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My mum is my best friend.
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Only a mother knows a mother's fondness.
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I love my mother.
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She's the kind you don't take home to mother.
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A mother isn't the person who births you; it's the person who rears you and shows you love.
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Mother set impossibly high standards for us, creating tremendous pressures and undermining our ability to accomplish whatever modest aims we may have set for ourselves.
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My mother was my best friend and confidante.
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Mama' (literally, maternal uncle),
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Insulting to my mother, of course, considering how
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Mothers are multi-taskers.
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A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.
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Mother, you had me, but I never had you.
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A mother beyond compare Have a lovely day Mom
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Common sense. Mothers are the last riddle, the worst horror, the only consolation.
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I can never refuse anyone who addresses me as Mother.
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The mother is the child's supreme parent.
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There is No Greater Satisfaction God greater then mother.
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Mother is the home we come from.
She is nature, soil, ocean.
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Mother is God in the eyes of a child.
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Your mother is a better man than me. Mothers are almost always better men than men are.
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I am no mother, and I won't be one.
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A mother is a story with no beginning. That is what defines her.
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A mother's life, you see, is one long succession of dramas, now soft and tender, now terrible. Not an hour but has its joys and fears.
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My mother's the most special person in my life ... I consider her my MVP: Most Valuable Parent.
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When you're in trouble, go and see your mother.
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My mother is the most supportive mother in the world, she's magical.
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The mother is the most essential piece on the board, the one you must protect. Only she has the range. Only she can move in multiple directions. Once she's gone, it's a whole different game.
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A mother is the most important blessing of your life.
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A mother is the person who takes care of you when you're sick. The one who holds you when you're afraid. The one who follows the bus to school on the first day to make sure you made it okay. I have only one mother, Nana; he just happens to be my father, too.
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A mother's love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever.
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Pity the mother who assumes the name without being all this implies!
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Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.
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Mother's love grows by giving.
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The strict mother she & her brother had grown up with was body-snatched. "...Who are you? What did you do with my mother?
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Mother--that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries.
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A mother is the portal by which you enter the world.
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Mother would be in real trouble right now.
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My mother is a beauty.
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My mother is a fish.
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My mother was the center of the family.
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Mother was so happy with the
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Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother?
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So much of who you are has to do with your mother.
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My mother's my biggest supporter.
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Mothers are only human, you turn it over to God and then you just wing it.
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You can't know how much a mother loves.
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A mother never fully delivers.
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A mother has, perhaps, the hardest earthly lot; and yet no mother worthy of the name ever gave herself thoroughly for her child who did not feel that, after all, she reaped what she had sown.
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MOM = Maker of Miracles
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There's a common saying that everybody deep at heart loves their mother, except sometimes we decide our actual mothers don't measure up. And so we look for a replacement.
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The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness
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My mother is my hero.
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MOM - Mistress Of Miracles
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You know which title I like best? I like to be called mother.
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She was such a good loving mother, my best friend. Oh, who was happier than I when I could still say the dear name "Mother," and it was heard, and whom can I say it to now?
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British. My mother
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My mom was tough.
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I can't find my mother
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So what is it with your mother that you haven't worked out yet?
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Mothers are the diamonds that God gave us when we were born
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I was a mother's boy.
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Who's a boy gonna talk to if not his mother?
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Someday you'll be a grown-up ... and then your mother will have no one to talk to.
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Throughout my life, my mom has been the person that I've always looked up to.
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Mother was actually a great doer and organizer. All the special occasions were directed by mother.
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My mother is the source of my unease in the world and thus the only person who can make me feel at home in the world.
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Who is it that loves me and will love me forever with an affection which no chance, no misery, no crime of mine can do away? It is you, my mother.
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Mother went out again tonight, looking like a courtesan.
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My mother is my friend
Who shares with me her bread
All my hopelessness cured!
Her company makes me secured!
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My mother bore no arms,
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Mothers are the fountain of creation
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Because I'm your mother, that's why.
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She's my mother. I'm not sure you get the same kind of unconditional love in your life from anyone but a mother.
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If I were like your mother, I would be a woman.
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There is only one mother in this world who is the best one; the one that every kid has got.
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Necessity is a mother.
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I am the Mother's blade, the Mother's wrath ... You have poisoned her, raped her and her children. Left her to die. Now you will suffer, you will die.
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It seems impossible that any man could adequately describe his mother. I cannot describe mine.
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My mother is the coolest, most amazing person I know.
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The woman who is my best friend, my teacher, my everything: Mom.
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I didn't grow up with a mother, so I don't have that resource to rely on and ask a million questions.
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There's all kinds of mothers, so to use the label 'mother' and to think you really understood all that a human being is because she's a mother, is a mistake.
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Mum was the matriarch and the patriarch of the family.
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A mother's love is stronger than distance, more powerful than time and can transcend the grave.
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mothering is our first preverbal template for an existence in which we feel welcomed or rejected, loved or abandoned, many of us have fused our relationship with our mothers with our concepts of God.
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I didn't have a mother; I had a mama. I measure other women by the stature of my mama.
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On the whole, there is nobody like one's own mother ... I wonder if, after all, mothers are not the best friends there are!
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Mother is the reflective principle,
the balancing agent for the child.
Like a guru, she allows the child to
make mistakes and loves the child
without condition. Like nature,
she allows consequences to unfold
and balance to be restored when
it is lost.
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My mother is my doctor
Caring for me when am ill
I will love her forever till
We are gone to our creator!
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I loved my mother, she's a good girl.
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My success and everything good that I have done, I owe to my mother.
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If I don't have a mother, I'll let music be my mother.
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No matter how angry she makes me, she's still my mother, and I have to protect her if I can.
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A mother's love is the morning sunshine that always enlightens our way.
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Oh, I've got the prettiest mother. I've got the nicest mother. That's what I tell everybody. I say I've got the sweetest mother in the world.
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I am a hopeless mamma's boy.
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My mother was the love of my life.
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I feel betrayed by own mother.
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My mother was the source from which I derived the guiding principles of my life.
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Mothering is precarious. You try to do the right thing - you think you have - then wham.