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Clay Blaisdell Western -- Stephen King
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Huntleigh's (Yes, I gave them a cheesy couple name in my mind) -- Genna Rulon
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Trespass, the outdoor clothing company based in the South Side, is run by two of the nicest guys and proudest Glaswegians you could meet, Afzal and Akmal Khushi. -- Nicola Sturgeon
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All things from the north are devilish. -- Philip Pullman
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Casey Lomonaco, KPA CTP, May/June 2010 -- Adrienne Hovey
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go-go hall on my way home from school. -- Yukio Mishima
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Aberdeen, a city in the northern reaches of HSBC-London. Their -- Gary Shteyngart
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The United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company. -- Charles Dickens
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Little, Brown and Company -- James Patterson
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heading west on the 495. -- Cheryl Etchison
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I should call myself four market Norton. I'm great in Boston and Cleveland. I do good in Phillie, New Jersey. -- Jim Norton
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Every day I wonder how many things I am dead wrong about.
True North -- Jim Harrison
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Let whoever wants to, relax in the south,
And bask in the garden of paradise.
Here is the essence of north-and it's autumn
I've chosen as this year's friend. -- Anna Akhmatova
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Washburn's an old American name, but this one was assembled overseas. -- John Fogerty
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My primary tongue, I would call North-West Mercian. -- Alan Garner
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University University of Toronto University of Nebraska -- Malcolm Gladwell
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I come from south Wales. A place called Aberbargoed. -- Luke Evans
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The Gullikson twins here. An interesting pair, both from Wisconsin. -- Dan Maskell
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Thrills, chills, spine-tingling mystery, and lots of smiles. It's not easy to combine heart-pounding danger with gut-busting laughs and make it work, but Peterson pulls it off. For readers who want nonstop action infused with powerful, life-changing themes, North! Or Be Eaten is a must-read. -- Wayne Thomas Batson
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Rememberatorium), -- Robert Sheckley
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I ended up working in Michigan for a young company called Sycor out of Michigan, worked there, and that company got bought by Northern Telecom. We became the Bell Northern Research Labs of Northern Telecom. -- Ram Shriram
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King Offa's dyke, -- John B. Hattendorf
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In the north, the wind had teeth that bit after sunset, even in summer. He -- Katherine Arden
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Center Japantown Union -- Kristine Poggioli
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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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And Tomlinson found this in the Times right before I left to come here. Windham -- Sherry Thomas
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Later, it was said the man came from the north, from Ropers Gate. -- Andrzej Sapkowski
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...south of Somewhere and north of Nowhere... -- Kami Garcia
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PBNP was Perdido Beach Nuclear Power. -- Michael Grant
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North Dakota State. What do you have to do there to graduate? Milk a cow with your left hand? -- Bobby Heenan
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I love North Carolina. -- Tyler Hilton
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James's MoneyPower Group in Mississauga, Ont. -- Moneysense
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Did you ever go to a place ... I think it was called Norway?" "No," said Arthur, "no, I didn't." "Pity," said Slartibartfast, "that was one of mine. Won an award, you know. Lovely crinkly edges. I was most upset to hear of its destruction. -- Douglas Adams
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North was only a direction indicated by a compass
if a man had one, that is, for otherwise there was no north or south or east or west; there was only the brooding desolation. -- Shelby Foote
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I've been under the spell of the North ever since my childhood in Alaska. More and more, I've been returning to Alaska, and sometimes my adventures inspire a story. -- Will Hobbs
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We opened a design center in the South of England last year as part of our strategy for being close to our customers and developing innovative products for exciting new markets. -- David Milne
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I grew up in North Yorkshire, but now London is home. -- James Norton
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pocket. "Tanner," Nathaniel -- Rachel Hauck
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I knew I was born at the North but hoped nobody would find it out. I looked upon the misfortune as something so shrouded by time and distance that maybe nobody remembered it. -- Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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Jimmy Grants is my first stop every time I go home to Australia. They make the best souvlakis you have ever tasted. -- Mallory Jansen
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I certainly wouldn't define myself as a northerner. I'm not even really sure what that means. I've lived in London for 50 years. I wasn't born here, but I have spent most of my life here. So I don't make much of it, to be honest. I'm just myself. -- Ian Mckellen
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I'm from the Midwest. -- Craig Kilborn
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I'm from the Delbert Home for the Unusual. -- Jonathan Winters
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Bagby Hot Springs. -- Cheryl Strayed
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Remember me at Winterlong. -- Elizabeth Hand
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Fenwick, sitting down to -- Laura Lippman
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Basically, I left Northern Telecom after 7.5 years of being in one company after school. And then, I ended up in a series of start-ups. The first of those was a company called Sitech, and they were in local area networks. -- Ram Shriram
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exhibition. Lake Eden. -- Nicholas Sparks
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Westering's died out, Jody. -- Dwayne Hunn
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There grows in the North Country a certain kind of youth of whom it may be said that he is born to be a Londoner. -- Arnold Bennett
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Have you talked to North?" he said.
"Yes," she said. "I asked him to get us cable."
"I wish you weren't talking to him."
"I'd talk to Satan to get cable," Andie said. -- Jennifer Crusie
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I'm not sure you can do anything quickly or easily with the North. -- Mitchell Reiss
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East, to the dawn, or west or south or north! Loose rein upon the neck of-and forth! -- Richard Hovey
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My need is for safety, fun and to have distribution of resources, a sustainable life on the planet. NVC is a strategy that serves me to meet these needs. -- Marshall B. Rosenberg
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Somewhere nere Ogallala, about six hours into that majestic, maddening prairie, I realize that half an hour has passed since I've seen a vehicle in either direction.
Oh, I think, as I finally see a pair of headlights draw nigh in the eastbound lane, so this must be where the West begins. -- Lily Burana
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Cadence, n.
I have never lived anywhere but New York or New England, but there are times when I'm talking to you and I hit a Southern vowel, or a word gets caught in a Suthern truncation, and I know it's because I'm swimming in your cadences, that you penetrate my very language. -- David Levithan
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Well, I'm Canadian. True, north, strong, and free. -- Barry Pepper
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Stock runnin' on the plains south of the Platte all the way -- Louis L'amour
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NORTH WALES, LLANDUDNO and SNOWDONIA: What to see, where to go, what to do. By -- Gary Mckraken
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Gilderoy Lockhart -- J.k. Rowling
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In the outer city, the northern accents clamoring around -- Cinda Williams Chima
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OLD FRIENDS. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net. -- Andrew Lang
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Another Country, -- Katharine Swartz
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I used to live in Pillgwenlly, and there was this old Italian pizzeria that used to be there with a really amazing character who ran it. -- Asif Kapadia
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Canada's Far North is where I knew I had to go. -- Bern Will Brown
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Whatever your tastes, Magrathea can cater for you. We are not proud. -- Douglas Adams
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But James is my north now. The flames are my north now. Our dark secrets are my north now. -- Kiersten White
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I could have gone either north or south but decided to strike off north because it was my favorite direction. -- Alan Bradley
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Moorcroft with a small pasture -- Lorelei James
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Thunder Point, Oregon, because -- Robyn Carr
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Neverwinter Wood. -- R.a. Salvatore
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I'm a Midwesterner. -- Ron Carlson
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eISBN: 978-1-4668-6783-3 -- J.r. Ward
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My music came up from the soil of North Carolina, -- Earl Scruggs
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Ulick Norman Owen. -- Agatha Christie
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O ineluctable superiority of northernness -- Salman Rushdie
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The Northwest is essentially a national domain; it is fitting that it should be, as it is, not only by position but by feeling, the heart of the nation. -- Theodore Roosevelt
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Well ... I graduated from the business school of Northumberland University in Newcastle. -- Alexei Mordashov
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Northumberland, thou ladder wherewithal the mounting Bolingbroke ascends my throne. -- William Shakespeare
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At sixty miles per hour, you could pass our farm in a minute, on County Road 686, which ran due north into the T intersection at Cabot Street Road. -- Jane Smiley
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You're my true north. No compass would point me in any other direction but to you. -- Kristen Hope Mazzola
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North Texas is by far the most serious minded jazz program I have encountered. -- Dave Liebman
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In Stockton, Illinois, -- Jamie Gilson
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O Winter! bar thine adamantine doors: The north is thine; there hast thou build thy dark, Deep-founded habitation. Shake not thy roofs, Nor bend thy pillars with thine iron car. -- William Blake
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We are looking for targets that have a tremendous strategic fit for the company. The colleges must have complementary education programs, have an excellent reputation, long operating history and solid regulatory compliance. -- John Larson
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Louisiana, the state road maintenance forgot. -- James Patterson
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Of large fortune from the north of England; that he came -- Jane Austen
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At my core, I'm a Midwesterner. -- Paul Rudd
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Nordie's at Noon is an honest and inspiring testament to [these authors'] experiences which, I am completely confident ... will inspire thousands of women as it inspired me. -- Elizabeth Edwards
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The moon hangs alien, heavy, like a lock on a door; the door is tightly shut. ("The North") -- Yevgeny Zamyatin
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The Nac Mac Feegle (also called Pictsies, The Wee Free Men, The Little Men, and "Person or Persons Unknown, Believed to be Armed") -- Terry Pratchett
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Billy's at 44 north, 56 west and heading straight into meteorological hell. -- Sebastian Junger
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Very nice sort of place, Oxford, I should think, for people that like that sort of place. -- George Bernard Shaw
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No civilized being lived in North Dakota. -- Lois Greiman
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packers and movers in chennai -- Rishi
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He drove into the northern foothills of -- John Shannon
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I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills. -- Karen Blixen