and for the future, I believe, I must be less communicative, in order to be less troublesome.
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Letters should be easy and natural.
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Letter writing can be seen as a gift because someone has taken his/her time to write and think and express love.
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A letter allows us to travel through time.
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More than kisses, letters mingle souls.
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The calligraphic letter is not entirely a letter,
but something that sits between writing and music
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asked? That letter you mailed seemed pretty
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I have just received your letter, and shall devote this whole morning to answering it, as I foresee that a little writing will not comprise what I have to tell you.
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God, but he was sick of missives. Letters where what people resorted to when they didnt want to lie to your face. When they wanted to pretend they weren't ripping your heart out.
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Do you mean to tell me that Mr. Trevor read my letter?" demanded Lady Buxted indignantly. "Your secretary?"
"I employ him to read my letters," explained his lordship.(Alverstroke)
"Not those written by your nearest and dearest!"
"Oh, no, not them!" he agreed.
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I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.
(Letter 16, 1657)
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It does me good to write a letter which is not a response to a demand, a gratuitous letter, so to speak, which has accumulated in me like the waters of a reservoir.
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I reread this letter several times. I could scarcely deny its authorship or its ugliness. All I could plead was that I had been its author then, but was not its author now. Indeed, I didn't recognise that part of myself from which the letter came. But perhaps this was simply further self-deception.
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From Matheran I mailed the notes of my failed novel. I mailed them to fictitious address.
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Such a letter was not to be soon recovered from ... Every moment rather brought fresh agitation. It was an overpowering happiness.
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Letters are meaningless unless put together correctly. Words are worthless unless backed by truth. Sentences are handed out and judged accordingly, but only genuinely honest men or women can create writings that change the world forever.
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This is not a letter but my arms about you for a brief moment.
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By the time you read this letter, these words will be those of the past. The me of now is gone.
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Letters have to pass two tests before they can be classed as good: they must express the personality both of the writer and of the recipient.
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At the end of the letter he said, Fuck you, you heartless bitch, you rolled up my heart and squeezed it dry. Still, when I recalled him I would always see him waiting for me under the silver high school bleachers with a smile on his face and thirty-two perfect shining white teeth.
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Poetry! Indeed, verses are the only thing that your letter lacks, Makar Alexievitch. And what tender feelings I can read in it - what roseate-coloured fancies! To the curtain, however, I had never given a thought. The fact is that when I moved the flower-pots, it LOOPED ITSELF up. There now!
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Writing isn't letters on paper. It's communication. It's memory.
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You know I am given to antiquarian and genealogical pursuits. An old family letter is a delight to my eyes. I can prowl in old trunks of letters by the day with undiminished zest.
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What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can't reread a phone call.
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What cannot letters inspire? They have souls; they can speak; they have in them all that force which expresses the transports of the heart ...