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I got your invitation, -- Kaycee Kline
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I sell mayhem, scandal, murder and doom. -- Colin Harrison
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Are you still interested in hardcore? -- Whitney G.
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I will consider it. - Endymion, Princess Sellene -- Sarah J. Maas
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Sorry,no thanks,if i was going to die it could wait until tomorrow morning. -- Rick Riordan
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Sometimes you take something because it's an offer and it's big and it's good money and you have to absolutely respect that process, because it's not easier. -- Steven Knight
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If you're at an antiques fair, and have been unable to beat the dealer down earlier in the day, pay a return visit at the end. They may be more inclined to accept your offer, rather than having to pack the piece up and take it home. -- Judith Miller
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Everybody got a deal, I did it without one -- Drake
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You obviously don't have my soul or you wouldn't be trying to make deals. -- Daniel Nayeri
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I have sold my soul. Just sign right here. -- Zakk Wylde
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Don't pay attention to those who offer too much. -- Dejan Stojanovic
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ovwtcj953520 -- Shriya
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if you want it really, you get it !!! -- Ravinder Singh
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My heart for yours," he offers.
"Deal. -- Jolene Perry
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Honey, you could suck the center out of a Tootsie Pop and I'd still say no. Not that I don't appreciate your offer. -- Kristen Callihan
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Everything I got, I'm willing to sacrifice -- Ray Lewis
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My heart is a bargain today. Will you take it? -- W.c. Fields
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No trade will be made unless they want the thing more than they want their money. -- Roy H. Williams
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nptajf907075 -- D
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Man has no foothold that is not also a bargain. So be it! -- Djuna Barnes
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O, call back yesterday, bid time return -- William Shakespeare
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The sale begins when the customer says yes. -- Harvey Mackay
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As nice an offer as that was, I'm afraid I'm not interested."
"I see the job as your only chance for survival. -- Robin Bielman
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What I've got to offer you is your life.'
'It's not yours to offer ... -- Ayn Rand
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Ain't no chance if you don't take it. -- Guy Clark
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A deal's a deal. Nothing is for nothing. Everything has its price. -- Marguerite Bennett
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letting the other side make the first offer is often crucial to achieving favorable terms. -- Sheryl Sandberg
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Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles? -- Jason Biggs
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We've made a final offer. We hope Ziggy Palffy will come to his senses. We have NO hope his agent will. -- Mike Milbury
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yfdyst992660 -- D
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must say that I think we can accept -- Ian Fleming
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You get to give. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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If the day ever comes when you're tempted to sell me out, remember this, Bronn - I'll match their price, whatever it is. I like living. -- George R R Martin
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Out of my mind. Back in five minutes. -- J.b. Morton
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If the response you finally receive from me is 'thanks but no thanks', then please accept at face value that I would really not be the right investor for you. You've got to trust me on this, and in this case take 'no' for an answer. -- David S. Rose
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In nature nothing can be given. All things are sold. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Ill give you a definite maybe. -- Samuel Goldwyn
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I trade with you my mind. -- Clifford D. Simak
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You'll only give away what you have in your heart, and -- Wayne W. Dyer
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Agrees, then we cut a quick deal and get it over with. With some luck, -- John Grisham
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story. "Then I accept. -- Rhonda Gibson
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The researchers thought that recipients of precise offers are much more likely to believe that the person making that offer has invested time and effort preparing for the negotiation and therefore has very good reasons to support the precise offer they are making. -- Robert B. Cialdini
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gave him. So we have the -- Dee Henderson
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Ah, does my princess now want what I offer? -- Sai Marie Johnson
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I don't have much anymore, but I'll give you everything I got. -- Kendall Grey
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Got any pitches? I got five pitches-rise-ball, curveball, screwball, drop-ball and changeup. -- Jennie Finch
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Don't say yes until I finish talking. -- Darryl F. Zanuck
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I didn't accept it. I received it. -- Richard Allen
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If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence. -- Lao-Tzu
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Add now you're mine. Do you understand that? You don't give this pussy to anyone else while we're playing. You're mine. -- Jaci Burton
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Total number of Items -- Anonymous
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Wats yr typ?
people who can spell -- Laurie Halse Anderson
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Into crates, but threw the bad ones away. 49 That is the -- Anonymous
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If you want something in a deal, just ask for it. -- Sam Altman
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Let the deal be spoken first and then manipulate it to your advantage. -- T.s. Pettibone
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The first thing to decide before you walk into any negotiation is what to do if the other fellow says 'no'. -- Ernest Bevin
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This deal is a sugar-coated satan sandwich. If you lift the bun, you will not like what you see. -- Emanuel Cleaver
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May I offer you something? A small glass of cyanide? -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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I want the white one -- Sarah Dessen
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On a good bargain think twice. -- George Herbert
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I wish I could buy you for what you are really worth and sell you for what you think you're worth. I sure would make money on the deal. -- Zora Neale Hurston
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If money is the only plus, I will always say no. But, if there's more, than I'm down. -- Shannyn Sossamon
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I don't have much to give, but what I do have, I want to give to you. -- Anonymous
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The only color I don't have is navy brown. -- Yogi Berra
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Well, when you give me an offer like that, Addolgar the Cheerful, I don't see how any female with a passionate love of hammers can turn you down ... -- G.a. Aiken
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Sir, are you trying to offer me a bribe? How much -- Groucho Marx
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Buy one get none free! -- Ransom Riggs
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Success never goes on sale. Be willing to pay the market price. -- Randy Gage
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If you want it, you get it! -- Deyth Banger
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Nameless is my price. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Let's piss on the bargain. -- James Clavell
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We cannot own each other, Bo. We can only offer what is ours to give. -- Sarah Fine
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The Best Deal Is The One Where Everyone Walks Away Happy! -- Latif Mercado
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I'll make you a deal. A question for a kiss. -- Cora Carmack
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I won't accept anything less than forever with you. -- Alicia Rae
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I offer you your life, friend, and recommend you take it. -- Samuel Snoek-Brown
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This is what I have to offer you Shaw and just like you let me be your first, I'm letting you be mine. -- Jay Crownover
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You are on your knees. . . .we are not negotiating. -- Leigh Bardugo
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number of shares to buy = (account size x percentage risked on each trade) / (entry price - stop loss) = ($10,000 x 0.02) / (17.07 - 14.50) = 77.82 shares, which we will round up to 80 shares. -- Matthew R. Kratter
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I don't make deals, I make pictures. -- Carlo Ponti
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What he offered me is not for me to keep, but for me to give to another. -- Garth Stein
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I'm just offering because I noticed that Tory was drinking. -- Pepper Pace
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Say no, then negotiate. -- Anonymous
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Averaging the bids to arrive at a final price, the Leon -- Marcus Sakey
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Consider anything, only don't cry! -- Lewis Carroll
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Depends on how badly you want it. It's worth whatever you're willing to pay for it. -- Katja Millay
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I do not ask much, only Total Power -- Umberto Eco
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Come! Let us make that bargain. Think of me at my best, if circumstances should ever part us! -- Charles Dickens
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A sweet offer . . . yet sweets can be poisoned. -- George R R Martin
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kewtam906579 -- Shriya
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36) Aldiko ($0.00) Without -- Amber Norato
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An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it -- Bianca Baker
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I Still Have Everything You Gave Me
It is dusty on the edges.
It is slightly rotten.
I guard it without thinking.
I focus on it once a year
when I shake it out in the wind.
I do not ache.
I would not trade. -- Naomi Shihab Nye
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You only have nothing to offer if you quit trying. -- April Erwin
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Take what is offered and that must sometimes be enough. -- Richard K. Morgan
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I have nothing good besides You. -- Anonymous
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- Every girl is proud of an offer
- Yes, every girl, but not she -- Leo Tolstoy
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Go tae your hands again ... let me give it tae you. Lachlain MacRieve -- Kresley Cole