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It was made and designed by the House of Awesome, from materials found in the deep awesome mines of Awesometania and it would be recorded in the Annals of Awesome. -- Nick Harkaway
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What I cannot build. I do not understand. -- Richard Feynman
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I founded Minted in 2007 with the desire to use 'crowd-sourcing' to bring designs from the best emerging and independent designers in the world to consumers. -- Mariam Naficy
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You have it made when you don't care whether you have it made or not. -- Vernon Howard
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We interrogate the world by making. -- Bill Bendyshe Burnett
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You're beautifully and wonderfully made. -- Demi Lovato
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I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my own heart. -- Louise Hay
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but to create a real feeling - made -- Zadie Smith
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We manufacture wonder where we can. -- Brecken Hancock
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A new creation may look simple and you may say that anyone could have done it, but the fact is that you did not make it first. -- Ingrid Holm-Garibay
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Self-creation is the highest art. -- David Zindell
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Humans are born to build something outrageous. -- Kumar
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Brands are born, not created. -- Jane Lauder
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It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine. -- Napoleon Hill
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Man creates what he is. -- Paul Tillich
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I want to make something, and I want people to know I made it. -- Joey Comeau
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Made by General Motors, on order from Sears Roebuck. -- Richard Condon
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When you have something truthful to say, it will design itself. -- Bob Gill
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All of the designs on Minted are crowd-sourced from a global community of independent designers. We hold monthly design and art challenges that anyone in the world is welcome to enter. -- Mariam Naficy
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You have to be daring and make something that doesn't look like anybody else. -- Lee Clow
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You know what? I did! I impressed myself just making it. -- Brett Hull
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I can make just such ones if I had tools, and I could make tools if I had tools to make them with. -- Eli Whitney
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One creates oneself. -- Grace Jones
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I like to create. -- Bridgit Mendler
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What I made depended on what I found on the street. At least in the beginning, my materials came from the street. -- Carl Andre
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After forty years, with whatever authority comes from lived experience, I can say: You, too, can create something. You can nurture it and watch it grow. -- Sy Safransky
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Ensure it feels like it's made by humans, for humans. -- Stefan Sagmeister
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I've already created my own thing. -- Jeff Buckley
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I made one untitled piece. -- Damien Hirst
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here. I invented -- Mary Campisi
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Work your craft; until it becomes an art from. -- Johnnie Dent Jr.
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Made by Nurse Bambi, my private assistant. -- Rick Riordan
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To build something, you need sirious people. There aren't any such, or my luck is that I don't find them! -- Deyth Banger
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Whatever you design[/make/build], use it to raise the expectations of what can be achieved -- Paula Scher
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I don't think artists are made, I think they're born. -- Captain Beefheart
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What I can't create I don't understand -- Richard P. Feynman
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Creating things sometimes is difficult. -- Warren Littlefield
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Creating anything is hard. -- Philip Seymour Hoffman
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This isn't a mass-produced ... instrument. Mike Lull Custom Guitars makes each bass right here in the NW. Over 20 years of collaborating, designing, and building basses has gone into my model. -- Jeff Ament
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The marvelous Maker! -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Crafting, or 'making things,' has always been a delightful pastime of mine because it requires putting common elements together in order to achieve a lovely something that nobody needs. -- Amy Sedaris
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Creating something is only half the battle. The other half is finding people who care about it. -- Ramsey Isler
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I have decided that we shall make and build and never give way. -- Lee Kuan Yew
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Women have made me; and also unmade. -- Salman Rushdie
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I am a maker of useful things. -- Eva Zeisel
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I'm ready to create. -- John Galliano
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Create. Don't Compete. -- W.chan Kim
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We can build anything in our imagination that's where all creation begins in your life -- Bob Proctor
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I'm not a designer, I'm an inventor. -- Kenneth Jay Lane
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I'm in a very fortunate position, in that if I had an idea, and I could do it on a web budget, I could probably get it made; it's just a question of finding the time to really develop it, because I don't want to make anything that I don't believe in 100 percent. -- Felicia Day
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We are built from broken parts -- Hollywood Undead
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If there was ever a time to create, it is now! -- Michele Jennae
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I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself. -- Ferdinand Porsche
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I'm not interested in the ego trip of creating or not creating. I'm interested in selling a magazine. Rock-bottom, I sell magazines. I'm a thorough professional who does his job. -- Jack Kirby
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Crafting, as the title suggests, -- Harbor City Apps
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I made it on the bevel. -- William Faulkner
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All of us invent ourselves. Some of us just have more imagination than others. -- Cher
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The best creates, the rest follows -- Richard Lee Juiche
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One day Trurl the constructor put together a machine that could build anything beginning with the letter 'n'. -- Stanislaw Lem
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I like to make things. It's been part of my identity since I was a kid. -- Bre Pettis
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What I created got abominated. -- Ralph H. Baer
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There is a feeling within our system that defence equipment can't be made here and should be imported. I wanted to break this myth, so we spent our money and made a product to prove we have capability in this country, so don't just brush us aside. -- Baba Kalyani
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We are all self made although it's usually only the successful that tell you so. -- Robert Stone
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You cannot make an aircraft without forged components. -- Baba Kalyani
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How could someone so irreverent create something so beautiful? -- Richelle Mead
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Hell we can make for ourselves. -- Margaret Atwood
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Man is emphatically self-made. -- John Henry Newman
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Made in America. Heck, let's make everything in America. Let's make pride and trust and teamwork more than chalk on a Harvard blackboard. -- Chris Bent
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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. There must be the will to produce a superior thing. -- John Ruskin
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Create, artist, do not talk. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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I'm an unbelievable designer. -- Serena Williams
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I've watched with amazement as Local Motors has pioneered a co-creation and micro-manufacturing model that has democratized the development and production of complex machines, effectively transforming consumer choice from supply-driven to demand-driven. -- Bre Pettis
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We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it. -- Earl Nightingale
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I create, therefore I am. -- Lada Ray
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When you want to talk about who made me, you talk to me. Who made me is ME. -- Muhammad Ali
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Put two things together which have never been put together before, and some schmuck will buy it. -- George Carlin
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Philosophers think, creators make! -- Stephen Richards
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Can you also, Lucullus, affirm that there is any power united with wisdom and prudence which has made, or, to use your own expression, manufactured man? What sort of a manufacture is that? Where is it exercised? when? why? how? -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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That's your job. To make something out of nothing. To pull together all the disparate threads: recruiting (with no money), fundraising (with no reputation), and delivering joy (with no product). You must fabricate the chicken and the egg. Simultaneously. -- Dan Shapiro
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If you want to create, you'll create... -- Charles Bukowski
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The bars on our cage are of our own making. -- Jessie Burton
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I'm a Self-made Woman in Every Sense of the Word -- Laverne Cox
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What we make can survive us. -- Conn Iggulden
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He must have made that before he died. -- Yogi Berra
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I 'spect I growed. Don't think nobody never made me. -- Harriet Beecher Stowe
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If you can think about it, you can create it. -- John Lasseter
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We are all of us invented. We are all of us cobbled together from cartilage and dust. Few of us know with certainty the name of our maker. But I do ... Bram Stoker. -- Steven Dietz
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I glanced up into round black eyes, ringed in yellow, but in some small part I saw humanity there. Sadness. It blinked. "Made," it said quietly, almost ashamed. -- Kelly Keaton
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Those who create are hard of heart. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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There is no such thing as a 'self-made' man. We are made up of thousands of others. -- George Matthew Adams
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Making something is Hard
Making something you don't even CARE ABOUT is
EVEN HARDER . -- Jon Westenberg
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But man does not create ... he discovers. -- Antonio Gaudi
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And I'll be waiting for you to make -- Iris Johansen
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Gianni created the whole thing. I came later and helped him. -- Donatella Versace
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Nothing is made from nothing. -- Rene Descartes
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We'll make our own enough. -- Rainbow Rowell
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There are a million people who can come up with little bits. The hard work is making those bits into something. -- Jeff Lynne
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He who does not know how to create should not know. -- Antonio Porchia
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I just want to make something that I love and people will respect. -- Daveigh Chase
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A product should be made intentionally -- Sunday Adelaja