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There are no impossible obstacles; there are just stronger and weaker wills, that's all! -- Jules Verne
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See obstacles as opportunities. See obstacles as inspiration. -- Anthony Doerr
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There are many challenges, there are many obstacles; let us try to change the obstacles to advantages. -- Harri Holkeri
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My life is one long obstacle course with me as the chief obstacle. -- Jack Paar
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Obstacles don't have to stop you. -- Michael Jordan
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What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity. -- J. Sidlow Baxter
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I am my own obstacle. -- Wislawa Szymborska
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Obstacles accelerate transformation -- Pooja Ruprell
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Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. -- Brian Tracy
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Everybody has barriers and obstacles. If you look at them as containing fences that don't allow you to advance, then you're going to be a failure. If you look at them as hurdles that strengthen you each time you go over one, then you're going to be a success. -- Benjamin Carson
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When you have a goal, obstacles are actually teaching you how to get where you want to go - carving you a path. "The Things which hurt," Benjamin Franklin wrote, "instruct. -- Ryan Holiday
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The most difficult obstacles to remove are the ones that you create for yourself. -- Amine A. Ayad
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I was always taught to let the obstacles be your guide because they lead you to places that you wouldn't have gone on your own. Instead of going through a rock, you go around it, creating a path. -- Sante D'orazio
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Every obstacle is unique to each of us. But the responses they elicit are the same: Fear. Frustration. Confusion. Helplessness. Depression. Anger. -- Ryan Holiday
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Obstacles! Man needs obstacles to get matured! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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It is not the obstacles that is the mountain ;but it is our lack of knowledge of how to deal with the obstacles and how to overcome it -- Sunday Adelaja
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Obstacles will look large or small to you according to whether you are large or small. -- Orison Swett Marden
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I look at obstacles as opportunities. -- Jon Jones
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As Xenophon said, your obstacles are not rivers or mountains or other people; your obstacle is yourself. If you feel lost and confused, if you lose your sense of direction, if you cannot tell the difference between friend and foe, you have only -- Robert Greene
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Obstacles are given us in order to make our desire even stronger. The more a thing is hidden from man, the more he desires it, and the greater the chance he will one day discover it. -- Chaim Potok
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Sometimes things which at the moment may be perceived as obstacles-and actually be obstacles, difficulties, or drawbacks-can in the long run result in some good end which would not have occurred if it had not been for the obstacle. -- Steve Allen
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The gateways to wisdom and learning are always open, and more and more I am choosing to walk through them. Barriers, blocks, obstacles, and problems are personal teachers giving me the opportunity to move out of the past and into the Totality of Possibilities. -- Louise L. Hay
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Real obstacles don't take you in circles. They can be overcome. Invented ones are like a maze. -- Barbara Sher
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I will always encounter obstacles, and I can either be stopped by them or learn to overcome them. -- Bryan M. Chavis
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If you believe you can only go so far, it is an obstacle. -- Oprah Winfrey
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If you focus on the obstacles, then you give them more power. -- Ralph Marston
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Living, breathing obstacles are often the most difficult to overcome. -- Shawn Casemore
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There are very real obstacles and challenges to any course of action. And there's no need to add to them, by making up obstacles of your own. Unchain yourself from the bondage of your own thinking. -- Ralph Marston
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Venture to a remote corner of a faraway land and, from the moment you get there, every person and every thing becomes an obstacle, designed to entrap you, to stop you proceeding on your way. -- Tahir Shah
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Obstacles are opportunities turned upside down ... or prisons self-imposed. -- Chriscinthia Blount
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I don't really see the hurdles. I sense them like a memory. -- Edwin Moses
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Obstacles must be overcome.
Problems must be solved.
Doubt must be resisted.
Fear must be defeated. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition. -- Ryan Holiday
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And may you always remember that obstacles in the path are not obstacles, they ARE the path. -- Jane Lotter
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Because obstacles will always present themselves, the hardest obstacle of all is developing a way of living, a way of practicing your approach to life that allows you to keep a healthy perspective on things. -- Adam Rodriguez
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Difficulties and obstacles are God's challenges to faith. When hindrances confront us in the path of duty, we are to recognize them as vessels for faith to fill with the fullness and all-sufficiency of Jesus. -- A.b. Simpson
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Consider the possibility that the little obstacles in life are not obstacles at all, but stepping stones. -- Neale Donald Walsch
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Overcoming obstacles requires commitment and strength. Despite all odds, face each journey with courage, each struggle with accomplishment, and each challenge with victory. -- Lorna Jackie Wilson
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Accept obstacles as a strength building exercise on the way to success. -- Debasish Mridha
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Though the barriers of life seem formidable, we find when we challenge them that they have no will. -- Robert Breault
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In our life an obstacle is just like wind, you never know how & when it's going to effect the flight of the bullet and when you are done calculating; it has already changed. -- Srinivas Shenoy
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Others see obstacles; I see opportunities. -- Darlene Quinn
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The obstacles in our path are not blocking us-they are redirecting us. Their purpose is not to interfere with our happiness; it is to point us toward new routes to our happiness, new possibilities, new doorways. -- Barbara De Angelis
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Great obstacles make great leaders. -- Billy Diamond
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Whatever we face, we have a choice: Will we be blocked by obstacles, or will we advance through and over them? -- Ryan Holiday
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When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there. -- Zig Ziglar
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Problems, obstacles, and challenges can either become the markers of our limits and limitations, or they can become the springboard into a whole new world. -- Erwin Mcmanus
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Do not build up obstacles in your imagination. Difficulties must be studied and dealt with, but they must not be magnfiied by fear -- Norman Vincent Peale
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Pursue the obstacle
It will set you free -- Mark Nepo
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Life is an obstacle course. You succeed at one thing and then you move on to the next. When an obstacle is tough, you try harder. When an obstacle is insurmountable, you change course. But you never sit down and refuse to finish. -- Bethenny Frankel
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I think the hardest obstacles, actually, are probably ones I've put on myself. I push myself really hard, and I think that's why I've been able to accomplish certain things. -- Amanda Crew
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Whatever blocks you encounter, you have learned that there is a way over, around or through them. It is not those obstacles that inhibit your progress but your confidence, and will to break the inertia of fear and doubt. -- Douglas Smith
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Obstacles, of course, are developmentally necessary: they teach kids strategy, patience, critical thinking, resilience and resourcefulness. -- Naomi Wolf
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Your obstacles define your achievements, and without those obstacles, you're just another bland nothing. -- Torquil Campbell
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We have to embrace obstacles to reach the next stage of joy. -- Goldie Hawn
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Your greatest obstacles are your greatest opportunities. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Obstacles cannot bend me. Every obstacle yields to effort. -- Leonardo Da Vinci
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Obstacles are maps inside out.
Troubles are opportunities inside out.
Failures are lessons inside out.
Burdens are blessings inside out. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Roadblocks are only temporary hurdles, if you know how to punch out a car... -- Julie R. Dargis
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Once you set out for something, there may be obstacles. Avoid that which you feel safe to avoid, and approach that which you feel safe to approach. That's how we go through the obstacles. -- Art Hochberg
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his recreational passion at Sagamore Hill that summer of 1903 was the so-called point-to-point "obstacle walk," the one rule, the only rule, being that the participant must go up and over, or through, every obstacle, never around it. -- David Mccullough
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It is natural that we face obstacles in pursuit of our goals. But if we remain passive, making no effort to solve the problems we meet, conflicts will arise and hindrances will grow. Transforming these obstacles into opportunities is a challenge to our human ingenuity. -- Dalai Lama
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Difficulties are things that show people what they are.

Page 257 -- Jennifer Donnelly
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The best way to treat obstacles is to use them as stepping-stones. Laugh at them, tread on them, and let them lead you to something better. -- Enid Blyton
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If you want to look for obstacles, what's wrong is always available. But so is what's right! -- Anthony Robbins
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There are enough high hurdles to climb, as one travels through life, without having to scale artificial barriers created by law or silly regulations. -- Gloria Allred
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I've learned at the book signings that everyone has obstacles. -- Greg Louganis
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Never view obstacles in your path as the enemy. Rather, view any obstacles as detour signs to avoid pitfalls. -- Donald L. Hicks
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Sometimes when you're given hurdles, it makes you more creative in the end. -- Judy Greer
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Life is not about focusing on the obstacles. It's about how you handle them, and whether you get enlightenment or levity from the way you do it -- Drew Barrymore
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Your Obstacle Is Your Miracle -- Hope D. Blackwell
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You have to see every potential roadblock as an opportunity
and a benefit. -- Suze Orman
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Everything of worth is found full of difficulties. -- John Smith
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Difficulties are things that show a person what they are. -- Epictetus
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No obstacles are insurmountable when God commands and we obey. -- Heber J. Grant
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Imaginary obstacles are insurmountable. Real ones aren't. -- Barbara Sher
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Obstacles will always be there, but you can be triumphant over the shackles of the past and break through all obstacles. -- Shane Decreshio
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Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next. -- Ben Carson
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We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal. -- Robert Brault
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I think sometimes the hardest obstacle is yourself. -- Tricia Helfer
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I think the obstacles are the same as the opportunities, is the way we like to look at them. -- Khoi Vinh
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Fight With Your Obstacles,
Be the Obstacle For Your Obstacles
Which Are Trying To Stop
You From Achieving A Success -- Nithin Kumar
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Some of my greatest pleasures have come from finding ways to overcome obstacles. -- John Wooden
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If you have no obstacles in your own mind, then outer obstacles will not hinder you or cause you worry. -- Hsuan Hua
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The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. -- Moliere
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Sometimes an obstacle is placed in front of us by God for the purpose of upgrading our vision and experiencing our dream at a higher level. The obstacle can only be here by permission of God, so it has to help us become what He is seeing about us. -- Graham Cooke
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Sometimes the things we think are the impediments are actually the path. -- Bob Goff
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Anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way -- Chuck Norris
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Our perceptions shape whether challenges are obstacles that block our path to success or important arrows that steer us in the direction we want to go. -- Julie Connor
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The biggest miracles are usually found right behind the biggest obstacles. -- Hope D. Blackwell
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I see only my objective - the obstacles must give way. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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Sometimes a perceived obstacle is just an opportunity in disguise. -- Michael Hyatt
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If want to succeed, you must work to overcome the obstacles on your path. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Greatness finds us by obstacles in front of us. I don't look at hurdles as obstacles blocking my path but opportunities to overcome. -- Lolo Jones
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Any obstacle is an opportunity to gain strength and think differently. -- Debasish Mridha
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Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks. It's just a matter of how you view them. -- Anonymous
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We may not realize it when we are facing them, but obstacles that we face and overcome only make us stronger. -- Amey Hegde
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Make an obstacle an opportunity, make a negative a positive. -- Lance Armstrong
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Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. -- John Quincy Adams
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There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them. -- Ralph Marston