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Do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in few! -- Pythagoras
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I've got a couple of full-time jobs, since I'm raising a kid, so it's a lot. -- Katie Aselton
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Now me," said Mr. Vandemar.
"What number am I thinking of?"
"I beg your pardon?"
"What number am I thinking of?" repeated Mr. Vandemar. "It's between one and a lot," he added, helpfully. -- Neil Gaiman
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I have over 35 tattoos. -- Elle King
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Tears,love,life Who knows how many tears have flown in the Word of God from the creation of the world? -- Sorin Cerin
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One, I never get sick of talking about myself. -- David Wain
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More than Peanut M&Ms, -- R.s. Grey
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.. and yet it all seems limitless... -- Brandon Lee
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I have a few customers who have two or three hundred bags. When you see a lady carrying a little dog bag or a little cat bag or an egg, it makes you happy. -- Judith Leiber
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It's all too much. -- George Harrison
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We all see a lot when we decide to truly look. -- L. H. Cosway
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Words are like spices. Too many is worse than too few. -- Joan Aiken
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How many people you lost? he asks asfter a second.
God. Numbers heavy in my mind will be even heavier off my tongue. I don't know what's worse, holding their names, or turning them into a body count. -- Courtney Summers
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I am just too much. -- Bette Davis
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I see as much as doors'll allow, open or shut -- Jack Kerouac
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How many books had she touched?
How many had she felt? -- Markus Zusak
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Many people talk much, and then very many people talk very much more. -- Anthony Trollope
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Too few is as many as too many. -- Gertrude Stein
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To be honest, I've never been interested in how many games I've done and seen. It doesn't mean anything to anybody. All I know is I'm eternally grateful for having been allowed to work so many games. -- Vin Scully
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One. And I hid it. And Mia Turner found it because they -- Chelsea Cain
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You don't have to do a lot of quantity. It's the quality that counts. -- Bruno Zheng Wu
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I wonder how many times each day she dies a little. -- Libba Bray
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The important question is, How many hands have I shaked? -- George W. Bush
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Ego Check. Damn it. How many would he need in one day? -- Gena Showalter
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One figure can sometimes add up to a lot. -- Wesley Ruggles
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I draw from the crowd a lot. -- Kobe Bryant
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Quantity brings recognition and accolades -- Sunday Adelaja
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Too much is just enough. -- Mark Twain
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We always write way more than we put on a record. We always write a lot-lot. -- Flea
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I risked much, but I made much. -- P.t. Barnum
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By the thousands?" Frank said. "Oh yeah! By the tens of thousands! -- Anonymous
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considerable amount in consideration of his services in -- Solomon Northup
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Thousands, millions of people are born every day, but never again will the world see your like ! -- Aimee Dostoyevsky
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Six, one half dozen or the other ... -- David Dweck
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Altogether too many sheep -- George Bernard Shaw
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Almost too much for this small frame.
You make me part of the sky. -- Andrea Portes
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I'm trying to communicate here. I'm a communicator, I like to communicate, and if a million people buy it then we've touched a million people, if only 10 people buy it, then we've only touched 10, and that's important, because I'm satisfied with only 10. But, I love a million. -- Graham Nash
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A hundred quintillion googols! -- Sean Carroll
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I have a lot of vanity. -- Jack Nicholson
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Enough, I can say no more. -- Wilbur Smith
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As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being -- Tomas Garrigue Masaryk
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I do a lot of garbage. -- Pipilotti Rist
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I said, '200 pairs of jeans,' and then it just kind of went everywhere. I don't really own 200 pairs of jeans - I own a million pairs of jeans. No, but I definitely have a very solid amount. I won't say a number, but it's aggressive. -- Bella Hadid
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Get there first with the most. -- Nathan Bedford Forrest
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There is much to do, and I am busy, very busy. -- Wilhelm Rontgen
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How many dishonorable discharges have you had?" "Lots," said Nobby, proudly. "But I always puts a poultice on 'em. -- Terry Pratchett
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played any sort of game. Ten. -- Mary Balogh
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I wondered how many things people missed when they were busy talking too much. "Are -- Brittainy C. Cherry
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A vast deal may be done by those who dare to act. -- Jane Austen
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There is too much world. -- Emily St. John Mandel
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This living stuff is a lot. Too much, and not enough. Half empty, and half full. -- Diane Keaton
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Just out of curiosity, how many weapons are in that thing? (Kiara) Enough to make me happy. (Nykyrian) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I collect a lot of data. We all do. -- Peter Diamandis
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I made a ton of money. -- John Catsimatidis
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It's too much.
No. It's not enough. -- B.b. Reid
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I would say that it's quadruple what I've had when I've won major championships in the past. I've gotten faxes and phone calls from all over the world. It's been overwhelming. It's really changed my opinion of humanity. -- Greg Norman
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How many people is the earth able to sustain? -- Isaac Asimov
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I own at least 300 pairs of sneakers. -- Austin Mahone
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Many is the mirage I chased. Always I was overreaching myself. The oftener I touched reality, the harder I bounced back to the world of illusion, which is the name for everyday life. -- Henry Miller
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Miles and miles and miles. -- Alan Shepard
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Too much is almost enough -- Frederick Seidel
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It was, for the most part, your typical large city: a scab of nobles, wealthy merchants, and shipping tycoons crusted over a great messy wound of laborers and peons. -- Edward W. Robertson
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In terms of segments, I think we've done 1,200. -- Robert Stack
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To those who much has been given, much is expected. -- Don Meyer
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Count not fowre except you have them in a wallett. -- George Herbert
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Just how many rounds are we going to have?"
- "As many as it takes to make sure we can go at least an hour without a hard on -- Eve Langlais
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I own now, I think about 38 pairs of cowboy boots, or 37, something like that now. -- Skylar Laine
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I haven't had that many women - only as many as I could lay my hands on. -- Dudley Moore
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As many servants so many enemies. -- Seneca The Younger
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There are lots more people in the House. I don't know exactly - I've never counted, but at least a couple hundred. -- Dan Quayle
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We live in a world of excess: too many kinds of coffee, too many magazines, too many types of bread, too many digital recordings of Beethoven's Ninth, too many choices of rearview mirrors on the latest Renault. Sometimes you say to yourself: It's too much, it's all too much. -- Corinne Maier
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One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish. Black fish. Blue fish. Old fish. New fish. This one has a little star. This one has a little car. Say! What a lot of fish there are. -- Dr. Seuss
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The many become one and are increased by one. -- Alfred North Whitehead
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These meetings all have excited great attention, and have been of an exceedingly interesting character. -- Lewis Tappan
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But there are many, and I'm a supporter of a great deal of charities. -- Bobby Sherman
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Do you have any idea how many times I dreamed about you? -- Abigail Roux
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Today I have 35 people who work in the club and associated businesses. -- Sergei Bubka
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Counting one thousand gifts means counting the hard things - otherwise I've miscounted. -- Ann Voskamp
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Do you have any idea how many doors I've knocked on to find you? -- Colleen Hoover
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It's hard to keep track when you're looking into so many, isn't it? -- Kasie West
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now than they ever have in their life. More -- Anonymous
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How many times go we to comedies, to masques, to places of great and noble resort, nay even to church only to see the company. -- John Donne
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I'm a huge shoe person, and I have lots of shoes. -- Kimberly Caldwell
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I would by no means call myself an expert or say that I'm extremely into superhero movies, but I've pretty much seen every Avengers movie and Iron Man, so I'd say a good amount. -- Jonathan Lipnicki
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And, uh, I've got about six thousand cartoons up there, also books and papers. -- Rube Goldberg
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I've lost count of the plane tickets I've had in my pocket for people's weddings and other celebrations which I've had to tear up because I was making a film. How many things like that can you miss and still be in people's lives? -- Beeban Kidron
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My school is attended by near three hundred scholars. -- Joseph Lancaster
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Less, but better. -- Dieter Rams
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Seen too much, it's so hard for me to let new people in -- Drake
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It's been amazing, the number of commercials that I've done, starting back in 1968. It must be 8,000. -- Casey Kasem
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But oh how many Caesars I have been! -- Fernando Pessoa
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I have made love to ten thousand women. -- Georges Simenon
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as much as the next man, -- Roald Dahl
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The large venue gives me the thrill that comes from the power in numbers. -- Suzy Bogguss
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I've done a lot of things in my life. -- Daniel Craig
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I've got a whole lotta questions, and not so many answers. -- Sarah Lacy
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I made lots of talks and challenged lots of people. -- Earl Butz
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We have more than we use. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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How many a thing which we cast to the ground, When others pick it up, becomes a gem! -- George Meredith
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I'm at like 325 pairs right now, give or take. But I've given away about 200 pairs of sneakers. I'm not as big of a collector as I used to be, because I think the game just got weird. Everybody likes to collect now, so it's kind of corny. But I got the essentials. -- Wale