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I saw a monkey walking on a leash and thought it was an ugly foreign child. -- Augusten Burroughs
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Too many people not enough monkeys -- Anonymous
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Harlow's monkeys, -- Yuval Noah Harari
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Perfect! Now we're being chased by hoards of monkeys! Perhaps you would care to name their species as we're attacked, just so I can appreciate the special traits of said monkey as it kills me!"
"At least when the monkeys are harassing you, you dont have any time to harass me! -- Colleen Houck
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In discarding the monkey and substituting man, our Father in Heaven did the monkey an undeserved injustice. -- Mark Twain
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People have always called me Schneider Monkey just because of my energy and mass consumption of bananas. Plus, I just love monkeys, so I thought, 'Well, I love monkeys, I love my fans, why not put the two together?' -- Max Schneider
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I concluded to myself that if I were the hunter, I would shoot the monkey so that it would no longer have the chance to put other hunters in the same predicament. -- Ishmael Beah
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There is an angel within the monkey struggling to get free, and this is what the historical crisis is all about. -- Terence Mckenna
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Oh, there you are. I was afraid you had gone off to your stoats again. The carrier has brought you an ape.' 'What sort of an ape?' asked Stephen. 'A damned ill-conditioned sort of an ape. -- Patrick O'brian
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Finding the stewardess, Bly asked her about the monkey. The stewardess replied drily, "We have met." Bly was now alarmed to see that the stewardess's arm was bandaged from wrist to shoulder."What did you do?" she asked. "I did nothing but scream," the stewardess replied; "the monkey did the rest. -- Matthew Goodman
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Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room. -- Winston S. Churchill
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I'm a barrel of monkeys, kid, though mostly I figure monkeys stuck in a barrel are just going to be pissed off. -- J.d. Robb
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Monkey mind is actually a Buddhist term that refers to a mind that is restless, agitated, confused, or that is hard to control. -- George Mumford
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Monkeys can rip your face off. -- Jennifer Neves
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I'm your guardian angel, not your monkey. -- Erica Ridley
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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. -- James Goldsmith
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The ape, vilest of beasts, how like to us. -- Quintus Ennius
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See what monkeys we are! Look, such is man! and at once all renown, all intelligence, all the attainments of the spirit, all progress towards the sublime, the great and the enduring in man fell away and became a monkey's trick! -- Hermann Hesse
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What! His partner said.
Monkeys are funny, said Peabody.'So why didn't we we pick monkeys.
His partner sighed and shook his head with sad dismay.
Monkeys? Jesus.
Monkeys' idea of fun is throwing their shit at you. Monkeys always take the joke a step too far. -- Toby Barlow
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It wouldn't happen ... There hasn't been one publication by a monkey -- Karl Pilkington
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Look, as my mama always said, 'One monkey don't stop no show. -- Terry Mcmillan
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I am an ape forced to play the lion. -- Gregory The Great
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If the monkeys had been concerned only with monkey Beings they would never have become men. -- Harry Hooton
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I wonder if God created man because He was disappointed with the monkey. -- Mark Twain
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There is a terrible lot of us who don't think that we come from a monkey, but if there are some people who think that they do, why, it's not our business to rob them of what little pleasure they might get out of imagining it. -- Will Rogers
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I hold my plush monkey over the bannister and let it drop. Its eyes light up when you squeeze its kidneys as whose eyes, I suppose, would not. -- Frederick Buechner
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As I said earlier it is most surprising that the kingdom of then world should have come under the sway of a species of monkey, and there is reason to suppose that there were other claimants to the throne. ("The Shadmock") -- R. Chetwynd-Hayes
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I set my monkey on the log, and ordered him to do the Dog. He wagged his tail and shook his head, and he went and did the Cat instead. -- Bob Dylan
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Female monkeys, unaware that they are slaves to cultural stereotypes, like things with faces. Male monkeys, unaware that they are doing the bidding of human sexists, like things with moving parts. -- Matt Ridley
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A monkey could drive this train. -- Meg Whitman
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Here." Sam came over, stripped down to his boxers. "Hunch forward and put your head down."
Robin looked at him. "My safe word is monkey. -- Suzanne Brockmann
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You never monkey with the truth. -- Ben Bradlee
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The problem is to keep the monkey mind from running off into all kinds of thoughts. -- Lee Kuan Yew
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The monkey body has carried us to this moment of release, but we are coming more and more to exist in a world made by the human imagination. -- Terence Mckenna
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Many kinds of monkeys have a strong taste for tea, coffee and spirituous liqueurs. -- Charles Darwin
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An American monkey, an Ateles, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus was wiser than many men. -- Michael Kuhar
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The monkey girl had made another unscheduled appearance, and it had landed her in jail again. When would she learn to behave with restraint and decorum? -- Karen Joy Fowler
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Year by year, the monkey's mask reveals the monkey -- Matsuo Basho
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Even monkeys fall out of trees. -- J. F. Lawton
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A monkey in a tuxedo suit, is still a monkey. -- Charlie Green
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Monkey can make a long jump with his muscles; and man, with his wisdom! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Even monkeys recognize each other -- Jennifer Niven
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We've just barely stopped being monkeys. -- Duncan Trussell
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I can't believe you grew up and ate a monkey. Worse, I can't believe I let a guy who ate a monkey kiss my mouth.
Honey,I kissed more than your mouth. -- Rachel Gibson
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At this moment, let us not forget that my authority has been challenged not by a warrior but by a monkey! -- R.k. Narayan
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Writer is a monkey, jumping from one tree to another in the jungle of words. -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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But then, after all, we are all alike, for we are all derived from the monkey. -- Albert Einstein
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If you look at the monkeys, you can learn many things about the men; if you look at the men, you can learn many things about the madness! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Long story short: I don't know shit about whatever dancing monkey of the moment is amusing the plebes. -- Antonio Garcia Martinez
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Even monkeys fall from trees. -- Chris Bradford
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The quizzical expression of the monkey at the zoo comes from his wondering whether he is his brother's keeper, or his keeper's brother. -- Evan Esar
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onanists breaking a sweat on monkeys, ponies, birds; -- Yann Martel
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It depends on whether the monkey is more intelligent than we are."
"I'm rather afraid of the answer," Harry replied dryly.
- Beatrix & Harry -- Lisa Kleypas
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In a world gone mad, we will not spank the monkey, but the monkey will spank us -- Francesco Totti
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it is a hard-hearted monkey indeed that remains unmoved during a good slathering of bacitracin, and -- Hope Jahren
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People go to the zoo and they like the lion because it's scary. And the bear because it's intense, but the monkey makes people laugh. -- Lorne Michaels
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Time monkeys. Angry, angry time monkeys. -- Lesley Livingston
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I find it easier to claim that I am friends with a monkey rather than with a man. -- Shahla Khan
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We see the man when we look at the monkey; we see the monkey when we look at the man! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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The character of the monkey just grew from something out of his face and my granddad's personality. They fused, and that's what I ended up with! The monkey belonged to a friend of mine, and I saw that it had such a little beguiling face and it grew from there. -- Nina Conti
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Suck monkey balls?" (87%) -- Samantha Towle
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The head monkey at Paris puts on a traveller's cap, and all the monkeys in America do the same. -- Henry David Thoreau
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You are not a spiritual being in a monkey body you are a monkey pretending to be a spiritual being controlling itself. -- Christopher Zzenn Loren
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The poor monkey, quietly seated on the ground, seemed to be in sore trouble at this display of anger. -- Henry Walter Bates
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I've never met anyone who had a monkey for a friend before. (Maggie)
I don't know. I think those two guys you were with would qualify as primates, but then, that's an insult to the primate and I don't want Marvin to get pissed at me. He has higher sensibilities, you know? (Wren) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Hand-to-hand combat with three hundred pounds of screaming monkey menace is not my idea of a fair fight. My idea of a fair fight is one unarmed, toothless, nearsighted old monkey versus me with a Blackhawk attack helicopter. -- Dean Koontz
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Come back with a healthy monkey, or don't come back at all. -- Brian K. Vaughan
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That craptastical, gutless, son-of-a-cactus-humping butt monkey!! -- Gemma Halliday
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Out of the desert came seven men, and a monkey. -- Elleston Trevor
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Stupid Ape: I had to quantify this with the word "stupid" so as not to offend the ape community. Large of limb, impotent of intellect, he was the kind of guy who lettered in leg-breaking at thug school but flunked the written exam because he didn't know which end of the e-pencil to use. -- John Zakour
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Whilst Man, however well-behaved,
At best is but a monkey shaved! -- Charles Darwin
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What an ugly beast the ape, and how like us. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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What an ugly beast is the ape, and how like us. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Compared to the bugs and the spiders and flies, I am an apeman. -- Ray Davies
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Being butchered by monkeys is pretty low on my list of ways to go. -- Brandon Mull
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The higher the monkey climbs, the more he shows his ass. -- Thomas Watson Jr.
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The animal is making quite a mess," the butler droned.
"Are you referring to the monkey, or to my nephew?" Fennington drawled, strolling into the room.
"Hm. How long did you lurk outside the room waiting forthat opportunity?" Bennett asked -- Suzanne Enoch
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I demand of you, and of the whole world, that you show me a generic character ... by which to distinguish between Man and Ape. I myself most assuredly know of none. -- Carl Linnaeus
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Wearing a monkey suit really lets you know where you stand as an actor. -- Kelly Stables
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Picture this," said Magnus. "Me with a little monkey friend. I could teach him tricks. I could dress him in a cunning jacket. He could look just like me! But more monkey-shaped. -- Cassandra Clare
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Humans in space suits make monkeys nervous. -- Richard Preston
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My big studly giraffe."
"My little horny monkey. -- Jim Provenzano
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Go fuck a monkey, Ferro. I don't have time for you or your fake sincerity. -- H.m. Ward
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Hello, companion," said Magnus.
The monkey made a terrible sound, half snarl and half hiss.
"I begin to rather doubt the beauty of our friendship," said Magnus. -- Cassandra Clare
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Have you ever seen a monkey examining a watch? -- Wilhelm Steinitz
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This book [...] demonstrates something we had already suspected on the grounds of the close connection between apes and man: that the social organization of chimpanzees is almost too human to be true. -- Frans De Waal
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Somebody must take a chance. There are monkeys who became men, and the monkeys who didn't are still jumping around in trees making faces at the monkeys who did. -- Lincoln Steffens
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I've never said flange to a monkey! -- Russell Howard
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The full moon rises. The fog clings to the lowest branches of the spruce trees. The man steps out of the darkest corner of the forest and finds himself transformed into ...
A monkey?
I think not. -- Garth Stein
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Scientists believe that monkeys can be taught to think, lie and even play politics within their community. If we can just teach them to cheat on their wives we can save millions on congressional salaries. -- Jay Leno
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Moreover, I wish to assure you both that I did not make any amorous advances on female monkeys. -- Cassandra Clare
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The monkeys seized all the cocoanuts within their reach and sent them down upon us -- Johann David Wyss
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Monkey see, monkey do. Human being don't see, human being don't do. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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The great thing about this jungle of ours is that anyone of you could grow up to be Lord of the apes. -- Gary Larson
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Snicker on hearing his name: 'the gentleman who thinks we are descended from the apes.' -- Gustave Flaubert
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Human beings wear clothing and walk upright, but when you take that away, we're nothing but monkeys. -- Osamu Tezuka
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Probably the difference between man and the monkeys is that the monkeys are merely bored, while man has boredom plus imagination. -- Lin Yutang
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Monkeys don't enjoy or appreciate flavours. Experts have told us that human beings are the only beings that can appreciate food at this higher level and the only living beings that cook. -- Ferran Adria