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You're not allowed to give yourself a nickname. This holds true in life as well as in poker. -- Richard Roeper
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A nickname is not supposed to be your only name. I miss Jennifer a bit. -- Jennifer Lopez
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Hi, my name is Cuelebre, Liam Cuelebre. My code name is Double Oh Peanut, but you can call me Rock Star for short. -- Thea Harrison
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I'm done with the nicknames. Actually, when I obtain my doctorate, I will not allow people to call me Shaq anymore, either. -- Shaquille O'neal
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People can have nicknames. Body parts should not. -- Jenny O'connell
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I nicknamed everyone in the gym. It was easier than remembering their names. -- Joe Gold
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The nickname (Ice Princess) is just based on my looks on the outside , once you get to know me , you'll get to like me. -- Jessica Jung
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My nickname when I was young was Teddy, so people would call me Teddy Bear. -- Mila Kunis
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I have a little name. That's why people can remember it. -- Mike Watt
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A name? Oh, Jesus Christ. Ah, God, I've been called by a million names all my life. I don't want a name. I'm better off with a grunt or a groan for a name. -- Bernardo Bertolucci
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WHAT'S IN A NAME? -- Sara Horowitz
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My nickname in grade school was salamander because I have a lazy eye -- Thom Yorke
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Nicknames reveal the man; real names conceal the man. -- F.w. Boreham
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When I need somebeast to tell me m'name I'll jolly well ask m'self. Pish tush! The very idea, tellin' a chap his own moniker! -- Brian Jacques
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Who can give a man this, his own name? -- George Macdonald
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I do have a nickname with my family; I'm called Snappy, because I do get to be a bit snippy at times. They call me Snappy Bear. That's from New Hampshire. My dad's called Crazy, my mother's Happy - it's a whole thing. -- Eliza Coupe
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John Legend is a nickname that some friends started calling me, and it kind of grew into my stage name. -- John Legend
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Watching you pretend to hate the nickname is the best part of my day. -- Sally Thorne
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I earned my famous name. -- Brian Wilson
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To get a name can happen but to few; it is one of the few things that cannot be brought. It is the free gift of mankind, which must be deserved before it will be granted, and is at last unwillingly bestowed. -- Samuel Johnson
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Oh, alright. You're no fun," he sighed. "My name is Razor."
"What kind of a name is that?"
"It's a nickname."
"What kind of a nickname is that?"
"Spike, Blade, Fang - all the good, deadly objects were already taken. It was the best I could do. -- Ada Adams
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A good name is what is given you by others and that which has been earned by you. -- Jack Hyles
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What a nickname. Teenagers can be so cruel. I'm embarrassed to be one of them. -- Colleen Hoover
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didn't seem to be the nickname sort. Beautiful people rarely were. 'Let's -- Jeffery Deaver
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I've been called a lot of things. -- Terry Mcauliffe
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My nickname was Skinabo - 'skin and bones.' -- Ellen Barkin
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My stage name is actually my nickname given to me by my dad when I was a baby. -- Omi
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What's your nickname?"
She frowns, trying to figure it out. "Because your middle name is Charles?"
I shake my head and tell her with the straightest face, "Big Cock. -- Emma Chase
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I want my name to mean me. -- Mark Haddon
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My nickname in high school, aside from Amanda Panda, Lord of the Geeks, and Tits McGee, was Sir Pukes-A-Lot. It didn't matter that I wasn't a sir. I still got sick every time I got really nervous, which led to many embarrassing moments during presentations, PE, and drama class. -- Karina Halle
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Why would you want my given name?"

"Because I'd like to call out your given name when I thrust into you."

~Dante -- Tina Folsom
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Lucy is a name for a child. If you ever truly want to make it in the world, you should go by Lucille." "Noted. If you ever want to be the life of the party, you should consider the nickname Graham Cracker. -- Brittainy C. Cherry
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I don't care what they call me as long as they mention my name. -- George M. Cohan
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Actually, Keke is my nickname. When I was little, my sister was about four years old, and she had an imaginary friend named Keke. And she wanted my name to be Keke. -- Keke Palmer
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A cute nickname was the first mile marker on Gag Highway, heading straight to Relationshipville. And making up the names of fake roads and cities to express your unhappiness was probably the first step to insanity. -- Emma Mills
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Of course I have a name. All the stars do. -- Amber Stokes
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I'm a name and a question. -- Paul Tremblay
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When I was born, my father named me Melissa, and I am still Melissa, but I got the nickname Lizzo around the time I was in the Cornrow Clique. -- Lizzo
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You, boy, who owe everything to a name -- Mark Antony
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I've had many nicknames over the years: V, Nessa, Nessy Poo, Nessy Bear and Van. Only my parents call me Van, though, and I hate it. I get embarrassed. -- Vanessa Hudgens
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Since my initials are J. U., people called me Ju. Or Jujube, like the candy. -- Jenna Ushkowitz
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I've got a friend whose nickname is "Shagger". You might think that's pretty cool. She doesn't like it. -- Jimmy Carr
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I have a name, I have to take advantage of it. -- Pierre Cardin
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A nickname a man may chance to wear out; but a system of calumnity, pursued by a faction, may descend even to posterity. This principal has taken full effect on this state favorite. -- Isaac D'israeli
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Astronauts cannot pick their nicknames and can only get their nicknames from other astronauts. Any astronaut who tries to give himself a cool nickname will regret it by getting just the opposite from his astronaut friends. -- Michael J. Massimino
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You don't need to know my name. You'll forget it soon enough. -- Norihiro Yagi
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What does he stand for? -- James Carville
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Let me spell my name out for you, it's Ricky:
R: Ravishing, I: Impress,
C: Courageous or Careless,
K: for the Kangols which I've got,
That I wear everyday and Y: Why not? -- Slick Rick
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My nickname is Dickie Jukebox. I own thousands and thousands and thousands of songs. -- Richard Simmons
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My mom, God rest her soul - she liked nicknames. In the womb she named me Skip. There was another black guy in Piedmont, W.Va., and his name was Skip. They called him Big Skip, and I was Little Skip. -- Henry Louis Gates
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I don't mind being called 'Supernova.' If one nickname is going to stick, that's not a bad one! -- Natalia Vodianova
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What is more important than the name is that people know that I really like acting, I enjoy it and I want people to know that I am serious. The name thing: I will always be L.L. Cool J. -- Ll Cool J
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I'd like to be called Ransom Spunk or Spunk Ransom. -- Robert Pattinson
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In credits, I'm 'Michael' sometimes now, but people know you as something, so there's no point fighting it. 'Squiggle,' you'll always be 'Prince,' and 'The Rock,' just accept it. I want to move on, but not that much. So I'm still known as 'Johnny Vegas.' -- Johnny Vegas
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Whatever you do gives you the name it gives. -- Israelmore Ayivor
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As the nicknames get shorter, people come closer. -- Mita Jain
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Does he have a nickname?' Diana went on remorselessly. 'I mean, 'gaiphage' is so long. Can we call him phage? Or maybe just 'G'? -- Michael Grant
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A name is one of those things one can give away and keep all the same. -- George Macdonald
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Ma petite.' That was all, just my nickname, but it seemed to hold years of I love yous. The -- Laurell K. Hamilton
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I'm not my name. My name is something I wear, like a shirt. It gets worn. I outgrow it, I change it. -- Jerry Spinelli
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My name, my real name, is Tracy. I always thought I was like a boy named Sue. So I made my friends call me 'Tray.' -- Ice-T
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Let us not get into the habit of names. Names are dangerous. -- George R R Martin
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William: What's your nickname?
Maddox: I do not have one.
William I'm happy to give you one. Captain Ass. What do you think?
Maddox: I can leave.
William: New nickname: Big Baby. Anyway, let's continue ... -- Gena Showalter
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My team name is the Duchess of Douchecockery.Yep, that's mine. -- Katie Aselton
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One of the fellows called me 'Cyclone' but finally shortened it to 'Cy' and its been that ever since. -- Cy Young
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You should check to see if anyone else is using that, because let me tell you, me and another guy are both called Hawkeye, and it's a real pain. -- Kelly Thompson
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I beg you to understand and accept that no matter what name, I am what I am. -- Keith Donohue
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I want you to know my name.
The name I was given, not the title I took for myself.
Will you have it?


"Aleksander -- Leigh Bardugo
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My name is Catbug. What's yours? -- Breehn Burns
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You can write 'little beast' if you want, but my name is David Ferrer. -- David Ferrer
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Names are not for the asking, mortal. Names are earned. -- Steven Erikson
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If you don't know who you are, anyone can name you. -- Michael Meade
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I want my name back. -- Richard Jewell
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I made the first Feist album in '98. So at that point, it was my nickname. It was as far as with my circle of friends, and just felt more accurate than two names. -- Feist
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Most people call me Mercy. I like it. -- Mercedes Mccambridge
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My name is "A Pimp named Slickback" Wait ... A Pimp?? ... Named Slickback. Yes, please say the whole thing if you would. Yes, that includs the "A Pimp Named" part. Yes Tom, everytime. -- Katt Williams
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One of my other nicknames was Thomas Edison, because I invented so many moves. -- Earl Monroe
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King Kofi Kingston, that does have a nice ring to it. But not so much the initials, though. -- Cm Punk
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In Australia, everyone gets a nickname and people started calling me "Izzy" and I hated it so I just adopted Bella. -- Bella Heathcote
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I named myself Flash many years ago, as I loved the cartoon. Then my own fans said that I should call myself 'Grandmaster,' because of the way I operate turntables. I put the two together and that was it. -- Grandmaster Flash
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I'm the man of a million names. -- Giancarlo Stanton
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You are a kitten. The name stays. You are the compact version of a wildcat, so it fits. Kitten. -- Shyloh Morgan
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My name is no longer a name, it is a call. -- Lang Leav
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People call me Wayne Wonder and it also goes back to football because I could do mad skills with the ball and people would marvel and wonder how I could do it. -- Wayne Wonder
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Man, I have so many names that everybody calls me something different. Some people call me Drew, some people call me Mayer, some people call me Haircut. -- Mayer Hawthorne
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I decided I was gonna call myself cause Gucci Mane cause that was my father's name. His nickname was Gucci Mane. That's what my grandmother called my father. People would call me Gucci Mane every now and then, but honestly, that was his name. -- Gucci Mane
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My name is June Iparis. -- Marie Lu
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My name is James Edward Franco. Ted is a nickname for Edward. That's what my parents called me. I also got 'Teddy Ruxpin' a lot. It just got to a point where I got sick of it, so when a teacher called out 'James Franco' my junior year of high school, I didn't correct her. -- James Franco
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With a name like Cush Jumbo, you never get forgotten. The 'Jumbo' is from my father, who is Nigerian, and 'Cush' was a king in ancient Egypt. It's a name that took a few years to grow into, but now I feel it was meant to be. It's absolutely who I am, and I love it. -- Cush Jumbo
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It has not been an easy name, yet it has brought me many a laugh. -- Sister Parish
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I changed from 'Zoo Kid' to 'King Krule' mainly because I didn't want to be called a 'Kid' when I was 20, so I just thought I'd get rid of that alias and change it now while I'm younger. I wanted to change it quick. and 'King Krule' was the first thing that came into my head. -- King Krule
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With Jace, you don't really get to choose your insulting nickname. -- Cassandra Clare
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I guess the word to call me is my name, Pete. -- Peter Dinklage
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Names are powerful and are prophecies of the future. The name you are called is a sign of what you are and what you would become. -- Jude Idada
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For Gogol Ganguli- The man who gave you his name, from the man who gave you your name. -- Jhumpa Lahiri
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That's the first time you said my name ... and I like it -- Nicholas Sparks
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Everyone should know what it is like to be called by name. By the name of the unique person one is at
heart. -- Mary Balogh
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W a gang member, and especially in a Latino gang, gets jumped in, and then he's given a name, and he has that name forever, but it's not so much the name as being called by name. -- Greg Boyle
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I was always called Payne or Payno. -- Liam Payne
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The Sixth Grade Nickname Game, by Gordon Korman, -- Donalyn Miller