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Helen of Troy, a hooker from Upstate New York. Never got a dinner! -- Red Buttons
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Violet Lynn Parker, you'd better spill or I'll start bellowing 'Happy Birthday' to you in my Bobcat Goldthwait voice. -- Ann Charles
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Charlotte. There's a girl on the roof. She says her name is Lena... She says she brought the helicopter you wanted? - August -- Brittany Cavallaro
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hi my name is gail xxxx #swag -- Kali Rameres
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Storm. I shall call her Storm. -- John Gwynne
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I'm Queen Rhiannon, but you can call me Queen Rhiannon. -- G.a. Aiken
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Anna, my strong, terrifying Anna. -- Kendare Blake
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Hazel Grace, I love it when you talk medical to me. -- John Green
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She'd wanted so badly to kiss Nat Sullivan. To prove she wasn't a victim anymore. To prove she was normal. Ha! -- Toni Anderson
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I wonder who you'll marry now, Esther. -- Sylvia Plath
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Mistress L for Lethal, that's me. -- Cherise Sinclair
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Josie, like Gretchen, isn't afraid of blood. What woman would be? -- Chelsea Cain
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She had a pretty name but she knew she wasn't pretty. -- Jonathan Maberry
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My heart beats her name -- Michelle Hodkin
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Natalie Spenser was giving a dinner. She was not an easy hostess. -- Mary Roberts Rinehart
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It was always Isabelle. -- Cassandra Clare
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Angela Wexler, person -- Ellen Raskin
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I don't want to talk about Nicki Minaj anymore. -- Azealia Banks
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It doesn't matter what your name is! -- Dwayne Johnson
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Lilli . . . Lilli . . . Lilli."

Sweet Jesus, she was going to kill him. She'd just gotten to sleep. Now he was running a finger up and down her spine, saying her name in an extremely life-threatening singsong voice. -- Susan Fanetti
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The finest woman that ever walked the streets. -- Mae West
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I can't believe they let us name a person," Nick had said. "It feels like something only the King of the Land should be able to do." "Or the Queen of the Kingdom," Alice said. "Oh, they'd never let a woman name a person," said Nick. "Obviously. -- Liane Moriarty
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I inherited her.
I preyed on her.
I owned her life and had the piece of paper to prove it.
Nila Weaver.
And my task ... ..
... .
... .
devour her. -- Pepper Winters
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Well, she's either Jackie or . . . hey, how about Stormy? Like some North Hollywood stripper? -- H.w. "Buzz" Bernard
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Florence Nightendick -- V. Theia
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She smells like angels ought to smell, the perfect woman ... the Goddess. Goldie. She says her name is Goldie. -- Frank Miller
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She has the care of a mother, the love of a sister, a prostitute in bed. Who is she? -- Bangambiki Habyarimana
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Katherine the Midwife -- Darynda Jones
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Stephanie Plum, psycho bait. -- Janet Evanovich
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Mandy (lentil eating, lesbian, long socks) in PR -- Poppet
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Sisters of the Nigrizia -- Abraham Verghese
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I'd like to think I'm Elizabeth, but deep down I think I'm the one whose name no one can remember. Not Lydia the slut or Mary the nerd or Jane the beauty or Elizabeth the opinionated. I'm the second-youngest. The forgotten one. - Francesca Spinelli -- Melina Marchetta
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Though Nathalie Dupree did not remember much about my presence in her class, it marked me forever. I remain her enthusiast, her evangelist, her acolyte, and her grateful student. She taught me that cooking and storytelling make the most delightful coconspirators. -- Pat Conroy
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My baby sister - queen of the locusts. -- Susan Ee
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HONORINE BEATRIX -- Honore De Balzac
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Katniss the mockingjay -- Suzanne Collins
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I have a name," I grumped, my stomach pinching me harder.
"Yes, but it has no pizzazz. Ra-a-a-a-chel. Rach-e-e-e-eel," he said, trying it out in different ways. "No one will tremble in terror at that. Oh my God!" he said in a high falsetto. "It's Rachel! Run! Hide! -- Kim Harrison
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Kaylin. The shape of a girl on the edge of the long climb into adulthood. -- Michelle Sagara
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(Who Did No Harm to No Man all the Dais of Her Life. Reader, Can You Say Lykewise?). -- Neil Gaiman
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comely Savannah Frost approaching my front door. She -- Anna Cromwell
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So you've finally chosen a name."
"Yes. And I'm leaving. Right now."
"Maybe you stand some chance after all. Before you go, will you do me the honour of introducing yourself?"
"Of course," Stephanie said right before she walked out of the apartment. "My name is Valkyrie Cain. -- Derek Landy
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Do you know who I am?" (Cassidy)
"Cassidy Summers, approximately thirty-years-old and a waitress who isn't sure who the father of her child really is." (Ashling) -- Rosetta M. Overman
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Jane Jameson."
He grinned. "Like the porn star."
I gaped at him. "What? No, Jane Jameson."
"Oh, not as fun," he said, making disappointed clucking noises. -- Molly Harper
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Previously, when I began to write this tale, I set out by saying that Mlle. Claude was a whore. She is a whore, of course, and I'm not trying to deny it, but what I say now is
if Mlle. Claude is a whore then what name shall I find for the other women I know? -- Henry Miller
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Vhat is your nom?" Preston had a lazy eye, and the alcohol added to the lopsided effect of his gaze.
"Shannon Tinker, and I watch you like you're a TV show." Shannon added a bop to her stance, unconsciously dancing to the beat of the song constantly playing in her head. -- Debra Anastasia
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She's my baby girl, Quinn. I want love for her. Real love. The kind that makes a man crazy inside.
-Gibraltar to Quinn -- Karen Marie Moning
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I'm coming out with my line of shoes and my very first shoe is called 'The Nethia.' How we came up with the name is that my legal name is Linnethia and we shortened it. -- Nene Leakes
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Amy Winehouse - her surname's beginning to sound like a description of her liver. -- Russell Brand
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Hush, let me talk to the crazy lady. -- Nalini Singh
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Hera the cow queen, -- Rick Riordan
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Blake Hartt, I choose you. I deserve you. I want you. Livia proved it by kissing his cold lips until they were warm. -- Debra Anastasia
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I am terrible with people's names. -- Rob Lowe
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I was thinking of Lena. Of course. I was always thinking of Lena. -- Lauren Oliver
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Nathan Sutter," the teacher read. Here. My mother never calls me Nathan." Is it Nate?" She calls me Honeylips. -- Brandon Mull
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That queen of secrecy, the violet. -- John Keats
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Jessica, who loves stories, -- J.k. Rowling
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She was the sort of girl called "bonny" - not beautiful, but lively and nicely made, with something about her that took the eye. -- Diana Gabaldon
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His unashamed, avenging queen. -- Sarah Maclean
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Buffy Anne Summers 1981-2001 Beloved sister Devoted Friend She saved the world A lot -- Joss Whedon
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This is Nathan's mother," I said, wiping my eyes with the edge of Ainsley's blanket. "Yes, we've met," Eloise said. "You came to Nathan's wake." Daniel nodded. "Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. Kate..." She turned to me. "It was good to see you, deah. -- Kristan Higgins
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When I wake up on a Sunday morning with a slight hangover, in the gym with no makeup on, that's who Natalie Dormer really is. The girl next door who gets a spot on her forehead occasionally. -- Natalie Dormer
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What are you doing?" Kody
"Going to ruin Thorn's day." Nick
"Do you think that's wise?" Kody
"Nat at all." Nick -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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What's her name?" "None of your business." "That can't possibly be her name. -- Lisa Lutz
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Vicki shines with intelligence as brightly as with beauty, a clear open face, black eyes, and a smile that makes you see what she looked like as a nine-year-old. -- Frances Mayes
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didn't seem to be the nickname sort. Beautiful people rarely were. 'Let's -- Jeffery Deaver
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Elizabeth Spencer. -- Julia Glass
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Please welcome our hometown girl, a Winsor Cougar, a world-famous recording artist. Please welcome Chanin Anne. -- Tim Mettey
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Where's Vanessa? -- Julie Ann Walker
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I'd like to add her initial to my monogram... -- Ira Gershwin
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I can't control a nightmare, but in my waking moments her name is the only reminder I will permit myself. -- Tahereh Mafi
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Are you going to tell me who she is?" she asked.
"A psychiatrist," Nick shot back.
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it's about time," his mother replied. -- Neal Baer
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I thought I saw Anny smiling. I try to refresh my memory: I need to feel all the tenderness that Anny inspires; it is there, this tenderness, it is near me, only asking to be born. But the smile does not return: it is finished. I remain dry and empty. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
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I'm horrible at remembering names, embarrassingly bad. -- Sam Trammell
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my own name. Do you know what Queen Elizabeth wrote after 9/11? "Grief is the price we pay for love. -- Heidi Joy Tretheway
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you-know-who." Amy -- Gordon Korman
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Miss America Singer of Carolina, Five." I -- Kiera Cass
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Hi. It's Nikki. I'm not here right now because I'm dead. -- Nikki Sixx
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Shadowchild! - Don't let her get in your head! -- Matthew Williams
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Her joke of a name aside, her general unprettiness aside, she was, in terms of permanently memorable, immoderately perceptive, small-area faces, a stunning and final girl. -- J.d. Salinger
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Stranded A Winter Romance Duet Samantha Chase Noelle -- Samantha Chase
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You know that girl who sat at lunch with us today, Brittani Monroe?"
"What do you think about her?"
"She's a slut with a stripper name. -- Alison G. Bailey
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Carolyn Heilbrun's -- Gloria Steinem
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Denise Donatelli is a musician's singer! -- Phil Woods
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Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now? -- Lauren Bradshaw
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I'm Beatrice. You were my first kiss, I fell asleep in your arms in your precious orchard. -Julia -- Sylvain Reynard
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Ngila Dixon is such an incredible costume designer. She's such a cool, stylish woman. She has such an understanding of character. -- Blake Lively
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French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused. -- Stephanie Perkins
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C J Gibson Gabrielle Covers Lina Posada Shawn Dillon -- Unknown
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Her wavy blond hair -- Rick Riordan
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Julia. It is hard to tell. The blisters didn't help either. In fact, they made -- Lenore Look
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Elisabeth." The way the Goblin King said my name made my heart flutter. "Will you marry me?" This time, it was a long time before I replied. "Yes," I said. "Yes, I will. -- S. Jae-Jones
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Mrs. Crawford. As she walked into her -- Jacqueline Winspear
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Sarah...loved the way the light lit the silence first thing in the morning. -- Niamh Boyce
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little before three. Annelise's mom, as -- Lynnette Austin
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I would like to know the given name of the woman who can kiss me so passionately she makes me want to climb to the roof tops and roar. -- Amy Jarecki
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Meg McCaffrey, a girl of few words and much belching. -- Rick Riordan
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louche, wearing a gauzy neck scarf and -- Susan Wiggs
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Rachel The Huffington Post -- Anonymous
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It took Celine a -- Shelly Thacker