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It occurs to me as we're all sitting here thinking of Mickey, he's probably somewhere getting an earful from Casey Stengel, and no doubt quite confused by now. -- Bob Costas
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I'm here with the Girardo family here in St. Louis. -- Barack Obama
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I would love to say that I have an eighth-inning guy, a seventh-inning guy, a left-handed guy, a long guy. -- Brad Ausmus
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Nobody ever won a pennant without a star shortstop. -- Leo Durocher
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I speak very highly of Jim Thome. Not only is he a great player, but he's a great individual. -- Harmon Killebrew
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taking his lead from Beckett's mighty Unnamable. I can't go on. I'll go on. -- Salman Rushdie
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You don't face Nolan Ryan without your rest. He's the only guy I go against that makes me go to bed before midnight. -- Reggie Jackson
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I've worked with a lot of real heavy hitters, and Quentin is maybe heads and shoulders, at least a forehead, above just about anybody I've ever worked with. -- David Carradine
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This jersey that we're wearing today doesn't say Red Sox. It says Boston. -- David Ortiz
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My rookie is manly, so manly, oh so manly his name is Derrick Bateman. -- Daniel Bryan
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Mr. Rickey, I'll put more people in the park than anybody since Babe Ruth. -- Dizzy Dean
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Ed (Runge), you're the second best umpire in the league. The other twenty-three are tied for first. -- Carl Yastrzemski
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What the Yankees need is a second base coach. -- Graig Nettles
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STEPHEN O'CONNOR Next to Nothing -- Jennifer Egan
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(Al) Lopez is a great believer in speed and hustle, in the go-go style of baseball. No other manager is so determined a foe of stodgy baseball, lack of hustle and slipshod practices and so powerful an advocate of the unexpected. -- Nellie Fox
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Jackie Robinson is a true legend. -- Sidney Poitier
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I could ask the Phillies to keep me on to add to my statistics, but my love for the game won't let me do that. -- Mike Schmidt
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Pardon me, Mr. Craig, but how are we going to defense Mr. McCovey ... in the upper deck or the lower deck? -- Casey Stengel
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He is an interesting player - short back legs. -- David Pleat
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What makes a good pinch hitter? I wish the hell I knew. -- Bobby Murcer
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To reach a ball he has never reached before, to extend himself to the very limits of his range, and then a step farther, this is the shortstop's dream. -- Chad Harbach
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I was trying to land an 18-year-old strapping first baseman from Blanco, Texas, population 200. His name was Willie Upshaw. It turned out there were only three scouts who knew about Willie - Dave Yocum and I working for the Yankees, and Al LaMacchia from the Atlanta Braves. -- Pat Gillick
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My name's Sean, Jem. I'm Sean. -- J.a. Belfield
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If you were in the Brondby dressing room right now, which of the Liverpool players would you be looking at? -- Ray Stubbs
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You Cannot Live as I Have Lived and Not End Up Like This: The Thoroughly Disgraceful Life & Times of Willie Donaldson. -- Jay Nordlinger
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Mickey Mantle was baseball. -- Bob Costas
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Jerry Coleman was the kind of player who made me proud to wear the pinstripes. -- Joe Torre
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The truth is, Pierre - " "Percy. -- Rick Riordan
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He (Mickey Mantle) has it in his body to be great. -- Casey Stengel
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Joe Mauer's the real deal. He is absolutely wonderful. Not only is he a great player, but he's a great human being. He's the kind of guy you'd like to see ... be your son. -- Harmon Killebrew
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Ozzie Newsome hit a home run by drafting Bernard Pierce. He is a great compliment to Ray Rice. -- Marshall Faulk
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Ben Morris is fucking Switzerland -- K.a. Tucker
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It was one at bat during October 1975 that defined his [Joe Morgan's] place in baseball history and secured the legacy of the Big Red Machine, all with one swing. -- Tucker Elliot
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Harvey out.
PS I have puny shoulders.
PPS And I'm okay with that.
PPPS I'm not really. -- Laura Buzo
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Frank went out for baseball and while he wasn't very good, it wasn't a total loss. The coach used him as a pattern to drawn the on-deck circle. -- Pat Williams
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The Yankees have twenty-five heroes. -- Derek Jeter
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He hits from both sides of the plate. He's amphibious. -- Yogi Berra
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The big oxygen thing is out for Benni McCarthy ... he's got a lot of medical round him -- Paul Merson
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A tall, thin old man waving a scorecard from the corner of his dugout. That's baseball. -- Ernie Harwell
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On the mound is Randy Jones, the left-hander with the Karl Marx hairdo. -- Jerry Coleman
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The game has never seen a better catcher than YADIER MOLINA. -- Tony La Russa
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Tony Gwynn, the fat batter behind Finley, is waiting. -- Jerry Coleman
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My name is not 'The Best Player in Baseball.' My name is George Kenneth Griffey, Jr. -- Ken Griffey Jr.
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You know how you just don't like guys on the other team sometimes? It's funny because growing up I loved Roger (Clemens), loved to watch Roger pitch. Then when I was first in the big leagues and he was for the other team, I hated him. -- Andy Pettitte
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He's one of those managers you'd give your left leg to play for. -- Colin Cooper
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I'm not sure what the hell charisma is, but I get the feeling it's Willie Mays. -- Ted Kluszewski
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Then there's Johnny Pesky, hit me countless number of ground balls and improved my fielding so much. -- Wade Boggs
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I'm a former Red Sox fan, now fully rehabilitated. -- Charles Krauthammer
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This is Rickey calling on behalf of Rickey. Rickey wants to play baseball. -- Rickey Henderson
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There's a man in Mobile who remembers that Honus Wagner hit a triple in Pittsburgh 46 years ago. That's baseball. -- Ernie Harwell
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I'm in the major league now. -- Pitbull
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For me, I am the best" Roberto Clemente -- John Krich
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(Roberto) Clemente could field the ball in New York and throw out a guy in Pennsylvania. -- Vin Scully
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He is not injured. He's not fit. He's not fit to play football, unfortunately. He played in a reserve game the other day and I could have run about more than he did. I can't pick him. -- Harry Redknapp
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Casey didn't easily forgive a guy who got doubled up on a hit-and-run play. He didn't see any reason why the runner couldn't take a quick glance back toward the plate to make sure the ball was hit safely. -- Mickey Mantle
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Close but no cigar -- Lawrence Sanders
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A helluva athlete, the best ever to play his position in the history of the game. -- Al Davis
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Jerry Lumpe looks like the best hitter in the world until you put him in the lineup. -- Casey Stengel
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Now, on the St. Louis team we have Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third. -- Bud Abbott
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Ladies and gentlemen, the great number seven, Mickey Mantle. -- Mel Allen
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The best word to describe Albert Belle during the mid-1990s is "prolific." The man could flat hit. -- Tucker Elliot
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You don't protect Mark McGwire. The only way to protect him is hit 70 homers yourself. -- Eric Davis
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Mantle had more ability than any player I ever had on that club. -- Casey Stengel
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I'll play first, third, left. I'll play anywhere - except Philadelphia. -- Richie Allen
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What is the top requirement for a second baseman? A fine shortstop. I am fortunate in having the greatest shortstop in baseball, Luis Aparicio. -- Nellie Fox
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He slides into second with a stand up double. -- Jerry Coleman
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He bats like a lightning rod. -- W.p. Kinsella
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I hope to play for the Red Sox a long time. -- Dustin Pedroia
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There's only one Mark McGwire. The man walked over 160 times. Just think. If he walks 60 times, he might hit 100 homers. -- Eric Davis
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If I had to pick the greatest team player in baseball today-and I have some of the greats on my own club-I would have to pick Pie Traynor. -- John Mcgraw
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I know he (Albert Belle) hates me. If he needs that hate to succeed, it's fine by me. I always liked him. He was a good kid. He just had a hard time with the pressure. -- Skip Bertman
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Charles Kenny's Getting Better.17 -- Steven Pinker
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Having been aware of the Red Sox since the 1946 World Series, having been growled at by Ted Williams as a young reporter in 1960, having been present at the horror of 1986 and the comeback of 2004, I have seen the highs and lows of some other people's favorite team. -- George Vecsey
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He's (his father Jorge Posada IV) happy for me. He remembers all of my big games. When I hit
my first home run in the World Series, he was here, and he cried. It's like I'm
living his dream. -- Jorge Posada
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Hayes. Peter Hayes. -- Veronica Roth
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Needless to say, I have more no-hitters than Nolan Ryan. -- Ernie Harwell
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Fill in any figure you want for that boy (Mickey Mantle). Whatever the figure, it's a deal. -- Branch Rickey
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Sammy Sosa's a September player, so you have to watch out for him. It's crunch time, time to make history. -- Mark Mcgwire
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Putting Henry at shortstop - it was like taking a painting that had been shoved in a closet and hanging it in the ideal spot. You instantly forgot what the room had looked like before. -- Chad Harbach
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Enos Cabell started out here with the Astros, and before that he was with the Orioles. -- Jerry Coleman
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I told him (Pete Rose, Jr.) who to watch. I said if you want to be a catcher, watch Johnny Bench. If you want to be a right-handed power hitter, watch Mike Schmidt. If you just want to be a hitter, watch me. -- Pete Rose
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Mr. Frazier makes me laugh out loud. -- Christopher Lehmann-Haupt
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He's in the mold of a Tom Watson, in that he'll hit the ball in the trees and undaunted go it there, flail it out and make something out of it. -- Gary Mccord
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I give him (Frank Howard during April 28, 1968 two-hitter) shoulder, back, foot and the ball last," and Frank Howard commented, "He threw everything at me but the ball. -- Luis Tiant
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He (Gil Hodges) fields better on one leg than anybody else I got on two. -- Casey Stengel
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said "let's send that fuckin' Flowers up there. He hasn't done anything for us lately."
"He's off today," somebody said.
Davenport said, "So what? -- John Sandford
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What looks good to you? Bradley asked. Mickey Donovan, I did not answer. -- Kristen Ashley
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Actually, when they have celebrity look-alikes, Im always put up there with Joe Torre. -- Dan Lauria
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The guy's (Shane Spencer) ridiculous. No one hits home runs like that. I'm telling you, man, it's ridiculous. -- Derek Jeter
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I said last week that the number on Jean's back does not matter. He stays effective as a runner, decision-maker and leader. -- Allister Coetzee
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Roger Clemens is one of the most wonderful men I've ever known. I loved him very much ... still love him to this day. He treated me like a princess. -- Mindy Mccready
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The history of [Mariano] Rivera is pretty unbelievable. And even if you're not a Yankee or a baseball fan, you have to appreciate the tradition. He gets respect from Boston fans and Phillies fans, and I love tradition. -- Andrea Tantaros
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I'm proud to be a New York Yankee. -- Jacoby Ellsbury
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Joe Torre, who switched to first base because he didn't want to go through life as Chicken Catcher Torre. Never got a dinner! -- Red Buttons
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If I could run like Mantle I'd hit .400 every year! -- Ted Williams
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Like [George] Best, there is a special fantasia about him -- Fabio Capello
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I love my baseball, and I love my Phillies. -- Chad Hurley
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Ally McCoist will always get you a goal, whether he's playing or on the bench. -- Mark Hateley
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There was never a man in the game who could put mind and muscle together quicker and with better judgment than (Jackie) Robinson. -- Branch Rickey
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He lives out in Orchard Park. I mean, to be able to sit on the bench so patiently, for whatever part, and to be able to get up and do something, with such heroic competencies would be great. -- Robert Creeley