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The nation is a community. Community of individuals, community of generations.
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We are a nation of communities ... a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.
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I will give you my definition of a nation, and you can add the adjective 'Jewish.' A Nation is, in my mind, an historical group of men of a recognizable cohesion held together by a common enemy. Then, if you add to that the word 'Jewish' you have what I understand to be the Jewish nation.
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We are not just any nation.
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Nations rise and fall, flourish and decay, by what they believe in and by what their culture stands for.
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Do you want to save the world..??
than accept the nations.
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In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all.
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Nations and governments come and go, but people remain, and therefore people are the ultimate foundation of what is real and worthy.
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We are not a nation, so much as a world; for unless we claim all the world for our sire, like Melchisedec, we are without father or mother.
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People think boundaries and borders build nations. Nonsense-words do. Beliefs, declarations, constitutions-words. Stories. Myths. Lies. Promises. History
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Nations, like individuals, have been always disposed from interest or vanity to forget their day of small things; like individuals, too, they have always been unwilling to isolate their origins from the great ones who have gone before.
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Nations are as equal as so many madmen or drunkards.
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Where once most Europeans would have seen themselves as members of their village or town, they now increasingly felt themselves to be German or French or British, part of something called a nation.
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This nation under God
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There has never been nationhood without falsehood.
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Nations have their ego, just like individuals.
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Nations, like plants and human beings, grow. And if the development is thwarted they are dwarfed and overshadowed.
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A nation's character is the sum of its splendid deeds; they constitute one common patrimony, the nation's inheritance. They awe foreign powers, they arouse and animate our own people.
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You can be a German, you can be a Greek or a Spanish or a Japanese etc, but your true nation is the whole humanity!
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A good nation I will make live.
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The nations must be organized internationally and induced to enter into partnership, subordinating in some measure national sovereignty to worldwide institutions and obligations.
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In the unity of our nations rests the glorious future of our peoples.
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Nationalism is not the awakening of nations to self-consciousness; it invents nations where they do not exist ...
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I do not call the sod under my feet my country; but language-religion-government-blood-identity in these makes men of one country.
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A great nation is any mob of people which produces at least one honest man a century.
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Great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery.
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The world in all doth but two nations bear- The good, the bad; and these mixed everywhere.
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Nations rise, they flourish for a time, and then they decline. Eventually every empire comes to an end; not even the greatest can last forever.
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We're not into nation-building. We're into justice.
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we no longer live in a nation, but in a Homeland.
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The Nation State as such is totally a construction: what we feel for it in terms of habits, traditions, countryside or nature could exist without the notion of Nation.
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A national language is a band of national union.
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Beneath the surface of states and nations, ideas and language, lies the fate of individual human beings in need. Answering their needs will be the mission of the United Nations in the century to come.
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A Country is not a mere territory; the particular territory is only its foundation. The Country is the idea which rises upon that foundation; it is the sentiment of love, the sense of fellowship which binds together all the sons of that territory.
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Stories are nations, empires.
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A nation of intellectuals, a nation of thugs/Jesus is hate, a nation of Satan is love!
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A nation's people must love each other, otherwise there will remain no nation! The world's nations must love each other otherwise there will remain no world!
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Individuals may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation.
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The best nations are those most widely related; and navigation, as effecting a world-wide mixture, is the most potent advancer ofnations.
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Where there is a worker, there lies a nation.
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One People, one Reign, one Leader.
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National character is only another name for the particular form which the littleness, perversity and baseness of mankind take in every country. Every nation mocks at other nations, and all are right.
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Our true nationality is mankind.
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No nation can last which has made a mob of itself, however generous at heart.
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We rise and fall as one people, one nation.
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We are the world.
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Most nations, as well as people are impossible only in their youth; they become incorrigible as they grow older.
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We all belong to one nation and that notion for nation is the land of the Lords.
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We want to make nation-building a people's movement.
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We have the ability to achieve, if we master the necessary goodwill, a common global society blessed with a shared culture of peace that is nourished by the ethnic, national and local diversities that enrich our lives.
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An array of colorful camps dotted the river banks, like a Garrison of army on a peace keeping mission. A mini India; many great nations; different people living in the same place, an inversion of the notion of nation.
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What was a country but the idea of it?
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A nation may be said to consist of its territory, its people, and its laws. The territory is the only part which is of certain durability.
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In a world of democracies, the most deserving basis of national differences is that the different states of the world should represent a form of moral specialisation within humanity.
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Without a country, you are the basket of humanity.
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There is a grand union beyond nationalism which serves all people, and which is rooted in what is real, versus what has been created or produced.
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fallen empires of kings, dictators, and fools who were passionate, certain, and wrong.
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Nations don't start out. There is not a particular moment when they unveil the essence of themselves. They are always a work in progress.
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Not until we dare to regard ourselves as a nation, not until we respect ourselves, can we gain the esteem of others, or rather only then will it come of its own accord
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I have behind me not only the splendid traditions and the annals of more than a thousand years but the living strength and majesty of the Commonwealth and Empire; of societies old and new; of lands and races different in history and origins but all, by God's Will, united in spirit and in aim.
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What makes a nation in the beginning is a good piece of geography.
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Despite all odds we have emerged as one people and one country.
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We must strive to form a comprehensive sublime nationalism whose first principal is national geographic unity and must strengthen this unity with deeds not with words.
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It was relatively easy, we now realize, to categorize countries and nations. You knew who your enemies were and whom you could count on as collaborators and friends. And even more importantly, you had ready-made scapegoats to take the blame when things were going wrong.
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A nation ... is just a society for hating foreigners.
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Without Country you have neither name, token, voice, nor rights, no admission as brothers into the fellowship of the Peoples.
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Nations, like individuals, are punished for their transgressions.
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Nationality is the aggregated individuality of the greatest men of the nation.
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Nations it may be have fashioned their Governments, but the Governments have paid them back in the same coin.
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Every nation is destined, by the law of God and humanity, to form a free and equal community of brothers.
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The ONLY thing that seems to band all nations together, is that their governments are universally bad ...
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A nation is the sum of its memories, and when those memories are allowed to die, it is less of a nation.
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A nation is formed by the willingness of each of us to share in the responsibility for upholding the common good.
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Nations are not thugs. They are bodies of intelligent people.
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Nations endure only as long as their topsoil.
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The difference between a nation and a nationality is clear, but it is not always observed. Likeness between members is the essence of nationality, but the members of a nation may be very different. A nation may be composed of many nationalities, as some of the most successful nations are.
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Men and women, empires and cities, thrones, principalities, and powers, mountains, rivers, and unfathomed seas, worlds, spaces, and universes, all have their day, and all must go.
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Upon the civilization of the world. The best one can do is to estimate, as intelligently as possible, the national characteristics of the peoples engaged,
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The Government made by a number of Sovereign States.
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The people are the most important element in a nation; the spirits of the land and grain are the next; the sovereign is the least.
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There was something horrifying in the realization that, in this twenty-first century of what we call 'civilization,' we have carved up what we claim is one world into 200 artificially created entities we call 'nations' and armed to apprehend or kill anyone who crosses a boundary.
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Nations are becoming less relevant in a world where everyone and everything is interconnected. The connections that matter most are again becoming more personal.
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The Imagi-Nation is a little country in your head. When you're young, you go there to play. When you get older, you go there to worry.
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The eyes of such a nation (living godly) shall view a land that stretches afar. Talking about global influence, authority, dignity and respect.
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Another Country,
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The art of nations is to be accumulative, just as science and history are; the work of living men not superseding, but building itself upon the work of the past.
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One person is nothing. Two people are a nation.
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The true greatness of nations is in those qualities which constitute the greatness of the individual.
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How can I come from a nation? How can a human being come from a concept?
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One country, one constitution, one destiny.
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What else is a nation but a patchwork of cities and towns; cities and towns a patchwork of neighborhoods; and neighborhoods a patchwork of homes?
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A nation to be strong, must be united; to be united, must be equal in condition; to be equal in condition, must be similar inhabits and feeling; to be similar in habits and feeling, must be raised in national institutions as the children of a common family, and citizens of a common country.
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A nation can be mighty, when the citizens put away their political differences, work together for a common vision, a common goal and a common good.
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Vulgarity has no nation.
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We are men and women from many lands, representing a rich variety of cultures. And we have been brought together to work in a great common cause: the survival and progress of mankind. The concept of unity in diversity ... underlies our various pursuits at the United Nations.
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Nation state as a fundamental unit of man's organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.
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Nations have passed away and left no traces, And history gives the naked cause of it - One single simple reason in all cases; They fell because their peoples were not fit.
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World unity is the wish of the hopeful, the goal of the idealist and the dream of the romantic. Yet it is folly to the realist and a lie to the innocent.
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Other than sports, only war and catastrophe can create this sort of national unity.
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I have named the destroyers of nations: comfort, plenty, and security - out of which grow a bored and slothful cynicism, in which rebellion against the world as it is, and myself as I am, are submerged in listless self-satisfaction.