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Anderson isn't qualified to make Frank Mir a sandwich -- Chael Sonnen
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He is the cheese to my macaroni. -- Diablo Cody
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We're not going in through the embassy,' said Kaz. 'Always hit where the mark isn't looking.'
'Who's Mark?' asked Wylan.
Jesper burst out laughing. 'Oh, Saints, you are something. The mark, the pigeon, the cosy, the fool you're looking to fleece. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Always hit where the mark isn't looking"
"Who's Mark?" asked Wylan. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Jason said, "Yes. Gerard T. Giraffe."
What does the 'T' stand for?"
'The. -- Douglas Coupland
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Trust me, if I was going to leave Dan for anyone, it would be Mark," Violet barks, -- Lindsey Iler
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My name is Reggie, and I, am happy. -- Reggie Fils-Aime
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Then he said, "Christopher, you -- Mark Haddon
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My breath slipped from me, almost a groan. Trent Kalamack. The obscenely successful, smiling businessman, ruthless bio- and street-drug lord, elf in hiding, and pain-in-my-ass-extraordinaire Trent Kalamack. Right on schedule. Why is it you show up only when I need money? -- Kim Harrison
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Dominic Chocolate!!! -- Elle Bright
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If I'm your Mitch, you're my Mara -- Kristen Ashley
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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Ben Morris is fucking Switzerland -- K.a. Tucker
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Trevor : "Who says that you're not good?" He sounds a little angry.
"Who says that, Jen? Kyle? Beth? Ella? Your mother? You? Who
gave any of you the right to decide who's good and who's not? -- Cindy C. Bennett
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Mac." He said my name and laughed. "What a name for something like you. Mac. -- Karen Marie Moning
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David Jacobs is a great influence on my life, has taught me so much about so many things. -- Joan Van Ark
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I got more than I bargained for with him, too. Much more. I know he's completely different now, but he was really nice and funny when he was human. But apparently his manners didn't survive the transition."
Marc smiled. "Yeah, well , yours didn't survive puberty, so you can't really talk. -- Rachel Vincent
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Matthew. I'm here. I'm yours. I want to do everything you've ever imagined doing with me. -- Lisa Kleypas
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Jake. From Philadelphia." Then he shook everybody's hand, like he was joining a poker game. Another Jacob. Michael turned to his brother whose eyes -- Alice Mcdermott
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It begins and ends with Mackenzie. -- Megan Keith
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Gabriel, Michael, Raphael. -- Doreen Virtue
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His full name is Matthew Gabriel Philippe Bertrand Sebastien de Clermont. He was also a very good Sebastien, and a passable Gabriel. He hates Bertrand and will not answer to Philippe. -- Deborah Harkness
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I'm not going anywhere with you, you little shoemaker, I said (Rachel to Trent) -- Kim Harrison
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Marie Laurencin. -- Stella Gibbons
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MarhOne doesn't like one's job. One endures it until one lands a sugar daddy who will allow one a lifestyle of working out and laser hair removal." - James from More Than This -- Margo Candela
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Corey's face loomed near mine, the grin was broad. "Marc told us about the boat crash. That was awesome. I wish I'd seen it. -- C.l.stone
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Do you want to be in our mob?" Elena asks him.
"When did we get a mob?" he says.
"We don't have one yet. I'm working on it."
Michael turns to me.
"It's got something to do with books."
"In that case," says Michael, "I'm in. -- Paul Acampora
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Mark [Duplass] is the same person that I met on day one. He's a very smart, savvy, creative guy. If you ever want a champion on your side, it's Mark. -- Jackie Schaffer
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If the world is a just place, that mark -- Jeff Vandermeer
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Trust Emmett to find the joke in the destruction of my life. -- Stephenie Meyer
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Jess again. Mark had called her Jessica. As if she were a full person, not a truncated portion of one. -- Courtney Milan
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But for me to give you Mathew right off the bat...that's me trusting you, It's me saying hi, welcome to my life, not everything is perfect or edited with jump cuts. That's Tyler. You know Tyler. It's time for me to tell you all of Mathew's stories." (pg 4) -- Tyler Oakley
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Skye." "Lima-Oscar-Victor-Echo -- Jeanne Birdsall
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Shane - who knows about Shane? Planet Shane is a lovely place a long way from here. -- Rachel Caine
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You've slept with Gabrielle?" Adam asked. "You haven't slept with her too, have you, Mark?"

"No!" Mark answered.

"Good, or I would have felt really left out. -- N.m. Silber
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Linden is my thoughts, my air, my earth. Linden is starting to become more than everything to me. I might be going a little bit crazy but I'm pretty sure that's what someone might call falling in love. A fall into madness. Splat. That's going to be me. -- Karina Halle
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And of course Marc Cherry heightens it and makes it hilarious. But there's so many universal themes in the show, and he made it so funny. We knew he was onto something if he could keep it up and, thankfully, he did. -- James Denton
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Mark Conseulos is so amazing. -- Lily Rabe
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I love Martin Amis. -- Maura Tierney
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Marcus is one of the greatest guys in the world!", Marcus Matherne -- Marcus Matherne
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Okay, Trent. Pop my cherry. -- Jamie Mcguire
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I don't know, Laurel, said David, and I loved how he said my name, like he enjoyed it. -- Jennifer Castle
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Gerard is just like me, but two meters tall. We're very alike; it's not for nothing that we were born on the same day, it's just that he was born 10 years later ... he's a happy guy, healthy here, in the head. -- Shakira
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Tim -- Sean Waller
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(Celeste) Be the hero, Matty. Come on. You're supposed to be the hero now. The romatic lead."
"I know that, too," he said. Matt did not hesitate a moment longer. "Julie, I love you. I absolutely love you. -- Jessica Park
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I was like, 'What's Margiela?' back then. -- Kim Kardashian
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Mr. Invisible Baggins -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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Goodbye, Dr Goldstein.' I start to walk away, then stop and turn. 'Oh, and for the record my name's Charlotte.' And turning back, I keep on walking. Somehow I don't think that's a name he's going to forget in a hurry. -- Alexandra Potter
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Marv's a guy you've got to be careful around. He doesn't mean any harm, but he causes plenty. -- Frank Miller
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I've never felt just like me, just like Alison. I can't be myself in this family because it's more important that I be ... this person who's not ... Adam. Who's normal. Smart. Good. Who's not ... Autistic. -- Nancy Werlin
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MVP, you could have picked a name out of a hat ... we have a group of MVPs. You don't rely on one guy. You have to get contributions from everyone. -- Derek Jeter
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There are so many talented young writers named Jonathan, with whom by comparison I suffer terribly. -- Jonathan Ames
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Winner gave me my bread and Russell gave me my art. -- Oliver Reed
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The wealthiest and most popular boy at the circumcision school. -- Nelson Mandela
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What's her name? Claire, what's her name? -- Rachel Caine
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you-know-who." Amy -- Gordon Korman
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Last but not least'," he read, "'remind Mark I loved him best and most. -- T.a. Webb
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Jared, "I like anything that ends in you and me. -- A.l. Jackson
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Rachel The Huffington Post -- Anonymous
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I gotta hand it to ya, Tristan. You may be a world-class fuckup with what you done to Lisa, but you got taste, man. You got good taste. -- A. Violet End
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Michael, your my big brother. -- Rachel Caine
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Where is he? Bridgerton!" he bellowed.
Three chestnut heads swiveled in his direction. Simon stomped across the grass, murder in his eyes.
"I meant the idiot Bridgerton."
"That, I believe," Anthony said mildly, tilting his chin toward Colin, "would refer to you. -- Julia Quinn
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Mac: "It's not the sidhe-seers." He stopped and went very still. JZB: "Who is it?" Mac: "The MacKeltars." He was silent a long moment. Then he began to laugh, softly. JZB: "Well played, Ms. Lane." Mac: "I had a good teacher." JZB: "The best. Hop on one foot, Ms. Lane." Mac and Barrons -- Karen Marie Moning
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Mel will always be Mad Max, and me, I will always be a Number. -- Patrick Mcgoohan
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Louis Maistros has an original and dark vision, full of power. -- Douglas Clegg
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Achmed 'Two Jews walk into a bar'
No no no no no' Jeff
You don't let Jews in your bar? You racist bastard' Achmed"
-Achmed the dead terrorist and Jeff -- Jeff Dunham
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I want to make my mark,' he says.
But what target, I wonder, are you going to hit? -- Cecil Castellucci
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Lew? Not that I don't appreciate it, but it -- Nora Roberts
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Who the *&^$* is "Paolo"? -- Daniel Way
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You're Simon," he breathed. "Simon Lewis. -- Cassandra Clare
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Dylan Quinn's knickers, -- Rick Riordan
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Take his name.
Because I love him.
Because when I look into his eyes, nothing else exists but him.
Because even when I don't look into his eyes, nothing else exists but him.
rachels thought -- Katy Evans
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Stop playing with your food.

Laurent to James -- Stephenie Meyer
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called her "supermodel mark" - just in case -- Colleen Oakley
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Hello, Hazel Levesque. -- Rick Riordan
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Kiss me, Jacob. Kiss me, and then come back. -- Stephenie Meyer
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His name explodes inside of me like cannon fire. -- Stephanie Perkins
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Wendy came first, then John, then Michael. -- J.m. Barrie
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When he bowed his head to hide his grin, she stiffened. "This is most certainly not amusing."
He looked up, the humor still glittering in his eyes, and spoke one word. "James."
"Pardon me?"
"James Lamont. It's my name. You'll need it if you're to curse me properly. -- Tamara Hughes
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Dennis Wholey. It -- Robin S. Sharma
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psychologist Timothy -- Malcolm Gladwell
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You know what? Don't even worry about it," I said. "Cory Wheeler already asked me. I can tell him I changed my mind."
"Who the hell is Corky Wheeler? -- Jenny Han
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What if my name was Daniel, Lucas, Noah. Lucas Harris, That doesn't sound right. I think I'll stick with Nate. -- Nathan Harris
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I wonder what Matthias would have to say about that outfit." "He wouldn't approve." "He doesn't approve of anything about you. But when you laugh, he perks up like a tulip in fresh water." Nina snorted. "Matthias the tulip." "The big, brooding, yellow tulip. -- Leigh Bardugo
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My name's Alis K. From now on you will be Willy. Come on, let's push the bicycles for a bit."

Ingrid aka 'Alis K'
The Informer -- Steen Langstrup
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Fascinating," I said, turning toward Ian. "You never told me Simon went to Oxford."
"Simon went to Oxford, Sophie. -- Fisher Amelie
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I planned my whole future around Adam," she said now, quietly. "And now I have nothing." "No," I told her, "now you just don't have Adam. There's a big difference, Lissa. You just can't see it yet. -- Sarah Dessen
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I'm Marcus Hunter. Who are you? -- Shane Kuhn
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Sweet and geeky Jeff, lover of games, knew how to move. -- Chloe Neill
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I love you, Maddy." "I love you, Olly. I loved you before I knew you. -- Nicola Yoon
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What is with you?" said Chris.
"Don't worry," said Quinn. "I already know he's an ass."
"Love you, too," said Gabriel. -- Brigid Kemmerer
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I am terrible with people's names. -- Rob Lowe
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He turns to the painting. "I fear Mark was right."
"Who is Mark?"
"A silly little boy who runs after George Boleyn. I once heard him say I looked like a murderer."
Gregory says, "Did you not know? -- Hilary Mantel
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Kerrick the weed. -- Maria V. Snyder
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Roberta Marieschi -- Donna Leon
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She called my name.
She called me Mark.
I love it when someone uses my name at unexpected times. I don't know why. But, I just love it. -- A.a. Gupte
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Justin Hermann is one of the best new voices in short fiction-deep and entertaining as hell, with many funny lines, unexpected turns of events, and great insights. Wonderful stories: each one is a trip! -- Josip Novakovich
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Peter's gone away on his training weekend. It's only been one day and I'm already longing for him the way I long for Christmas in July. Peter is my cocoa in a cup, my red mittens, my Christmas morning feeling. He -- Jenny Han
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I have to give it to Adam, he's an excellent bullshitter. -- Pittacus Lore
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These shoes are Mr Silly's shoes, Scott. -- Bryan Lee O'malley