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Everybody's got their tribe. Whose tribe are you in anyway?
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God made me an Indian.
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Tell me something in your native woodland language.
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Every native of every place is a potential tourist, and every tourist is a native of somewhere. Every native everywhere lives a life of overwhelming and crushing banality and boredom and desperation and depression, and every deed, good and bad, is an attempt to forget this.
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Well, as a native, as a colonized people you do live in the in between. The thing is I'm native. But necessarily because I'm a member of the country, I'm also a White American.
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I am a product of my native land, Tuscany, Italy.
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Every year, I travel extensively in the autumn and the spring. I set most of the winter and summer aside for my family and my own tribal relatives. But during that traveling time, I often find myself visiting other native communities around the continent - perhaps a dozen or more each year.
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I have Native American blood. I have African blood. I have European blood.
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Well, for cool native impudence and pure innate pride, you haven't your equal
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My roots are African. The birds I remember, the fruits I ate, the trees I climbed, they're African.
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A native of America who cannot read or write is ... as rare as a comet or an earthquake.
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American natives were thought to be a simple, malleable people who, once they came to understand the benefits of European faith and civilization, would embrace them.
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Belgian stranger - all
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I profess accurately to describe native Africa - Africa in those places where it has not received the slightest impulse, whether for good or evil, from European civilisation.
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Brands that have tribe thrive
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While we were at work there came nine or 10 of the natives to a small hill a little way from us, and stood there menacing and threatening of us, and making a great noise. At last one of them came towards us, and the rest followed at a distance.
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My native land is all lands,
In no particular direction.
My monastery is the solitary mountains,
In no particular place.
My family is all the beings of the six realms.
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The precious ordinary. I
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I've sort of been an anthropologist of modern America, in a non-academic way. Whether it's Marines or Tupperware salesladies, high end audiophiles or bike couriers, I'm fascinated by the hallmarks of the American tribe.
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Immigrants are native entrepreneurs.
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The nostalgic is never a native but a displaced person who mediates between the local and the universal.
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I was told all my life I was part Cherokee. Then it was Crow. The latest is Blackfoot.
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Being an indigenous talent of the African race;
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Every native species, however humble in appearance ... has its place in the nation's heritage. It is a masterpiece of evolution, an ancient, multifaceted entity that shares the land with us.
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As you may know, I'm a native Texan. In fact I'm a fifth generation Texan.
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outsider. You do what you want, say what you want, and move on when you've worn out your welcome.
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We're not Indians and we're not Native Americans. We're older than both concepts. We're the people, we're the human beings.
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My mother's Mohawk and my father is Scottish/German from Nova Scotia.
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My guess is that the Jonathan would be as out of place in England or Kazakhstan, the native ground of its ancestors, as I would be in Russia, the native ground of my own. The arrow of natural history won't be reversed: by now the Jonathan's as much an American as I am.
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I'm a first-generation Canadian.
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My mother's family came from the British West Indies. And my father's family came from, well, my father's father came from the Montana/South Dakota area. They were Blackfoot Indian.
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The American Indian, once proud and free, is torn now between White and tribal values; between the politics and language of the White man and his own historic culture. His problems, sharpened by years of defeat and exploitation, neglect and inadequate effort, will take many years to overcome.
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If we see their (Navajo) lives and festivals as fantastic and our lives as ordinary, we come to writing with a sense of poverty. We must remember that everything is ordinary and extraordinary.
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I am an Indian to the core.
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Almost none of the poetries I admire stick to their labels, native or adopted ones. Rather, they are vagrant in their identifications. Tramp poets, there you go, a new label for those with unstable allegiances.
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One moment and bright the next. When the manager, escorted by the pilgrims, all of them armed to the teeth, had gone to the house, this chap came on board. 'I say, I don't like this. These natives are in the bush,' I said. He assured me earnestly it was all right. 'They are simple
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I'm an outsider. I will always be an outsider.
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White [...] "Indian wannabees" or as those who mine indiginous traditions the way multinationals mine their land.
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Alien - an American sovereign in his probationary state.
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When asked by an anthropologist what the Indians called America before the white men came, an Indian said simply Ours.
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American? Indian? I don't know what these words mean. In Italy, it is all about blood, family, where you come from. I'm asked where I am from. I'm from nowhere; I always was, but now I am happy knowing it.
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Indigenous people believe that Man belongs to the World; civilized people believe that the World belongs to Man.
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For your own security it's imperative you blend in with the native population.
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I'm half Native American and half white so I think I can adjust culturally to anything.
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My grandfather, Jesse Bowman, was of Abenaki Indian descent. He could barely read and write, but I remember him as one of the kindest people I ever knew. I followed him everywhere. He showed me how to walk quietly in the woods and how to fish.
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The waves wash in, warm and salty,
leaving your eyebrows white and
the edge of your cheekbone. Your ear
aches. You are lonely. On the
underside of a satin leaf, hot
with shade, a scorpion sleeps. And
one Sunday I will be shot brushing
my teeth. I am a native of this island.
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I know what it's like to be different. I'm a Native American in a white world.
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When it comes down to pure ornamental cursing, the native American is gifted above the sons of men.
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I advise you to be suspicious of any black American whose family does not claim a blood connection to Native Americans. That's a clear sign of a racial infiltrator who has not done enough research.
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Now, we're Americans. Technically, who is from this country? Only the Indians, who we graciously let dwell on their native casinos.
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The native American has been generally despised by his white conquerors for his poverty and simplicity.
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There's nothing native about young people's engagement with technology,
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I didn't know much about my Native American ancestry, but as I got older I became more interested in it.
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My family is Anglo-Indian, and of the four children, I'm the only one who wasn't born in India.
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While he rested, she asked, 'What's the difference between natives and outsiders?' 'Natives,' he replied, 'eat indoors and shit outdoors, outsiders eat outdoors and shit indoors.
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I'm Creole, and I'm down to earth.
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Aborigines, n. Persons of little worth found cumbering the soil of a newly discovered country. They soon cease to cumber; they fertilize.
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We, Brandy and Alfa and me, we've been speaking English as a second language so long that we've forgotten it as our first.
I have no native tongue.
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For most Native Americans, there's no more offensive name in English. That non-Native folks think they get to measure or decide what offends us is adding insult to injury.
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When I was a kid, I really loved Indians. Native Americans. Pardon. Me.
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Yes, I'm proud to be indigenous. I'm half-Quechua-Huachipaeri from Peru.
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I belong to the tribe of Levi.
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When I'm near a native community, I visit it. If I hear there's a spiritual person in the neighborhood, I'll seek them out.
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To native peoples, there is no such thing as the first, second, and third worlds; there is only an exploiting world ... whether its technological system is capitalist or communist ... and a host world. Native peoples, who occupy more land, make up the host world.
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This anthology is a testament to American Indian consciousness continuing to circulate, regardless of past or present genocidal attempts, whether cerebral, endemic, systematic, or otherwise.
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No racist is domestic; they belong to the wildlife areas!
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Virtually all native cultures that have survived without fouling their nests have acknowledged that nature knows best, and have had the humility to ask the bears and wolves and ravens and redwoods for guidance.
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Native nations were often matrilineal: that is, clan identity passed through the mother, and a husband joined a wife's household, not vice versa. Matrilineal does not mean matriarchal, which, like patriarchal, assumes that some group has to dominate - a failure of the imagination.
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My son, you are now flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone. By the ceremony performed this day, every drop of white blood was washed from your veins; you were taken into the Shawnee Nation ...
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I'm an Indian-origin painter. I will remain so to my last breath.
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We can try to kill all that is native, string it up by its hind legs for all to see, but spirit howls and wildness endures.
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I'm child of immigrants.
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I was stolen from my family by Navajo raiders when I was fourteen, and taken in by a Navajo family who had lost a daughter of their own." Josefina
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The first Western teacher of English in Japan was a Native American.
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I know you don't think that any tongue I speak is mine; it must be rented. I am always denial, or pretense. A child born mid-flight has no nation. I can pull on either culture, but they always melt like a dream, trickle away, water on the oiled pelt of foreign.
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People said, find your tribe. But, who was my tribe, and where were they?
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Our native soil draws all of us, by I know not what sweetness, and never allows us to forget.
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I'm part Maori. My mum's Maori, and she raised me. And my grandma, she's Maori.
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Ordinary raised to extraordinary.
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My native land, good night!
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We're all where we come from. We all have our roots.
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You'd never know it from reading the rest of the Native writers, but Indians actually grew up with American pop culture.
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I've been a foreigner for the past twenty years. I don't have roots anymore. My roots are in my memory and my writing. That's why memory is so important. Who are you but what you can remember?
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My art speaks and will continue to speak, transcending barriers of nationality, language and other forces that may be divisive, fortifying the greatness of the spirit that has always been the foundation of the Ojibwa people.
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Brahmin who'd learned the tribal dialects. He refused
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From my teenage years on, I sought out Native elders from many tribal nations and listened to their words. I also started a small press, The Greenfield Review Press, and became very involved with publishing the work of other American Indian authors, especially books of poetry.
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I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.
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I'm from a reserve. A reservation. So I know everybody. Everybody knows me.
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I am a National Football League player of American Samoan heritage. Because of my status as a professional athlete, I have been blessed to play a role in educating players and fans about the culture and history of America's southernmost territory.
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This traditional woman grew up in a world where respect for the animals hunted was of paramount importance. A concept that, in many cases, differentiates the native from the non-native hunter.
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I'll always be a foreigner.
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I've always been an outsider; a displaced person.
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And Americans realized that native people are still here, that they have a moral standing, a legal standing.
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nihari, a rich beef curry,
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We are the estranged orphans of our nations and tribes, and we now bear the weight not of survival of the group but of personal identity.
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I can speak Esperanto like a native.
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There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.
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All Americans are either immigrants or descendants of ancestors who came from somewhere else, including Native Americans. We should all respect and admire immigrants.
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I never fit in. Everyone knew my dad was Indian. I was half-Indian.
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I have no Native American heritage, but I had decided as a child that my spirit guide animal would be a bear. We were both loners and fighters, at least that's how I looked at it. I don't know how the Great Bear felt about it, as I had never given him the option to say no.