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Why go to a machine when you could go to a human being? -- Ray Bradbury
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What do such machines really do? They increase the number of things we can do without thinking. Things we do without thinking-there's the real danger. -- Frank Herbert
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Devices make us pliant. We want to please them. The machine was his only hope of deliverance after what he'd done, what he'd loosed into the crowd. A way out of death. - (362) -- Don Delillo
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We are looking at a society increasingly dependent on machines, yet decreasingly capable of making or even using them effectively. -- Douglas Rushkoff
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Someday it'll all be done by machine. Information machines. -- Thomas Pynchon
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A machine is a great moral educator. If a horse or a donkey won't go, men lose their tempers and beat it; if a machine won't go, there is no use beating it. You have to think and try till you find what is wrong. That is real education. -- Gilbert Murray
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Whatever the advantages of the machine may be - and they are many - the very ease of its use is bound to make away with intimacy - the intercourse of human beings, of animals, or of that which we still think of as the natural world. -- Freya Stark
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Machines built by human beings they will function correctly if we provide them with a very specific environment. But if that environment is changed, they won't function at all. -- Ralph Merkle
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A machine is more blameless, more sinless even than any animal. It has no intentions whatsoever but our own. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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Anybody who's spent any time with machines at all,' he added, 'and baby, that's us all, knows first and foremost there's only one thing certain about them, computer or bicycle. They go wrong. -- Salman Rushdie
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...we took the 10 machines we agreed were the most beguiling, and we put them on permanent exhibit in the foyer of this library underneath a sign whose words can surely be applied to this whole ruined planet nowadays: THE COMPLICATED FUTILITY OF IGNORANCE -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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I admire machinery as much is any man, and am as thankful to it as any man can be for what it does for us. But it will never be a substitute for the face of a man, with his soul in it, encouraging another man to be brave and true. -- Charles Dickens
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To say that humans are composed of machines is not to say that we are merely machines. Humans are dignified machines. We are (so far) the most extropic, most complex product of billions of years of evolution. -- Max More
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There's a machine that I have nothing to do with. It's called the "Tupac Machine." -- Tupac Shakur
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A computer scientist is a machine for converting coffee into urine. -- Alan Kay
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With the advent of computing, human invention crossed a threshold into a world different from everything that came before. The computer is the universal machine almost by definition, machine-of-all-trades, capable of accomplishing or simulating just about any task that can be logically defined. -- James Gleick
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You know the definition of the perfectly designed machine ... The perfectly designed machine is one in which all its working parts wear out simultaneously. I am that machine. -- Frederick Lindemann, 1St Viscount Cherwell
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The Big Red Machine was exactly that - a freaking machine. -- Tucker Elliot
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What the gears cannot do the computer might. The computer is the Proteus of machines. Its essence is its universality, its power to simulate -- Seymour Papert
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For a machine to run smoothly and predictably,
its parts must be standard and hence replaceable,
features which contribute, respectively,
to modern depersonalization and anxiety. -- Charles Eisenstein
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Sirs, I have tested your machine. It adds a new terror to life and makes death a long-felt want. -- Herbert Beerbohm Tree
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An organised system of machines, to which motion is communicated by the transmitting mechanism from a central automation, is the most developed form of production by machinery. -- Karl Marx
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I am all for your using machines, but do not let them use you. -- Winston Churchill
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Life The machine The human soul A 75mm breech My portrait -- Blaise Cendrars
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I have sought to offer humanists a detailed analysis of a technology sufficiently magnificent and spiritual to convince them that the machines by which they are surrounded are cultural artifacts worthy of their attention and respect. -- Bruno Latour
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The machine unmakes the man. Now that the machine is so perfect, the engineer is nobody. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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There are some old machines like antique sewing machine or pasta machine; seeing them is seeing our great grandmothers, touching them is touching our grandmothers! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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For, I must tell you, in this world where today all lose their minds over many & wondrous Machines
some of which, alas, you can see also in this Siege
I construct Aristotelian Machines, that allow anyone to see with Words ... -- Umberto Eco
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He who does his work like a machine grows a heart like a machine and he who carries the heart of a machine in his breast loses his simplicity. He who has lost his simplicity becomes unsure in the strivings of his soul. -- Zhuangzi
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Machines take me by surprise with great frequency. -- Alan Turing
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What a strange machine man is! You fill him with bread, wine, fish, and radishes, and out comes sighs, laughter, and dreams. -- Nikos Kazantzakis
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People may be persuaded that the machine is doing good. In fact, good is only capable of being done on a small scale. Evil is more versatile. You can hate those you have never seen, all the vast multitudes of them, but you can only love those you know - and that with difficulty. -- John Christopher
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Too darned good a machine can be a menace, not a help. -- John W. Campbell
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We are not thinking machines ... -- Peter Watts
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For most purposes, a man with a machine is better than a man without a machine. -- Henry Ford
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Machines are the opium of the masses. If all the machines in England were thrown into the North Sea tomorrow, we should be back in the Garden of Eden. And the weather would probably improve. -- Helen Cresswell
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The World's Fair audience tended to think of the machine as unqualifiedly good, strong, stupid and obedient. They thought of it as a giant slave, an untiring steel Negro, controlled by Reason in a world of infinite resources. -- Robert Hughes
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The computer is the most extraordinary of man's technological clothing; it's an extension of our central nervous system. Beside it, the wheel is a mere hula-hoop. -- Marshall Mcluhan
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In the Machine Age, the company itself became a machine - a machine for making money. -- Peter Senge
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I point out to you, Marcus Claire Luyseyal, a lesson from past over-machined societies which you appear not to have learned. The devices themselves condition the
users to employ each other the way they employ machines. -- Frank Herbert
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There are many machines throughout history that were built to do something better than a human can. -- Mark Zuckerberg
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Government is emphatically a machine: to the discontented a taxing machine, to the contented a machine for securing property. -- Thomas Carlyle
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Like our bodies and like our desires, the machines we have devised are possessed of a heart which is slowly reduced to embers. -- W.g. Sebald
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Has a control system so perilously close to intelligence that a government agent must be on hand at all times, ready to destroy the machine if it slips over the threshold into consciousness. -- Alastair Reynolds
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The evil that machinery is doing is not merely in the consequence of its work but in the fact that it makes men themselves machines also. -- Oscar Wilde
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My goal is to create friend machines. Friendly genius machines. Machines with genius capabilities. -- David Hanson
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We control the machine. At one point the machine controlled us. -- Karim Rashid
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On the other hand the machine does not bleed, ache, hang for hours in the empty sky in a torment of hope to learn the fate of another machine, nor does it cry out with joy nor dance in the air with the fierce passion of a bird. -- Loren Eiseley
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When a machine can do something better and faster than a person can, I am happy to let the machine do it. -- Susan Orlean
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We have reason not to be afraid of the machine, for there is always constructive change, the enemy of machines, making them change to fit new conditions. -- Charles Kettering
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A world based on machine images is a world filled with boundaries. In a machine, every piece knows its place. -- Margaret J. Wheatley
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Man makes machines to man the machines that make the machines. -- Pete Townshend
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Man has made many machines, complex and cunning, but which of them indeed rivals the workings of his heart? -- Pablo Casals
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Every machine is the spiritualization of an organism. -- Theo Van Doesburg
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A tool is but the extension of a man's hand, and a machine is but a complex tool. And he that invents a machine augments the power of a man and the well-being of mankind. -- Henry Ward Beecher
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All that we have gained, the machine threatens-
once a tool assumes a force of its own.
Instead of letting us get used to mastery, for buildings more severe it cuts the stone. -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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Machines were devised not to do a man out of a job, but to take the heavy labor from man's back and place it on the broad back of the machine. -- Henry Ford
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For a long time, I felt instinctively irritated - sometimes repelled - by scientific friends' automatic use of the word 'mechanism' for automatic bodily processes. A machine was man-made; it was not a sentient being; a man was not a machine. -- A.s. Byatt
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To operate a machine one must operate like a machine. Using a machine to do what we cannot do, we find we must do what the machine does. -- James P. Carse
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This machine kills fascists. -- Woody Guthrie
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You insist that there is something a machine cannot do. If you tell me precisely what it is a machine cannot do, then I can always make a machine which will do just that. -- John Von Neumann
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When I began designing machines I also began to think that these objects, which sit next to each other and around people, can influence not only physical conditions but also emotions. They can touch the nerves, the blood, the muscles, the eyes and the moods of people. -- Ettore Sottsass
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We don't cease to be human when we choose to become health care professionals, yet our work demands that we operate at a machine-like rate, a machine with parts that never wear down. -- Terri Moss
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We are all part machine, Kaaro. Your phone is a polymer under the skin of your hand. You have a locator chip in your head. -- Tade Thompson
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The machine enslaves, the hand sets free. -- Lanza Del Vasto
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A funny thing about women and machines: the combination made made curious. They seemed to think it had something to do with them. -- Rachel Kushner
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computer-majiggies, -- Daniel Jose Older
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A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine. -- Alan Turing
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Look at you, hacker: a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine? -- Ken Levine
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The machine yes the machine never wastes anybody's time never watches the foreman never talks back. -- Carl Sandburg
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A vast engine of wonderful delicacy and intricacy, a machine that is like the tools of the Titans put in your hands. This machinery, in its external fabric so massive and so exquisitely adjusted, and in its internal fabric making new categories of thought, new ways of thinking about life. -- Charles Ferguson
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The most important thing is a person. A person who incites your curiosity and feeds your curiosity; and machines cannot do that in the same way that people can. -- Steve Jobs
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Lionel Merble was a machine. Tralfamadorians, of course, say that every creature and plant in the Universe is a machine. It amuses them that so many Earthlings are offended by the idea of being machines. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding. -- Louis V. Gerstner Jr.
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Machines Need to be Productive. People Need to be Effective. -- James William Benson
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An art machine is a system
whose parts when put in motion
act upon each other in such a way
as to cause you to see things differently -- David Antin
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When the term 'machine gun' enters common parlance, the word 'machine' becomes much more sinister. -- Scott Westerfeld
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Instead of the machine being a giant to which the man is the pygmy, we must at last reverse the proportions until man is a giant to whom the machine is the toy. -- Gilbert K. Chesterton
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Created by wars that required it, the machine now created the wars it required. -- Joseph Alois Schumpeter
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The Machine stops."
"What do you say?"
"The Machine is stopping, I know it, I know the signs."
She burst into a peal of laugher. -- E. M. Forster
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The machines need to get faster. They need to get cheaper. -- Bill Gates
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Big machines are the awe-inspiring cathedrals of the 20th century. -- Daniel Kleppner
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A button machine makes buttons, no matter what the power used, foot, steam or electricity. They, no matter what the motivating force, death, love or God, made jokes. -- Nathanael West
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One day the wheels start turning and you just can't stop the machine. -- Deyanira Villalta
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No one questioned the Machine's powers. Religion had been re-established with the Machine as the Supreme Being. Everyone yielded to 'some invincible pressure, which came no one knew whither, and which, when gratified, was succeeded by some new pressure equally invincible. -- John N. Gray
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A house is not a machine! It's something else for living - but not a machine. -- Moshe Safdie
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We have to make machines understand what they're doing, or they won't be able to come back and say, 'Why did you do that?' -- Nicholas Negroponte
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The world of A.D. 2014 will have few routine jobs that cannot be done better by some machine than by any human being. Mankind will therefore have become largely a race of machine tenders. -- Isaac Asimov
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The machines do not solve problems with greater insight than men do, only faster. Only faster! -- Isaac Asimov
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When the machine of a human being is turned on, it seems to produce a protagonist, just as a television produces an image. I think this protagonist, this self, often recognizes that it is a fictional construct, but it also recognizes that thinking of itself as such might cause it to disintegrate. -- Mohsin Hamid
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The machine does not control the mind of man, though it affects the mind of man; it is the mind of man that can and should control the machine. -- Hilaire Belloc
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I enjoy trying to figure out a way to deal with machines - they become like little buddies or something. It's almost the same way you might develop a relationship with a dog - maybe that's weird to say - but there becomes an understanding you reach after a while. -- Panda Bear
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I am an eye. I am a mechanical eye. I, a machine, I am showing you a world, the likes of which only I can see -- Dziga Vertov
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To understand a program, you must become both the machine and the program. -- Alan Perlis
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Only a people serving an apprenticeship to nature can be trusted with machines. Only such people will so contrive and control those machines that their products are an enhancement of biological needs, and not a denial of them. -- Herbert Read
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The convenient function of every celebrated machine for living is to produce machines to live in them. -- Chris Campanioni
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Without struggle, no progress and no result. Every breaking of habit produces a change in the machine. -- George Gurdjieff
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I can't be a slave to the machine, you feel like you're in the matrix. -- Kanye West
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Man is a shrewd inventor, and is ever taking the hint of a new machine from his own structure, adapting some secret of his own anatomy in iron, wood, and leather, to some required function in the work of the world. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Sexual gratification can only be achieved through the use of machines. -- Frank Zappa