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I'm a mixed race lad from Liverpool. I get to play a lot of hard characters, and some people perceive that's what I'm like, but it's great for me 'cos they're always the most interesting characters.
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When white and black meet today, sometimes there is a ready understanding that there has been an encounter between two human beings. But often there is only, or chiefly, an awareness that Two Colors are in the room.
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I was born black and female.
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Tumultuouness,if coupled to discipline and cool mind,is not such a bad sort of thing.That unless one wants to live a stunningly boring life,one ought to terms with one's darker side ad one's darker energies
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You might be the matched half to me. The white to my black.
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You're like part human, part rainbow.
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...[W]e are in a new age in America today. It is an age in which the nuances of brown, yellow, and red are as important, if not more so, than black and white.
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staggered on together. A dark shape
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I see love in black and white. Passion in shades of "gris". But when it comes to you and I, color is all I see.
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I felt different born into a family with two sisters who are blonde and blue-eyed, with me being the only brunette.
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Strange is it that our bloods,
Of colour, weight, and heat, pour'd all together,
Would quite confound distinction, yet stand off
In differences so mighty.
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Each color lives by its mysterious life.
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Black and white, severally incomplete and at the same time completely several.
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I am Charles Mingus. Half-black man. Yellow man. Half-yellow. Not even yellow, nor white enough to pass for nothing but black and not too light enough to be called white.
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Got a light skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson,
Got a dark skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson.
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A clear and unified voice. In that context, this business of being biracial, of being half black and half white, is awkward.
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only white, his hair braided. He eschewed
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The whole thing confused
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Oh, yes. Milk from my favorite cows:brown.
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Still, whencesoever derived, the Egyptian people, as it existed in the flourishing time of Egyptian history, was beyond all question a mixed race, showing different affinities.
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I'm part of the mushball middle. I consider 'confused' the majority position because, thankfully, most people would rather be uncertain some of the time than 100% positive all the time - even when they're wrong.
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Life is a Rainbow of many shades and colours...
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I wanted to separate color from race. Distinguishing color - light, black, in-between - as the marker for race is really an error.
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color, from badger-colored veterans who could handle
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See what you can do with your daring with color and your ignorance mixed with it.
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Humans are designed to be with other humans, even those with mixed blood. They need each other's laughter. They require each other's sorrows.
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He says black, I say white and we do grey
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nocturnal purple.
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Asexual, aseasonal, rectangular, slick palette of blacks, touches of pure grays and intense dark blues.
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So many people are of mixed heritage; everyone is from somewhere else.
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I have an incredibly dark, mysterious, witchy side and another side that's very bubbly and cheerleader-esque.
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May is green and pink and red
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Normal and together, an impossible combination for us in the regular, real world.
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Dark with excessive bright.
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The proper method of playing mixed doubles is to swipe the ball accidentally and straight at the woman opponent as hard and as accurately as possible. Male players must not only retain equanimity on their side of the net, but create dissension on the other.
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Although I have the colors, only the Lord can mix them with such harmony.
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My mixed-race background made me a broad person, able to relate to different cultures. But any woman of colour, even a mixed colour, is seen as black in America. So that's how I regard myself.
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In Sacramento, my brown was not halfway between black and white. On the leafy streets, on the east side of town, where my family lived, where Asians did not live, where Negroes did not live, my family's Mexican shades passed as various.
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I don't like mixed colors that much, like plum color or deep, deep colors that are hard to define.
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Colour is a matter of personal opinion.
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Every human being is a mixture of light and darkness, trust and fear, love and hate.
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Shaken and not stirred.
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I'm a natural blonde, but I feel like a brunette.
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We're so quick to go to make things black and white, and to put things in their box. But everything is this mixture - and that's what this world is - is this blend of different things.
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Dark, that's the word. Dark hair strategically styled in at least a dozen conflicting directions. Dark brows and lashes, dark stubble, and hazel eyes pinning me with a piercing dark look.
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The sight of Imran [Khan] tearing fearsomely down the hill and the baying of the crowd made me realise for the first time that adrenalin was sometimes brown
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My grandfather was coloured, my father was Negro, and I am Black.
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Different is better. I get more jobs being different.
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A colorful Chanel bag is a way to mix up anything.
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Think pink. A better way of life.
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I've had to overcome a lot of diversity.
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The mixture of Sarmatic and German blood had contributed to improve the features of the Alani, to whiten their swarthy complexions, and to tinge their hair with a yellowish cast, which is seldom found in the Tartar race.
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Every race is totally different.
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Frightfully pale and perpetually odd
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B1U12B. Be One You Want To Be
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We are a weird bunch, we are very disparate.
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All black, of course. Just like his rotting soul.
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I come from a multicultural family.
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America is White and Black and Latino and Asian. America is mixed. America is immigrants.
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You're all dark, dark, dark. And Jace and I are light.
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If you don't know what color to take, take black ...
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Laying complements next to each other makes them scintillating, but mixing them produces a 'muddy' rendering of each color. The mud is good stuff ...
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vanilla with a twist.
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I'm a weird guy. I'm practically albino. What about me isn't weird?
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I feel in colour, strong tones that I hue down for the comfort of the pastelly inclined. Beige and magnolia and a hint of pink are what the well-decorated heart is wearing; who wants my blood red and vein-blue?
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Light and dark ain't supposed to mix. They're like broccoli and chocolate - just nasty when you put them together - but that appears to be what's happening with you
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In the Community everything was black and white. Here, romantic relationships took on shades of grey; they were full of uncertainty, maybes, broken promises.
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All colors of people mingle in the souks and squares. But they do not merge.
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We live in a melting pot. More and more, people are some kind of mixture. Even if you're Caucasian, you're a mixture of something.
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And please don't say 'blue,' or I might go absolutely mad right here on this bench.
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My mother is black and my father is Filipino. I got the best of both worlds.
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I'm this strange kind of fusion of jazz, pop, and R&B.
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My father has fair skin, and my mother is dark, and I'm kind of cafe au lait.
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While, politically, a mixed economy preserves the semblance of an organized society with a semblance of law and order, economically it is the equivalent of the chaos that had ruled China for centuries: a chaos of robber gangs looting-and draining-the productive elements of the country.
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Rarest of all things on earth is the union in which both, by their contrasts, make harmonious their blending; each supplying the defects of the helpmate, and completing, by fusion, one strong human soul.
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An artist finds his happiest combination in a play of complementary colors. They are direct contrasts yet do not jar; they awaken the beholder, but do not disturb him.
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I am a mixture of contradictory elements. Equal parts earth and fire, melancholy and choler, I fear. But it is more that warmth and blue skies stir the blood, do you not think?
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We are Bay Aryans from Berkeley: prepare to be reengineered in an attractive range of color schemes for your safety and comfort!
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We've got Chinese, white, black and mixed; but remember that our colors are cheap, for after many years of contracts and tricks nobody's purity runs very deep.
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The way I was brought up by my parents and guided through my football life by the influences of various managers means that in some ways I am black and white.
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All is race; there is no other truth ,and every race must fall which carelessly suffers its blood to become mixed.
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We got a little rule back home: If it's brown, drink it down. If it's black, send it back.
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And yours is brown. Like bear-shit brown. Or maybe otter shit. Or maybe bear and otter shit combined.
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My color is my joy and not my burden...
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Well my gun fires seven different shades of shit, so what's your favorite color, punk?
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I'm a mixed breed and hope to live longer because of it.
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So one day, in a fit of trying to do something different, I just dyed my hair dark brown and got my first role a week later, after which I thought: 'People are closed-minded, man! Like a different hair colour changes everything!'
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The page we have in our colouring book may appear to have a similar outline but we all vary in the way we fill in the space. Diversity keeps us interesting.
Celebrate your differences.
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What are you like inside? Don't you have feelings where you love everyone, and at the same time you hate everyone? Or - don't you have times when everything goes the way you want, but nothing feels good or right? That's what I mean," he'd say, "about my black horse and my white horse.
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I'm black. I'm Latina. My mom is Cuban. Afro-Cuban. My dad is white and Australian.
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To express a marriage of two complementary colors, their mingling and their opposition, the mysterious vibrations of kindred tones ...
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They are all black and white and she is color. She is all my colors.
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The new mixed economy looks ... for a synergy between public and private sectors.
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Life is full of contrasts.
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Before I got married, I dated the gamut.
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A flip dark chill winter bastard though dry
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But I think I'm coloured by my own wishes, & experimental mood.
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I work in three shades of black.