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Old Woman Nora of Loch Lomond
To her three wee Grandaughters one cold night. -- Karen Hawkins
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Up the well known creek -- Margery Allingham
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That part of Rostrevor which overlooks Carlingford Lough is my idea of Narnia. -- C.s. Lewis
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Standing within a peat bog in Dingle, you can't help wondering what Ireland was like before you and the other primates scrambled up upon its shores. When viewed from space, did it glow like a furry emerald within a sea of blue, the terrestrial equivalent of a massive marine plankton bloom? We -- Hope Jahren
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The land of Ireland for the people of Ireland. -- James Larkin
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Kerry Gold Irish butter. -- Florian Kammerer
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Clare. Give me a reason to stay. -- Kim Harrington
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Foggy little oxbows
Forest pools where no one goes
Lost links of the river dreaming dreams -- Erin Bow
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Lord, give me Scotland or I die! -- John Knox
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Kenneth MacAlpin unifies the Picts and the Scots. -- Frommers
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Her name was Senga. You have to love Glasgow; once everyone figured we had enough people named Agnes, they just reversed the letters and started again. Hillcoat -- Jay Stringer
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On the most Scottish thing he'd ever seen: I was going through a town called Bathgate at around 11 o'clock at night. And there was a guy leaning and pissing against a front door. He then took out his keys and went inside. -- Frankie Boyle
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Oh my dear now did you hear of clumsy Captain Cotton? He sailed a knot in Haley's Loch before hit the bottom! -- Christina Daley
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Come with me, sweet lass, and I'll make good on me promise to chase ye through the woods like a highlander." Broen spoke in a rich timbre laced with good humor. " Ye there ... Lads, be sporting now and let me ravish this charming creature the way only a Scotsman can! -- Mary Wine
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You also live in Holmenkollen?' 'Close by. Or quite close by. Bislett. -- Jo Nesbo
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Bram, Linden, and Lachlan McGregor. The Scottish trifecta of hot guys. -- Karina Halle
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There is no greater symbol of the artistic spirit of Scotland than the Mackintosh building. But more than that it is a symbol of where art belongs, rising as it does out of the heart of a great city. A mighty castle on a hill, it is a part of me, and of all Glaswegians. -- Peter Capaldi
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Who is the man who can call from the back door at night: "Here, Champion Alexander of Clane o' Wind-Holme! Here, Champion Alexander of Clane o' Wind-Holme"? -- Westbrook Pegler
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Mum, Dad, Fergus... this is Skulduggery Pleasant -- Derek Landy
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There's only one head bigger than Tony Greig's - and that's Birkenhead -- Fred Trueman
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...They called the lake Bob. Don't ask me why. "Gonna go sit by Bob," someone would say, or "Bob looks like hell this morning. -- Erin Saldin
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You're in Ireland the summer after you left college and you're drinking at a pub near the castle where every day bus loads of English and American tourists come to kiss the Blarney Stone. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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Did you ever go to a place ... I think it was called Norway?" "No," said Arthur, "no, I didn't." "Pity," said Slartibartfast, "that was one of mine. Won an award, you know. Lovely crinkly edges. I was most upset to hear of its destruction. -- Douglas Adams
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Celtic you'll live and Celtic you'll die. -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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One of Scotland's most important cultural exports - stories. -- Sara Sheridan
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Hung Island, Georgia, -- Robyn Peterman
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When I was a child, a lot of my time was spent in Scotland because my mother's Scottish, and we used to go up to Ayrshire and visit relations in a place called Dalry. -- Jennifer Saunders
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The seat of the Celtic Muse is in the mist of the secret and solitary hill, and her voice in the murmur of the mountain stream. -- Walter Scott
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exhibition. Lake Eden. -- Nicholas Sparks
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Donneven, Bettaquit and Mmmhmmmm -- Sarah Dessen
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Scotland is the best place in the whole world. -- Gail Porter
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What if in Scotland's wilds we viel'd our head, Where tempests whistle round the sordid bed; Where the rug's two-fold use we might display, By night a blanket, and a plaid by day. -- Oliver Goldsmith
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It was some time ago - in the twelfth century, as you humani measure time - a man from the land of the Scots. I do not remember his name." Both Sophie and Josh instinctively knew that Hekate was lying. "What happened to him?" Sophie asked. "He died." There was a peculiar high-pitched giggle. -- Michael Scott
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I am in an undisclosed location. I call it . . . the Laaaair." "The Lair?" Steve said, laughing. "Hey, every Evil Overlord has to have a lair," Tyler said. "I couldn't find a volcano next to a piranha pit but it's close . . . -- John Ringo
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Shetland is the most remote place in the U.K. It's a part our country, but completely unique. It might be British, but it's closer to Norway than to Edinburgh, and it feels very different from the mainland. -- Ann Cleeves
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Ireland, Ireland. That cloud in the west, that coming storm. -- William E. Gladstone
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It was beguiling to live in a country, Scotland, that didn't look enough like itself to be a location for its own movies ... I remember consulting a film book and discovering that Arthur Freed decided to shoot Brigadoon in Hollywood because nowhere in Scotland looked Scottish enough. -- Andrew O'hagan
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Scotland has never ceased to amaze the world with its forward vision, bold action and great educational institutions. Nothing makes me more proud than to promote this wonderful land with all its richness and diversity wherever I go. -- Evelyn Glennie
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I am writing in one of the Keepers' Lodges to wh I have returned after stalking & where I am waiting for the Prince of Wales. Quite the best day's sport I have had in this country - 4 good stags & home early! -- Winston Churchill
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There's no leaving Edinburgh, No shifting it around: it stays with you, always. -- Alan Bold
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limerick?" asked -- Lenore Look
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Where is the coward that would not dare to fight for such a land as Scotland? -- Walter Scott
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I hope there may be bogs and that John McKenzie may drown in them. -- Susanna Clarke
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BLARGLE SLORG NOTH HARGHLE FTHAGN! You know. The usual. -- Jim Butcher
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Hy gododin catann hue Hud a lledrith mal wyddan Gaunce ae bellawn wen cabri Varigal don Fincayra Dravia, dravia Fincayra (Talking trees and walking stones, Giants aare the island's bones. While this land our dance still knows, Varigal crowns Fincayra. Live long, live long Fincayra. -- T.a. Barron
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Solution: Winchester. -- Jim Butcher
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To Meath of the pastures,
From wet hills by the sea,
Through Leitrim and Longford,
Go my cattle and me. -- Padraic Colum
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Shore of the lake, at the distance of rather more than a league -- Mary Shelley
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Hapmshire" typo, -- Nicholson Baker
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somewhere in the mountains with two -- Christine Conaway
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See anything interesting out there in the woods of King Hall? -- Scarlett Dawn
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Town VIII. Monseigneur in the Country IX. The Gorgon's Head -- Charles Dickens
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Whatever your tastes, Magrathea can cater for you. We are not proud. -- Douglas Adams
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Munro snorted. "So he's supposed to go down to the loch at half-crack o' the morning, paddle about in the frigid water for an hour or two, and then emerge? I'm finding it difficult to believe she'd see anything impressive."
Everyone laughed. -- Tessa Dare
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Nac Mac Feegle! The Wee Free Men! Nae king! Nae quin! Nae laird! Nae master! We willna' be fooled again! -- Terry Pratchett
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Poison ivy, because who needed a case of that on your pecker). We're all here in Derry. No camp, no relatives, no vacations, no AWAY. All right here. Present and accounted for. There's -- Stephen King
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Bergen, and Oldfield. The -- James Ellroy
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I'm fiercely proud to be Scottish. -- Ewan Mcgregor
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I love writing Scottish dialogue. -- John Niven
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Each county has usually some family, or personage, supposed to have been favoured or plagued, especially by the phantoms, as the Hackets of Castle Hacket, Galway, who had for their ancestor a fairy, or John-o'-Daly of Lisadell, Sligo, who wrote Eilleen Aroon, -- W.b.yeats
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Iceland is 50 percent Celtic blood, from the females that they stole from us, which is why our country has only got dogs left. It was a joke! I'll never be let back in Scotland again! -- Gerard Butler
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Perhaps to the north? I hear Scotland is lovely this time of year." "Are you barmy? Scotland is wholly abysmal this time of year. -- Gail Carriger
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face, conclusively prove that the enormous progress made in the Highlands during the last half century, and now rapidly going on, is mainly due to our Highland Sports. A great amount of nonsense has been said and written on this question, and an attempt made to hold grouse and deer -- Various
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Hello - what hotel is this - ? -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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My mum's family are from Blaenau Ffestiniog, the slate town. My grandfather was Elis Humphreys Roberts, so that's quite Welsh isn't it? -- Simon Fowler
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Scotland is a picturesque country where the people are friendly yet completely incomprehensible. Also, the national delicacy is a sheep's stomach filled with its liver, lungs, and heart. -- Adam Schlesinger
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The waving of a pine tree on the top of a mountain - a magic wand in Nature's hand - every devout mountaineer knows its power; but the marvelous beauty value of what the Scotch call a breckan in a still dell, what poet has sung this? -- John Muir
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My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here;
My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer;
A-chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go. -- Robert Burns
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After a few days [in Iceland] I tried to take a photograph. But with my attempt to distinguish the first shot, the place disappeared on me ... I hadn't been in Iceland long enough to simply be there. -- Roni Horn
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I am delighted to be back home in Galway, the place I first came to as a 19-year-old in 1960. It's here where my heart is and will forever be. -- Michael D. Higgins
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You want to know my name?
a hill, a tree. An empty drifting boat. -- Hsu Hsuan
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Fantasy, myth, legend, truth - all are intertwined in the story that is Scotland. -- Laurence Overmire
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Palace of Crystal -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow. -- Robert Frost
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I want to look beyond the legends, to find the real story of Scotland. And it's every bit as thrilling. -- Neil Oliver
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When I die, Dublin will be written on my heart. -- James Joyce
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Glasgow is a great city. -- Nicola Sturgeon
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Lord Aberdeen was quite touched when I told him I was so attached to the dear, dear Highlands and missed the fine hills so much. There is a great peculiarity about the Highlands and Highlanders; and they are such a chivalrous, fine, active people. -- Queen Victoria
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Obtruded on us by the Scottish historians. [* Chron. Sax. p. 19.] [** W. Malms, p. 19.] -- David Hume
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the Dew-Drop Inn & Fishing Camp; -- Harper Lee
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The Dew-Drop Inn & Fishing Camp; -- Harper Lee
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I 'uz mos' to de foot er de islan' b'fo' I found' a good place. I went into de woods en jedged I wouldn' fool wid raffs no mo', long as dey move de lantern roun' so. I had my pipe en a plug er dog-leg, en some matches in my cap, en dey warn't wet, so I 'uz all right. -- Mark Twain
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I'm as Scottish as they come. -- Stevie Jackson
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MACDUFF That way the noise is. Tyrant, show thy face! If thou beest slain, and with no stroke of mine, My wife and children's ghosts will haunt me still. -- William Shakespeare
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There is nothing better for me than to bring the bells in, in Scotland. -- Sharleen Spiteri
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The bird, the best, the fisch eke in the see,They live in fredome, everich in his kynd.And I a man, and lakkith libertee. -- James I Of Scotland
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You must never call it the Shetlands. Islanders are proud and can be prickly about the name: it's either Shetland or the Shetland Islands. -- Ann Cleeves
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voluptuous sluggard, -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Glasgow has truly become my home away from home. -- Caitriona Balfe
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the cottage lights -- R.j. Harlick
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Ginsberg, Clifton, Sedgwick - are -- Maggie Nelson
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For the Celtic soul is the stronghold of dreams, of longings come down the dim paths of the ages; and within it there dwells a vague discontent, so that it must for ever go questing. And -- Radclyffe Hall
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I love Scotland - I was made an honorary Wallace after my work on 'Braveheart,' you know. If I have two or three days off, I love nothing more than driving up there and climbing around Glencoe. -- Brian Blessed
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Scotland's a pretty place. I mean, as long as it ain't raining. -- Boo Weekley
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And Clare, always Clare. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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I would've loved to return to me home of Ireland, but Joshua never made the bloody pikes he was flogged for. -- Sharon Robards
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St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries -- J.k. Rowling
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What abandoned course is that? -- Sam Snead
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This is Ireland, Finley. It's rough. It's wild. And it is holy. -- Jenny B. Jones
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Save the trees of Ireland for the future men of Ireland on the fair hills of Eire, O. -- James Joyce