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There's a palace in your head, boy. Learn to live in it always. -- Grant Morrison
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This is the entrance
To the city of you... -- Mark Doty
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We are Liverpool Football Club and the expectations are so high. -- Steven Gerrard
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Liverpool will always be my home. -- David Morrissey
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I pray Cardiff get back to the Premier League. If I sell Cardiff, I will buy another club in the U.K. I have a club in Sarajevo. The fans are fantastic. The people who run the club are incredible. They really motivate me. I'm looking at another club in Europe and then the MLS. -- Vincent Tan
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I am thrilled to be joining a club as prestigious and successful as Liverpool. -- Peter Crouch
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Manchester is the belly and guts of the nation -- George Orwell
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Kingsport or feel at home there. Before -- L.m. Montgomery
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In the papers this morning: 'Police closing in on Ian Holloway.' Sorry, it's 'Palace closing in on Ian Holloway.' -- Alan Brazil
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I just came to West Ham to play football, the rest is not for me to say. -- Carlos Tevez
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My queendom for a coffee! -- Chris Lange
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The sight of London to my exiled eyes
Is as Elysium to a new-come soul. -- Christopher Marlowe
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Street towards Covent Garden. There was -- Ben Aaronovitch
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The court is like a palace built of marble; I mean that it is made up of very hard but very polished people. -- Jean De La Bruyere
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Sometimes we're the big game in town. Other times, we're kind of a side show.
(on Manchester City) -- Claudio Reyna
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My soul is not a palace of the past ... -- James Russell Lowell
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Field is the palace of the peasant! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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London, thou art the flower of cities all! -- William Dunbar
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I'll never play at Wembley again, unless I play at Wembley again. -- Kevin Keegan
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I am a Palace", I said to them, smiling. -- Various
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Ah sweet city of my dreams
Of speed and skill and schemes
Like Atlantis you just disappeared from view
And the hare upon the wire
Has been burnt upon your pyre
Like the black dog that once raced
Out from trap two -- Shane Macgowan
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If I was to transfer abroad at some stage, then it would only be to Manchester United -- Mats Hummels
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I know the city and the club, and I can tell you that when you play for Manchester United at Old Trafford, you no longer need to see the sunshine every day. -- Patrice Evra
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Now, about your timetable. It may spread out a little more than you thought. They want me to visit the palace and see it for myself. We're to go in the Emir's yacht, leaving tonight. -- Susan Leona Fisher
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A library is a palace of dreams. -- M.c. Beaton
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A squat grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State's motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY. -- Aldous Huxley
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outside the city. Fortunately for them, -- Julien Ayotte
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He [Courtois] goes back to Chelsea. -- Marc Wilmots
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The City that knows how. -- William Howard Taft
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I came to AS Roma to play in the Champions League -- Ashley Cole
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London: A place you go to get bronchitis. -- Fran Lebowitz
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The new building housing the store. The -- Kristen Proby
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Fenwick, sitting down to -- Laura Lippman
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London, how could one ever be tired of it? -- Margaret Drabble
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This haze of blood must subside, the palace must collapse under the weight of the riches it conceals, the orgy must finish and the time come to awaken.
-- Gustave Flaubert
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When I arrived, I didn't understand London customers perfectly, but we've developed the right style with the right price, and step by step, I'm in harmony with London. -- Alain Ducasse
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With equal pace, impartial Fate
Knocks at the palace, as the cottage gate. -- Horace
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Go where we may, rest where we will,
Eternal London haunts us still. -- Thomas Moore
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Come and see my coaching certificates - they're called the European Cup and league championships, -- Brian Clough
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In London I have been by turns poor and rich, hopeful and despondent, successful and down and out, utterly miserable and ecstatically, dizzily happy. I belong to London as each of us can belong to only one place on this earth. And, in the same way, London belongs to me. -- Gertrude Lawrence
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King Offa's dyke, -- John B. Hattendorf
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Tottenham are trying tonight to become the first London team to win this cup. The last team to do so was the 1973 Spurs team. -- Mike Ingham
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I want London to be the global sporting capital. -- George Osborne
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A flat black bug, that is London. -- Paul Verlaine
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Favourite stadium? I have good memories of my CL debut at Old Trafford, spectacular atmosphere. The Theatre of Dreams, as they say. -- Xavi
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Living in London has become incredible. I suppose it's easy to love where you live if you love what you're doing. But this is not just a visit: it's my home. -- Kevin Spacey
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Home. This magnificent palace had been her home since she was eleven. She'd came to it as a farmer's daughter, and now she'd leave it as a soldier. -- Elise Kova
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amassed at Wenden and, unless they -- Peter Darman
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Peace to the shacks! War on the palaces! -- Georg Buchner
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I'm really happy in Liverpool and the club feels such a family. I feel great, I have a nice house and my family have been here from the beginning so they could help me. -- Royston Drenthe
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Can it be the old devil's house? I've heard he has a house in North London. -- G.k. Chesterton
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of the palace to inform me that Lady Margaret -- Philippa Gregory
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London is a city of clubs and private houses. You have to be a member. -- Alec Waugh
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If Real Madrid land on Manchester airport, then the airport will be surely flooded just to see one player whom fans want most. Everyone knows the name, I don't need to tell it. He is the Prince and legend of Manchester,The King and legend of Real(Madrid). 'CRISTIANO RONALDO' -- Gary Neville
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Manchester United have risen to the pinnacle of the English game at a time when the rewards are so high - thanks to the ticket to the Champions League - that they have resources that only a handful of other sides, through merit or the exploitation of the people of Russia, can approach. -- Phil Cornwell
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London goes beyond any boundary or convention.It contains every wish or word ever spoken, every action or gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. It is illimitable. It is Infinite London. -- Peter Ackroyd
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I have found a flat on Merseyside and am settling down here. If I can keep playing and get back to full match fitness, I know I have a lot to offer still. -- David Ginola
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The palace of the Saggese family, once the great landowner of those parts. An archway -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Liverpool Football Club is the heartland of football folklore -- Brendan Rodgers
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I love London. I'm a London fanatic. That's my city. -- John Boyega
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It can't be any simpler: the farewell is going to be on the Champs-Elysees. -- Lance Armstrong
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The club [Real Madrid] has a fantastic set-up with marvellous people. The atmosphere at training is perfect - it's just wonderful -- Ruud Van Nistelrooy
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If I should be so blessed as to revisit again my own country, but more especially Manchester, all that I could hope or desire would be presented before in one view. -- Robert Clive
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Behold now this vast city [London]; a city of refuge, the mansion-house of liberty, encompassed and surrounded with His protection. -- John Milton
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Why do I regret Chelsea? I'm the boss of the richest club in the world. I have not had much time to adjust myself, but I've found a great restaurant! That is the first thing I did when I arrived! -- Carlo Ancelotti
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In two days.
London, England.
May God save her ... forget the queen. -- Rachel Van Dyken
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One has not the alternative of speaking of London as a whole, for the simple reason that there is no such thing as the whole of it. It is immeasurable - embracing arms never meet. Rather it is a collection of many wholes, and of which of them is it most important to speak? -- Henry James
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Liverpool will be the most profitable investment I've ever made, -- Tom Hicks
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The innocent mansion of a panther's heart! -- Allen Tate
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I've turned down Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Manchester United to play here. I hope everyone already knows how much it means to me to play for Newcastle United. -- Alan Shearer
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Retire me to my Milan, where
Every third thought shall be my grave. -- William Shakespeare
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I've had contact with Arsenal and Chelsea, but it's a bit of a mess, -- Adel Taarabt
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I may have left Liverpool but the city and club will always be part of me. -- Kenny Dalglish
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East 103rd, New York, New York -- Richard J. Alley
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London's like a forest ... we shall be lost in it. -- Mary Elizabeth Braddon
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But what club wouldn't welcome the chance to strengthen their side, what club would turn down the resources Chelsea have? -- Frank Lampard
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There's only two teams in Manchester. City and City reserves!" How right he was! -- Dante Friend
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Don't deny me what's mine, Brighton. -- A. Zavarelli
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resplendent chambers of a true king's tomb. -- Dean Koontz
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When you spend a lot of money on one player, you want him to prove himself, but the way football works, one day you can be good, the next you can be bad, and the next after that, you can be very bad. I have come to Manchester City to work very hard and to help my friends make Manchester City great. -- Yaya Toure
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Under such circumstances, I naturally gravitated to London, that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained. There -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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I will never forget how I have been treated here by the fans, the club and the owners, and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to finish my career as a Manchester City player. -- Yaya Toure
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Oh, to be in England, now that England's gone. This World Service, this little bakelite gateway into the world of Sidney Box, Charters and Caldecott, Mazawattee tea, Kennedy's Latin Primer and dark, glistening streets. An -- Stephen Fry
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This palace,' he had said, 'is a small city, past lying close to present like one shoe next to another. If you look at them in a mirror, left becomes right, present becomes past ... -- Patricia A. Mckillip
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We are thrilled with the response we are getting to Le Cirque at The Leela Palace New Delhi. Our goal is to bring a luxury dining experience consistent with international standards of excellence to the expanding and discerning clientele in India. -- Sirio Maccioni
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London is like a dream come true. As I ramble through it I am haunted by the curious feeling of something half-forgotten, but still dimly remembered, like a reminiscence of some previous state of existence. It is at once familiar and strange. -- Joseph Fort Newton
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If the king is in the palace, nobody looks at the walls. It is when he is gone, and the house is filled with grooms and gazers, that we turn from the people, to find relief in the majestic men that are suggested by the pictures and the architecture. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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A madhouse of frenzied moneymaking and frenzied pleasure-seeking, with none of the corners chipped off. It is beautifully situatedand the air reminds one curiously of Edinburgh. -- Aleister Crowley
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house at Otowi Bridge. -- Kai Bird
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I'd leave London only for Man
United, the club of my dreams. For
Mr Ferguson I'd also stay silent on
the bench. -- Adel Taarabt
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the wizard prison, -- J.k. Rowling
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We want to build the club on our attendances. We don't want to pay all our TV money straight out in transfer fees and wages. We have to invest in developing Villa Park, allowing us to generate our own revenue streams. -- Randy Lerner
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Aah, God help us, how sleazy is it, and how has it come to this? a rented palace, a denial of the passage of time, a mogul on the black-diamond slopes of the IT sector thinks he's a rock star. -- Thomas Pynchon
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The court is like a palace of marble; it's composed of people very hard and very polished. -- Jean De La Bruyere
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10 East 53rd Street -- Bernard Cornwell
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I am now going from a prison to a palace: I have finished my work, and am now going to receive my wages. -- Christopher Love
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I am a big soccer fan, and a very big Liverpool fan. -- Clive Owen
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London, with its monotonous and melancholy houses, seems like an inharmonious patchwork, as if pieced together without design. Yet it is lovable in its sprawling confusion. -- Joseph Fort Newton
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The problem with Chelsea is I lack a striker. I have Samuel Eto'o but he is 32 years old - maybe 35, who knows? -- Jose Mourinho