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You sound like you're mentally deficient. And possibly Chinese. -- Heidi Hall
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It is the technique, above all, that makes a meal Chinese or not. -- Bee Wilson
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I visited a new cultural center in Shanghai in 2005 that was pretty much perfect, except for the really badly translated Chinglish signs: a handicapped restroom that said 'Deformed Man's Toilet,' that kind of thing. -- David Henry Hwang
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We did two films [Kung Fu Panda], because the first two films were so embraced by the Chinese audiences we wanted to make something we could push further and since this is a co-production, it seemed like the perfect time to create something that felt native to Chinese audiences. -- Jennifer Yuh Nelson
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When I was a kid, I loved watching kung fu movies - in San Francisco, we had 'Kung Fu Theater' on TV on Saturdays, and they'd air old Shaw Brothers movies with English dubbing, things like that. -- Daniel Wu
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The Constitution isn't written in Chinese, Swahili or Sanskrit. It's in plain English. -- Harry Browne
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I am despised by an army of undiscerning academic highbrows, and ridiculed by semi-educated and vengeful "China-experts" whose era of translating Chinese into Western categories has now come to an end. The public is ready for non-European vocabularies. -- Thorsten J. Pattberg
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Because at this time, in this place, Chinese writing exhibits symptoms of a mental disorder. -- Murong Xuecun
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When I was very little, we would get letters from China, in Chinese, and they' be censored. We were a very insular little family. -- Maya Lin
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German in the most extravagantly ugly language - it sounds like someone using a sick bag on a 747. -- Willie Rushton
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A mandarin fell in love with a courtesan. 'I shall be yours,' she told him, 'when you have spent a hundred nights waiting for me, sitting on a stool, in my garden, beneath my window.' But on the ninety-ninth night, the mandarin stood up, put his stool under his arm, and went away. -- Roland Barthes
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Oh, China. How I have missed you.'
'And I have missed you, Eliza. But don't worry, next time my aim will be better. -- Derek Landy
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New Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is fluent in Chinese. In a short period of time the Republicans have come quite a long way. The last Republican president wasn't even fluent in English. -- David Letterman
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In China, when you get to the airport everyone be talking in American slang. -- Ike Turner
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For Cantonese - because there's no standardized pinyin system - I have to have someone read it to me, and then I rewrite the whole script in my own Cantonese pinyin. -- Daniel Wu
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When I was living in China, I learned to make things hyper-explicit because often they were being read by people whose command of English kept them from picking up what I thought were obvious signals. -- James Fallows
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BaoHaus is idiosyncratic, creative, and artistic. My restaurant doesn't look like a Taiwanese restaurant. -- Eddie Huang
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Elizabeth Taylor has more chins than the Chinese telephone directory. -- Joan Rivers
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China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese. -- Charles De Gaulle
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the eight main "dialects" of Chinese are so vastly different that they are, under any analysis, separate languages. The -- John Mcwhorter
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Tagalog sounds like boiling water. -- Jim Paredes
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I'm about to start working with a singer I met on my last trip: she'll get international exposure, and I'll have a song out in that market sung in Cantonese. -- Paul Oakenfold
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The moment you have subtitles and you have to speak Chinese, you already limit your global audience. -- Bruno Zheng Wu
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Only with maturity did I come to appreciate my own Chinese roots: not just the food and the ancient history, but also the philosophy of child-rearing and the respect for education and knowledge. -- Tess Gerritsen
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The Chinese are brought up to believe that you should be silent in class. The teacher speaks, and you just listen and absorb what they say. -- Caleb Deschanel
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Once, in Lisbon, I tried my best to work the phone book in a way that would assuage a longing [Alice and I] had for certain Chinese dishes ... -- Calvin Trillin
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A huge Chinese population here in ... Houston. -- Bill Walton
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In Chinese, the character for danger is the same one for opportunity." -- Kim Ling Levine in Madhattan Mystery -- John J. Bonk
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An interesting fact is that the town of Bau-Bau in Sulawesi, Indonesia, selected Hangeul in 2009 to write the Cia-Cia language.2 Who knows, maybe Hangeul will become one of the universal phonetic languages in the world! -- Adrian Perrig
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Most American and European scholars believe that the Chinese speak their languages, only that they "talk" in Chinese. -- Thorsten J. Pattberg
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I just love dialects; they're really fun. -- Cory Michael Smith
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Apparently, one in five people in the world are Chinese. And there are five people in my family, so it must be one of them. It's either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother, Colin. Or my younger brother, Ho-Chan-Chu. But I think it's Colin. -- Tim Vine
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Last night I ordered a whole meal in French. Even the waiter was amazed - it was a Chinese restaurant! -- Henny Youngman
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In the year 1915 a series of trivial incidents led some Chinese students in Cornell University to take up the question of reforming the Chinese language. -- Hu Shih
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Chinese are wise in comprehending without many words what is inevitable and inescapable and therefore only to be borne. -- Pearl S. Buck
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I start by using Chinese and many of the sounds of other languages are similar. -- Andy Lau
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I had to know at least two languages. -- Novak Djokovic
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Which I wish to remark
And my language is plain,
That for ways that are dark And for tricks that are vain, The heathen Chinee is peculiar. -- Bret Harte
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Ting-a-ling mother fucker. -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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I find when you talk with the Chinese on most subjects, they are very practical. -- Dennis C. Blair
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I'm pretty good with languages. -- Marisol Nichols
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The Chinese market is very, very unique. -- Niklas Zennstrom
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China's cinema has been rising for some time; it has more exposure, so my chances of becoming internationally known are better. But the first thing I have to do is learn English. If I can grasp the language, then perhaps I can think about the U.S. -- Ziyi Zhang
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Auntie An-mei had cried before she left for China, thinking she would make her brother very rich and happy by communist standards. But when she got home, she cried to me that everyone had a palm out and she was the only one who left with an empty hand. -- Amy Tan
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My shirt and my hat always say 'World Champion' in some language. English, Spanish, Chinese, 'Star Wars' language, which is also known as Aurebesh, mermaid language. -- Judah Friedlander
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The only international language in the world is a child's cry, -- Eglantyne Jebb
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My new play 'Chinglish,' which will go to Broadway, is about a white American businessman who goes to a provincial capital in China, hoping to make a deal there. It's bilingual. And it's about trying to communicate across language and cultural barriers. -- David Henry Hwang
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The Internet is truly God's gift to the Chinese people. -- Liu Xiaobo
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But it's not really Chinese, is it?'
Logan was thoughtful for a moment. "I don't know. I guess you'd say it's really not if you look back thousands of years. But I don't think that way. Lots of things start out not Chinese and end up that way. -- Ken Liu
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My homeland is the portuguese language. -- Fernando Pessoa
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I took Japanese in high school. I'm Chinese, though, and I just fell in love with the language and the culture. -- Matthew Moy
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But she couldn't formulate the sentence in Chinese. Her knowledge of the language only extended to the daily necessities and small affections. -- Jade Chang
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I'm learning Cuban. It's like Spanish, but with fewer words for luxury items. -- Emo Philips
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Your emotional love language and the language of your spouse may be as different as Chinese from English. -- Gary Chapman
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All of which suggested literary translation, and Korean seemed a good bet - barely anything available in English, yet it was a modern, developed country, so the work had to be out there, plus the rarity would make it both easier to secure a student grant and more of a niche when it came to work. -- Deborah Smith
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Give your mind a chance to travel through foreign languages. -- Neil Simon
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Love, my ass. The international language is food. -- Rachel Vincent
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Making a martial arts film in English to me is the same as John Wayne speaking Chinese in a western -- Ang Lee
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I majored in Chinese. I was never really good at Chinese but I really, really benefited from having been exposed to Asian philosophy early in my life. -- Martha Beck
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Is that it?" Jack asked. "No. That is the Xing zheng yuan Hui an Xun fang Shu." "I was just going to say that," Tessa said. -- Richard Paul Evans
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China is an old nation with a colourful history. Its booming economy has triggered an appetite and a curiosity around the world for its art and culture, one that continues to grow. I can, however, tell people that it is a show with no actor. -- Ai Weiwei
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I was born in Scotland and have lived there all my life. I speak conversational Cantonese with my dad when I'm at home, and very basic Mandarin. -- Katie Leung
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A feast of languages -- William Shakespeare
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I have a good ear for languages. -- Harry Dean Stanton
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I could not bank on the phlegmatic Chinese; I would have to take care of it myself. This would be safer and also consistent with my own responsibility. The latter is the anarch's ultimate authority. -- Ernst Junger
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But now all of a sudden some idiots in Taiwan start to say that they are not Chinese. Their grand parents were Chinese. But for some reason, they feel they are not Chinese. -- Alex Chiu
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There is a universal language, understood by everybody, but already forgotten. I am in search of that universal language, among other things. -- Paulo Coelho
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I didn't learn Chinese to write 'Confucius.' That would've been a monumental task. I have three friends who can translate Chinese text for me; all three helped me with my research on Confucius. They are acknowledged in my acknowledgements in the book. -- Russell Freedman
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I look at American movies, the big muscles, and try to apply that to Chinese film-making. -- Ang Lee
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I just love Chinese food. My favourite dish is number 27. -- Clement Attlee
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I'm very proud I'm Chinese and represent the Chinese community. -- Patrick Chan
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China is starting an English-speaking television network around the world, Russia is, Al Jazeera. And the BBC is cutting back on its many language services around the world. -- Hillary Clinton
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When a Japanese manufacturer was asked by his North American counterpart, What is the best language in which to do business?" the man responded: "My customer's language -- Leonard Sweet
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Even though I'm very Westernized as an individual and very Canadian, I guess I've lost some of my Chinese culture. -- Patrick Chan
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Panda - We're not really selling Chinese food, you know. Our real purpose is about developing people. -- Andrew Cherng
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Only two kinds of daughters, she shouted in Chinese. Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind! -- Amy Tan
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Chinese cooking is noisy - a multitasking activity that requires constant vigilance. There is no downtime. -- Jennifer Lee
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Latin, Greek, and English, plus a smattering of Italian and fucking French." "Fucking French, you say? Well . . ." "Oui," said I, in perfect fucking French. -- Christopher Moore
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Chinese readers are buying books in translation, particularly non-fiction about China, in large numbers. -- Evan Osnos
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I would love to learn other languages, maybe French? My uncle speaks German so maybe also German? Chinese seems to be too difficult. -- Rafael Nadal
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I have two sons in America, and all they care about in Chinese culture is Jackie Chan and Jet Li. -- Ang Lee
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Six months after that, I left Taiwan, first for Hong Kong and then for mainland China, where I spent another three months studying still more Chinese and generally kicking around the country. -- Eric Allin Cornell
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I hope that I will be the last victim in China's long record of treating words as crimes. -- Liu Xiaobo
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ENGLISH: the ultimate body language. If not spoken by the English. -- G.s. Oldman
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she likes the sound of languages other than English. -- Ken Liu
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What is China but a people and their stories? -- Gene Luen Yang
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A spectacular novel of colonial China that should put this first-time author on the map." - Kirkus Reviews -- Milena Banks
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I have my clothes made in Hong Kong, but I love Shangai Tang in New York. -- Alexandra Stoddard
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I never knew what language they'd lapse into when fucked - Urdu or Telugu or a mix of both (only the techies came in English). -- Manil Suri
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When Cartier-Bresson goes to China, he shows that there are people in China, and that they are Chinese. -- Susan Sontag
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Zhang Yimou tried to use martial arts to talk about Chinese culture, Chinese people. What do they think, what do they want and what do they hope. -- Jet Li
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I have a blog in Chinese, which you can follow, Chinese signs. But I don't even update at all, often I don't. -- Bai Ling
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It's the middle of the day in China! -- Mo Willems
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English. That was where I met him. -- Andrew Koh
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I am obsessed with Chinese restaurants. Like many Americans, I first discovered them in my childhood. -- Jennifer Lee
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I'm slowly feeling more Chinese and feel I should be more proud of being Chinese and appreciate where I've come from. -- Patrick Chan
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languages as Asians, who outnumber them nearly four to one.121 Linguistic diversity is not only a sign of cultural isolation and fragmentation, it contributes to the barriers -- Thomas Sowell
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Different languages cut the world into different slices. -- Jean Berko Gleason
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Had I not come to China, I would have never learned that China is a wenming, that is has shengren and junzi, that is aspires to datong, and that "Confucianism" isn't a religion, that's not even its correct name, but is rujia. -- Thorsten J. Pattberg
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Sometimes I read that I'm not 100 per cent Chinese, because I don't look all that Chinese. That's a strange one - I am Chinese. -- Godfrey Gao