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Salad of baby spinach, artichoke hearts, and slices of fig, drizzled with olive oil and salt and a little fresh lemon juice,
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I care not who hoes the lettuce of my country if I can eat the salad!
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I have no truck with lettuce, cabbage, and similar chlorophyll. Any dietitian will tell you that a running foot of apple strudel contains four times the vitamins of a bushel of beans.
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and spinach from the pan
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Don't be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be.
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The local groceries are all out of broccoli, loccoli.
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I like Cilantro, but you don't have to.
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A crier of green sauce.
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As I see it, a green salad is an open invitation to carrots, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and the sprouts that grow in jars on my kitchen counter.
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Charantia. Bitter herbs. Bitter.
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The brussels sprout. This is also the worst vegetable of next year.
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I don't care if my lettuce has DDT on it, just as long as it's crisp.
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One word, in this place, respecting asparagus. The young shoots of this plant, boiled, are the most unexceptionable form of greens with which I am acquainted.
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What is more refreshing than salads when your appetite seems to have deserted you.
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I love root vegetables: carrots, parsnips, and turnips.
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Shite and onions!
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What are those bulb things you're slicing?"
"You've never seen fennel? It looks like celery and tastes like licorice.
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I would like it very much if you pulled on something of mine. Kale
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When a draco has eaten much fruit, it seeks the juice of the bitter lettuce; it has been seen to do this.
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Two of the most nutritious plants in the world - lamb's quarters and purslane - are weeds, and some of the healthiest traditional diets, like the Mediterranean, make frequent use of wild greens.
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I don't really like vegetables. But I'll eat them.
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I want to focus on my salad.
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So I got creative. Carrots! (They seem to be the answer to most of my food problems.)
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Don't be a salad. Be the best god damn broccoli you can ever be.
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The fumes of cruciferous vegetables, roiling in plastic bags. Nothing
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Cabbage: a familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man's head.
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Leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss chard, and spinach are the most nutrient-dense of all foods.
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I grow vegetables - I'm a vegetarian; I've got strawberries, artichokes, leeks, broad beans.
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The only really good vegetable is Tabasco sauce. Put Tabasco sauce in everything. Tabasco sauce is to bachelor cooking what forgiveness is to sin. The next best vegetable is the jalapeno pepper. It has the virtue of turning salads into practical jokes.
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See, if you said green bean, I'd be very upset. However, if you told her an eggplant, I'd probably never wear pants again. So what's it going to be, Jess?
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I don't eat vegetables. I only eat food like cheeseburgers, Spam, hot dogs and pizza.
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Eat broccoli. And cauliflower, cabbage, and other stuff that looks like it came out of a mini Tolkien forest.
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How can you enjoy ice cream if you never eat broccoli?
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Green eggs and ham...
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Every morning, I have a drink of spinach, blueberry, celery, carrot and Gillian McKeith energy food with linseed.
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fresh calves liver, some onions, a little gravy, and some fresh spinach.
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The parsley sinking into the butter on a hot day,
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One man's poison ivy,is another man's spinach.
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I have an organic garden and love being able to say, 'I'm going to see what I can pick to throw in my salad.'
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I'm big on tomato mozzarella salad. That's my favorite all-time food.
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I like to pick my own vegetables.
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It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.
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Cucumber reminds me of my mother making me eat sprouts.
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If it makes you feel better, though, Basil is the first on my list if we're ever stranded in deep space and forced to eat one another. Aeons are most delicious.
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I had a salad. If I were to say that today's tomatoes were an index of the decline of Western man I should be thought a crank but nations do not, I think, ascend on such tomatoes.
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The first gathering of salads, radishes and herbs made me feel like a mother about her baby - how could anything so beautiful be mine?
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I quickly realized that more than any other vegetable, the potato evokes strong reactions in people. As the head of communications for the International Potato Centre in Peru put it, 'No one gets worked up over lettuce like they do the potato.'
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I am a grateful ... grapefruit.
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Celery as celery was bad. Celery fried was the work of Satan.
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We, who fill our stomachs with nothing but boiled lettuce, raw lettuce, spinach, spinach and more spinach. Maybe we'll end up being as strong as Popeye, though so far I've seen no sign of it!
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Try the mustard, - a man can't know what turnips are in perfection without mustard.
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Beans, beans, the magic legumes - the more you ingest, the more you consume.
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Beetroot is a great salad ingredient, especially when still warm; the colour ain't bad, either.
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My mom's collard greens. No one else in the world can make them like hers. I'm not just saying that because she's my mom. She's got some Mississippi secret. I could seriously eat them every day.
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Eating vegetables makes me feel good.
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If a man prepares dinner for you and the salad contains three or more types of lettuce, he is serious.
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Is that a type of food
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Red beans and ricely yours.
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A much larger value is consumed in lettuces than in pineapples,throughout Europe at large; and the superb shawls of Cachemere are, in France, a very poor object in trade, in comparison with the plain cotton goods of Rouen.
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I wonder what's for dinner.
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call it chicken salad
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I don't like spinach, and I'm glad I don't, because if I liked it I'd eat it, and I just hate it.
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And turnips - endless ruptured turnips.
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I did a salad, but I didn't do a garden.
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I grow the vegetables my family eats. I grow enough, and we seldom buy from the market.
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Cheese. The adult form of milk.
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ceviche. It was a summertime staple at my
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ginger ¼ teaspoon pumpkin
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sliced into ¼-inch pieces 1 carrot,
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What say you to a piece of beef and mustard?
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THE ROMANS SALTED their greens, believing this to counteract the natural bitterness, which is the origin of the word salad, salted.
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My refrigerator is full of kale and greens. I can't imagine something greasy, or eating meat.
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Student food." His eyes went to the tomato on the sill. "Whatever's in the refrigerator over pasta.
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A little tomato who knows her onions can go out with an old potato and come home with a lot of lettuce and a couple of carats.
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Spare feast! a radish and an egg.
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The normal food of man is vegetable.
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I don't eat green things, no vegetables.
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A tiny radish of passionate scarlet, tipped modestly in white.
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I throw fresh seeds out. Who knows what survives?
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I stared at my broccoli with all kinds of menace.
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I don't know much about grammar, but I think kale salad is what they call a double negative.
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Zucchini curls on a bed of arugula salad, dressed with a creamy sauce were served with pickled shrimp in white wine vinaigrette.
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I stabbed a piece of broccoli like it owed me money.
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The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.
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Marijuana... That's not a drug, that's a plant.
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If there is one vegetable which is God-given, it is the haricot bean.
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What I love about the term 'salad' is that it can appear in so many different forms and says a lot about the cook. It could be a simple as fresh green lettuces tossed with a basic vinaigrette, or it could be as hearty as a couscous salad with grilled shrimp.
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A Waft of Cheese
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With the juice, I try to put a lot of different kinds of vegetables in there like zucchini, kale and broccoli. It looks scary, but it's so good for your body, and I just love the taste of it. It's so fresh; I love it!
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Kale is my best friend. I eat kale salad. I put kale in my smoothies, kale in my soup. Kale, kale, kale! I feel like Popeye. I love it. I definitely need variety or I get super bored, so I have to mix it up with different sauces and tahini or whatever.
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My heart is broken
It is full of lettuce and celery
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I slice up a ton of cucumbers, celery, carrots and red and yellow peppers. Keep them in your fridge so you always have something handy to curb your snack attack.
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There are truckloads of broccoli at this very minute descending on Washington. My family is divided. For the broccoli vote out there: Barbara loves broccoli. She has tried to make me eat it. She eats it all the time herself. So she can go out and meet the caravan of broccoli that's coming in.
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Thank you, horseradish, for being neither a radish nor a horse. What you are is a liar food.
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Let us cultivate our garden.
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I made myself a Muenster-cheese sandwich, with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and mayo, and went up to my room. Ingredients are important.
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I'm a plant eater.
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Consider the challenge when a steady diet of spinach is on offer.
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In an attempt at extroversion, she had worn a tunic with large slices of watermelon depicted on the front. What had she been thinking of?
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Cherimoya, the most delicious fruit known to men.