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A work can become modern only if it is first postmodern. Postmodernism thus understood is not modernism at its end but in the nascent state, and this state is constant.
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I was partly old-fashioned and partly modern.
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To be modern is to destroy nature.
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Another definition of modernity: conversations can be more and more completely reconstructed with clips from other conversations taking place at the same time on the planet.
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An alternative modernity worthy of the name would recover the mediating power of ethics and aesthetics. This would be accomplished not by a return to blind traditionalism but through the democratization of technically mediated institutions. Power
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while modernity is not Christianity, modernity is the product of a Christian civilization. Lately the defects of modernity have been made plain to us while its virtues have been taken for granted.
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The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be tradition tomorrow.
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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears head-to-toe designer anymore.
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Modernity has come to=syncretism
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Listen, To be modernize it doesn't mean to be rich in wealth or by status but to be rich in wisdom ... !
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To be contemporary actually means to be an artist. [But] I do not feel contemporary in my work. I perceive my work as old-fashioned. It does not have a frame of actuality in our time or locality.
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Modernity is a qualitative, not a chronological, category.
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A great deal has been written about the forthrightness of the moderns shocking the Victorians, but there is no shock like the one which the forthrightness of the Victorians can give a modern.
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I met Donald Barthelme when I was 30, and it's fair to say that before that moment, I was pre-modern, and after I met him, I was nudged rather forcefully towards this other end of the spectrum.
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And then there is that one-man movement, Marcel Duchamp for me a truly modern movement because it implies that each artist can do what he thinks he ought to a movement for each person and open for everybody.
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A seventeenth-century painting can be "modern" because the living eye finds it fresh and new. A "modern" painting can be outdated because it was a product of the moment and not of time.
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Make it new is the message not just of modern art but of modern consumerism, of which modern art is largely a mirror image.
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It's modern day. It is modern day. Some of the cars are older but it is absolutely modern day. There are modern cars in it, modern people, modern clothes, modern talk. We wrote 'Valentine' to sort of pay tribute to all the old slasher movies that we grew up with and I think that we did that.
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Not only have past processes made us what we are-"modern" or "postmodern" selves, rather than "medieval" or "early modern" selves-but by explaining them we both account for and implicitly justify present realities.
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The point of modernity is to live a life without illusions while not becoming disillusioned
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I'm a modern man, a man for the millennium, digital and smoke-free. A diversified multicultural postmodern deconstructionist. Politically, anatomically, and ecologically incorrect.
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Designing my shoes, I'm thinking timeless. Not trendy.
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An aphorism is a generalization, therefore not modern.
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New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements ... the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture.
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We are still living in a wonderful new world where man thinks himself astonishingly new and "modern." This is unmistakable proof of the youthfulness of human consciousness, which has not yet grown aware of its historical antecedents.
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The modern spirit is the genius of Greece with the genius of India for its vehicle; Alexander upon the elephant.
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Modern art has to be what is called 'intense.' it is not easy to define being intense; but, roughly speaking, it means saying only one thing at a time, and saying it wrong.
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We are so Post-Modern that we don't realize how Post-Modern we are anymore.
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It is nineteenth century up-to-date with a vengeance. And yet, unless my senses deceive me, the old centuries had, and have, powers of their own which mere 'modernity' cannot kill.
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The modern masters promise very little
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If you think of modern art like sex in all its forms - heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, multipartnered, bestial, whatever, with absolutely no holds barred and with everything available and permissible - that would be modern art.
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People tend to believe that to be modern you have to disengage from your heritage, but it's not true.
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I'm operating in the gap between the trajectory of modernity and the trajectory of modernism. So what people think is design is not design, it's my attempt to engage with the trajectory of modernity.
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It is only the modern that ever becomes old-fashioned.
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Modern culture is a tremendous force.
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What modern art means is that you have to keep finding new ways to express yourself, to express the problems, that there are no settled ways, no fixed approach. This is a painful situation, and modern art is about this painful situation of having no absolutely definite way of expressing yourself.
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Modernity: we created youth without heroism, age without wisdom, and life without grandeur
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What is extraordinary about contemporary art is the energy - it has our energy. New energy. Pieces hundreds of years old are beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but without our modern energy.
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I don't think my looks are modern. I always imagined I'd end up doing Chekhov, Ibsen and Shakespeare all my life and never play a contemporary character.
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Modern Furniture for Modern Homes
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The history of modern art is also the history of the progressive loss of art's audience. Art has increasingly become the concern of the artist and the bafflement of the public.
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When I think of the library of Alexandria and of the fact that, although it burnt down, people continue to sort the letters of the alphabet according to that tradition, then that makes certain expressions of modernity, even of interventions on the textual level, possible.
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I love contemporary culture. Even the stuff I don't like.
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As far as art's concerned, I probably like modern art more than traditional art.
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The modern artist ... is working and expressing an inner world - in other words - expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces.
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I never call myself modern or traditional, in our out, new or used, because I prefer not to be hemmed in by rigid definitions.
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The tradition of the new. Yesterday's avant-gard-experiment is today's chic and tomorrow's cliche.
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Modern architecture is not a style, it's an attitude
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Another factor that seems to me to be equally important is the great myth and rationale of 'the modern,' that it places dynamite at the foot of old error and levels its shrines and monuments. Contempt for the past surely accounts for a consistent failure to consult it.
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I don't see boundaries between styles, such as modern or contemporary. I've collected each piece from a different experience or period of my life.
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The liquid state of modernity is corrosive to continuity.
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Everyone now claims to be a moderniser and it's obvious, really. I mean, no one now says 'We need to go backwards ... to the days of Lord Salisbury'.
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The contemporary thing in art and literature is the thing which doesn't make enough difference to the people of that generation so that they can accept it or reject it.
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I don't want to pooh-pooh modern pop. I appreciate that as well, but my personal favorite kind of music is guitar-based rock. I like grunge and garage bands and alternative music, but that's more my personal taste.
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What is modern art but the attempt to pinpoint vague, incorporeal, inexpressible sensations? What is modern art, I would add, but the most solemn pile of nonsense that ever appeared on Earth?
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For most of the movies that I've done, we've shot in a contemporary house, in contemporary clothes, speaking in a contemporary way. So, I really enjoy that. It really helps.
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In sharp contrasts to traditional art, modern art does not hide the fact that it is something made and produced: on the contrary, it underscores the fact.
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Today when we say the West we are already referring to the West and to Russia. We could use the word 'modernity' if we exclude Africa, and the Islamic world, and partially China.
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[ ... ] to be absolutely modern means: never to question the content of modernity and to serve it as one serves the absolute, that is, without hesitation.
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Modern music is people who can't think signing artists who can't write songs to make records for people who can't hear.
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We are never as modern, as far ahead of the past as we like to think we are.
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In a world in which stylistic innovation is no longer possible, all that is left is to imitate dead styles ... Contemporary or postmodernist art ... will involve the necessary failure of art and the aesthetic, the failure of the new, the imprisonment in the past.
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I wanted to paint in a folk-artist-y way. My heroes were Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse, and Rembrandt. I think Picasso is about as a modern as I got. But I incorporated things that they rejected as well as movements that happened later.
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The modern dance is no dance in the first place, and when you've finally learned it, it's not modern any more.
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For members of a traditional society where many traditions have been discredited, an interest in modernity can result in a restless sophistication. Mehmet Ertegun seems not to have been a restless man.
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A Modern Mom to me is not always someone that juggles a career and family. A Modern Mom is a woman who takes care of herself on the inside and the outside.
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I am very traditional as a man. I am not modern and never have been. I think I was born 50 years of age and out of my time.
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Dada is not modern at all, it is rather a return to a quasi-Buddhist religion of indifference. Dada puts an artificial sweetness onto things, a snow of butterflies coming out of a conjurer's skull. Dada is stillness and does not understand the passions.
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I'm sorry, but Juicy Couture tracksuits and Ugg boots don't move me in any way, shape or form. I refuse to wear them. Modern fashion doesn't appeal to me; the 1950s were better in every way, don't you think?
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A hostility to modernity is shared by ideologies that have nothing else in common - a nostalgia for moral clarity, small-town intimacy, family values, primitive communism, ecological sustainability, communitarian solidarity, or harmonies with the rhythms of nature.
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I eye 'Modern Love' warily between that second and third cup of coffee on Sunday mornings, calculating how much of a push I need to get through the day's unhurriedly earnest saga of heartbreak and recovery.
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The truly modern artist is aware of abstraction in an emotion of beauty.
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I'm not a twentieth-century novelist, I'm not modern, and certainly not postmodern. I follow the form of the nineteenth-century novel; that was the century that produced the models of the form. I'm old-fashioned, a storyteller. I'm not an analyst, and I'm not an intellectual.
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I love to collect modern art.
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Fortunately I don't want to be part of the mainstream. When I see a Kiki Smith work, for example, she's very contemporary, and I feel a lot of emotion in each of her pieces; I think she understands our time, and she makes really interesting art because of that.
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The ideas of the past, although half destroyed, being still very powerful, and the ideas which are to replace them being still in process of formation, the modern age represents a period of transition and anarchy.
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It is a Modern day, and these times need Modern solutions to Modern problems.
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Yours is the face of a post-modern woman.
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Don't be carried off your feet by anything because it is modern - the latest thing. Go to the Louvre often and spend a good deal of time before the Rembrandts, the Delacroixs.
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The modern notion of art is an essentially religious or magical one in which the artist is viewed as a holy beast who in some way, big or small, receives flashes from the godhead, which is known as creativity.
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Cinema is, of course, the great storytelling medium of modernity.
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Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.
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The modern painter ... is an excellent couturier
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For a southern belle, my grandmother was remarkably modern. She threw my grandfather out, for one thing - some kind of argument about bourbon whiskey - shortly after the birth of their third child, and then went back to school to get herself a teaching certificate.
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Those who are truly contemporary are those who neither perfectly coincide with their time nor adapt to its demands ... Contemporariness, then, is that relationship with time that adheres to it through a disconnection.
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Abstract art is uniquely modern. It is a fundamentally romantic response to modern life - rebellious, individualistic, unconventional, sensitive, irritable.
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The whole thrust of modern art, as far as I understand it, is expanding the role of the artist as a kind of esthetician, someone who actually spends his time, is trained in a way to deal with qualities.
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Style of the future is the convergence of function and fashion.
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The modern work of art, as I have said, is a symbol.
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I love the idea of modern art in a home that isn't totally modern. There's a certain energy that comes out of that juxtaposition.
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There is nothing Modern about doing dumb things for dumb reasons.
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create interiors for modern living that are informed by a classic perspective with timeless appeal. In order to design spaces that work for who
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All great music is contemporary. If it's still alive and kicking, then it's contemporary. If it fades away, it was a period piece. It had its moment, and that was it.
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I think you can be contemporary without taking your clothes off.
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I would have to challenge the term, modern dance. I don't really use that term in relation to my work. I simply think of it as dancing. I think of it as moving.
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In its most limited sense, modern, art would seem to concern itself only with the technical innovations of the period.
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America was born modern; it did not have to achieve modernity, nor did it have modernity thrust upon it.
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Don't call me a Postmodern!
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When the modern movement began, starting perhaps with the paintings of Manet and the poetry of Baudelaire and Rimbaud, what distinguished the modern movement was the enormous honesty that writers, painters and playwrights displayed about themselves. The bourgeois novel flinches from such notions.
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Having words and explanations for things is too modern