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Part of Stripe's vision is linking people better on the web. -- John Collison
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We are all connected. -- Regina Taylor
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This is the best possible way to retain important details that you wish to remember in any unified field of knowledge, whether it be the field of economics, science, history, or any other
link them up with related items which you already know or wouldn't mind knowing. -- Ralph Alfred Habas
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I'm just another link in the chain. -- Jeff Gordon
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Down the Rabbit-Hole -- Lewis Carroll
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If you look at my Twitter feed it is 99% links, but 1% is me responding and 1% of a big number is a big number. -- Guy Kawasaki
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How this site works... Please explain -- Alireza Khaligh
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e-ISBN 9781250034472 -- Jeffrey Archer
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If we are related, we have, through these pages, met. -- Napoleon Hill
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May you find what you are searching for in the right places -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Google is basically this idea that sites that link to other sites create a better way to search. -- Chad Hurley
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Bookmark on Location 118 | Added on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 11:45:00 -- Anonymous
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bookgn -- Unknown
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As I followed him along the sharp black stones, I could hear Link's voice in my head. Bad move, man. He's gonna kill you, stuff you, and add you to his collection of idiots who followed him back to his creepy cave -- Kami Garcia
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It is proper Netiquette to contribute free resources to the internet, share. -- David Chiles
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fdf -- Victoria Blake
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We should work toward a universal linked information system, in which generality and portability are more important than fancy graphics techniques and complex extra facilities. -- Tim Berners-Lee
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We are hard-wired to engage with those we trust, and this hard-wiring has led to a constant push for greater interaction and connection on the Web. -- David Amerland
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The ties we form through the Internet are not, in the end, the ties that bind. But they are the ties that preoccupy. -- Sherry Turkle
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The proper bookmark for a Hunter Thompson book is a pair of brass knuckles. -- Jonathan Heatt
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yfdyst992660 -- D
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Thanks to our friends at the dot-ME Registry, WordPress is able to offer one of the shortest and most effective URLs available today. -- Matt Mullenweg
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Writing can sometimes be exploitative. I like to take a few steps of remove in order to respect the privacy of the subject. If readers make the link, they have engaged with the poem. -- John Barton
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Thank you for making a web site for me. I was so surprised when I found it. -- Susan Olsen
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I have 250 contacts, employees, and investors who, anytime they come across something relevant, will share it with me. I wake up to 10-15 links that people have explicitly recommended for me. I don't have to look for news anymore; it flows to me. -- Garrett Camp
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Words are how we think; stories are how we link. -- Christina Baldwin
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crawled like a blind slug into the
web -- Charles Bukowski
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you are my joy. You are worth tens of thousands. -- Philippa Gregory
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I'm not new to this just got to get use, to this I have another account I have to fix this. -- Shawanda Carter
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To all librarians everywhere, God bless you. -- David Morrell
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That idea of URL was the basic clue to the universality of the Web. That was the only thing I insisted upon. -- Tim Berners-Lee
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Need help new member -- Louis Sachar
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You are looking at the largest portal ever. The internet. You can start on the Wikipedia page for jelly donut, and four link clicks later, end up on the meaning of life. -- Jake
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I have absolutely no idea how this site works. But if you're a reader who's interested in my books, I'll answer any questions you have. -- Lucian
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Love: the great connector. Stay Connected -- Renae A. Sauter
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Research continues to show that people who read linear text comprehend more, remember more, and learn more than those who read text peppered with links. -- Nicholas Carr
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Go to the beginning. -- Pattie Mallette
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Music is a huge part of my life and something I enjoy very much. I wanted to use my platform to share and promote the talented, undiscovered artists I listen to every day with a wider audience. -- Connor Franta
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will scour the Internet nightly for mentions of any keywords you -- Scott Fox
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When you click on a link, you are replicating the string of code that it links to. Replication of code sequences isn't life, any more than replication of nucleotide sequences is, but we know that it sometimes leads to life. -- George Dyson
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wtntnj970903 -- D
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So all life is a great chain, the nature of which is known whenever we are shown a link of it. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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I loves me my Google -- Richard Castle
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Able to help you out with -- J.d. Robb
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Zembla is a site devoted to the life and works of author, translator, and lepidopterist. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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This page is is a time machine, a teleporter, a magic wand. With it you can create a world. Give life. Take it away. -- Lisi Harrison
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Thank you, thank you very much. -- Charlaine Harris
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The web is a meritocracy, where passion and persistence are what place us in positions of influence. -- Anonymous
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My career wouldn't exist without blogs, electronic text, hyperlinks, and mass online audiences. -- Ezra Klein
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LinkedIn is the Netscape of its era. -- Frank Quattrone
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A library is a path to the future
find yours there. -- Mary Higgins Clark
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Google is so my bitch -- Hannah Harrington
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source of information -- Bookbuddy
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I just need you to be able to tell people I was here and I felt. -- Pleasefindthis
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Hypertext, as Nelson [Ted Nelson] originally wrote, is interlinked reading and writing. Links make hypertext. -- Mark Bernstein
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This web of intricate connections -- Joyce Carol Oates
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Fletcher Free Library. (Supposedly, -- Chris Bohjalian
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If in doubt, Google. -- C.s. Woolley
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nptajf907075 -- D
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With every action we take, we send love or suffering into the web that connects us. -- Sharon Salzberg
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There is no one so grateful as the man to whom you have given just the book his soul needed and he never knew it. -- Christopher Morley
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I am ever mindful of the legacy of my grandfather, the founder of this Kingdom, who had said to me that he perceived his life as a link in a continuous chain of those who served our nation and that he expected me to be a new and strong link in the same chain. -- King Hussein I
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Amazing things happen when you pull individual pieces of information together into larger linked datasets: meaning emerges, as you produce facts from figures. -- Ben Goldacre
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LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a very strong place for companies to develop their talent plans, their recruitment plans, and so there are ways in which we can track some of the momentum there. -- Jeff Weiner
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I built this to find you. -- Katherine Losse
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Anyone familiar with the marvels of the Worldwide Web can hardly fail to see that we have entered a new era in communications on a scale perhaps comparable to the invention of the Gutenberg press. -- Randal Marlin
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fkfkva986793 -- Shriya
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Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. -- John F. Kennedy
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Our acquaintances - not our friends - are our greatest source of new ideas and information. the internet lets us exploit the power of these kinds of distant connections with marvellous efficiency. -- Malcolm Gladwell
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With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied - chains us all irrevocably. -- Star Trek The Next Generation
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If God is humanity connected, then the internet is God incarnate; a manifestation of our connection, a rudimentary form of hyperconnected humanity. -- Jim Gilliam
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StumbleUpon has humanized the Web and mastered a way for people to discover online content by incorporating an individual's personal preferences and recommendations of friends and like-minded people. -- Mitch Kapor
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olikujynhbgrvl8,i67unytbrv,im7u5ny4tbrvjh -- Ilaria Goffredo
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My website bulletin board is the place I interact with my readers. -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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I checked out your blog.'
Oh. Dear. Baby. Jesus. How did he find it? Wait. More importantly was the fact he HAD found it. Was my blog now googleable? That was awesomesauce with an extra heaping of sauce. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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May you find what you are looking for and realize it is not the answer. -- Ahmed Mostafa
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The World Wide Web is woven together out of threads of glass. -- Steven Johnson
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So I am a product of the Internet, and to some degree a product of this sensibility of constant cultural reference. -- John Hodgman
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There are no answers, only cross references -- Norbert Wiener
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Hours are golden links
God's tokens reaching heaven. -- Charles Dickens
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If you don't find it in the index, look very carefully through the entire catalogue. -- Sears, Roebuck And Co.
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Intelligent people are always the best encyclopaedia. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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I'm grateful that I've enjoyed the support of libraries, bookshops and institutional funders. -- Sara Sheridan
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Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day. -- Charles Dickens
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With the new medium of knowledge - the Internet - knowledge not only takes on properties of that medium but also lives at the level of the network. -- David Weinberger
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What we believe, endorse, agree with, and depend on is representable and, increasingly, represented on the Web. We all have to ensure that the society we build with the Web is the sort we intend. -- Tim Berners-Lee
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What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the links which exist. It's not what you see that is art; art is the gap. -- Marcel Duchamp
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Others owed thanks include William Swelbar -- Mark Gerchick
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There are loads of websites devoted to me. -- Ben Barnes
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I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. -- William Shakespeare
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It has all the right ingredients: rich contents, friendly, personal language, subtle humor, the right references, and a plethora of pointers to resources. -- Steven S. Skiena
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I've never been good at self-promotion. And my URL is really obscure. And for years and years, there was nothing about me on my website. -- David Rees
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My life is an open library -- David Holmer
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LinkedIn allows you to search histories and CVs in your network - it's great for finding people who work in a particular company, or who have worked with someone you know. It's also an interesting way to find references for people or companies you're getting to know. -- Joichi Ito
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uhhfdbfdngrsdjhgj,hv.kugj,fhmtdneg&vad&gnfcigh-lhklulvzbhkn -- Eva Ibbotson
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Each time I discovered a potential link between one character's story and another's, several more connections would reveal themselves, like a beautiful, complex web spinning itself. -- Richard Scarsbrook
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As I lifted her up in my arms, my heart racing with delight;
I knew in that moment, my bookmark had found a new home for a night; -- Ray