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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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Cagliari central defender Comunardo Niccolai became celebrated for his ability to score bizarre own goals in the 1960s, so much that self inflicted problems in general are often referred to as 'Niccolai-like'. -- John Foot
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Prickomo fucking cocksca. That bastard old arsehole-fucker. -- Joe Abercrombie
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Dukhoborcheskaya -- Thomas Paine
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Luceo Non Uro. 'I shine, not burn, -- Diana Gabaldon
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Benvolio- "By my head, here come the Capulets."
Mercutio- "By my heel, I care not. -- William Shakespeare
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You Are Your Own Michelangello Always. -- Behnam Rajabpoor
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Bertolucci is extraordinary in his ability to perceive, he's a poet ... he is very easy to work for. -- Marlon Brando
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Come t'e' picciol fallo amaro morso! Dante. What grievous pain a little fault doth give thee! -- Madeleine L'engle
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Between Italy and France, I have chosen Luca Marin, the love of my life. -- Laure Manaudou
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Javier Chevanton don't speak the language too good. -- Kevin Bond
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Mauricio Pellegrino has the pace of a tricycle with a flat tyre ridden by Luciano Pavarotti, and the turning speed of an oil tanker with its anchor set. -- Pete Gill
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Whom has not the inspiring bowl made eloquent?
[Lat., Foecundi calices quem non fecere disertum.] -- Horace
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Don Basilio was a forbidding-looking man with a bushy mustache who did not suffer fools and who subscribed to the theory that the liberal use of adverbs and adjectives was the mark of a pervert or someone with a vitamin deficiency. -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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Lente, lente currite, noctis equi. Translation: Run slowly, slowly, horses of the night. -- Ovid
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Trusting me is a dangerous game, mi Adelinetta. -- Marie Lu
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Oh, Bassanio is so handsome." "As is his friend." "Do you fancy him?" "Do you jest? I was lucky not to be sliding on the slippery floor next to you." "That is not why I slipped. -- Christopher Moore
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Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold. -- Wynne Channing
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Baikida Carroll, whose balance of bravada and tenderness, facility and understatement mark him as a player to be reckoned with. -- Jon Pareles
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The same word passed through three minds, simultaneously, philosophical, fatalistic, the eternal refuge of the Italian: Pazienza ... -- Violet Trefusis
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The gitano is the most distinguished, profound and aristocratic element in my country, the one that most represents its Way of being and best preserves the fire, the blood and the alphabet of Andalusian and universal truth ... -- Federico Garcia Lorca
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Italian drivers: "...he drove as if he were at the wheel of a Ferrari at Monza. Like all drivers, he insisted on showing off his skills. -- Michele Guittari
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He is an example of a La Masia player. Technically he is unbelievable. -- Gerard Pique
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My voice is not so much 'bel canto' as 'can belto'. -- Harry Secombe
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Ask not what your Joe Montaperto can do for you - but rather - what you can do for your Joe Montaperto. -- John F. Kennedy
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Lazarevo drips you into my soul, dawn drop by moonlight drop from the river Kama. When you look for me, look for me there, because that's where I'll be all the days of my life. -- Paullina Simons
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I like fish; no fish business for me.

Tuball's say. Enzo's Lemorine pet. -- Jordano Quaglia
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Perry Johansson. -- Rick Riordan
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father dochder/dochdern -- Vannetta Chapman
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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Enrico Manuel Alejandro Stephan Montebello, and you are trespassing on my land. -- Grace Willows
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I do not expect Henrique Mauricio to conform to my standards of behavior," Alaric said. "I expect him not to do things that make me want to pound his face into a bloody pulp. Sadly, every time I meet him he fails to live up to this expectation. -- Meg Cabot
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No, no, no to Tallyho. -- Sarah Dessen
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Was Paco in here? -- Simone Elkeles
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"Forgive Yourself) -- Mitch Albom
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'But no name?,
'No, Guido. But I'll keep -- Donna Leon
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That Reyes Farrow boy. -- Darynda Jones
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Metaraon, with his unmerciful stare, -- S.m. Reine
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Ambrosio, learn to know me better. I love you for your virtues: Lose them, and with them you lose my affections. I look upon you as a Saint; Prove to me that you are no more than Man, and I quit you with disgust. -- Matthew Gregory Lewis
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I have shamed Mr. Cuervo -- K.a. Tucker
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Hortense. We broke -- Heather Webb
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Ti amo. Esisti solo tu per me." I love you. You're the only one for me. "You're my pleasure, my sanity, my calmness, my home. My positive counterpart in every negative characteristic I own. -- Soraya Naomi
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I have such an image of a mafioso. -- Paul Sorvino
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His own cabinat of cuoriositie -- James Rollins
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Mantovani was a great influence on me. -- Brian May
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Sassicaia from Tuscany, -- Aubrey James
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You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly. Ci vedremo lassu, angelo. -- Timothy Conigrave
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Metias is gone again. He is always gone. -- Marie Lu
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On the one hand, Porto Monenegro is shape-shifting - it replaced a naval shipyard with a new marina - but it's also mind-shifting, opening up an array of other small business opportunities. And this shape-shifting and mind-shifting, it is exactly what we're trying to do in Montenegro. -- Igor Luksic
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He was the antithesis of the gaudy mafiosi -- Dick Lehr
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Festina lente may well be his motto -- Bram Stoker
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Over the years I've learnt to live with two persons in my heart. One is Edson, who has fun with his friends and family; the other is the football player Pele. I didn't want the name. 'Pele' sounds like baby-talk in Portuguese. -- Pele
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There are men who dig for gold; [Monseigneur Bienvenu] dug for compassion. -- Victor Hugo
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They make their fortune who are stout and wise,
Wit rules the heavens, discretion guides the skies.
[Lat., Che sovente addivien che'l saggio e'l forte.
Fabro a se stesso e di beata sorte.] -- Torquato Tasso
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I could kill Vino for all this doping crap. Strangle him slowly with piano wire just like they do in the Italian gangster movies. I bet I could get Aru to buy the wire. -- Vincenzo Nibali
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ORANGE MARMALADE', -- Lewis Carroll
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Et moriendo docebo - I will teach you how to die. -- Karen Maitland
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Date un regalo giornaliero: "capire ognuno."
Give a daily gift: "understand one another. -- Angelica Hopes
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Neighbours, you are tedious.
It pleases your worship to say so, but we are the poor duke's officers; but truly, for mine own part, if I were as tedious as a king, I could find it in
my heart to bestow it all of your worship. -- William Shakespeare
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And I'm so obsessed with my pursuit of the perfect cappuccino that I spent $6,000 on an exquisite La Marzocco coffee machine, which I imported from Florence. -- Guy Spier
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It's funny that DiCarlo's security -- David Baldacci
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Minho looks like a main character of a manga. -- Onew
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Mungo was a gnome. Disguised as a dwarf. The blatantly false beard was a giveaway. It appeared that Mungo had crafted it himself out of hair collected from a wide assortment of cars and then glued it to his face. -- Jeffery Russell
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Calamus fortior gladio. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Mantua gave me birth, Calabri snatched me away, now Parthenope holds me; I sang of shepherds, pastures, and heroes. -Mantua me genuit, Calabri rapuere, tenet nunc Parthenope, cecini pascua, rura, duces -- Virgil
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Gerardo; People can die from an excessive dose of the truth, you know. -- Ariel Dorfman
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La Closerie, in Ansouis. -- Peter Mayle
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Valar Dohaeris. All must men serve. -- George R R Martin
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The ungovernable passion for wealth.
[Lat., Opum furiata cupido.] -- Ovid
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Che bella donna! Dove vai?" Beautiful woman, where are you going? -- Claudia Winter
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And I will capture your minds with sweet novelty.
[Lat., Dulcique animos novitate tenebo.] -- Ovid
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Mario Balotelli is like Marmite, you either love him or hate him. Me? I'm in between. -- Joe Royle
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Who the *&^$* is "Paolo"? -- Daniel Way
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The latest indication we have is that Amado is experiencing some delay in getting his visa. We understand that and we can accept that as a plausible reason for him not to be here. -- Alexi Lalas
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Victor Hernandez, like an orchestral conductor directing his troops ... -- Jon Champion
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Valar Dohaeris. All men must serve. -- George R R Martin
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Oh, he's not my idea of the absolute finito. -- Truman Capote
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Dattebayo! (Do you get what I am saying?!) -- Masashi Kishimoto
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I want to be inside Nic Pizzolatto's brain. -- Michelle Monaghan
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Chi ti ama ti aspetta(Who loves waits for You). -- Abc
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Let those who have deserved their punishment, bear it patiently.
[Lat., Aequo animo poenam, qui meruere, ferant.] -- Ovid
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Hay una estrella mas abierta
que la palabra 'amapola'?
Is there a star more wide open
than the word 'poppy? -- Pablo Neruda
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I am Amaxon Corazon Junia Principia Delgado the Third, and I bent over my meal and wept luxurious tears into my green banana porridge. It was a perfect decoction, and it now would not satisfy me. -- Nalo Hopkinson
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Starting today you'll be at Mr. Moretti's beckon call. -- Veronica Cane
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Denise Donatelli is a musician's singer! -- Phil Woods
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STEPHEN O'CONNOR Next to Nothing -- Jennifer Egan
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And mo the merier is a Prouerbe eke.
[The more the merrier.] -- George Gascoigne
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For so long, I hadn't really heard Margo - I'd seen her screaming and thought her laughing - that now I figured it was my job. To try, even at this great remove, to hear the opera of her. -- John Green
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The prices are vertiginous. Carlinhos and Wagner take a booth and they talk and dip their wafers of exquisite beef into the sauces but most of the time they keep companionable silence together, as close men do, and find they have communicated everything. Run -- Ian Mcdonald
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Gabriel Toscano. Damn. Even his name was sexy. -- Kim Harrington
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Money nowadays is money; money brings office; money gains friends; everywhere the poor man is down.
[Lat., In pretio pretium nunc est; dat census honores,
Census amicitias; pauper ubique jacet.] -- Ovid
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Sleep, ladies. I will be your St. Florian." Tomaso -- Eileen Granfors
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LEONATO O, she tore the letter into a thousand half-pence; railed at herself, that she should be so immodest to write to one that she knew would flout her. 'I measure him,' says she, 'by my own spirit; for I should flout him, if he writ to me; yea, though I love him, I should. -- William Shakespeare
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Ego non baptiso te in nomine ... but make out the rest yourself. -- Herman Melville
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When I think of Morricone, more than his using a specific instrument or a specific sound, it's his way of approaching music that sticks out. -- Marco Beltrami
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I am a pupil of Pissarro. -- Paul Cezanne
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Pharoahe Monch is like an eloquent linguistics professor moonlighting as a rhyme serial killer terrorist, challenging the listeners' I.Q. while daring him or her to keep up. -- Kool Moe Dee
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Furo Costas. The Rager. You, my friend, are an imbecile. You could have killed me twenty times, on the Tracks. I'm surprised you're not dead.
Ro shrugs, happily. It's nothing he hasn't heard before, and nothing he doesn't see as a compliment. -- Margaret Stohl
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Immoderation, Mariotta, is a thief of money and intestinal joy, but who'd check it? Not I. Here I am, weeping soft tears of myrrh, to prove it. -- Dorothy Dunnett
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India Lima Yankee -- Teresa Mummert
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Orange: Uh Oh
Mario: Uh oh what?
Orange ... Uh-Oh spaghettio's
Mario: Not Funny -- Annoying Orange