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This particularly unfashionable neighborhood was a shady one despite the absence of trees, and -- Viet Thanh Nguyen
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I come from Main Street, from a small town that's really depressed. -- Ben Bernanke
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I grew up in Chillum Heights in the Washington, D.C. area., and it was never a garden spot. When guys go, 'Hey, when I grew up, my neighborhood was tough, and it was this and that' ... the reality is that it was just a terribly sad place. And thank God, I was able to escape it. -- Jonathan Banks
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Even the worst neighborhood of Heaven will be better than the best neighborhood of the fanciest town on Earth! -- David Berg
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A neighbor is something that belongs to the stable world of home life, the thing that lives next door to you. -- Rachel Cusk
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The neighborhood is pretty rough." I rubbed the hair on the back of my neck feeling a little ashamed about that. We tried to keep it as clean as we could but we weren't saints.
"I'm starting to gather that. Thanks, Clay. Night."
"You got it bad man. -- Shandy L. Kurth
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neighborhood - and she'd watch as he -- Nicholas Sparks
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You know, I still live in my neighborhood. I live in Brooklyn and the same neighborhood, so I don't really get star treatment like that. I'm still Vanessa from the neighborhood. -- Vanessa Ferlito
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Even though the neighborhood I grew up in had some unhealthy elements, there was a caring there where you knew that you didn't want to get caught doing something wrong. There were bright spots in the neighborhood where I felt nurtured on a community level. -- Sonja Sohn
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Once you get to know your neighbors, you are no longer free, you are all tangled up, you have to stop and speak when you are out and you never feel safe when you are in. -- Rose Macaulay
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While the ghettos may have their share of violence and crime, the posh suburbs are home to more subtle demonic forces
numbness, complacency and comfort. These are the powers that can eat away at our souls. -- Shane Claiborne
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Suburb: a place that isn't city, isn't country, and isn't tolerable. -- Mignon Mclaughlin
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suburban-cocooned ass -- Bobby Adair
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The curiosity of the neighbors about you, is a tribute to your individuality, and you should encourage it -- Quentin Crisp
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Now we just showin' and provin' that there's a ghetto everywhere you go. -- Method Man
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Our neighbors are not merely our associates and special friends; they are not simply those who belong to our church, or who think as we do. Our neighbors are the whole human family. We -- Ellen G. White
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It just so happened that for most of my life I've lived in the suburbs. -- Tom Perrotta
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neighbors, I ran errands for Mo's -- Gillian Flynn
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Broad-streeted Richmond ... The trees in the streets are old trees used to living with people, Family trees that remember your grandfather's name. -- Stephen Vincent Benet
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Uptown living, you've got to call 911. Where I am, I am 911. -- Phil Robertson
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We know our neighbors - so far as we have the right to know them. We hear of their joys and their sorrows, and hasten to make them ours so far as we may. Life in a small town is like a layer cake. One gets the whole of it, frosted top, lemon filling and all. -- Laura E. Richards
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What will make the people in your neighborhood be glad you are there? Connect with individuals and leaders in the community and begin to meet the perceived needs of the community. -- Timothy J. Keller
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What's good in the hood? -- Vince Mcmahon
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Before you promise to change the world, it makes sense to do the hard work of changing your neighborhood. -- Seth Godin
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The American Dream starts with the neighborhoods. -- Harvey Milk
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I am my nearest neighbour. -- Tacitus
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In what neighborhood - town or city, rural area or village in the country - could I raise a brown boy and believe that no harm could ever come to him, where -- Ana Castillo
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We left my birthplace, Brooklyn, New York, in 1939 when I was 13. I enjoyed the ethnic variety and the interesting students in my public school, P.S. 134. The kids in my neighborhood were only competitive in games, although unfriendly gangs tended to define the limits of our neighborhood. -- Irwin Rose
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When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember that great world ideals all begin in some home neighborhood. -- Konrad Adenauer
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Hackney gets a bit of a bad rap, but it's the only place I've ever lived that felt like a community. I know my neighbours. -- Sharon Horgan
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Suburbia is the insidious cartoon of the country house in a cartoon of the country. -- James Howard Kunstler
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What else is a nation but a patchwork of cities and towns; cities and towns a patchwork of neighborhoods; and neighborhoods a patchwork of homes? -- Matthew Desmond
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Stop swimming around in your own mind. That is a dangerous neighborhood that you should not go into alone. -- Marc Levy
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yard where the trees were, where the carhouse was, and -- Harper Lee
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Neighbor is no longer confined to the vocabulary of the individual. It is a national word. Modern inventions have annihilated distance. Commercial relations have broken down barriers of race and religion, and the family of nations is a recognized fact. -- David Josiah Brewer
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People always describe small towns as quaint or cozy or familiar. "You know who your neighbors are," they always seemed to say. But what you won't find depicted in a Norman Rockwell painting is how cruel those same neighbors can be. -- T. Torrest
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You shouldn't have to leave your neighborhood to live in a better one, -- Majora Carter
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the basement. Katz -- Bill Bryson
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I was brought up in this part of Detroit that they used to call the ghetto. -- Diana Ross
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Where I'm from? A little town called none of yo god damn business. -- Dave Chappelle
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So, for a variety of reasons, ranging from convenience to fear to economics, people stayed in their own neighborhood, loving it, enjoying the closeness, the friendliness, the familiarity, and trying to save enough money to move out. -- Mike Royko
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It's a neighborhood where every dad has at least one job and where parents often end conversations with the words: no guts, no glory. -- Michael Jay
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Whose house is that, Constable? -- Oscar Wilde
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to live on Pierson Street, just two blocks north of -- Jeff Hobbs
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- just your basic girl next door, assuming your girl next door comes spring-loaded with seventeen ways to kill a man. Which implies a pretty interesting neighborhood that most people probably don't want to visit. -- Seanan Mcguire
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I love the grime, the real-life feel of things, the mix of dollar stores and libraries, high school students and prostitutes, little kids and dealers. What I like most about my Parkdale neighbourhood is that I can disappear. -- Danila Botha
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small communities -- B.f. Skinner
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I came from a tough neighborhood. I used to be a 'dirty Greek.' -- Telly Savalas
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town. In the back of his -- Jodi Picoult
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Our house is our corner of the world. -- Gaston Bachelard
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If anything, which ought not to happen, happens in your neighborhood, neighbors come as they are to help; relatives dress first. -- Hesiod
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In the evolution of a town, neighborhood, or community, there comes a point when the decisions of the past, the conditions of the present, and the prospects for the future collide. -- Jeff Smith
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The suburb is a place where someone cuts down all the trees to build houses, and then names the streets after the trees. -- Bill Vaughan
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What is a house but a bigger skin, and a neighborhood map but the world's skin ever expanding? -- Annie Dillard
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If you want to annoy your neighbors, tell the truth about them. -- Pietro Aretino
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Neighbors are the most indecent sort of folk around. Nothing but voyeurs and gossipers. As a community we would be much better off without them. -- Bauvard
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Because I have never separated myself from my home neighborhood, I cannot identify myself to myself apart from it. I am fairly literally flesh of its flesh. It is present in me, and to me, wherever I go. This -- Wendell Berry
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I live on the water. I live in a neighborhood that's consummately connected to my neighbors. I bump into them every day. I can bike to work. -- Dan Buettner
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Neighbor ... was that the word for "whoring tramp" nowadays? -- Gena Showalter
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Many of the green places and open spaces that need protecting most today are in our own neighborhoods. In too many places, the beauty of local vistas has been degraded by decades of ill-planned and ill-coordinated development. -- Al Gore
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This is a neighborhood where underwear sags low. For instance, ole Mr Deutschman lives up here, who used to be upstanding and decent. -- D.b.c. Pierre
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In this day ... community has come to mean less a geographic neighborhood than a broader, sketchier network of colleagues and kindred spirits. -- Leah Hager Cohen
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No matter where you from, there's ghettos all over the place. -- Method Man
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I live in Brick Towers, a public housing project in Newark's Central Ward. I moved in when the projects were privately owned by a man who the residents and I believed was a grade A slumlord. -- Cory Booker
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Thou unassuming common-place of Nature, with that homely face. -- William Wordsworth
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I parked in the tow-away zone, and when I got back, the entire neighborhood was gone. -- Steven Wright
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Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. We aren't trying to be all things to all people; we just want to be good neighbors. What's more Chicago than that?" "You -- Stacey Ballis
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I rent a small brick bungalow within a loop of other small brick bungalows, all of which squat on a massive bluff overlooking the former stockyards of Kansas City. Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas. There's a difference. -- Gillian Flynn
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avenue into the shadows of a rotten alley. The -- Lori L. Maclaughlin
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Earth is a small town with many neighborhoods in a very big universe. -- Ronald J. Garan Jr.
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Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees then names the streets after them. -- Bill Vaughan
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There is something more annoying than pleasant in finding neighbors from back home chiselling in on your own exclusive New York. It mitigates your triumph in having conquered the great city and brings home the ungratifying truth that anyone can do it. -- Dawn Powell
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It used to be that you knew your neighbors and maybe your coworkers - the people in your physical vicinity. -- Will Wright
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I just happened to be in the neighborhood, walking my dog ... " This was sounding lame. "Several miles from my home,in the middle of the night,in the snow.And I found myself in your backyard."
His eyes flew open. "With the cats?"
"If that's what you call them. -- Jennifer Echols
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Grew up in Stapleton House village, where blood flood the waters in the streets like oil spillage -- Rza
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Sometimes you have to find the sunny side of the street in a weird neighborhood. -- Kim Stagliano
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I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. -- James Iha
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apartment building. "Yeah, it's -- Sierra Riley
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My Becca's home. -- Jay Mclean
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In Manhattan, and its true on some level till this day; its a whole different mentality from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, which I didn't know at the time - because you basically just know your neighborhood. -- Kool Moe Dee
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Check it out, forgot to say hello to my neighbors. Check it out, sometimes I question my own behavior. -- John Mellencamp
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ETHNOMAGNETISM: The tendency of young people to live in emotionally demonstrative, more unrestrained ethnic neighborhoods: 'You wouldn't understand it there, mother-they hug where I live now.' -- Douglas Coupland
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Neighborhoods change. In some ways, it's part of the beauty of New York City. It's in a constant state of flux. -- Wylie Dufresne
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Suburbia is all about private ownership and not having to share, and it leads to a paranoid, defensive mindset. I know this, having grown up in Essex. -- Hari Kunzru
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This is how you answer a door in my neighborhood. WHO IS IT? -- Eddie Murphy
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In other words, bad neighborhoods no longer plague only urban ghettos; the bad neighborhoods have spread to the suburbs. This -- J.d. Vance
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Home. I have no idea what that word really means. -- Katie Mcgarry
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[Neighbor is] not he whom I find in my path, but rather he in whose path I place myself, he whom I approach and actively seek. -- Gustavo Gutierrez
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My whole world before I joined the Navy was my neighborhood in the Bronx. -- Tony Curtis
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Standing on the front porch was the kind of person who would probably elicit a question like 'You ain't from around here are ya, son?' from most people around there. -- Jonathon Kane
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I grew up in what my mom will always dispute as 'the hood.' She just doesn't like the name. But it had its similarities to any neighborhood like that. The all-black neighbors and the all-black problems and the all-black happiness. And I really loved it. -- Jerrod Carmichael
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The streets was basically my parents. -- Bernard Hopkins
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We live in a world that has narrowed into a neighborhood before it has broadened into a brotherhood. -- Lyndon B. Johnson
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The best neighbor you can have is a tree, a living tree. They listen more than they talk, provide shade on hot days, give you food and shelter, and don't ask for anything in return. -- Michael J. Sullivan
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I grew up in a suburb of Ohio, in a small town, and I resonated with that small-town feeling where everybody knows your business. -- Rachael Harris
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Backyards are as Australian as the Hills Hoists they host, and as individual as those who work and play in them. Whether haven, pantry or playground, they all tell a story. -- Pete Munro
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My home is not a place; it's people. -- Rae Carson
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I am happy to have success in the entertainment biz, but the root of my happiness comes from my neighborhood, NYC. -- Adrian Grenier
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It is discouraging to try to be a good neighbor in a bad neighborhood. -- William Castle
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outside the city. Fortunately for them, -- Julien Ayotte