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An organization is not, like an animal, an end in itself, and successful by the mere act of perpetuating the species. An organization is an organ of society and fulfills itself by the contribution it makes to the outside environment. -- Peter F. Drucker
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When you do things in the right way, at the right time, everything else will be organized. -- Shunryu Suzuki
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Time is but an extension of the Human desire for organization. -- Richard L. Foland Jr.
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You can't do it unless you organize. -- Samuel Gompers
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Every company has two organizational structures: The formal one is written on the charts; the other is the everyday relationship of the men and women in the organization. -- Harold S. Geneen
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Departments and groups within the team must break down silos, depend on each other and understand who depends on them. If -- Jocko Willink
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I don't have much of an organization at all. I listen to my heart. -- Wayne Dyer
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Remember, America: organization will set you free. -- Alton Brown
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Many individuals and organization units contribute to every large decision, and the very problem of centralization and decentralization is a problem of arranging the complex system into an effective scheme. -- Herbert Simon
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Just as the mind emerges from the actions of individual neurons and their cooperation, the success of an organization emerges not only from its individual participants, but also from the interplay between them. -- Justin Rosenstein
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Reminding is the essence of organizing. -- Fred Ross
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Before you organize you ought to analyze and see what the elements of the business are. -- Gerard Swope
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I'm not very well organized unless I'm plugged into a structure like the opera or a movie. When I'm doing that, I have to be organized. -- David Cronenberg
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The trouble with organizing a thing is that pretty soon folks get to paying more attention to the organization than to what they're organized for. -- Laura Ingalls Wilder
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You have to organize, organize, organize, and build and build, and train and train, so that there is a permanent, vibrant structure of which people can be part. -- Ralph E. Reed Jr.
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An organization's reason for being, like that of any organism, is to help the parts that are in relationship to each other, to be able to deal with change in the environment. -- Kevin Kelly
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You have to, in your own life, get people to want to work with you and want to help you. The organizational chart, in my opinion, means very little. I need my bosses' goodwill, but I need the goodwill of my subordinates even more. -- Lloyd Blankfein
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Metaphorically, organizations are like vegetable gardens, where each capability is a different type of vegetable growing in the garden. -- Pearl Zhu
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Effective organizations put people in jobs in which they can do the most good. They place people
and allow people to place themselves
according to their strengths. -- Peter Drucker
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To be purposeful people who can get things done, we need to be able to organize our desires, goals, time, and efforts. This is an important aspect of functioning. -- Henry Cloud
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Being organized will give you more free time, contribute to a cheerful nature, and add to the peace and security of your home. -- Deniece Schofield
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Being organized is not about being company-ready 24/7. It's about being able to find what you need and restore order quickly. -- Monika Kristofferson
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All organisation is and must be grounded on the idea of exclusion and prohibition just as two objects cannot occupy the same space -- Arthur Miller
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The tendency of organization is to kill out the spirit which gave it birth. Organizations do not protect the sacredness of the individual; their tendency is to sink the individual in the mass, to sacrifice his rights, and to immolate him on the altar of some fancied good. -- Angelina Grimke
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The building block of organizations should be small teams. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, at one point had a "two-pizza team" rule,41 which stipulates that teams be small enough to be fed by two pizzas. -- Eric Schmidt
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The organization is, above all, social. It is people. -- Peter Drucker
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Want freedom? Get organized. Want to get organized? Get creative. -- David Allen
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Organisation, far from creating authority, is the only cure for it and the only means whereby each of us will get used to taking an active and conscious part in collective work, and cease being passive instruments in the hands of leaders. -- Errico Malatesta
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Have the right people in the right places, working together -- Roger Staubach
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The most fundamental principle of the organized mind, the one most critical to keeping us from forgetting or losing things, is to shift the burden of organizing from our brains to the external world. -- Daniel J. Levitin
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Organizations are not just places where people have jobs. -- Doug Smith
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Basins of attraction, of self organization, show up as well in our complex social environment, in human organizations. Here again, while we cannot predict the result of any given input, we can say that it will likely fall within one of several areas. -- Kevin Kelly
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When you are a member of an organization, life isn't only about you. As part of a circle of people who depend on one another, you watch one another's back and remain loyal to the concept of brotherhood. -- Sonny Barger
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Organization doesn't really accomplish anything. Plans don't accomplish anything, either. Theories of management don't much matter. Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds. -- Colin Powell
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To create an organization that's adaptable and innovative, people need the freedom to challenge precedent, to 'waste' time, to go outside of channels, to experiment, to take risks and to follow their passions. -- Gary Hamel
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In most vital organizations, there is a common bond of interdependence, mutual interest, interlocking contributions, and simple joy. -- Max De Pree
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One of the most important things we do is we've organized our stores and our workforce into teams. -- John Mackey
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When I think of organizations, I think of the capabilities an organization has more than its morphology or structure. The ability of an organization to have a shared purpose and the ability for employees to be productive are critical capabilities for most organizations today. -- Dave Ulrich
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One of the many reasons for the bewildering and tragic character of human existence is the fact that social organization is at once necessary and fatal. Men are forever creating such organizations for their own convenience and forever finding themselves the victims of their home-made monsters. -- Aldous Huxley
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One advantage of hierarchical, process-laden organizations is that it's easy to figure out with whom you need to talk: Just look for the right box on the right chart, and you've got your person. But the steady state of a successful Internet Century venture is chaos. -- Eric Schmidt
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Organize and execute around priorities. -- Stephen Covey
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To say that I am organized is an understatement, but my car tells a different story. -- Emily Procter
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A leader organizes people whether they know it or not. -- Holly Goldberg Sloan
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The organization and the environment are in concert. -- Kevin Kelly
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Build an organization that can tackle the tough things and keep moving. -- Geoffrey Canada
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I trained myself to be organized. -- Robert Caro
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The primary asset of any business is its organization. -- William Feather
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This book is about cultivating habits that let you become organized enough to get results for your students and to make your life more fun and less stressful. -- Maia Heyck-Merlin
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No action, activity, or process is more central to a healthy organization than the meeting -- Patrick Lencioni
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I see something that has to be done and I organize it. -- Elinor Guggenheimer
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Organization. If you want big words to talk to intellectuals with, that's a fine big word, son, just as many syllables as imagination, and it has a lot more realism in it. -- Robert Shea
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I am an organizer, not a union leader. A good organizer has to work hard and long. There are no shortcuts. You just keep talking to people, working with them, sharing, exchanging and they come along. -- Cesar Chavez
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Organizations are communities of human beings, not collections of human resources -- Henry Mintzberg
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What will become compellingly important is absolute clarity of shared purpose and set of principles of conduct sort of institutional genetic code that every member of the organization understands in a common way, and with deep conviction. -- Dee Hock
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An organization's success has more to do with clarity of shared purpose, common principles and strength of belief in them than to assets, expertise, operating ability or management competence, important as they may be. -- Dee Hock
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Organize as much as possible around teams, to achieve enhanced focus, task orientation, innovativeness, and individual commitment. -- Tom Peters
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Getting organized in the normal routines of life and finishing little projects you've started is an important first step toward realizing larger goals. If you can't get a handle on the small things, how will you ever get it together to focus on the big things? -- Joyce Meyer
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There is no name for all who participate in group decision-making or the organization which they form. I propose to call this organization the Technostructure. -- John Kenneth Galbraith
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Overcoming barriers to performance is how groups become teams. -- John Katzenbach
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I'm very unorganized. -- Taylor Momsen
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Surround yourself with people of like mind and different talents and temperaments with the purpose of serving the goals of every member of the group. Associate with these people on a regular basis. -- Jeff Olson
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Relationship and connectedness are the pre-condition for change. Every meeting, every process, every training program has to get people connected first. Otherwise the content falls on deaf ears. So small groups are an essential building block to any future you want to create. -- Peter Block
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Power is the flower of organization. -- A. Philip Randolph
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Order (self-organizat ion): Set aside time to plan how you will spend your time. Think about what's most important. Then do those things first. -- Frank Bettger
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The only antidote to the unnerving effects of such incoherence is integrity. People and organizations with integrity are wholly themselves. No aspect of self stands different or apart. At their center is clarity, not conflict. When they go inside to find themselves, there is only one self there. -- Margaret Wheatley
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The organization of ofices follows the principle of hierarchy ... each lower office is under the control and supervision of a higher one -- Max Weber
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Only a clear, focused, and common mission can hold the organization together and enable it to produce results. -- Peter F. Drucker
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We have to have a commonality and purpose. We have to understand that each of us is dependent on the success of the others in the organization to reach the goals we're trying to accomplish. It's never an easy thing. -- Rick Welts
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It may not seem this way at first, but your workplace is actually built on a well-ordered system of individuals and groups with defined stations of importance, all interacting to make your company run and appear busy. -- Martin Fossum
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Organizations who win, think deeply, choose wisely, and act decisively. -- Mark Millar
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You must not run your Organization as a functional hierarchy. You must understand it as a System. -- W. Edwards Deming
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Successful organizing is based on the recognition that people get organized because they, too, have a vision. -- Paul Wellstone
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There can be no one best way of organizing a business. -- Joanne Woodward
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We are organizers at heart. Most of us in the movement take great pride in being able to put things together. -- Cesar Chavez
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First, define your credo- the belief system of the organization. Secondly, define your real ambition, or where do you want to go as a collective community. -- Kevin Allen
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If there's a simple, easy design principle that binds everything together, it's probably about starting with the people. -- Bill Moggridge
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Structure is not just a means to a solution. It is also a principle and a passion. -- Marcel Breuer
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From the moment an organizer enters a community, he lives, dreams, eats, breathes, sleeps only one thing, and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army. -- Saul Alinsky
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I'm not a very organized person. -- Zoe Kravitz
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Work at getting organized like a hobby. Set aside a certain amount of time each day (or whatever time your budget will allow). While it may indeed take a fair amount of time to establish order, once it is achieved, you will save more time than you have ever spent. -- Deniece Schofield
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In a balanced organization, working towards a common objective, there is success. -- Arthur Helps
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An organizer is a leader who does not lead but gets behind the people and pushes. -- Fred Ross
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I suppose I learned organization from Altman. -- Shelley Duvall
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If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself. -- Indra Nooyi
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Life is like a cobweb, not an organization chart. -- Ross Perot
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Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution. -- Bill Drayton
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Unlocking individual change starts and ends with the mental maps people carry in their heads-how they see the organization and their jobs. -- Ralph Christensen
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Be cohesive in your dealings. Trust built on and from mutual support, facilitating communication and encouraging coordination can be rewarding. -- Ogwo David Emenike
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Order or disorder depends on organisation; courage or cowardice on circumstances; strength or weakness on dispositions. -- Sun Tzu
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Organize before they rise! -- Max Brooks
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Order is the first law of heaven, and you have to have order to survive on Earth. Figure out what has to be done each day, each week, each year and develop a system to achieve it. -- Iyanla Vanzant
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The organization of self, and all self-aligning principles would be those that I promote. -- Saul Williams
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It strikes at a fundamental human need to be organized. -- Donna Dubinsky
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Learning organizations organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning how to learn together. -- Peter Senge
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One important insight is that all organizations are networks. People may draw their organizations as hierarchies, but that doesn't change that they are actually networks. -- Jurgen Appelo
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The structure of the company is constantly changing. The composition of the necessary working groups is constantly changing. We have many divisions that are based on the project principle, which means that they are put together for each project. -- Mikhail Khodorkovsky
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I'm not a very organized person for being uber work-obsessed. I struggle to keep it all organized because everything can become important and, when you have so many spinning plates, they sometimes can cancel each other out because you lose track of everything. -- Drew Barrymore
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The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Organizations exist to make people's strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant. And this is the work of effective leaders. -- Frances Hesselbein
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We collaborate together. We work with other people. We work by ourselves. -- John Oates