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Nightingales are put in cages because their songs give pleasure. Whoever heard of keeping a crow? -- Rumi
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I looked into the literature on this," said Nightingale, "and it wasn't very helpful."
"There's a literature about this?"
"You'd be amazed, Constable, about what there's a literature on. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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Wisdom's self oft seeks to sweet retired solitude, where with her best nurse Contemplation, she plumes her feathers, and lets grow her wings that in the various bustle of resort were all to-ruffled, and sometimes impaired. -- John Milton
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In a twilight garden, when a brown nightingale starts singing, what is left to a blonde chicken is to remain silent. -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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The wren and the nightingale sound nothing alike, but think how dull the world would be without the songs of both birds.-Miss Kanagawa -- Kirby Larson
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I have an idea," I said.
"This better not be a cunning plan," said Leslie.
Nightingale looked blank, but at least it got a chuckle from Dr Walid. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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I hope I did not offend Miss Nightingale by complaining about the rat," said the countess. "I like her very much. Miss Nightingale, I mean, not the rat. -- Mary Pope Osborne
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There I go, Clara the parrot. I belong on a pirate's shoulder. -- Cynthia Hand
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Fanny was upset when Crittenden criticized Florence Nightingale, the celebrated British nurse of the Crimean War, saying, he thought it a very unwomanly thing for a gentle lady to go into a hospital of wounded men. -- Doris Kearns Goodwin
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This is your new nurse, Mary Poppins. -- P.l. Travers
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O Death, what are thou? nurse of dreamless slumbers freshening the fevered flesh to a wakefulness eternal. -- Martin Farquhar Tupper
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My curiosity sister of larks. -- Fernando Pessoa
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Oh, do not cease at all; I thought the nightingale sang but at night; or if thou needst must cease, then let my lips touch the sweet lips that can such music make. -- Oscar Wilde
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A Locanian having plucked all the feathers off from a nightingale and seeing what a little body it had, "surely," quoth he, "thou art all voice and nothing else. -- Plutarch
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A capital patient, as she never died and never got well. -- Louisa May Alcott
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I envy no man's nightingale or spring;
Nor let them punish me with loss of rhyme,
Who plainly say, My God, My King. -- George Herbert
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I often compare Margaret Thatcher with Florence Nightingale. She stalks through the wards of our hospitals as a lady with a lamp. Unfortunately, it's a blowlamp. -- Denis Healey
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Bismarck was a large persian cat owned by Florence Nightingale. -- Florence Nightingale
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The nurse is temporarily the consciousness of the unconscious, the love of life for the suicidal, the leg of the amputee, the eyes of the newly blind, a means of locomotion for the infant, the knowledge and confidence of the young mother, and a voice for those too weak to speak. -- Virginia Henderson
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O friendship! thou fond soother of the human breast, to thee we fly in every calamity; to thee the wretched seek for succor; on thee the care-tired son of misery fondly relies; from thy kind assistance the unfortunate always hopes relief, and may be sure of
disappointment. -- Oliver Goldsmith
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My sparrow, she flickers and wakes and sings and sings. -- Lisa Ann Sandell
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By the time Florence Nightingale got her neurotic hands on Cleopatra, she had been mangled beyond recognition by both history and literature. -- Stacy Schiff
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Even a man's exact imitation of the song of the nightingale displeases us when we discover that it is a mimicry, and not the nightingale. -- Immanuel Kant
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Faith is the champion of Grace, and Love the nurse; but Humility is the beauty of Grace. -- Thomas Brooks
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A full harvest moon lit the sky. In its glow, there appeared an old woman dressed in black lace. A shimmering veil covered her head. With her back to the old oak tree, she keened wildly. Her cry was carried by the autumn winds and lost on the wings of the nightingales. -- Annemarie Dapp
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Agesilaus being invited once to hear a man who admirably imitated the nightingale, he declined, saying he had heard the nightingale itself. -- Plutarch
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A ministering angel shall my sister be. -- William Shakespeare
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She had on a spangled top that sparkled like fish scales. Her hair was very yellow. She looked like a mermaid in a bad mood.
(p. 82 RAYMIE NIGHTINGALE) -- Kate Dicamillo
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She has the care of a mother, the love of a sister, a prostitute in bed. Who is she? -- Bangambiki Habyarimana
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He stood beside a cottage lone
And listened to a lute,
One summer's eve, when the breeze was gone,
And the nightingale was mute. -- Thomas Kibble Hervey
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The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest. -- William Osler
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Truth, that fair goddess who comes always with healing in her wings. -- Anne Monroe
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She was a wonderful teenage girl who had the miraculous power to cure herself from any wound, either physical or mental. With her own salty tears, she would cleanse her raw wounds. And her breaths were given, as though not to breathe but, rather, to fan her sores. -- Khadija Rupa
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Hope! thou nurse of young desire. -- Isaac Bickerstaffe
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You are not my nursemaid. Remember, I am rescuing you. -- Robin Lafevers
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For compassion a human heart suffices, but for full and adequate sympathy, with joy, an angel's only. -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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An angel! Nonsense! Everybody so describes his mistress; and yet I find it impossible to tell you how perfect she is, or why she is so perfect: suffice it to say she has captivated all my senses. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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She was an auxiliary nurse but training to be a true nurse because that was her calling, to serve mankind. She was a Martha. There were Marys and Marthas, but Marys got all the limelight because of being Christ's handmaiden, but Marthas were far more sincere. -- Edna O'brien
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Someone spoke of your death, Heraclitus. It brought me Tears, and I remembered how often together We ran the sun down with talk ... somewhere You've long been dust, my Halicarnassian friend. But your Nightingales live on. Though the Death world Claws at everything, it will not touch them. -- Callimachus
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There's more to life than just London," said Nightingale.
"People keep saying that," I said. "But I've never actually seen any proof. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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[...] the kind of healer who knows that sometimes one must inflict terrible agony - rebreak a bone, carve off a limb, kill the weak - in order to make the whole stronger. -- N.k. Jemisin
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Medicine asked something extraordinary of nurses: to forge intimate connections with another person for hours, weeks, or months, to care thoroughly and holistically - and then to let that individual suddenly go, often never to be heard from again. -- Alexandra Robbins
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She walks
the lady of my delight
A sheperdess of sheep. Her flocks are thoughts. She keeps them white; She guards them from the steep. She feeds them on the fragrant height, And folds them in for sleep. -- Alice Meynell
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ALBA from "Langue d'Oc" When the nightingale to his mate Sings day-long and night late My love and I keep state In bower, In flower, 'Till the watchman on the tower Cry: "Up! Thou rascal, Rise, I see the white Light And the night Flies. -- Ezra Pound
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The mute grain turns to love songs when swallowed by the nightingale. -- Khalil Gibran
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My lady's sparrow is dead, the sparrow which was my lady's delight -- Catullus
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Florence Nightendick -- V. Theia
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A healer of others, himself diseased. -- Plutarch
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Hazel Grace, I love it when you talk medical to me. -- John Green
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The heart is pure theater throbbing in its cage palpably as any nightingale. -- Richard Selzer
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The Muse but serv'd to ease some friend, not wife, / To help me through this long disease, my life. -- Alexander Pope
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(Who Did No Harm to No Man all the Dais of Her Life. Reader, Can You Say Lykewise?). -- Neil Gaiman
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Seraphine, Seraphine, Seraphine. O most beloved of women, most fiery of saints, never leave me, please. I'll erect columns of white marble to you, build gardens of delights for you, cause ships to sail and warriors to rise for you, if you'll only remain by my side. -- Elizabeth Hoyt
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Care-charming Sleep, thou easer of all woes, brother to Death, sweetly thyself dispose. -- John Fletcher
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(Wine is) the nurse of old age. -- Galen
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The nurse of full-grown souls is solitude. -- James Russell Lowell
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I lied as a nightingale sings, ecstatically, self-obliviously; reveling in the new life-harmony which I was creating. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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My beautiful swan. My savior and my undoing. -- J.a. Redmerski
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This woman is my salvation. She is my anchor in this world. "My angel," I whisper to her, reminding her who she is to me. -- Abbi Glines
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Everyone has left me
except my muse,
that good nurse.
She stays in my hand,
a mild white mouse. -- Anne Sexton
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There is no human relationship more intimate than that of nurse and patient, one in which the essentials of character are more rawly revealed. -- Dorothy Canfield Fisher
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why, maiden, she is the nurse of pure and high affection
the stay of the oppressed, the redresser of grievances, the curb of the power of the tyrant
Nobility were but an empty name without her, and liberty finds the best protection in her lance and her sword. -- Walter Scott
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The picturesque doctor's daughter, Miss Manette. -- Charles Dickens
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I use the word nursing for want of a better. -- Florence Nightingale
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O Thou whose Name is sweetest remedy
And whose remembrance heals our soul's disease
With Thee each moment is Eternity
A drop from Heaven that consoles and frees. -- Frithjof Schuon
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Thou fair-hair'd angel of the evening, Now, whilst the sun rests on the mountains, light Thy bright torch of love; thy radiant crown Put on, and smile upon our evening bed! -- William Blake
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The older women were Sunbeams and I guess we were Cherubs or Lambs, but our mothers were Nightingales. -- Janet Flanner
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Who but knows
How it goes!
Life's a last year's Nightingale,
Love's a last year's rose. -- William Ernest Henley
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Solitude is the best nurse of wisdom. -- Laurence Sterne
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Why do you have a picture of my mentor, Siri, on the shelf above your fireplace? - Evaline.
That's not your mentor... That's my mother, Desiree. - Mina -- Colleen Gleason
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Up rose Robin Hood -- Howard Pyle
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There is a certain amount of purpose, acquiescence, and satisfaction in nursing one's melancholy. -- Michel De Montaigne
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The butcher bird makes its noise
And asks you to agree
With its brutal nesting habits
And its pointless savagery
Now, the nightingale sings to you
And raises up the ante
I put one hand on your round ripe heart
And the other down your panties -- Nick Cave
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She a patient waitin in my room -- Drake
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She who heals herself, heals others. -- Lynda Cheldelin Fell
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Rosabelle - answer - tell - pray, answer - look - tell - answer, answer - tell. -- Harry Houdini
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You're the only angel in my life, Laurelyn. -- Georgia Cates
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Not only a countess but a nymph of the greenwood, -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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Do not mistake my compassion for injured creatures as any kind of personal interest, Mr. Devlin. I once bandaged the paw of a stray dog I found in the village. I would place you in the same category as he."
"My angel of mercy. -- Lisa Kleypas
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Who will not change a raven for a dove? -- William Shakespeare
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As the baby latched on with surprising fierceness, the nurse offered her own prayer.
Let her be strong>strongstrong>.
Let her be sly.
And let her be ugly. -- Kiersten White
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Lilith: Oh, but your heart grows cold. A north wind blows and carries down the distant ... Rose?
The Doctor: Oooh, big mistake! Because that name keeps me fighting! -- Gareth Roberts
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amanuensis. A rapt -- Abraham Verghese
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A healer is someone who seeks to be the light that she wishes she had in her darkest moments. -- Vironika Tugaleva
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Night was her time. The Keeper. Bond-mate of the cat. Protector of the night. Daughter of the moon. -- Kelley Armstrong
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Life had stopped for her a long time ago. She was so out of touch with her feelings that she had no joy in her life and no concept of the fact that she could be wrong. She delivered her care of her insane patients in a killing manner, but she was convinced she was right. -- Louise Fletcher
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It called her by name. Birdie. Songkeeper. Beloved. You are mine. -- Gillian Bronte Adams
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I am fortunate to have the ability to lend my name to build the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in my hometown of Melbourne. It will be a state-of-the-art facility to help heal the whole person - body, mind and spirit. -- Olivia Newton-John
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I will be your neighbour, your nurse, your housekeeper. I find you lonely: I will be your companion
to read to you, to walk with you, to sit with you, to wait on you, to be eyes and hands to you. Cease to look so melancholy, my dear master; you shall not be left desolate, so long as I live. -- Charlotte Bronte
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Hail, Piper McLean," Chiron announced gravely, as if he were speaking at her funeral. "Daughter of Aphrodite, lady of the doves, goddess of love. -- Rick Riordan
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I wasn't sure I found that particularly reassuring, but in the event of an attack I wasn't going to be as much use as Thomas 'Oh sorry, was that your Tiger Tank?' Nightingale. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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Coop introduced her as Ingrid, his massage therapist. "Piper Dove," she said. "I'm actually Mr. Smith's sobriety coach." "Well, God bless you," Marilyn said with a cheery smile. "There's no shame in admitting you need help, Mr. Smith. -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Katherine the Midwife -- Darynda Jones
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To be resigned when ills betide, Patient when favours are deni'd, And pleas'd with favours given,- Dear Chloe, this is wisdom's part; This is that incense of the heart Whose fragrance smells to heaven. -- Nathaniel Cotton
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A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command; And yet a Spirit still, and bright With something of angelic light -- William Wordsworth
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Chestnut brown canary, ruby throated sparrow, sing a song, don't be long, thrill me to the marrow. -- Sidney Crosby
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Ponnammal set the example for the others by quietly doing what they did not care to do. Her spirit created a new climate in the place, and the time came when there was not one nurse who would refuse to do whatever needed to be done. -- Elisabeth Elliot
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She - come to think of it, she was kind of like a bird herself - real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and - fluttery. -- Susan Glaspell
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MOM - Mistress Of Miracles -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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Foster the beautiful, and every hour thou tallest new flowers to birth. -- Friedrich Schiller