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If you aren't normal, it's because you're tougher, saner, cooler than normal.
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I consider myself just as normal as anybody else.
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Abnormal is so common, it's practically normal.
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I don't think there's too much normal out there anymore. Though there's still plenty of average to go around.
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I wouldn't say I'm normal. But I'm relatively stable. When I think of normal, I think of mediocrity, and mediocrity scares the f
out of me.
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I will never be normal. Normal is just another word for average.
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In my everyday life, I'm pretty normal.
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Everybody knows there is no such thing as normal. There is no black-and-white definition of normal. Normal is subjective. There's only a messy, inconsistent, silly, hopeful version of how we feel most at home in our lives.
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There are no normal people - just look at your relatives,
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We know by now that there's no such thing as normal - or rather, that we're all normal. We're all made of the same parts as everyone else, organized in a unique way. No two alike.
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Normal's overrated.
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There is no normal. I've never met a normal person. The concept is flawed. It implies that there is only one way people are supposed to be, and that can't possible be true. Human experience is far too varied.
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If you think people in your life are normal, then you undoubtedly have not spent any time getting to know the abnormal side of them.
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Normality is to be different. Every person is a different person. And one day you need to be aware of your difference. Aware that you are not the same as the others. That is to be normal.
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Normal is not an opinion, it is a consensus.
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Maybe your weird is my normal. Who's to say?
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Is anyone human actually normal? I'm beginning to think being normal is actually abnormal.
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There is no normal. There is not an invisible bar you must meet to be acceptable to society.
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Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common.
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Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine.
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I have never been normal and I think we both know that.
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Normality is way overrated.
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No one is normal. Everyone has quirks and insights unique to themselves. Don't hide these things - they are what make you interesting.
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normal is just a leveled off version of every kind of weird.
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Normal is a word invented by boring people to make them feel better about being boring.
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Everybody seems normal, till you get to know them.
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I am not a normal person. I am living in a normal body, but my mind is not normal.
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No one knows how to be normal, Jim. We're all just trying our best. Sometimes we don't have to think about it and other times it's like running after a bus that's already halfway down the street.
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I realize that nothing is really normal. All it takes to alter normalcy is a death or a birth. Or just some misguided fear, love, or loneliness that never goes away.
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It may be normal, darling; but I'd rather be natural.
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No one's normal. It's all just varying degrees of being weird." - Nerida
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Everybody is unique and different. Nobody is the same as anyone else. there is no 'normal' - it is a lie taught to us by a system so flawed that it is threatened by the awesome diversity of nature.
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You are not normal. You never have been, and you never will be. Embrace who you are.
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Being normal?1 I have never had this experience.
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Normal and together, an impossible combination for us in the regular, real world.
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Normal, in our house, is like a blanket too short for a bed
sometimes it covers you just fine, and other times it leaves you cold and shaking; and worst of all, you never know which of the two it's going to be.
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You did not come here to be normal, you came here to be you.
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Normality is death.
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Being normal is boring ..xx
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I'm perfectly normal; its the rest of the world that's abstract.
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Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.
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Being normal is grossly over-rated.
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Normal means that nothing will ever be as it was in the days when we were still a mystery to each other.
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Me and normal have never really been on speaking terms.
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Normal is a cycle on a washing machine.
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I'm pretty normal. Tthe type of day I love is just like everybody else's. I'm like everybody else.
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The normal is that which nobody quite is. If you listen to seemingly dull people very closely, you'll see that they're all mad in different and interesting ways, and are merely struggling to hide it.
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Viewed up close, nobody is normal.
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No one knows how to be normal ... We're all just trying our best.
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I consider myself normal. I've spent 20 years in the pool. I consider that something that's normal.
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Why should we try to be normal? Normal is boring.
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I don't think any of us are normal people.
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Everyone may be ordinary, but they're not normal.
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Normal is enormously susceptible to swinging with the gusts of politics and history. Disguised as scientific and fixed, it is subjective and protean. That is why I used the word normative above, a term derived from statistics, simply meaning what most people do.
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The problem is normal was'nt in my DNA. I was destined to be forever freakish.
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Normal: lacking in taste, compassion, understanding, kindness, and ordinary human decency.
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Normal is the Holy Grail
and only those without it
know its value.
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Normalcy doesn't exist it's a fantasy, we all try to play out in reality.
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What's normal is for things to work. What's not normal is for things to fail.
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Weird is the new normal
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Normal doesn't happen overnight when the world around and between you has always been off-balance.
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Normalness leads to sadness.
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The only people we can think of as normal are those we don't yet know very well.
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I'm a normal guy.
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What is normal? Normal is yesterday and last week and last month taken together
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Normal is the delusion of the majority.
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Don't be normal. Be an example.
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But I'm not normal. I'm so glad I'm medicated right now.
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I'm really a normal person.
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Normal' is a bedtime story-a fable-that humans tell themselves to feel better when faced with overwhelming evidence that most of what's happening around them is not 'normal' at all.
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When I think of normality I think of mediocrity
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I've never met anyone normal.
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We all are [normal]. Their idea of normal just happens to be different to some other people's idea of normal. But this is the world we live in. Some people simply cannot accept something that is outside of their experience.
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There was no normal. There never had been. "Normal" and "natural" were the biggest lies we'd ever created.
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Normal isn't an adjective you wish to hear after putting that much effort into making sure it was spectacular.
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Hardly anybody is exactly normal in any way, just as one hundred tossed pennies will rarely come up exactly fifty heads and fifty tails.
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You guys are too horny. I don't think it's normal.
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What makes us most normal is knowing that we're not normal.
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This is your time and it feels normal to you, but really, there is no normal. There's only change and resistance to it and then more change.
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I feel like I'm so normal. So normal it's boring.
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Normal" is all about perception. I mean, isn't "normal" what the majority of people do?
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There is no normality in life.
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I'm normal. I just had a different occupation for a while, and when you're in a different occupation, you have to carry yourself a different way. Most of my art is me bringing you stories from that era of my life. My life now is kind of boring.
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Don't you dare hit me in the head ... you know I'm not normal.
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Too normal, I'd worry about. Too weird is perfectly fine.
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I'm just as normal as anybody else. I'm just probably in the same place as many people in their mid to late twenties are.
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I feel like I'm extremely normal. I do have a bizarre face that's a bit out of proportion. I guess that's why some people see me as strange.
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I was not typical. Whatever typical or normal is, I was somehow separated and different.
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(J)ust because your version of normal isn't the same as someone else's version doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you.
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The trouble with normal is it only gets worse.
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Being normal is boring!
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Normality is what weak people call living, I call it death
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Normalcy to me is enjoying the simple things in life.
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Normal was in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the path to happiness involved bushwhacking and slicing and carving it until it yielded to individual desires. It wasn't simple, and there was no getting through it unscathed from the bleeding prick of thorns along the way.
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There's no such thing as 'normal'. That's just another word for lifeless. Madness (of the particularly nice/romantic kind) is an absolute prerequisite to a happy and successful life
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What is normal? Normal was yesterday. If you lose a leg, one day you're hopping around on one leg, so you know the difference.
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I'm ain't crazy to be normal
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Nothing in the world is the same as anything else, so how can anyone be normal?
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Did anybody ever tell you that you weren't normal?
Is that something I should aspire to?
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The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.