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But, Bubba? Aren't you and Mark friends? (Nick)
Ah, hell no. Mark's not my friend, he's my minion. (Bubba) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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That's the trouble with Nick. The only time he opens his mouth is to change feet. -- David Feherty
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Lyle has that same footlocker in his room," said Nick. "And, dude, the -- Mark Frost
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Where am I? (Nick) Hospital. (Kyrian) Really? No kidding? And here I thought I was at McDonald's. (Nick) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Pete had always been a compulsive organizer, but the man himself was so sociable and friendly that he could seem absentminded at times. Nick was the diametric opposite; his mind was completely organized, but his physical environment was always in chaos. -- Tim Downs
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I like a man who comes prepared. (Nick) -- Marshall Thornton
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Nick's cell phone rings at ten A.M., and I can tell by his voice that it is Go. He sounds springy, boyish, the way he always does when he talks to her. The way he used to sound with me. He heads into the bedroom and shuts -- Gillian Flynn
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Is he a good boy? (Cherise)
No, Mom, he's Satan incarnate. In fact, once it's over, we're going to get liquored up and tattooed, then find some cheap hos and have a good time with his trust fund. (Nick) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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And Nick was sure Christianna's family was upset -- Danielle Steel
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Nick stood alone and watched her.
A strange emotion bubbled up inside of him. Since he'd never experienced it before, he couldn't seek out a name. There was little left in life that touched him, and he admitted he liked it that way.
Tonight, something changed. -- Jennifer Probst
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I kick-kick game, can't injure Nicki. That's why they nick-nicknamed me Ninja Nicki. -- Nicki Minaj
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I don't know why you're laughing, Miss Thing," Nick said, turning his gaze to me. "You still fantasize over Joe McIntyre like you are thirteen years old!"
"Oh, I own my obsession. If Joey Joe were here right now, I'd break him. I have no shame. -- Alice Clayton
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Nick wanted to meet on campus at Love Library. (That was the actual name; thank you for your donation, Mayor Don Lathrop Love.) -- Rainbow Rowell
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There is no sense in trying to be good, hoping to find myself back in God's grace, when Nick's skin makes heaven seem like a flooded trailer park. -- Mel Bossa
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And you haven't been betrayed yet, Nick. You don't know what that's like. What it does to you. The scars it leaves that never fade. (Ambrose) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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It was an accident?" Nick attempts. "An accident?" Chris huffs out. "An accident? You accidentally gave someone a blowjob?" If Nick never hears the word "blowjob" come out of his dad's mouth again, he'll die a happy man. -- Lisa Henry
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That is Nick Colt, otherwise known as bad news. -- Carrie Jones
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I held up my hands. 'I thought you could use a punching bag.' See, this is me, the new and improved Nick Pardee, available to girlfriends and crazy people in their time of need. -- Tessa Gratton
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He only shot one person," Nick remarked. "But the night is young." ...
Forgive him, he has no manners."
I get by on good looks," Nick said. -- Sarah Rees Brennan
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Nick loved his cousins, they were family after all, and according to his mother, you have to love family. Over the years, he had also noticed that the less he saw them, the more lovable they became. He would really love them if they moved to California. -- Shannon Ryan
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Shaya's chasing Nick with her shotgun - and I'm not even kidding. I believe the last words she said to him before we left were, 'Run, Alpha-boy. -- Suzanne Wright
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Becca remembered something Chris had said earlier. "Wait, I thought you would be benched all year if you got in another fight."
Gabriel laughed. "You're sweet. I'm not worried."
"You're not?"
"Nah. Don't you remember? They all think I'm Nick. -- Brigid Kemmerer
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Nick," he said. "I think I'm going to need you to bite my arm."
"I think I'm going to need you to run that by me again. -- Brigid Kemmerer
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He's not my boyfriend."
"Ha. That's a good one. I saw you two tonsil surfing out there."
I could kill her. "I don't even have tonsils!"
"I know that and I bet Nick knows that too, now." She slaps her leg because she's just too funny for words. -- Carrie Jones
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"Come to bed. It's too cold to sleep on the floor."
There was a pause. "You sure?"
"Thanks." Nick said.
"Oh, sure. It's nothing. Couldn't let you freeze, not with Jesus watching. -- Kristan Higgins
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Nick turned out to be a shy boy, uncertain in groups and in new situations, but also very brave, determined to overcome his fear. - Will, as a parent describing his son -- Lisa Goldstein
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His name is Nick. I love it. It makes him seem nice, and regular, which he is. When he tells me his name, I say, "Now, that's a real name." He brightens and reels off some line: "Nick's the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn't mind if you puke in his car. Nick!" He -- Gillian Flynn
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It doesn't matter, because I have found my match. It's Nick, laid-back and calm, smart and fun and uncomplicated. Untortured, happy. Nice. Big penis. -- Gillian Flynn
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NICK HAPPENED a year later. He came in to Gordo's all dusty from the road. The clutch on his bike had blown out a few miles outside of Green Creek. He stayed for a week. I fucked him on the last three days he was in town. He left and I never saw him again. Joe -- T.j. Klune
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While I was vowing to save Nick, he had taken on the job of being my protector and staunchest defender -- Katherine Allred
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Gabriel's going to be pissed."
It took Nick a second to answer. "Why?"
"He'll have to break his leg so people won't be able to tell you apart. -- Brigid Kemmerer
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He started to look back, but he knew better. That fool always got eaten in the movies. And Nick didn't want to be on anyone's menu. -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Nick grew up with a father who never ever apologized, so when Nick feels he has screwed up he goes on offense. -- Gillian Flynn
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Take her home."
Nick fake salutes. "Sir,yes sir."
"Sarcasm doesn't become you,Colt," Coach Walsh says,but he smiles when he says it, so obviously he is only mad at me,not superboy Nick Colt,beloved of coaches everywhere. If I were a guy he would let me run tomorrow. -- Carrie Jones
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Nick - Psycho-ass? You're bringing psycho-ass back?
Zarek - That's Mister Psycho-ass to you, punk. -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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One thing concerns me a little, nick has a girlfriend, right? Well, how do you think she'll feel about all of this? He probed. He had this look on his face that he always had when I'm doing something a little bit naughty. You know, something you can get away with, but it's still a bit dodgy. -- Jessica Thompson
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I promise you this. I'll love you until the day I die even if I have to live without you. And if it's fifty years from now, you come home, Nick Anderson. Do you hear me? I'll be waiting on you. -- Katherine Allred
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He tried to read, but the words swam in front of his eyes in meaningless waves. He put on the television. Nick at Nite, the cultural equivalent of aerosol cheese. -- Harlan Coben
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At first Nick was able to divide this fantasy from reality, but as time passed, he became more sure that the fantasy was reality. -- Stephen King
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That although I love Nick, on most days I don't think he lassoed the moon -- Emily Giffin
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Kate's phone rang, with the caller ID Nick McGarrett. -- Janet Evanovich
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If by weirdo he meant that Nick didn't play grab-ass with the wannabes on the street corner, didn't yank at his crotch and call girls bitches, didn't wear oversized jerseys and pretend to be a gangsta all day, then yeah, Nick had to agree. -- Brom
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Reagan was looking at Nick like she was already tying him to the railroad tracks. Wren -- Rainbow Rowell
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Nora: "How do you feel?"
Nick: "Terrible. I must've gone to bed sober. -- Dashiell Hammett
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Nick looked vaguely homicidal, but that was sort of his default expression. -- Sarah Rees Brennan
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Hello-o-o-o-o, Nick," I said, hitting thek hard. "You're the world's biggest jerk for what you did to Jax. You ever show your scrawny face in Cincinnati again, and I'm going to shove a broomstick up your ass and set it on fire. You got that? -- Kim Harrison
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I'd like to know more about this undercover agent who posed as my daughter's date. The ubiquitous Tall, Dark, and Smoldering.'
Nick put on his best meet-the-parent smile. 'I generally prefer to go by Nick. -- Julie James
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I walk a loop around the neighborhood, waiting for Nick to appear, to guide me back to our house. The rain spackles me gently, dampening me. I really believe Nick will come after me. I turn toward the house and see only a closed door. -- Gillian Flynn
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Ty was a force to be reckoned with, though, fueled by betrayal and pain and righteous anger. Neither man could make any headway with him, and so Nick had remained upstairs, unconscious and handcuffed to the brand-new bed Ty had bought Zane as a wedding present. Ty -- Abigail Roux
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Nick Abraham and I had known each other from Ryerson University. -- Ari Millen
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I'd be at work where poeple respected my opinions, said Nick. And then, I'd come home and it was like I was the village idiot. -- Liane Moriarty
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When it's family, Nick, there's a limit to the shit I'll eat. But there is no limit to the love I'll give. -- Kristen Ashley
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Nick wouldn't dream of going on a case without his beloved cat. After all, they had been together for over three hundred years. -- Abramelin Keldor
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pocket. "Tanner," Nathaniel -- Rachel Hauck
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Nick's eyes widened as a total state of befuddled huh possessed him. Was he in the
Twilight Zone? -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Nick plays a corrupt politician, which is kind of a redundant statement. -- Alan Rudolph
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Nat who is nothing like a gnat. I can promise you that. -- Melissa De La Cruz
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Forgive him, baby Jesus, he knows not what he does," Kelly said, then pulled Nick with him.
"I'm going to Hell anyway, I don't know why I bother anymore. -- Abigail Roux
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Nick leaned forward, his eyes practically burning. Or maybe the rumor is true. Maybe you didn't kill him because you're in love with him. -- Rachel Hawkins
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And if you a G you a G-G-G. My name is Onika, you can call me Nicki. -- Nicki Minaj
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Nick retreated, afraid to admit he couldn't handle it in front of a bunch -- Jennifer Probst
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Stay away from me, Nick." She held out a hand to hold him off.
He grabbed her arm and pulled her against his chest. "I can't," he said softly. -- Rachel Gibson
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Nick was wrong about me. Having a mud vein didn't kill me; it saved me. My vein drew Isaac. He was the light and he followed me into the darkness. He became the darkness, then he carried my burdens so I wouldn't have to. -- Tarryn Fisher
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We weren't going anywhere, Nick said with a smile. He was trying to sound charming, but instead wound up sounding heavily sedated. -- Neal Shusterman
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But one thing you do still gotta learn is, when it's family, Nick, there's a limit to the shit I'll eat. But there is no limit to the love I'll -- Kristen Ashley
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Nick Lea is a great actor, and doing scenes with him was always awesome. -- Matt Dallas
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Take that, you scum-sucking snipes. Eat your words and your cruelty. May you drown in it and die. (Nick) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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You should have been nicer to her, Nick. You should have eaten the fucking pie. -- Gillian Flynn
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It was Nick's voice Nick's arms. He turned me on my back and swam with me, pulling me to the bank. -- Elizabeth Chandler
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Cause I'm gonna put my foot so far up their butts they're going to burp shoe leather. (Nick) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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So let everyone take sides. Team Nick, Team Amy. Turn it into even more of a game: Sell some fucking T-shirts. -- Gillian Flynn
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We could just go naked. Set a trend." -Nick -- Megan Hart
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Jesus, I wish I could stop fucking crying. So gay, right?'
Hunter put a hand on his shoulder. 'Don't do that to yourself, Nick. -- Brigid Kemmerer
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You know he loves you, right? (Amanda)
Yeah, but emotions don't have brains. (Ash)
- About Nick -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Even now, after Nick had caused me pain, the truth was I didn't want to cause him any. Wasn't that love, after all? -- Laura Dave
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I don't believe Old Nick can be so very ugly,' said Aunt Jamesina reflectively. 'He wouldn't do so much harm if he was. I always think of him as a rather handsome gentleman. -- L.m. Montgomery
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Check that - I've found the end. Nick, please be kind enough to withdraw your head to a reasonable distance from my hindquarters.'
-Ajay -- Mark Frost
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Look. I brought you here to give you a choice-"
"You didn't bring us here," said Nick.
"You're here," said Bod. "I wanted you here. I came here. You followed me. Same thing. -- Neil Gaiman
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Nick moved over. "You smell like a fucking vodka bottle."
"Sweating out my sins, my friend."
"Lots of sins. -- Cari Quinn
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Nately had a bad start. He came from a good family. -- Joseph Heller
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Tom. I'd like to -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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I can't believe they let us name a person," Nick had said. "It feels like something only the King of the Land should be able to do." "Or the Queen of the Kingdom," Alice said. "Oh, they'd never let a woman name a person," said Nick. "Obviously. -- Liane Moriarty
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A Harvey Nicks chick with throwaway morals and a trustfund appetite. -- Saira Viola
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Bubba there zombies ... and there trying to eat me!
-Nick Gautier -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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[Nick] brushed the crumbs from his hands and then looked me right in the eye. "Kate," he began, "You are my cousin, and I love you, and I will always, always, always run you over without a second thought to get to a woman with a whole lot of cash. -- Tina Lencioni
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Pinch me, please. Is any of this real?" Rachel whispered as she looked into Nick's eyes.

"This place is very real. You're the dream," Nick answered as he kissed her deeply. -- Kevin Kwan
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Nick pressed a finger onto the table. "Would you bust him out of prison?"
"No," Zane answered immediately.
Nick sat back, eyebrows climbing high. "No?"
"No," Zane said again. He poured another glass, gritting his teeth. "I wouldn't let him make it to a cell."
"How is that not enough? -- Abigail Roux
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He wanted to work in Hot Woman Valhalla until he died of testosterone poisoning. (Nick) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Dude, you're scaring the crap out of me,' said Nick. 'I'm serious, I literally have no crap right now. -- Mark Frost
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Who shot at you? Nick asked, taking in the stunned expressions on his staffers' faces. Why couldn't he have fallen for an accountant? -- Marie Force
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I will fear no evil for I am the baddest beast in the land. (Nick) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Spencer: "Based on the number of drinks?"
Nick: "Based on the number of licks. -- Aleksandr Voinov
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Nick, if I can have you, I don't want or need anything or anybody else in the world. Call it whatever you want. Just say yes. -- Evangeline Anderson
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She was magic, a direct light - the kind that seeps through in places that didn't exist inside him anymore. The light he thought he lost forever, but Nick realized we don't lose the light, we absorb it, and with Olivia he wanted to absorb every small speck of it. -- Maria La Serra
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One of you guys is going to have to feed the vampiric lawyer some blood and it can't be me. (Caleb) Why? You afraid of a little bite? I'm anemic. (Nick) And I'm Catholic. Doesn't that knock me out of the running? (Nick) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I' m going to bed. If anyone else attacks tonight, feed them Nick and tell them to go away.
-Caleb -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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A vision flashed across Nick's mind. It was the image of a lipstick kiss his wife left for him on the mirror that morning. It hung there like the single digit sum to the chalkboard-crammed equation of his life. -- Gary Ponzo
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In order to keep liking Nick (as opposed to loving him which was completely non-negotiable) Alice sometimes had to look at him obliquely or with her eyes half closed or through a pin hole on a piece of cardboard. Straight on would burn her retinas. -- Carol Anshow
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Ty tapped Nick's knee. "Do you really want him left behind knowing you did this? It can wait until we get back."
"Just stop talking, Beaumont," Nick grunted. "You're like the Bermuda Triangle of morals."
Zane snorted and covered it with a cough. -- Abigail Roux
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Neil started for the door, but Kevin put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Neil."
There was a world of regret in that name, but it was a promise, too. -- Nora Sakavic