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My nerves did a jitter dance,
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There is a man, playing a violin, and the strings are the nerves in his own arm ...
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I don't know a lot about the human body, but I would be willing to bet there's a nerve that runs directly from the palm of the hand, straight to the heart.
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Did you just say 'nerd'?"
"Not a 'nerd' - node."
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pussy, Ryker. I've waited forever
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Where did I get the nerve to think I could handle American teenagers? Ignorance. That's where I got the nerve.
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A lot of bad behavior in singers is caused by nerves.
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Let's hope his nerves will run through his veins.
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Pigskin crackling on my thumb, nummy nummy I hate pain.
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A neurosis is wherever we are allied against our true nature.
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Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
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My mother knows how to hit a nerve. And the pain I feel is worse than any other kind of misery. Because what she does always comes as a shock, exactly like an electric jolt, that grounds itself perfectly in my memory.
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No wires tender even as nerves
can transmit the impact of
our seasons, our catastrophes
while we are closed inside them
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Burn you, Nerim, that's a leg not a bloody side of beef!'
'As my lord says,' Nerim murmured. 'My lord's leg is not a side of beef. Thank you, my lord, for instructing me.
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proselytizing unknown alphabets augments the range of rapacity in your nerves
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No nerve, hey? Not half a man! ... Buster Jack, why don't you finish game? Make up for your low-down tricks. At the last try to be worthy of your dad. In his day he was a real man ... Let him have the consolation that you faced Hell-Bent Wade an' died in your boots!
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Tharn. It was a good word for a bad state of mind.
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I'm a Southerner - I never take satisfaction in touching a nerve.
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Anger is like a creeper vine that strangles the tree on which it grows
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It's important to test your nerve occasionally,' she said. 'It keeps you young.
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A question in your nerves is lit
Yet you know there is no answer fit
To satisfy, insure you not to quit
To keep it in your mind and not forget
That it is not he or she or them or it that you belong to ...
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Nerves provide me with energy ... It's when I don't have them, when I feel at ease, that's when I get worried.
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You just go on your nerve.
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One must read poetry with one's nerves.
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I'm only human, Odair!
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I am a bundle of nerves dressed up to look like a man!
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The word should be thinkering.
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You're nothing but a pack of neurons.
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Ripper was my rainstorm, my skin-drenching frenzy, where you couldn't tell right from left, where all you could feel was the phenomenon exploding throughout your body, feverishly burning through you even as it pleasurably cooled.
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My nerves were wrapped so tight I could explode at any second. Some jaguar reciting poetry was not helping. Just tell me which way to go, Shakespeare.
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COURSER My soul, living is like a courser of the night; the swifter its flight, the nearer the dawn. WM-ST-69
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A red ganglion, no bigger than a scarlet thread, snapped and quivered; a nerve, no greater than a red linen fiber twisted. Deep in her one little mech was gone and the entire machine, imbalanced, was about to steadily shake itself to bits.
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What is this word that broke through the fence of your teeth, Atreides?
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It's a snake, then.'
'Most likely.'
I was taking this extremely well. 'We have to kill it. By we, of course, I mean you. I'll stand here and scream.
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I," said Lymond, in the voice unmistakably his which honeyed his most lethal thoughts, "I am a narwhal looking for my virgin. I have sucked up the sea like Charybdis and failing other entertainment will spew it three times daily, for a fee.
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The worst of all diseases is a nervous ability.
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Hippolytus can feel, and feels nothing for me!
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Hey, Mr. Rager. Mr. Rager, tell me where you're going, tell us where you're headed.
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Yiddish for gall, nerve, arrogance-whatever
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They've called me a great many things over the years, but my name is Nefarian Serpine.
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Shelby scowled. Seriously? Would you want to be called a nephil? It sounds like a bag you carry your shame in. No, thanks. Nephilim it is, no matter how many of us you're talking about.
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If you trust your nerve as well as your skill, you're capable of a lot more than you can imagine.
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Hold at your neck the gom jabbar," she said. "The gom jabbar, the high-handed enemy. It's a needle with a drop of poison on its tip. Ah-ah! Don't pull away or you'll feel that poison.
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but she seemed to be made more of nerves than muscle and was always clutching at herself mentally, starting at shadows of thoughts that crept up on her.
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Lass, you've the face of an angel but the tongue of a snake.
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A knot you are of damned bloodsuckers.
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Mouse-brained fool
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Ty is like... a ninja on crack.
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When you suffer an attack of nerves you're being attacked by the nervous system. What chance has a man got against a system?
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Get off me you dirty turnip!" "Dirty turnip? well, pardon me Signor Cabbage-Head!
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In trying to justify the humanities, as in trying to live a life, what may turn out to matter most is holding one's nerve.
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Rat. A curse, an insult, a word totally without light.
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Aww, you know my verbal stingers are only poisoned with love
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I hold the ratchet unorthodox. Pernell Whittaker, I'm duckin' all sorts of shots
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You the Dark-Hunter?"
Kyrian arched a brow. "You the flunky?"
"I don't like your tone."
"And I dont't like you. Now that we've dispensed with the introductions and have declared our mutual distaste for one another, why don't you take me to the one who holds your leash?
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Neurosis is an inner cleavage-the state of being at war with oneself.
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Thou man of scruffy looks, thou who heard'st nerfs, Thou fool-born wimpled roughhewn waste waste of flesh!
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How could it be possible that there were that many nerve endings all in one place?
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By God," quod he, "for pleynly, at a word,
Thy drasty rymyng is nat worth a toord!
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This paralysis is my greatest mercy.7
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I have this instinct for knowing when a defence is going to relax, or when a defender will make a mistake,' he once said. 'Something inside me says, Gerd, go this way; Gerd, go that. I don't know what it is.' A killer who claimed to hear voices. Serial goalscorer.
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Natural or artificial stimulation of nerves gives rise to a process of progressive excitation in them, leading to a response in the effector organ of the nerves concerned.
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Ann's got to take her nerve by the horns.
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A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you are keeping.
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Every second we're together, I get under your skin as deeply as you've scarred mine.
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A properly trained lybrarian is one of the most fearless and fearsome beings in the world!
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Strain every nerve to gain your point.
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Anthony watched him, dumbfounded, and then turned to Lucy. "What have you done with Zack's brain?"
Lucy stood to follow Zack. "What brain? I don't think he has one. I think he's just one giant exposed nerve ending. I swear sometimes at night, I can hear his neurons snapping like popcorn.
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God, I fucking race you, Ryles,
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The nerves are good because that keeps you from relaxing too much and getting caught off guard.
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Every neurosis is a primitive form of legal proceeding in which the accused carries on the prosecution, imposes judgment and executes the sentence: all to the end that someone else should not perform the same process.
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Explore thyself. Herein are demanded the eye and the nerve.
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She got a long pointed nose and big fleshy mouth. Lips look like black plum. Eyes big, glossy. Feverish. And mean. Like, sick as she is, if a snake cross her path, she kill it
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Seaweed Brain

Wise Girl
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The honied tongue hath its poison.
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Dance you guys!" Thalia ordered. "You look stupid just standing there."
I looked nervously at Annabeth, then at the groups of girls who were roaming the gym.
"Well?" Annabeth asked.
"Um, who should I ask?"
She punched me in the gut. "Me, Seaweed Brain."
"Oh. Oh right.
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Mistake, mistake, mistake. A strange word: stinging, somehow.
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Away! Thou'rt poison to my blood.
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If wits were pins, the man would be a veritable hedgehog.
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[Neurotics are] torn by inner conflicts ... Every neurotic ... is at war with himself.
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The big trick in putting is not method; the secret of putting is domination of the nerves.
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Taking drugs to overcome nerves is the thin edge of the wedge going in there.
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My writing has gone to bits - like my character. I am simply a self-conscious nerve in pain.
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Emotional fuckwittage
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If with the millions of nerves in your body and you still don't feel the pain of others, then you probably might be some kind of robot.
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Never was a miser a brave soul.
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Intelligence will be used in the service of the neurosis.
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Wrong answer fucker
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The Evil Onionman
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I'm pretty neurotic.
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Anger is one of the sinews of the soul.
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My heart pumps yet the poison draught of you.
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... the pain of neuralgia ... she knew what they thought. That she was cold. Couldn't feel. But in fact she felt too much. Too deeply.
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Of all the organs, ' said Nehemiah Trot, 'the tongue is the most remarkable. For we use it both to taste our sweet wine and bitter poison, thus also do we utter words both sweet and sour with the same tongue. Go to her! Talk to her!
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To speak, therefore, of an electric current in the nerves, is to use quite as symbolic an expression as if we compared the action of the nervous principle with light or magnetism.
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True, nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am, but why will say that I am mad?! The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute.
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Neurons giveth and neurons taketh away.
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Doesn't your work interest you, Esther?
You know, Esther, you've got the perfect setup of a true neurotic.
You'll never get anywhere like that, you'll never get anywhere like that, you'll never get anywhere like that.
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Actually, I'm going to nerd out on you, so prepare.