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Lael Catherine Click, save every dance for me. Simon Henry Hayes. -- Laura Frantz
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plews." Glass paid the captain his full attention. Every citizen of St. Louis knew some version of Drouillard's story, but Glass had never heard a first-person account. "He did that twice, went out and came back with a pack of plews. Last thing he said before he left the third time was, -- Michael Punke
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Don't add an eezy to my name, 'cause it has never been that' -- Donald Glover
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Lyon is full of temperamental gourmets, eternally engaged in a never-ending search for that imaginary, perfect, unknown little back-street bistro, where one can dine in the style of Louis XIV for the price of a pack of peanuts. -- Roy Andries De Groot
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That Damon Matthews," Linda spat. "You know, take one letter out of his name and it spells ' damn' as in 'damn, that kid's a worthless sonovabitch'. -- Kristen Ashley
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Ulick Norman Owen. -- Agatha Christie
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But Lou Anne, she understood the point of the book before she even read it. The one who was missing the point this time was me. -- Kathryn Stockett
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Louis's favorite restaurant is Pizza Hut, "because of the Cookie Dough desert -- Victoria Douglas
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Phil picke dup his coffee cup, -- Jerry Hanel
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Obviously he wants Nola to think he's an upstanding boyfriend, but the only girlfriend Loren Hale will ever treat well is his bottle of bourbon. -- Krista Ritchie
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Lonnie's monotonous speech gives him an advantage, the same advantage foreigners have: his words are not worn out. It is like a code tapped through a wall. Sometimes he asks me straight out: do you love me? and it is possible to tap back: yes, I love you. -- Walker Percy
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Still whining, Louis! -- Anne Rice
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You a stupid hoe -- Nicki Minaj
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If the record was picked up by Dot Records, I would imagine that they would have wanted both sides of the record to be something by Lou alone which would account for the dropping of 'So Blue'. -- Phil Harris
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Laia is the wild dance of a Tribal campfire, while Helene is the cold blue of an alchemist's flame. -- Sabaa Tahir
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Liv has always been the one part of my life I got right. -- Nina Lane
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Everything begins with chioce. -- S.j. Wardell
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Whenever one reads of the determination of the species, or opens a book on natural science and history, in whatever language, one inevitably comes across the name of Linne. -- Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
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Anne Shirley. Anne with an e. -- Lucy Maud Montgomery
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She who has never lov'd, has never liv'd. -- John Gay
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Lonnie was ahead of his time, but at the same time he was right in there with Albert Collins's Cool Sounds. -- Stevie Ray Vaughan
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The Lourie Center is an important model to consider ... (in) mental health care ... It is imperative that we use this knowledge to help ensure that every young child in our society has the opportunity to get an emotionally healthy start in life. -- Tipper Gore
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The elder Miss Larkin -- Charles Dickens
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She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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Lucy is a name for a child. If you ever truly want to make it in the world, you should go by Lucille." "Noted. If you ever want to be the life of the party, you should consider the nickname Graham Cracker. -- Brittainy C. Cherry
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Ricky was "L" but he's home with the flu,
Lizzie, our "O," had some homework to do,
Mitchell, "E" prob'ly got lost on the way,
So I'm all of the love that could make it today. -- Shel Silverstein
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My real name is Lauren. -- Keke Palmer
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Believe you me, Lope-hey, has anyone ever called you 'Lope' before? -- Kate Ellison
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Diamond Skinner had had no material possessions to his name and yet had been the happiest creature Lou had ever met. He and God would no doubt get along famously. -- David Baldacci
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wanted to complain about Lucy. -- Jessica Share
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Previously, when I began to write this tale, I set out by saying that Mlle. Claude was a whore. She is a whore, of course, and I'm not trying to deny it, but what I say now is
if Mlle. Claude is a whore then what name shall I find for the other women I know? -- Henry Miller
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He made us laugh, he took my pain away. I love you, Lauretta. -- Marty Feldman
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Linda Evans Shepherd has blessed many by her warmth and openness. She's not only a delightful person, but she encourages others as she shares her joy. -- Cecil Murphey
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Mousse was a Labrador retriever, which is a large enthusiastic bulletproof species of dog made entirely from synthetic materials. This is the kind of dog that, if it takes an interest in your personal regions (which of course it does) you cannot fend it off with a blowtorch. -- Dave Barry
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Hello Clarice... -- Thomas Harris
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Ee puts me to shame -- Smk
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Louis-Cesare. It's good to finally have you in hand. -- Karen Chance
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Sam, had a great time this weekend but the golf was lousey. -- Dan Quayle
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You know I wouldn't know a Louis Vuitton from a Louis L'Amour -- Juliet Blackwell
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Lille lost her way -- L. H. Cosway
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I would love to go back as Leela in this new series. -- Louise Jameson
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The blues are three L's - living , loving and hopefully, laughing. -- B.b. King
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I love you, Li. You're mine. My woman. My property. My fuckin' old fuckin' forever. -- Tillie Cole
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Joe Louis is a credit to his race - the human race. -- Jimmy Cannon
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Something Fane fully -- Alexandra Ivy
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The werewolf by the moon. The wererat by money. (Loup garou par la lune. - Rat garou par les thunes.) -- Charles De Leusse
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Wake up, Carolee, the plane is waiting for us, we have to get to the game. -- Al Davis
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On July 13, Louise felt a wave of urgency. She penned a letter to Major General Willis Hale, commander of the Seventh Air Force. In it, she begged Hale not to give up searching; Louie, she wrote, was alive. Unbeknownst to Louise, on that same day, Louie was captured. -- Laura Hillenbrand
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the Reverend Felix Clowne, -- Georgette Heyer
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Vallee had taken an arrow in the knee from a sniper. -- Erika Johansen
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It didn't matter how wonderful Andrew was and how much effort he was prepared to put into their relationship. While Lou didn't feel the same way, his love was only building a tower without foundations. -- Chris Manby
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I'm getting Loren Hale tonight. My most favorite thing in the world. -- Krista Ritchie
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I am thrilled to be working with Lane Bryant on this collaboration. Designing apparel women can feel confident and beautiful in has been a long-standing pillar of the Lela Rose brand, and we are looking forward to bringing our designs to Lane Bryant's inspiring base of customers. -- Lela Rose
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Lacroix has been fantastic. He's very nice. He gets the joke, and I think that's a good thing. -- Jennifer Saunders
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I have the name for the best likker from here to hell and back. -- Popcorn Sutton
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For Leslie who taught me to fly -- Richard Bach
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Roberta Marieschi -- Donna Leon
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That's got to be Nix," Benny said as he pulled the door open. "Hey, sweetie ... "
Morgie Mitchell and Lou Chong stood on the black porch.
"Um," said Chong, "hello to you, too, sugar lumps. -- Jonathan Maberry
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Le ... feb ... vre ... Ah, yes. You purse your lips as though you were going to kiss some lucky gentleman. Lefebvre. -- Carla Kelly
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If I could see one live show before I died, I'd see Lucy Angel -- Benjamin Franklin
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The end. But I'm telling you now, if either of you breathe a word -one goddamn word- about Cate, I will come down on you so hard, they'll be naming hurricanes after me for a fucking century. -- Alexandra Bracken
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The Ilan-Lael Foundation is an arts education foundation celebrating nature and the aesthetic of the built environment for its ability to help us see ourselves and our world in new ways. -- James T. Hubbell
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See. This is why I lo-ike you. -- Anonymous
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Can Aa-a-ana-liese come out and play? -- Jeannine Garsee
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And never be sorry
thought Lois
and never be sorry
-- F Scott Fitzgerald
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Beautee eneuch to mak a world to dote. -- James I Of Scotland
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one of Chloe's models 'as gone down wif leprosy . . ."
"Wait," interrupted Niall. "Leprosy?"
"That's what Chlo said. That fing wif your throat where you can't talk."
"That's laryngitis. -- Alexis Hall
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Pam: Claude, the mouthwateringly beautiful asshole? -- Charlaine Harris
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I hurt him, Larel ... -- Elise Kova
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Christophe, with the careful tone of an adult telling a kid not to pet the nice foaming-rabid pooch. -- Lilith Saintcrow
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Sammy Lee is another inbred player -- David Pleat
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What's her name? Claire, what's her name? -- Rachel Caine
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He had no idea what Jilly Lovitz would appreciate or not. And why the hell did her name have so many fucking L's in it? She'd probably done it on purpose, just to annoy him. -- Anne Stuart
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Don't kid yourself munster -- Paul Feig
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Good god, Jaye was so angry. Dixon -- Lynn Kelling
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You are still a very loosome lass, Lael Click." "Loosome?" "Lovely. But you need tae regain your strength. I canna wed and bed so wee a fairy. -- Laura Frantz
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I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson! -- Louis Tomlinson
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Perry Johansson. -- Rick Riordan
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Stick-thin, alabaster-pale Etienne LeBlanc runs down the rue de Dinan with Madame Ruelle, the baker's wife, on his heels: the least-robust rescue ever assembled. -- Anthony Doerr
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I'm no longer your concern." "You've been my concern ever since you were six years old, come to fort up with me. You're in my blood, Lael - a forever and endurin' part of me! -- Laura Frantz
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Skye." "Lima-Oscar-Victor-Echo -- Jeanne Birdsall
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Isaac Rothe, Matthias -- J.r. Ward
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Laissez les bon temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!) -- Rachel Harris
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Eleanor-wait-I love you. -- Rainbow Rowell
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Lisette was born without the ability to speak, but she'd been brazen with written words as a child, substituting a sharp tongue for a poison pen. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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The point about L-O-V-E is that we hate the word. Because we vulgarize it. It should be taboo, forbidden from utterance for many years, till we've found a new and a better idea. -- Larry Kramer
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I took the 'Lee' from my grandparents, who took care of me during the day while my mom was away working. -- Reggie Lee
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Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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Fran? Frances Hill, you stop that right now! What the devil's got into you? Ada, you should be ashamed! Braying like a mule, you are! And you, Mattie Gokey ... would you like to tell me what could possibly be so funny? -- Jennifer Donnelly
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Sarfati. That's my real last name. I don't use it a lot because I got 'Lea So-fatty,' 'Lea So-farty' at school. -- Lea Michele
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Bon chance, mon ami, Dante called softly.
Levet allowed himself a small smile. A vampire who could speak French. He couldn't be all bad. -- Alexandra Ivy
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Bobby Bingo had skin like a baked potato. A complete vegetable man, Lou Ann thought, -- Barbara Kingsolver
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Quit thinking about what Bobby Lee's gonna do to us and start thinking about what we're going to do to him. -- Ulysses S. Grant
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I love Louisiana. It's amazing. -- Johnny Knoxville
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I am terrible with people's names. -- Rob Lowe
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And I looked closer and it totally did say Latoya. But in my defense, it looked like "Labia" from a distance. Much like tacos. Or Georgia O'Keeffe paintings. -- Jenny Lawson
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My name came from me wanting a 'double-letter' artist name. In search of the ultimate L-word to put in front of my real name Luke, I heard Snoop Dogg rapping in Gin and Juice 'Laaaaiiidbackk ... ' and I was sold! -- Laidback Luke
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Fly at me, Lucy. -- Lauren Baratz-Logsted
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PRUELLA GOODE 1891-1929 I'M DEAD. LET'S HAVE A PARTY. He -- Rick Riordan
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Shirley! Don't call me Shirley! -- Leslie Nielsen