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Nothing is so logical and nothing appears so absurd as the ocean. -- Victor Hugo
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Living submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air. -- Evangelista Torricelli
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The ocean is the last frontier of human empirical knowledge; even the contours on that eighth-grader's globe are the product of a mix of scientific measurement, inference and conjecture. -- Alan Huffman
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Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that ocean is not silent. -- H.p. Lovecraft
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The ocean ... like the air, is the common birth-right of mankind. -- Thomas Jefferson
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Unlike the boundaries of the sea by the shorelines, the "ocean of air" laps at the border of every state, city, town and home throughout the world. -- L. Welch Pogue
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Every breath of air we take is coming from the ocean. -- Jean-Michel Cousteau
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When you read the history of the human family, it slowly comes to you that all the world's oceans once fell as tears. -- Paul Lutus
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We are blessed with a magnificent and miraculous world ocean on this planet. But we are also stressing it in ways that we are not even close to bringing under control. -- Carl Safina
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The sea is my business. -- Michael Mullen
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The sea is the universal sewer. -- Jacques-Yves Cousteau
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I became interested in ocean issues in the 1980s when I couldn't take my daughters swimming because of pollution at our local beach. Twenty-five years later, I'm a board member of Oceana, the world's largest international organization dedicated to ocean conservation. -- Ted Danson
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The sea
Severs not only lands but also selves. -- Wallace Stevens
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The sea, as well as the air, is a free and common thing to all; and a particular nation cannot pretend to have the right to the exclusion of all others, without violating the rights of nature and public usage. -- Elizabeth I
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The Pacific is my home ocean; I knew it first, grew up on its shore, collected marine animals along the coast. I know its moods, its color, its nature. -- John Steinbeck
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Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time. -- H.p. Lovecraft
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...a dark
Illimitable ocean, without bound,
Without dimension; where length, breadth, and height,
And time, and place are lost; -- John Milton
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Floating high on the waters of catastrophe -- Julien Gracq
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I've been out in front of a dozen dead oceans. -- Bob Dylan
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From the sea, to the sea. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Rivers do all the work,
but the ocean gets all the glory. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Penetrate the heart of just one drop of water, and you will be flooded by a hundred oceans. -- Mahmud Shabistari
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We have reached the open sea, with some charts; and the firmament. -- Dorothy Dunnett
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The sea at springtime.All day it rises and falls,yes, rises and falls. -- Yosa Buson
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Sometimes, somehow ...
I feel that ocean contains tears of mother earth,
that mourns over terrible great sin done by men. -- Toba Beta
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There's always hope. And oceans. Hope and oceans. -- Bryant A. Loney
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It's all a sea, I swim out of its in the afternoons. -- Jack Kerouac
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The sea! The sea! The open sea!, The blue, the fresh, the ever free! -- Bryan Procter
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Rivers spill mysteries into the ocean, and the ocean washes the answer to the shore. -- Tanja Kobasic
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Ocean is my potion, I need vitamin sea ... -- Mishka
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The ocean, under the pulsation of lighthouses and noise of bell
advances as usual, looking as if it were not that ocean in which
dropped things are bound to sink
in which if they turn and twist, it is neither with volition nor
consciousness. -- Marianne Moore
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If you want to discover new oceans, you must first have the courage to leave shore. -- Winston Churchill
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twenty miles of the sea. My -- Charles Dickens
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You are the ocean to my eyes. -- Sanober Khan
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The ocean, whose essence is fluid and unresisting, is more prison than the staunchest bricks or iron bars. -- Eli Brown
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A desert blessing, an ocean curse. -- John Green
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The Earth has ocean of water and the sky has ocean of thoughts. -- Rajesh Walecha
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The oceans produce up to 70 percent of our oxygen, they shape our climate, and they support an American oceans economy larger than our nation's entire agriculture sector. -- Frances Beinecke
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the coast, irregular -- Jules Verne
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A Drop of the Ocean is still the Ocean. -- John Friend
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I am surprised to see
that the ocean is still going on. -- Anne Sexton
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Into the ocean went a world more fantastic than any imagination could inspire ... -- Robert Wyland
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The world is a great ocean, upon which we encounter more tempestuous storms than calms. -- Edgar Allan Poe
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"Ocean" is more about ... powerlessness and hopelessness. When we're very small we can't actually do anything - we have no say in what happens, we have no money or resources, we sometimes have no idea what's going on. -- Neil Gaiman
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The sea is a desert of waves,
A wilderness of water. -- Langston Hughes
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The crazy thing is we live on an ocean planet - nobody gets that yet. -- Graham Hawkes
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Darkening sea full of stirred silt and clouds of minute -- Dean Koontz
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The ocean talks to you. Especially at night. Whispering voices that never let up, not even when you sleep. -- Matt De La Pena
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The sea, the majestic sea, breaks everything, crushes everything, cleans everything, takes everything ... from me -- Corinne Bailey Rae
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The Atlantic Ocean was something then. -- John Guare
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Without the oceans there would be no life on Earth. -- Peter Benchley
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I think there are two different oceans - the one that plays with you in the summer, and the one that gets so mad in the winter. -- Jodi Picoult
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The ocean is worth writing about just as man is. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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No mercy, no power but its own controls it. Panting and snorting like a mad battle steed that has lost its rider, the masterless ocean overruns the globe. -- Herman Melville
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The mighty main sea is the begetter of clouds and winds and rivers. -- Anaximenes Of Miletus
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The ocean has the conscienceless temper of a savage autocrat spoiled by much adulation -- Joseph Conrad
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Worldwide, our oceans are warming, rising, and becoming dangerously acidic as a result of carbon pollution and climate change - endangering much that we hold dear. -- Sheldon Whitehouse
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The sea calls us home -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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Myriad laughter of the ocean waves. -- Aeschylus
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People who live on continents get into the habit of regarding the ocean as journey's end, the full stop at the end of the trek. For people who live on islands, the sea is always the beginning. It's the ferry to the mainland, the escape route from the boredom and narrowness of home. -- Jonathan Raban
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The sea is an idiom I cannot decipher. -- Jorge Luis Borges
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Water, water, everywhere, Atlantic and Pacific. But New York City's got them beat, Our aqua is terrific! -- Ed Koch
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I love the vastness of the ocean. I love its serenity, tranquility, humility, and purifying power. -- Debasish Mridha
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There is water at the bottom of the ocean. -- David Byrne
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Water - the ocean - is our most natural environment.
We are born naked from the miniature ocean of the mother's womb. -- Jacques Mayol
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our floating barge. -- Tali Alexander
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The world is always full of the sound of waves.
The little fishes, abandoning themselves to the waves, dance and sing, and play, but who knows the heart of the sea, a hundred feet down? Who knows it depth? -- Eiji Yoshikawa
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Rivers, water streams, water falls, water lakes, seas and oceans confirm Your creativity. -- Euginia Herlihy
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For the water animals, the ocean is like a garden; for the land animals, it is death and pain. -- Rumi
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Life on this earth first emerged from the sea. As the polar ice melts and sea level rises, we humans find ourselves facing the prospect that once again we may quite literally become ocean. -- John Luther Adams
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The sea drinks the air and the sun the sea. -- Anacreon
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A healthy ocean is vital to our economy and well-being. We need clean and healthy oceans to sustain tourism and fisheries. -- Scott Peters
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Protect the ocean and you protect yourself. -- Jean-Michel Cousteau
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Honor the ocean of love. -- George De Benneville
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The ocean is this beautiful, unexplored place. Why on Earth everyone isn't down there, I don't know. -- Graham Hawkes
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I need the sea because it teaches me -- Pablo Neruda
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Visibility limits your imagination of the ocean only as far as you can see, ten metres, fifteen at a stretch. But it's only in the utter black that you can feel the true scale, the volume and weight of that gaping unknowable drift between continents. -- Lauren Beukes
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My passion is to open people's eyes to the sea using the power of photography as a universal language to convince the unconvinced among us that the oceans are fragile and finite. -- David Doubilet
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I have seen the sea lashed into fury and tossed into spray, and its grandeur moves the soul of the dullest man; but I remember that it is not the billows, but the calm level of the sea from which all heights and depths are measured. -- James A. Garfield
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The ocean lives and wanders free, happily to flow gracefully with the wind. -- J. Kahele
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Some of us, regarding the ocean with understanding and affection, have seen it looking old, as if the immemorial ages had been stirred up from the undisturbed bottom of ooze. For it is a gale of wind that makes the sea look old. -- Joseph Conrad
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My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea, and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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The greatest rivers always find their way to the ocean. Like a ship reaching out to its motherland. -- Saleem Sharma
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Until you lose sight of the shore, you'll never discover new oceans! -- Jennifer Handford
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The sea
isn't a place
but a fact, and
a mystery ... -- Mary Oliver
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Whoever deemed the ocean an invigorating place needed to reconsider the reality of crashing waves, sunburn, and sand wedged up into places no one should have it. -- Natalia Jaster
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Here is a good message from the ocean: You will be an ocean too if you let every river, every rain, every flood and every stream flow to you freely! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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The sea is as desolate and barren as it is fertile and life-giving. It is cold and dismal, yet bold and spirited. Sometimes imperious and conquering, other times gentle and meek. But it is always mysterious. Those mysteries hold many secrets. One has but to listen and watch to discover them -- Jocelyn Murray
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Heart and mind at the bottom of the sea. -- Haruki Murakami
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With no other choices open to us, we'd turned our gaze seaward. The oceans were our America: they reached farther than any prairie, untamed as on the first day of creation. Nobody owned them. -- Carsten Jensen
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Ocean, n. A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills. -- Ambrose Bierce
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If the private life of the sea could ever be transposed onto paper, it would talk not about rivers or rain or glaciers or of molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, but of the millions of encounters its waters have shared with creatures of another nature. -- Federico Chini
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The land and the ocean are living, breathing entities that supported us, clothed us, fed us, and nurtured our culture from time immemorial. -- Eden Robinson
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The true sea is cold and black, full of animals... -- Jean-Paul Sartre
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The oceans deserve our respect and care, but you have to know something before you can care about it. -- Sylvia Earle
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To a frog that's never left his pond, the ocean seems like a gamble. Look what he's giving up: security, mastery of his world, recognition! The ocean frog just shakes his head. "I can't explain where I live, but someday I'll take you there." -- Rumi
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Ocean's remarkable stories, depth of commitment, and eloquent communication make him a fantastic resource for conferences, universities, and indeed everyone who wants a potent dose of grounded inspiration. -- Van Jones
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The ocean is a supreme metaphor for change. I expect the unexpected but am never fully prepared. -- Tim Winton
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The ocean doesn't care about you. It makes your boat feel tiny. The oceans are great promoters of religion, or at least of humility-but not in everyone. -- Tracy Kidder
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The oceans are pretty unexplored places and the final frontier on our planet; also because they're the source of life. There are dramatic things happening to them at the moment, and they're worth exploring. -- Peter Sarsgaard