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I am about art here, not simple reproduction. -- David Foster Wallace
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stationery of Magnum Opus, -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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For me the printing process is part of the magic of photography. It's that magic that can be exciting, disappointing, rewarding and frustrating all in the same few moments in the darkroom. -- John Sexton
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Over the years I must have spent thousands of hours silently brushing on the liquid coatings, preparing each sheet in anticipation of reaching the perfect print. -- Irving Penn
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laid out the quill, ink, sand, and paper. -- Susan Martins Miller
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As any reader knows, a printed page creates its own reading space, its own physical landscape in which the texture of the paper, the colour of the ink, the view of the whole ensemble acquire in the reader's hands specific meanings that lend tone and context to the words. -- Alberto Manguel
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We were working with this lousy print and it just wasn't going to be good enough. I said that we should get the original negative and do it from that. Well, a couple guys pointed out that the negative was locked up over at Deluxe. -- David Fincher
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What Bell is to the telephone - or, more aptly, what Eastman is to photography - Haloid could be to xerography. -- Chester Carlson
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I make black and white prints because I want to go back to the beginning. -- Shiko Munakata
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The difference between the world of pictures and the world of printed matter is extraordinary and hard to define. A picture is like the masses: a multitude of impressions. A book on the other hand, with its linear advance of words and characters seems to be connected to individual identity. -- Don Delillo
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I work closely with the printer to get the final print the way I want it. -- Buffy Sainte-Marie
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I've been creating work by silk-screening images of arms and legs and heads and objects on paper - like drawings of vegetables, guns, hats, whatever - and then also printing sheets of patterns, colorful polka dots and line drawing patterns. -- Brian Chippendale
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A beautiful print is a thing in itself, not just a halfway house on the way to the page. -- Irving Penn
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Ink is the blood of the printing-press. -- John Milton
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The jour printer with gray head and gaunt jaws works at his case, He turns his quid of tobacco, while his eyes blur with the manuscript. -- Walt Whitman
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'The Next Wave' started as a drawing for a new silkscreen fine art print. I ended up doing the prints digitally because the water-based inks were better for the environment than the oil based inks. So, I learned about the Epson digital printers to get the image I wanted. -- John Van Hamersveld
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The coming of the motion picture was as important as that of the printing press. -- William Randolph Hearst
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I love to photograph the tools of one's trade: Duncan Grant's paintbrushes, the typewriter of Herman Hesse, or even my own guitar, a 1957 Fender Duo-Sonic. -- Patti Smith
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I am a print addict. I have an ebook and a computer but I remain hooked on print. -- Annalena Mcafee
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I have 17 full-time archivists working for me who put away in books all the diversity of artwork I do, from drawing to etching to monotypes to prints to lithographs. -- Peter Max
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My monochrome pictures are not my definite works, but the preparation for my works. They are the leftovers from the creative processes, the ashes. My pictures, after all, are only the title-deeds to my property which I have to produce when I am asked to prove that I am a proprietor. -- Yves Klein
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DNA was the first three-dimensional Xerox machine. -- Kenneth E. Boulding
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Prints mimic what we are as humans: we are all the same and yet every one is different. I think there's a spiritual power in repetition, a devotional quality, like saying rosaries. -- Kiki Smith
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The digital print is becoming the look of our time, and it makes the C-print start to look like a tintype. -- Joel Sternfeld
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Most of my thoughts, you couldn't print. -- Jim Rogers
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Who knew paper and ink could be so vicious -- Kathryn Stockett
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If print was invented tomorrow, it would be the death of digital. -- Vaughan Oliver
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With the development of the printing press, not only could text be mass-produced quickly, it could also be mass-produced quickly and incorrectly. -- The Bureau Chiefs
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I have a private press. I'm a book artist. I publish books of other authors and artists. I do the illustrating. I set the type. I print it myself on my press. I do everything but bind it. -- Gloria Stuart
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As the words of my book, 'The Bloodless Revolution,' accumulated, I envisaged a parallel growth: the stack of pages they would have to be printed on, thousands of times over; every page representing a slice of forest, a belch of fumes and a squirt of toxic ink. -- Tristram Stuart
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It's done with ink on a piece of paper. That girl isn't lying there on the counter. She's thousands of miles away, doesn't even know we're alive. If this was a real girl, all I'd have to do for a living would be to stay home and cut out pictures of big fish. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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You see something happening and you bang away at it. Either you get what you saw or you get something else
and whichever is better you print. -- Garry Winogrand
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I was just taking my sketchbook to Kinko's and making photocopies and hand-assembling them - folding them over and stapling them. -- Adrian Tomine
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Faber's drawing-pencils; -- Louisa May Alcott
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The story in that particular spot was an ancient history story, and we wanted to give it a historical feeling, which was why we used a historical calligraphy scroll come to life. -- Jennifer Yuh Nelson
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I've been slightly obsessed with paper and notebooks. Among my most precious possessions is a small light-blue, breviary-sized volume - four-and-a-half inches wide, seven inches tall - made by a company called Denbigh. -- Michael Dirda
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My father is not around any more, so I cannot ask him to do my drawings for me. So, I had to find a different way. And I came up with the solution to use the printers then; I wasn't doing anything complicated. The nature of the printer is efficiency in itself and about working, being productive. -- Wade Guyton
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The product of paper and printed ink, that we commonly call the book, is one of the great visible mediators between spirit and time, and, reflecting zeitgeist, lasts as long as ore and stone. -- Johann Georg Hamann
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My art is that of the 35mm kind; my poetry is of the lead and ink kind; my happiness is of the product of both; and my legacy is of the story of my soul, that my life left behind -- Jeremy Aldana
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The books I would like to print are the books I love to read and keep. -- William Morris
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an old Underwood office machine so big and black and ancient it looked as though it should come with a foreign correspondent attached. -- Donald E. Westlake
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Write what you know and embroider the rest - Sue Cross -- Sue Cross
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The photobook occupies that deep area between the novel and the film. -- Lewis Baltz
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I Xeroxed a mirror. Now I have an extra Xerox machine. -- Steven Wright
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The photogram, or camera-less record of forms produced by light, which embodies the unique nature of the photographic process, is the real key to photography. -- Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
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had ordered the paper just for -- Robert Lubrican
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Some printed pages are medical plasters to extract pain, others are tourists' tickets out of boredom or loneliness to exhilarating adventures, still others are diplomas for promotion and drilling ideas into a quick-step. -- Molly Guptill Manning
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I am a galley slave to pen and ink. -- Honore De Balzac
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The heart with letters on it shining like a light bulb through the trim hole painted in the chest, art history. -- Margaret Atwood
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I don't want anything to do with anything mechanical between me and the paper, including a typewriter, and I don't even want a fountain pen between me and the paper. -- Shelby Foote
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Over my desk, I've got this enormous bulletin board, and on it I've tacked black-and-white photographs of writers at work. -- Jennifer Niven
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The fundamental peculiarity of the photographic medium; the physical objects themselves print their image by means of the optical and chemical action of light. -- Rudolf Arnheim
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How strange to remember typewriters, with their jammed keys and snarled ribbons and the smudgy carbon paper for copies. -- Margaret Atwood
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Print so easily spins a web of the commonplace over the fine outlines of life. -- John Dos Passos
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Remember that you must never sell your soul. Never accept payment in advance ... Never give a work to the printer before it is finished. This is the worst thing you can do ... It constitutes the murder of your own ideas. -- Fyodor Dostoevsky
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In a multi-tasking world where pure focus is harder and harder to come by, paper's seclusion from the Web is an emerging strength. There's nothing like holding a sheaf of beautifully designed pages in your hands. The whole world slows down, and your mind with it. -- William Powers
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A writer's brush is a warrior's bow, the letters it shapes are arrows that must hit the mark on the page. The calligrapher is an archer, or a general on a battlefield. Someone wrote that long ago. She feels that way this morning. She is at war. -- Guy Gavriel Kay
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The palest ink will endure beyond the memories of man -- Tan Twan Eng
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The printing press did something really big for the world when everyone could get books in their hands and read. -- Kevin Systrom
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Few speeches which have produced an electrical effect on an audience can bear the colourless photography of a printed record. -- Archibald Primrose
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The track of writing is straight and crooked. -- Heraclitus
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Basically, any material you can squeeze, melt or generate into a powder, you can print. -- Hod Lipson
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I like to focus on the varieties of paper, the different sizes and watermarks, evidence perhaps of what was typed when and sometimes where and by whom. -- Oliver Harris
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The technology for a clothing printer exists but is not packaged in a form that would be suitable for consumer use. With the future potential of printing technology, an at-home clothing printer is a definite possibility. Our challenge was to define the experience. -- Joshua Harris
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I print giclees for artists and photographers for a livelihood. My original idea was to somehow combine the two. -- Donald Lambert
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I want to continue to strengthen Harvard's fabulous collections in old printed material, but at the same time, I want to help Harvard move into the world of digitized information. -- Robert Darnton
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A printer consists of three main parts: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light. -- Dave Barry
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I live in a small world of gouache and brush and pen and ink. I'd like to explore the world of multiples - etching and prints. -- Maira Kalman
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The Purple Scar might have been a paper casualty of World War II. -- John S. Endicott
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Harvey Publications hired me as a letterer, and they found out six seconds after I got the job that I couldn't letter. I still can't letter. So, they hired me to draw. -- Ernie Colon
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Photorealism's goal is to reproduce a photograph. The best photorealism can't beat a printer, and I have a really nice printer. -- Damian Loeb
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Ink is the transcript of thought. -- Alphonse De Lamartine
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In the digital future, texts will be annotated visually, animated and illustrated like never before. The austere 'prayer book' paper that permitted the space for Shepard's illustrations to Pepys' diaries is now being recreated in the digital era. -- Chris Riddell
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Stick with hard copies; they're harder to alter after publication. In the better world, there won't be any electronics at all. -- Erika Johansen
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One can derive the same fun from print-making as from making mud pies and great subtlety can be achieved through the use of transparent inks, half-tone screens and even accidental colour combinations, which is often where the art hides. -- Ralph Steadman
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I am hopelessly devoted to paper. Nothing against e-readers of any sort - anything that keeps people reading is okay by me - but I am not, historically, an early adopter of such things. -- Jonathan Dee
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The photogram, image formation outside the camera is the real key to photography,it embodies the essence ... that allows us to capture light on light sensitive material without the use of any camera. -- Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
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How quiet the writing, how noisy the printing. -- Marina Tsvetaeva
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I wish to state emphatically that I do not believe in any sort of handwork or manipulation on a photographic negative or print. -- Alvin Langdon Coburn
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[A digital snapshot] is meant primarily as a means of communication, and the images being sent are almost as ephemeral as speech, so rarely are they printed and made physical. -- Geoffrey Batchen
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I used to be a print reporter. -- Bob Schieffer
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In an age of infinite digital documentation, paper was the last safe place for secrets. -- Evan Angler
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3D printing has digitized the entire manufacturing process. -- Peter Diamandis
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I remember the beginnings of the Kurzweil reading machine. I was one of the first to meet Ray Kurzweil and purchase the reading machine in Boston. To think that the machine was at least two and a half large suitcases at the time, and now you have a camera and it takes a picture and you have sound. -- Stevie Wonder
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We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again. We cannot develop and print a memory. -- Henri Cartier-Bresson
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I want to print books by people in the film industry. -- Brett Ratner
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My artistic process involves pens, gesso, acrylic paint, and markers, all on vellum. I use a window painter's technique and paint on the backside of my image before I mess with the front. -- Chelsea Martin
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The most important copy you will ever write is that which you create and print each day on your own subconscious. -- Ted Nicholas
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What pen can describe this scene of marvellous horror; what pencil can portray it? -- Jules Verne
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The ink shall flow as long as the blood. -- Jeffrey L. Richards
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Copy, art, and typography should be seen as a living entity; each element integrally related, in harmony with the whole, and essential to the execution of an idea. -- Paul Rand
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A pen that has clocked up a million words, a lifetime's memories, is worth more than the centrepiece in a jeweller's window. -- Fennel Hudson
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How do you photograph a gadget in a new, and not boring, way? You have to get away from people sitting in front of a computer. You have to get a look at the digital signature. -- Rick Smolan
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I could fill an entire second life with working on my prints. -- M.c. Escher
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I love that works of art are printed so that anyone can buy them. The variety of what they put on little postcards astounds me. -- Leonard Lauder
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I was trying to write an autobiography using prints and patterns that reference emotional, psychological, and personal development in my work, as a person growing up, figuring out who I was. I used fabrics to stand in for occurrences. -- Jim Hodges
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Gutenberg, your printing press has been violated by this evil book, Mein Kampf! -- Friedrich Kellner
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People couldn't read well enough anymore to turn print into exciting situations in their skulls, -- Kurt Vonnegut
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I used to spend a lot of time cutting out film posters from papers and putting them up on the wall in my room. -- Anurag Kashyap
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No amount of photography could replace the memories of a life lived, of lives observed and known, of lives elaborated in the mind and on the page. -- M.g. Vassanji