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You dumb asshole," Ross said to Nate."You could be a freakin' amoeba and
you'd still be a brother. And the only reason I'm not throwing a punch
right now is because you had such a dipshit upbringing you don't get that.
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Dylan Quinn's knickers,
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No, I'm good. I tell Nate
You hear that, Penelope? I. Am. Good
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Now, get the fuck off me. Noah
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Nate grins, that elusive, sexy, melt my panties grin and I find myself returning it.
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Nate grinned and Ali's heart stopped.

God, the man was beautiful. His smile transformed his face the way dawn transforms the night.
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As long as he is around, I don't fit into your life. - Nathan
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Nate Shaw is the pseudonym of a black farmer born in Alabama in 1885.
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Nick is like a good stiff drink: He gives everything the correct perspective.
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Let me guess
Nathan," he said with a bitter laugh. "It has to be Nathan. Christ, he told me day one that he liked you. But don't forget our history, Leigh. We were great together.
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For the next approximately three years, I have got Nathan to take care of. I know that once he graduates from high school, he will be off doing whatever it is he is going to be doing - probably playing ice hockey.
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All right, said Nick. Let's get drunk.
All right, Bill said. Let's get really drunk.
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Rush walked into the room with Nate in his arms and a baby bag over his shoulder. That was funny shit. Rush Finlay, badass rock star's son, had a baby bag and a baby in his arms.
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Whatever happened with Nick does not define you.
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Nick inherited me.
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Shane? Thank God, somebody sane. Well, sane-ish.
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Stupid Fucking Logan Fucking Matthews
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a) not thinking about Nick and b)
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Caleb! Stop napping!"Nick
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Holding his own in this difficult environment. That perhaps he was learning he was not as tough as he'd previously thought. And that the situation was making him sullen. But Nat didn't seem to care to discuss the matter. And Nathan remained unwilling to pry.
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Zach. You can only call me Mr. Quinn when you're angry.
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Madoc cleared his throat. "Dr. Porter. Nate and Piper bumped into each other."
Oh, my god. I was convinced. Madoc was an idiot.
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What's his name?
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Bro," said Roger. "You're a time traveler."
"No, I'm not," said Nate.
"Not yet, but maybe in the future.
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Why do you even want to be here with me? You can barely stand to look at me for the most part, let alone be around me. I'm doing you a favor here, Nathan. I'm freeing you of me."
"Wait ... Stay."
"I'm not asking."
"I thought we were done."
"We'll never be done.
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But all those weeks with Nate, however fake they might have been, did do one thing for me. Whether the rest of world saw me that way, I knew now that I was strong, and I was beautiful, just the way I was. And girls like me needed gorgeous clothes too.
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I don't know why you're laughing, Miss Thing," Nick said, turning his gaze to me. "You still fantasize over Joe McIntyre like you are thirteen years old!"
"Oh, I own my obsession. If Joey Joe were here right now, I'd break him. I have no shame.
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Evan's like...he's a raindrop and Nick is the sea.
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[Nathan] wasn't blindly obsessed with a possession. He wasn't crazy. He was a hero
a father who'd risked his life to rescue his son.
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I held up my hands. 'I thought you could use a punching bag.' See, this is me, the new and improved Nick Pardee, available to girlfriends and crazy people in their time of need.
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Nick didn't take from me, he infused me, showed me the woman I could be - the one I wanted to be. Sexy. Fierce. Shameless. One who took what she wanted without apology. Without fear.
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Gary, hit me as hard as you can in the face when I'm showing my ID, and then, Grayson, you just walk behind me like you belong in the joint,
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I suspect, more than voyeurism, that it has something to do with control. Control is a food that Nathan seems to feed on, devouring it with a vulgarity that clashes with his smooth exterior.
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Nick!' I flinch. 'What?' Jo widens her eyes at Mom. 'Forget it, Jo,' Mom says. 'He's not ready.'
'Yes, I am,' I tell her. 'I know I don't have a dad. Kenny DiPoto doesn't have a dad either because his dad got knifed in jail.'
'Geezus,' Jo breathes. 'What kind of neighbourhood is this?
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If there's some hidden part of me that thinks like that, I'd rather not go searching for it. - Nathan
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your uncle Geoffrey.
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Yesterday, when you said you told everyone, what did you mean?"
"Everyone important, I guess. I mean, I didn't rush out to inform my mailman or anything."
"Oh, he knows," Nate said offhandedly.
"Oh. Okay," I said, thrown. "Well, I guess I can cross him off the list.
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As dull as Nate Gray is," Will said, "his head is not actually filled with gears, Henry. He's a human.
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want to forget Silas
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Nothing is more important to me than keeping you safe. - Nathan
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Oh, McBride, it's just you." Nate heard Julian say. "I saw a flash of white and thought you were the bride.
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Where am I? (Nick) Hospital. (Kyrian) Really? No kidding? And here I thought I was at McDonald's. (Nick)
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What has three heads, six arms, and half a brain?" Three asked. One and Two answered in unison. "Nate Sutter.
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Logan McCade. Paging Logan 'Pantyripper' McCade. Please return to your conference call.
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Nick, space. Now. (Acheron)
Go, Nick, fetch. Here, boy, here. You should let me borrow one of those leather collars you wear and give me a tag with Kyrian's number on it. 'In case of loss, call my owner.' (Nick)
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I heard a bump and knew it must have been Nathan throwing the door up in anger. "And so what if she is here you asshole? I told you the other day that you are NOT welcome here anymore..!" He roared.
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Nathaniel suddenly felt as if he'd been plonked into an I Dream of Jeannie episode.
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Grayson Dunn is in my head. He's under my skin. He's invaded me like a deadly disease and hijacked my immune system until I don't even bother fighting it anymore. I look at him, and I'm twisted into knots. Tangled into a messy spool of desire and desperation.
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Parker and Hardison look like they're having a good time."
"I see," Nate said. "Should we be worried?
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Er, Nick can see illusions, so he'll be going into Salisbury. Who - ?"

Now there was a question hanging in the car like very awkward air freshener.
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Despite his crimped shirts and flowing mane (or perhaps because of them) I had seen no evidence as yet that Nathaniel even knew what a girl was. If he'd ever met one, chances are they'd both have run screaming in opposite directions.
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I am a socially akward man-dork"-Nick
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I'd rather be short, fat, and ugly than take after that man. (Nick)
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There are 7,123,024,873 people in the world, and nick keeps choosing me
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Oh my god! You still have a crush on Nic don't you? That's so cute, brother! You're like Brand from Adventures in Babysitting." Miles cackles at this reference but my blood runs cold. Aubrey's pension for eighties movies has just turned me into a pedophile.
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I'd love another kid like Nathan. Or maybe a little girl like you.
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hospital johnny.
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What are you doing?" Kody
"Going to ruin Thorn's day." Nick
"Do you think that's wise?" Kody
"Nat at all." Nick
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Nick Cannon or Will never did it this ill.
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Neil started for the door, but Kevin put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Neil."
There was a world of regret in that name, but it was a promise, too.
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Gilly Gilleshpee
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What do you want, Nick?" "Right now? Nothing, but you.
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Oh my gosh,Nick. You're not wearing a shirt! This must be one of those exciting days ending in Y.
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Who am I, Joshua? Name me.
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He always was someone. Because the core of the sweet gum tree never changes. Like Nick, the deep red wood stays true to its nature. Strong, and steady, and pure.
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Who the rut is that Nubrevnan Windwitch? And: He should really learn how to button a shirt.
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Remember, Nick, there are only two people in the universe I care for ... and you're not one of them. (Savitar)
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But I knew Nick. He was too ugly to die.
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Bubba there zombies ... and there trying to eat me!
-Nick Gautier
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Maybe she wanted too many things. To get closer to Nate - but to just stay friends. To make love with him - but keep her heart uninvolved. To stay with him forever - but never commit.
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Nathaniel closes his eyes and jumps, his arms glued to his sides like that fly's. He doesn't try to break his fall, just hits hard, because it hurts less than everything else.
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Lyle has that same footlocker in his room," said Nick. "And, dude, the
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Nothing phased Nathan. "It's
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Okay, you gotta be nice to him, " I say, coaxing the white fur-ball into my hands.
"I will," Nate says, and I smile over my shoulder.
"I was actually talking to Mr. Pippi. He's a bit of a butthole.
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You've met Nick?"
"Yep, we've met, all right. He was kind enough to inform me that I have absolutely no say in whether you two date."
"Well, you don't."
"You know, you all could at least pretend that my opinion makes a difference.
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Nate shook his head with a crooked grin. You haven't gone Back to the Future, McFly.
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Niki Behrikis Shanahan
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I'm loyal to Andrew and everything, but let me tell you
Nathan has a nice chest.
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What is his name?
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There was something about Nick that was like being around a wild animal. He was smiling and friendly now, but it felt like at any minute he could turn snarling and scary again.
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Nick," he said. "I think I'm going to need you to bite my arm."
"I think I'm going to need you to run that by me again.
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I can't not be with you, Nathan. I wanted to leave you in that grave and walk away but I couldn't. I can't walk ten paces away from you without it hurting me. I treasure every second with you. Every second. More than you know.
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I suppose," continued Nate, "it's not Bertie's fault that he lacks the physical stature to carry a delicate young woman such as yourself a good distance. I believe he did not care to see you within the folds of my arms which were reluctant to release you, for I thought I would never see you again...
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I don't want what I can't have. I don't want to want what I can't have. -Nate
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His momma said, Donovan why are you, on the corner of linden and guy R. Brewer?
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Lord of My Underpants," Liam Quinn.
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Sometimes I feel better around you. I kind of like your face' -Nick
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Nick was chocolate and cigarettes and whiskey and danger, and everything I should stay away from.
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neighborhood - his name's pronounced 'Kirry,' but it's spelt 'C-i-r-e.'
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Nim-nim was a banana-like fruit on Booboo. An immature
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Murder takes presedence over watching my boyfriend strip -ID, Anita to Nathaniel
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Worse than losing the potential of Nick as a boyfriend is losing the real Nick as my best friend.
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An eye for an eye ... the whole world goes blind" , spoken by Nathan
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Sometimes I feel like Nick has decided on a version of me that doesn't exist.
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Johnny, he is bounce, effort, and snark.
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So I dipped into my childhood and came up with Nicky Deuce. I wanted him to get into a lot of mischief, like the time I taped a fork to a broom handle and cattle-rustled a steak off the barbecue of the next-door neighbor.
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I stared at him in stunned silence. This was not the Nathan I knew. The mask was gone, and for the first time I was seeing the true Nathan without any inhibitions. He was raw and lay bare before me.
He was stunning. More beautiful than usual in his agony.
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Madeline Reynolds
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I got a skanky dog with more brains than you and bigger balls. (Nathan)
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Thiel, tall, troubled, bewildered