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A self is a frightening thing to waste, it's the lens through which one's whole life is viewed, and few people are willing to part with it, in death, or even imaginatively, in art. -- Diane Ackerman
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I am my own self. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The self is a repeatedly reconstructed biological state. -- Antonio R. Damasio
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The central idea of this book is that the self is a process, not a thing or an entity. The self isn't something outside experience, hidden either in the brain or in some immaterial realm. -- Evan Thompson
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The central premise of this book is that the Western psychological notion of what it means to have a self is flawed. -- Mark Epstein
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This is not the case. There is nothing that is not the Self. The Self does not have to be realized. -- Frederick Lenz
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The self is coming from a state of pure awareness from the state of being. All the rest that comes about in a outward manifesation of the physical world, including fluctuations which end up as thoughts and actions -- Aldous Huxley
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The self can be a cup or a cosmos. -- James Finnegan
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But I am not sure what this self is. For the moment I seem to be busy tearing down what I was. -- Anais Nin
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The self is just our operation center, our consciousness, our moral compass. So, if we want to act more effectively in the world, we have to get to know ourselves better. -- Gary Wolf
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To forget the self is to remember that we don't exist alone, but in relation to other people, to other creatures, to the planet, and to the universe. -- Steve Hagen
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Now, here is the point about the self: it is insatiable. It is always, always hankering. It is what you might call rapacious to a fault. The great flaming mouth to the thing is never in this world going to be stuff full. -- Donald Barthelme
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We need a self because the complexity of the chemical processes that make up our individual humanities exceeds the processing power of our brains. -- Mohsin Hamid
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The Self is self-luminous without darkness and light, and is the reality which is self-manifest. Therefore, one should not think of it as this or as that. The very thought of thinking will end in bondage. -- Ramana Maharshi
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The self plays among the waves of existence. It surfaces, it comes up for a while, and then it disappears again. -- Frederick Lenz
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[We assume] that the self is an actual living thing, but it's not. It's a projection which our clever brains create in order to cheat ourselves from the reality of death. -- Thandie Newton
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A crucial element of the real self is its unconditional acceptance of itself. -- Michael Adzema
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There was no himself in himself. -- Terry Pratchett
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The self is ... a creation, the principal work of your life, the crafting of which makes everyone an artist. This unfinished work of becoming ends only when you do, if then, and the consequences live on. -- Rebecca Solnit
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No one is self-made -- Gary Keller
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Self is.
Self is body and bodily
perception. Self is thought, memory,
belief. Self creates. Self destroys.
Self learns, discovers, becomes.
Self shapes. Self adapts. Self
invents its own reasons for being.
To shape God, shape Self. -- Octavia E. Butler
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I consider my selfbeing ... that taste of myself, of I and me above and in all things, which is more distinctive than the taste of ale or alum, more distinctive than the smell of walnutleaf or camphor, and is incommunicable by any means to another man. -- Gerard Manley Hopkins
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Having a self, even a simple self, allows you to look into the world and put a mark over what is more important and less important. It's a way of classifying the world in terms of your own needs. -- Antonio Damasio
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The true self is not aware that it is a self. A bird, as it sings, sings itself. But not according to a picture. It has no idea of itself. -- D.h. Lawrence
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One of the salient facts of a self is that a person is constantly undergoing a series of actions in the immediacy of time that they must later reflect upon and synthesize new experiences, thoughts, feelings, and mental impression along with their latent memories into a collaborative sense of being. -- Kilroy J. Oldster
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The self is just not a worthy enough vehicle to worship. -- Peter Coyote
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The importance and unimportance of the self cannot be exaggerated. -- R.h. Blyth
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Once you understand non-self, then the burden of life is gone. You'll be at peace with the world. When we see beyond self, we no longer cling to happiness and we can truly be happy. Learn to let go without struggle, simply let go, to be just as you are - no holding on, no attachment, free. -- Ajahn Chah
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There is not one self. There are not ten selves. There is no self. ME is only a position in equilibrium. (One among a thousand others, continually possible and always at the ready.) An average of "me's," a movement in the crowd. In the name of many, I sign this book. -- Henri Michaux
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The self is a relation which relates itself to its own self, or it is that in the relation that the relation relates itself to its own self; the self is not the relation but that the relation relates itself to its own self. -- Soren Kierkegaard
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There is no essential self that lies pure as a vein of gold under the chaos of experience and chemistry. Anything can be changed, and we must understand the human organism as a sequence of selves that succumb to or choose one another. -- Andrew Solomon
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What is self? Self is the mind viewing itself. That's all. The mind stops viewing itself and turns towards infinity. There is no self, there's only infinity. -- Frederick Lenz
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The noun of self becomes a verb. This flashpoint of creation in the present moment is where work and play merge. -- Stephen Nachmanovitch
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It is said that "there is a self," but "non-self" too is taught. The buddhas also teach there is nothing which is "neither self nor non-self." Everything is real, not real; both real and not real; neither not real nor real: this is the teaching of the Buddha. -- Nagarjun
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Self is a sea boundless and measureless. -- Kahlil Gibran
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The self is the resultant of the interest of the genes. -- Eric Baum
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The self is an oral society in which the present is constantly running a dialogue with the past and the future inside of one skin. -- David Antin
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The self is our life's goal, for it is the completest expression of that fateful combination we call individuality. -- Carl Jung
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The Self alone exists. When you try to trace the ego, which is the basis of the perception of the world and everything else, you find the ego does not exist at all and neither does all this creation that you see. -- Ramana Maharshi
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The self is the modern substitute for the soul. -- Allan Bloom
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Without a true self, a person can not go on living. It is like the ground we stand on. Without the ground, we can build nothing. -- Haruki Murakami
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When we experience the power of the Self, there is an absence of fear, there is no compulsion to control, and no struggle for approval or external power. -- Deepak Chopra
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The Self is the one Reality that always exists, and it is by the light of the Self that all other things are seen. -- Ramana Maharshi
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The self can only be realized, and the realization can only happen, out of personal experience. -- Roshan Sharma
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One of my problems is to find the self. -- Max Beckmann
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True self is non-self, the awareness that the self is made only of non-self elements. There's no separation between self and other, and everything is interconnected. -- Nhat Hanh
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Scholars tell us that there was no word in ancient Latin or Greek for "self" as it is understood in contemporary usage. -- James Carroll
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The Self does not move. The world moves in it. -- Ramana Maharshi
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Getting rid of the concept of self is the work of all meditators, because suffering is born from this concept. -- Thich Nhat Hanh
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The self was a very strange concept to me until I came to America, and my child was born with that entitlement, and that just thrilled me. -- Anchee Min
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Nothing is greater than or lesser than the self. -- Rene Gaudette
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As long as the egoism is alive, 'my-ness' remains within the self. -- Dada Bhagwan
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unselfing themselves -- Henri Cole
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The self is known to every one but not clearly. You always exist. -- Ramana Maharshi
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The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance -- Seth
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The self is every person's true enemy. -- Ding Ling
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The self is a dance, constantly in motion. -- Gabrielle Roth
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There are no limitations to the self
except those you believe in. -- Seth
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The self may be extinguished, but there are many selves and the Will creates them. -- S.r. Hardy
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That which comes and goes, rises and sets, is born and dies is the ego. That which always abides, never changes, and is devoid of qualities is the Self. -- Ramana Maharshi
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As long as you do not live totally in the body, you do not live totally in the Self. -- B.k.s. Iyengar
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A man's Self is the sum total of all that he can call his, not only his body and his psychic powers, but his clothes and his house. -- William James
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Self is one, personal and impersonal.
But it is only on the personal level that one comes to know the Self.
When you know the Self, you realize there are two types of knowledge.
First is to know how to exist and second is to know the all-pervading spirit. -- Gian Kumar
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The storied self knows that self is not enough. -- Richard Kearney
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I have no other self than the totality of things of which I am aware. -- Alan W. Watts
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The Self is the one thing you can discover, not by travelling miles, but by being very still inside your own being and saying to the Supreme,
Yes, absorb me. -- Mooji
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Consciousness is already free of everything that remotely resembles a self. -- Sam Harris
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It turns out that our notions of what a 'self' is and how it might feel fulfilled have no more objective status than most of the rest of reality. It seems we make ourselves up as we go along. -- Maureen O'hara
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(I)ndividual selfhood is expressed in the self's capacity for self-transcendence and not in its rational capacity for conceptual and analytic procedures. -- Reinhold Niebuhr
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The self in the twentieth century is a voracious nought which expands like the feeding vacuole of an amoeba seeking to nourish and inform its own nothingness by ingesting new objects in the world but, like a vacuole, only succeeds in emptying them out. -- Walker Percy
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I believe that even though each person has an individual and unique self, the self means nothing outside the context of community or meaningful contact with other people. -- Morrie Schwartz.
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The true self, once discovered, is the source of creativity, intelligence and personal growth. No external solution has such power. -- Deepak Chopra
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The issues of what a self is, how long it will last, what will happen when our bodies decay and consciousness flickers off, are all based not on what we actually see but on what we imagine. -- Steve Hagen
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Some of us, for better or worse, develop very stable, consistent, and largely predictable machineries of self. But in others, the self machinery is more flexible and more open to unexpected turns. -- Antonio Damasio
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The good news, however, is that the self also has made reason and scientific observation possible, and reason and science, in turn, have been gradually correcting the misleading intuitions prompted by the unaided self. Overcoming -- Antonio R. Damasio
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But the self is precisely the integrator; it is the synthetic unity, as Kant said. It is the artist of life. It is only a small factor in the total organism/environment interaction, but it plays the crucial role of finding and making the meanings that we grow by. -- Paul Goodman
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The self thus becomes aware of itself, at least in its practical action, and discovers itself as a cause among other causes and as an object subject to the same laws as other objects. -- Jean Piaget
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The principle of saying no to self lies at the heart of my attitude toward the world as it maintains its alien stand in rebellion against the Creator. -- Francis A. Schaeffer
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There are two persons in the world we never see as they are,
one's self and one's other self. -- Arsene Houssaye
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The self is hateful. -- Blaise Pascal
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Meeting the "self" activates the transformation of human consciousness, -- Caroline Myss
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No self is of itself alone. It has a long chain of intellectual ancestors. The "I" is chained to ancestry by many factors ... This is not mere allegory, but an eternal memory. -- Erwin Schrodinger
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The self as the essence of individuality is unitemporal and unique; as an archetypal symbol it is a God-image and therefore universal and eternal. -- Carl Jung
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1. Only a total unself-consciousness will permit me to live with myself (202). -- Annie Dillard
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If a man has lost a leg or an eye, he knows he has lost a leg or an eye; but if he has lost a self - himself - he cannot know it, because he is no longer there to know it. -- Oliver Sacks
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The sense of self is one of the obscurations that prevents us from seeing clearly, the idea that there is a self or that we are anyone in particular. -- Frederick Lenz
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There is no self, yet we all exist. All phenomena are "empty," yet they have Buddha nature. -- Frederick Lenz
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The Self is the heart, self-luminous. Illumination arises from the heart and reaches the brain, which is the seat of the mind. The world is seen with the mind; so you see the world by the reflected light of the Self. -- Ramana Maharshi
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If I cannot live with myself, there must be two of me: the 'I' and the 'self' that 'I' cannot live with. Maybe, I thought, only one of them is real. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Everything Real Is Self-Existent. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Finding oneself was a misnomer; a self is not found but made. -- Jacques Barzun
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All matter/space has some degree of "self" in it, and this self, or anyway some aspect of the personal, is something which infuses all matter/space and everything we know as matter but now think to be mechanical. -- Christopher Alexander
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The real Self is not the body or even the mind of man. These -- William Walker Atkinson
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Just as the acorn contains the mighty oak tree, the Self has everything it needs to fulfill its destiny. When the inner conditions are right, it naturally emerges. -- Derek Rydall
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There has never been anything but the Self. There is no world, there is no time, there is no place, there is no condition. There is nothing and there can be nothing else. -- Frederick Lenz
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The cure to your self is that you are not yours. -- John De Ruiter
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Self-possession is the ability to face without fear life in all its contradictions. -- Vivian Gornick
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The self holds both a hell and a heaven. -- Lewis Mumford
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Born to myself, I like myself alone. -- John Wilmot