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Anna, my strong, terrifying Anna. -- Kendare Blake
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Today I realize that I'm not marrying the one I thought loved me, I'm just Morgan Lewis, the owner of a bakery, a tiny apartment in downtown Atlanta, and a 2012 Camry. Nothing special, just another person walking through town to start her day. -- A.m. Willard
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I have decided to change something. I am thinking I may want to go by Aimee again."- Aimee (Marked Book #1) page 102 -- A.n. Meade
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You arrogant, apish, underhonest lewdster! (Maggie) -- Kinley Macgregor
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My Becca's home. -- Jay Mclean
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Jorinda and Jorindel -- Jacob Grimm
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oatmeal. She was close to Miyako. The -- Lauren Oliver
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I can't control a nightmare, but in my waking moments her name is the only reminder I will permit myself. -- Tahereh Mafi
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Megan Luisa Garcia
I WAS HERE -- Gayle Forman
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Rachel The Huffington Post -- Anonymous
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Shayla McKinnon, this mark proves what I already suspected. You are my mate. You are destined to walk beside me, rule with me, share my blood and, through that, my immortality. -- Laura Kaye
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It's always been you, Paige. I've waited my whole life for you. You're the air I breathe, my heart and soul. Without you, I'm in hell. -- Rebekkah Ford
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Whatever, crazy chick who maybe lives here and maybe also breaks into Michael's house when they're all gone. I'm out. Have a nice delusion. -Shayne -- Rachel Caine
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Gilly Gilleshpee -- Victoria Laurie
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It was always Isabelle. -- Cassandra Clare
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You're my light, Amanda. In a life full of shadows, and darkness, and monsters, you're my light. When the blackness fades, and the memories subside, you'll be there. You're always there. -- Jay Mclean
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Her dress is the colour of marmalade, she chirps songs that have no words -- Sarah Kay
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Head into the children's bedroom, where our babysitter, Teri, is presiding over a massive game of Twister. Minnie doesn't understand Twister, but she understands rolling around on the mat, getting in everyone's way, so that's what she's doing. -- Sophie Kinsella
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The carpenter's daughter has won a name for herself, and deserved to win it -- Charles Dickens
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Anna anna bo banna, banana fanna fo fanna, me my mo manna ... Anna."
"Chuck! Do Chuck! -- Jodi Picoult
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The girl who'd written volumes on the walls but never said a word. -- Sarah Ockler
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Another girl? That's awesome Shea. What are you guys going to name her, Sheanana? -- Toni Aleo
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pretty mother of two young children -- Joann Durgin
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You're more precious than my own life to me, Bianca. -- R.k. Lilley
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Florence Nightendick -- V. Theia
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I love you, Gabby, more than you'll ever know. You're everything I've ever wanted in a wife. You're every hope and every dream I've ever had, and you've made me happier than any man could possibly be. I don't ever want to give that up. I can't. -- Nicholas Sparks
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Showers early, then clearing. When Barry Manilow began moaning about Mandy, who came and who gave without takin', the cabbie snapped the radio off. Bill -- Stephen King
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Rosabelle - answer - tell - pray, answer - look - tell - answer, answer - tell. -- Harry Houdini
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She watched the dark highway and entertained me with her vegetable-soup song, except that now there were people mixed in with the beans and potatoes: Dwayne Ray, Mattie, Esperanza, Lou Ann and all the rest.
And me. I was the main ingredient. -- Barbara Kingsolver
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She's-big-she's-blond-she-works-in-deli Georgia -- Laura Buzo
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Katherine the Midwife -- Darynda Jones
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Dean, Maya's just a little girl. She has a lot of energy and needs," his mother went on. "We just can't give that to her. You're young and Silver Bell Falls is a wonderful place for her to grow up. -- Samantha Chase
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Meg MacKenzie who said raising her two sons is like living with a tornado. -- James C. Dobson
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Clary - "Look you can date whoever you want and I will totally support you. I am all about support. Support is my middle name."

Simon- "So that's why you never told me your middle name. I figured it was something embarrasing. -- Cassandra Clare
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Artemis the bitch goddess. You know her. She's the one who stole your soul. (Simi)
She didn't steal it. (Gallagher)
Of course she did. She steals everything. (Simi) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Mia,' she whispered. I turned around. 'What?' I whispered back.
She smiled at me a little. 'LEEERRROOOY JEEENNKKIINNNSS!' she shouted, then spun around and ran toward the Z's in the lighting section. -- John Green
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Tirza, his youngest daughter, the one who turned out best. Turned out wonderfully, both inside and out. -- Arnon Grunberg
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Brooke Dumas. I'm Remington. -- Katy Evans
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Lydia. Beautiful. My everlasting dream. -- Mia Sheridan
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(Arbell)The ungrateful gorgeous bitch. -- Paul Hoffman
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Sean asked her if she was an Olympic weight lifter.
"No," she said. "I am Polish. -- Laura Ruby
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When I come home, I'm just Maisie, and everywhere I go, I'm just Maisie! -- Maisie Williams
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Katy. Her name was Katy. Reminded me of Kitty. Kitty cat. Kitten. Look at me, putting all these words together. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Melissa Miller, sixteen and a self-injurer, looked upon the embodiment of her rage. "I accept you," Missy said, opening her arms wide. "I accept me. -- Jackie Morse Kessler
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What is her name? I don't know. I know her eyebrows. -- Salman Rushdie
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Oooh, intrigue?' Sylvie said playfully. 'Want to know a secret? I am someone else. Nobody knows the real me.'
Jess opened the door, sick of being toyed with, wanting to get away. Her voice was flat. 'You're a girl. It's the same for all of us. -- Kirsty Eagar
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Jake looked down at Mandy's face in the firelight. He didn't know if he believed in Santa Claus, but the soft glow of those blue eyes made it a lot easier to believe in peace on earth, good will toward men. -- Sierra Donovan
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Hi, my name is Tess. -- Embee
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Who are you, Lucy Snowe? -- Charlotte Bronte
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I have a name," I grumped, my stomach pinching me harder.
"Yes, but it has no pizzazz. Ra-a-a-a-chel. Rach-e-e-e-eel," he said, trying it out in different ways. "No one will tremble in terror at that. Oh my God!" he said in a high falsetto. "It's Rachel! Run! Hide! -- Kim Harrison
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There's no bigger supporter in Jessica's life than me. -- Nick Lachey
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My wife." "By what name is she called, Kincaid?" "Mine. -- Julie Garwood
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Nina, little red bird. Don't go. -- Leigh Bardugo
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She knows her place in this world. She can tear down its walls, and still nobody knows her name. - Naomi -- Tara Kelly
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Do not bonk the Juliette -- Christopher Moore
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She's the kind you don't take home to mother. -- Rick James
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Jessica, you're my here, my there, and my always everywhere. Together or apart, you've awakened a part of me that's been locked away for the past year. I love you and if loving you is wrong, then I don't ever want to be right. -- Kathryn Perez
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C J Gibson Gabrielle Covers Lina Posada Shawn Dillon -- Unknown
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She spilled your secrets," said Quinn
"Yeah?" He sliced off a piece of chicken and glanced across the table. "What's my name Becca?"
Busted. Becca wanted to melt into a puddle.
Quinn grinned. "You mean it's not really New Kid? -- Brigid Kemmerer
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Carolyn Heilbrun's -- Gloria Steinem
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The elder Miss Larkin -- Charles Dickens
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Sumi may have my vow, but you have my heart, Rileigh Martin. I will never stop loving you. -- Cole Gibsen
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Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?
- Riley Poole -- Ann Lloyd
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You're not stealing anything, you're not breaking anything, so I'd guess you're Stephanie. -- Derek Landy
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Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. I can't get away from myself. -- A.s. King
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Are you going to tell me who she is?" she asked.
"A psychiatrist," Nick shot back.
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it's about time," his mother replied. -- Neal Baer
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I'll wheel you into the kitchen, Katy,' said Clover. 'I can wheel myself,' I said. 'So what have you two been up to? -- Jacqueline Wilson
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Naomi Isabelle Knox. Lead guitarist for Amatory Riot. Twenty-three years old. Hot as hell. Mean as sin. -- C.m. Stunich
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She had a pretty name but she knew she wasn't pretty. -- Jonathan Maberry
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Wendy? Darling? Light, of my life. I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm just going to bash your brains in. -- Stephen King
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At this time on a weekday morning, the library was refuge to the retired, the unemployed, and the unemployable ... 'I'm not always this gabby,' the librarian said. 'It's just so nice to talk to someone who isn't constructing a conspiracy theory or watching videos of home accidents on YouTube. -- Myla Goldberg
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A lily-girl, not made for this world's pain. -- Oscar Wilde
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Beth from accounting
is just sitting in her car
eating spaghetti. -- Ryan Mecum
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jessamine. Flowering -- Kathy Reichs
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I'm Emma. I'm here to make you see the meaning of your life. Her exalted words were totally conquered by her dragging tone and lack of eye contact. -- Debra Anastasia
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I'll make you so fucking happy, Noelle. I know you're perfect for me. I've listened to you talk for hours on end. You're it for me. I know it to my core, and I'll spend every day showing you that I'm it for you. That we belong together. -- Alexa Riley
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That spring, Amelia takes Maya to the drugstore and lets her choose any polish color she likes. "How do you pick?" Maya says.
"Sometimes I ask myself how I'm feeling," Amelia says. "Sometimes I ask myself how I'd like to be feeling. -- Gabrielle Zevin
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Remember the stone in her fist. Michael -- Joe Hill
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NICOLE CULLEN Long Tom Lookout -- Jennifer Egan
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Niki Behrikis Shanahan -- Niki Behrikis Shanahan
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What's she like, the Peeping Tammy?" "She doesn't think about it that way, and you get it when she talks. She likes people. -- Nora Roberts
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it came back to her in a dizzy rush how he'd stopped her on the way into this place, in the faint dawn of light 'i wnt you to promise me one thing. promise me you'll marry me. Not now. Someday. -- Rachel Caine
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Surely, things will get better," she said. I wanted to know just one thing. Who the hell was "Shirley," and why should I believe her? -- Jane Curtin
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her - nobody but Sarah; -- George Macdonald
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Kayla Robinson, if you don't shut up I'll fly down there and suck every last bit of blood from your stupid cheating cow body! -- P.c. Cast
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I don't know how to hate you anymore. Even though I want to and I know I should but I just can't." - Juliette -- Tahereh Mafi
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Evie, Evie, my girl, my heart. -- Mia Sheridan
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Who's that?" I asked him.
"Probably Noah's latest groupie," Clare offered.
"Don't talk about your mom that way," Pat responded. -- Katie Kacvinsky
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I'm still trying to find out who Paula Cole is. I always am - and I always will be - my real, inside self, which has no name. -- Paula Cole
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I wonder what Matthias would have to say about that outfit." "He wouldn't approve." "He doesn't approve of anything about you. But when you laugh, he perks up like a tulip in fresh water." Nina snorted. "Matthias the tulip." "The big, brooding, yellow tulip. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Lola?" Cricket is on his knees at the side of my bed. I feel it. "I'm here," he whispers. "You can talk to me or not talk to me, but I'm here. -- Stephanie Perkins
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Timid Katy no more.. I'd moved onto good ole B&E. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Rune, made Anita "doolally in -- Fredrik Backman
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I seen her with the milkman, riding down the street. When you're through with my baby, milkman, send her home to me. -- Randy Newman
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I'm going to marry you someday, Brooke. -- Wendy Higgins
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Simon. She might not know many things, but -- Susan Mallery
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I love you, Nora. Whatever happens, promise me you'll remember that. I don't care why you came into my life, only that you did. I don't remember all the things I did wrong. I remember what I did right, I remember you. You made my life meaningful. You made my life special. -- Becca Fitzpatrick
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She's my sunshine -- Lora Leigh
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A 'T' for Tess, a 'T' for Toby. -- C.j. Duggan
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You are my mere jaan, my life, Kelsey Hayes. -- Colleen Houck