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Several seconds of purchase. -- Blake Crouch
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That's the last order I'll ever give you Captain. Don't you dare ignore it. -- Eoin Colfer
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We're in an underground vault, and here's my first order: You're going to do everything I tell you to do. -- Jettie Necole
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If you want to buy my wares
Follow me and climb the stairs ...
Love for sale. -- Cole Porter
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I wasn't made to take orders. My grandmother used to tell me: 'Laws are for idiots.' She was right. -- Marjane Satrapi
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I will have clients rather than people who just give me orders -- Francis Ayer
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Know this about yourself: there is only one reason professional salespeople lose orders-- they are outsold. -- Jim Holden
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God timely supply my need. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Best be savin' your orders for someone who'll follow them, vampire. -- Kresley Cole
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Manage yourself first and others will take your orders. -- David Seabury
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If disorder is the rule with you, you will be penalized for installing order. -- Paul Valery
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he ordered, eyes lingering on the Tiste Andii. -- Steven Erikson
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I'd be the last colonel in the world to order you to go to that U.S.O. show and have a good time, but I want every one of you who isn't sick enough to be in a hospital to go to that U.S.O. show right now and have a good time, and that's an order! -- Joseph Heller
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At the core of every ordered system, whether a family or a factory, is chaos. But in the whirl of every chaos lies a strange order, waiting to be found. -- Dean Koontz
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ordered two crispy tacos, a bean burrito, and a medium Pepsi. At -- Mark Owen
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They come first. -- Richelle Mead
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Order is the sanity of the mind, the health of the body, the peace of the city, the security of the state. Like beams in a house or bones to a body, so is order to all things. -- Robert Southey
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I have to get my life back on track. Order as an antidote to chaos. Calm after the storm. -- Susane Colasanti
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ship. The courier just arrived from Paidara. -- Michael Gruber
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Well if this be order
give me a wheelbarruh of chaos
and a pop bottle full of shook up rattlesnakes -- Bob Henry Baber
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Don't order me around like that unless it involves a safe word and a couple of interesting toys. -- Tessie Bradford
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Order is not goodness; but perhaps it is the indispensable road to arrive at it. -- Maria Montessori
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Money expedited delivery. -- Kresley Cole
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Order is a lovely nymph, the child of Beauty and Wisdom; her attendants are Comfort, Neatness, and Activity; her abode is the valley of happiness: she is always to be found when sought for, and never appears so lovely as when contrasted with her opponent, Disorder. -- Samuel Johnson
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it, Shep does his ordering for the department and for himself all from the same manufacturer. -- Lisa Gardner
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Look at you," he says, running his hand over my arse again. "Incredible, waiting for me to take you," he says, following its ample contours. "The way you take an order makes me wonder what I could get you to do. -- Kerry Heavens
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Once you've given orders on a subject, you must always give orders on that subject." The -- Frank Herbert
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Buy when the cannons are firing, and sell when the trumpets are blowing -- Nathan Meyer Rothschild
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What do you want? Where's the goddamn ice I ordered? Where's the booze? There's a war on, man! People are being killed! -- Hunter S. Thompson
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When they sat down at a small table and punched in their orders, -- Isaac Asimov
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It is hard to take orders from a man you laughed at in your cups, -- George R R Martin
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Where's my food? When is it coming? What did I order, anyway? -- Lawrence Tierney
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The only person I let order me around is Zero! -- Lucille Kallen
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Creation is much in need of ordering. -- Richard Powers
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I do get a lot of requests for specific things. -- Michael Winslow
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With the mailorder, I wake up in the morning, I check my e-mail, process the orders, and then I just print everything out. And then for the rest of the day it's actually sitting with paper. -- Keith Fullerton Whitman
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It is not order only, but unexpected order, that has value. -- Henri Poincare
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All I need are chocolates, credit card, and stilettos. -- Maryse Ouellet
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I need them and they need me to need them -- Rosie Thomas
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I like it that order exists somewhere even if it shatters near me. -- Elizabeth Moon
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If every one said orders were impossible to carry out when they were received where would you be? Where would we all be if you just said, "Impossible," when orders came? -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty. -- Daniel Burnham
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Order is to arrangement what the soul is to the body, and what mind is to matter. -- Joseph Joubert
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Receive without complaint, Work with fate. -- Ming-Dao Deng
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That afternoon I ordered an information packet. -- Jeff Dunham
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When in doubt, exchange. -- John Zimmerman
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If someone asks you for something, provide them with a clear "No" or a delivery date. -- Omar Hamoui
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I write to express and I shop to destress -- Anamika Mishra
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I've ordered already. I hope you don't mind." "No, -- E.l. James
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When narratives fracture, when words fail, I take consolation from the part of my life that always works: the stationery order. The mail-order stationery people supply every need from royal blue Quink to a dazzling variety of portable hard drives. -- Hilary Mantel
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Order and surprise: these are two intertwined elements that make for any great library or collection. -- Michael Dirda
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Tonight, darling, we are going to right a lot of wrongs. And we are going to wrong some rights. The first shall be last; the last shall be first; the meek shall do some earth-inheriting. But before we can radically reshape the world, we need to shop. -- John Green
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I want two of the four piece fried chicken dinners. Both with mashed potatoes and green beans. I also want two orders of grilled corn on the cob and a side of macaroni salad. Three slices of the banana cream pie and a piece of German chocolate cake. -- Julia Keith
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Issue the orders Sir, and I will storm Hell. -- Anthony Wayne
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I don't order laws, I propose them. -- Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
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Customer is king.
I am his treasurer. -- Toba Beta
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Hey, you know what else I don't care about? You giving me orders. -- Anna Banks
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Don't accept the old order. Get rid of it. -- John Lydon
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You get what you order in life. -- Alfred Armand Montapert
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Congratulations, Veronica. You just ordered your first call girl. -- Rob Thomas
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The Names and Order -- Anonymous
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We've been watching your kind, noting it all down, putting it in our order pads while you snort in your trough. It may be fragmented, it may not be prettified, it may not be in the Grand Tradition, but let me tell you
it's ours and we're ready to publish! -- Will Self
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We can serve our customers well only if our buying jobs are right. You cannot sell if you haven't ordered wanted goods into your store. -- James Cash Penney
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existence depends on order. -- Lauren Oliver
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I cannot approve of your method of operation, you proceed like a bewildered idiot, taking not the least notice of my orders. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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Listen first, then sell. -- Timi Nadela
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Order is the shape upon which beauty depends. -- Pearl S. Buck
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You may not lead by ordering, but you may lead by showing possibilities and the beauty of success. -- Debasish Mridha
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When online business first appeared, a lot of operations would take your order and then disappear. -- Maelle Gavet
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You will receive everything you need when you stop asking for what you do not need -- Nisargadatta Maharaj
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5. Pay now and consume later -- Jeff Atwood
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OK," I said. "Forget the whole thing." "Really?" "Orders are orders," I said. "The alternative is anarchy and chaos. -- Lee Child
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"They order," said I, "this matter better in France." -- Laurence Sterne
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Post Horses and Conveyances of every description may be ordered by the electric telegraph to be in readiness on the arrival of a train, at either Paddington or Slough Station. -- Tom Standage
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If only men came made to order. It's so hard to find a decent fellow. -- Adriana Trigiani
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You know, for the record, I hate to take orders. But! I realize I'm in over my head. You have no idea how much I hate all this supernatural garbage. So I'm willing to listen to you, but you better start acting like I'm a person and not some mindless blow-up doll. (Amanda) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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If your customers are demanding, be thankful. -- Ron Kaufman
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Colonel, I'm giving you a direct order. Eat the fucking cookie. -- John Scalzi
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If you're ordering me an edible arrangement to say thanks, I'd prefer a meat one. -- Liz
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And since Rebecca already placed your order five minutes ago, I can only assume that this was an excuse to check out my rack. All done? -- Jeanette Battista
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Buy me and you will overcome the anxieties I have just reminded you of. -- Michael Schudson
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The sale begins when the customer says yes. -- Harvey Mackay
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Whereas I formerly believed it to be my bounden duty to call other persons to order, I now admit that I need calling to order myself. -- Carl Jung
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My duty is to obey orders. -- Stonewall Jackson
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It is curious how any making of order makes one feel mentally ordered, ordered inside. -- May Sarton
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I love order. It's my dream. A world where all would be silent and still, and each thing in its last place, under the last dust. -- Samuel Beckett
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You'll find I'm remarkably good at giving orders, and particularly awful at following them. -- Victoria Aveyard
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There is no beauty without order. -- Pearl S. Buck
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Good order is the foundation of all things. -- Edmund Burke
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Or maybe this is the true order. To bring together the need with the thind that is needed. -- Charlie Huston
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The created order is everywhere punched and torn open by ellipses, drifts, and leaks of meaning: it is a sieve-order. -- Michel De Certeau
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I could smell the food fill up my hunger before the order was even
placed. -- Phindiwe Nkosi
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I guess my claim to fame is I've now gaveled Ted Kennedy to order twice. -- Amy Klobuchar
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Good order makes men bold, and confusion, cowards. -- Niccolo Machiavelli
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Order means light and peace, inward liberty and free command over one's self; order is power. -- Henri Frederic Amiel
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I belong to a secret order. We all have OCD, so you'd better believe we have order. -- Jarod Kintz
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People first, then money, then things. -- Suze Orman
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For nothing matters except life; and, of course, order. -- Virginia Woolf
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Things come to me pretty regularly. There is never a shortage or a backlog. -- Duncan Sheik
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I want a very ordered image, but I want it to come about by chance. -- Francis Bacon