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If your heart is racing, slow your breathing. Don't ignore your body just because your mind is scared. Your mind is a tool that can bring your body peace. -- Hannah Hart
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Butterflies in your stomach. More like killer bees. -- Kami Garcia
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What makes your heart leap? -- Jonas Salk
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I don't know a lot about the human body, but I would be willing to bet there's a nerve that runs directly from the palm of the hand, straight to the heart. -- Colleen Hoover
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Heart was racing. -- Heidi R. Kling
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Explosions and fighting robots and shit. What's that got to do with the heart? -- Lauren Beukes
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A divided heart offers a strange sensation. -- Ann Aguirre
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My heart skips a beat. Seriously, like a CD from the public library, it goes ZZebbTTT and skips. -- Brent Crawford
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I'm a complete hypochondriac. If my heart starts beating a little faster than normal, I think I'm having an attack. -- Antonio Banderas
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My wild, uncured, erratic, incomprehensible heart. -- Lauren Oliver
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The heart has reasons of which the mind knows nothing. -- Blaise Pascal
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heartrending memory -- Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
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The heart hath treble wrong
When it is barr'd the aidance of the tongue. -- William Shakespeare
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I feel an emptiness open in my chest, coupled with a strange downward pull in my throat. I think, this is my heart sinking. -- Kermit Roosevelt Iii
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The heart contracts when our bodies are overcome by shame. -- Sharon Salzberg
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Stiff shoulders humped over the writing-table, and the ache of a heart slow to move. A tortoise heart. -- J.m. Coetzee
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Butterflies. Everyday. -- Crystal Woods
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I actually feel something in my chest open, a feeling so intense, it's like my heart's about to burst. And I just let it. I just let it out. -- Gayle Forman
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Such poopitations of the heart as you would not believe. -- Gail Carriger
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Pain is like a cardio, it keeps heart racing -- Puneet Aggarwal
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His heart cringed from the fanning motion of ribs like pale spiders crouched and fiddling with their prey. -- Ray Bradbury
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Trifling trouble find utterance; deeply felt pangs are silent. -- Seneca The Younger
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The heart has its reasons that the mind knows not? -- S.m. Stirling
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What is the sound of an eighty-nine-year-old heart breaking? -- Sebastian Barry
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The tongue, the ambassador of the heart. -- John Lyly
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the sound i must hear
and listen -- Ymatruz
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The heart is a peculiar thing. It sees and interprets details long before the brain has started to think there might be something worth noticing. The brain resents this skill, however, and will often spitefully do all it can to repress what the heart might be whispering. -- Anne Elisabeth Stengl
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My chest aches and swells at the same time. Wow - happy and sad will just about knock you over when they hit together. -- Tudor Robins
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The stomach is near the heart and one appetite pricks on another. -- Storm Jameson
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A malady
Preys on my heart that med'cine cannot reach. -- Charles Robert Maturin
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I need the thing that happens when your brain shuts off and your heart turns on. -- Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Clinically, angina pectoris was known to be precipitated by anxiety and emotion just as well as by exercise. -- James Black
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For the longest time, it felt kind of like my chest was cracking open, but not precisely in an unpleasant way. -- John Green
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Caffeine's untrustworthy gift of nervous energy. -- Patricia Briggs
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How silent the unbeating heart. -- Allyse Near
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When thus the heart is in a vein Of tender thought, the simplest strain Can touch it with peculiar power. -- Charles Lamb
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Thanatos, Arthur would have called it. The heart's desire for death. -- Cassandra Clare
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How very close it is to illness. The loose, restless limbs. The feverish cheeks. The burning salt of the heart. The prickle of sweat. Love. -- Tahmima Anam
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I know that feeling when your heart repels your body, not new for me. -- Shreya Gupta
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The heart's not an organ but a whisper in your head ... -- John Geddes
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I wondered why the head could move so swiftly while the heart dragged its feet. -- Jodi Picoult
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In the muted silence I could feel my heart hammering against my chest, beating on my rib cage like it was trying to bust out to see what was wrong with the man it belonged to. -- Quil Carter
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My heart stutters - not why? or how? - those are not the important questions. The really important question is: by whom? -- Beth Revis
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Your heart beat is my favorite thing to listen to. When you look at me and your heart rate jumps. -- Shelly Crane
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The mouth keeps silent to hear the heart speak. -- Alfred De Musset
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My heart stopped talking because it didn't want to talk anymore for a while. -- Ray Bradbury
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Nervousness made her feel nauseous, almost like she had two hearts frantically beating in her chest, instead of one. -- Caroline Hanson
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As you focus your attention on the heart center, you will begin to feel your thoughts slowing down. You'll begin to feel your mind becoming calm and quiet. They won't bother you. -- Frederick Lenz
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Hi, Mom ... Yes, I know my heart rate's dangerously elevated. That sound? I'm being shot at, Ma. Gotta go now. Love you much. Hugs and kisses. (Devyn) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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My heart has jet lag. -- Karen Marie Moning
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My heart occasionally stuttered, out of sync, out of power - almost
as if it recognised death and wanted to give in. I forced it to do the bare essentials, keeping me from a grave. I was in the coffin ready to be buried, but I wasn't a corpse just yet. -- Pepper Winters
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The head does not know how to play the part of the heart for long. -- Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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My heart ... It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it's trying to escape because it doesn't belong to me any more. It belongs to you. -- Neil Gaiman
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Anxiety, it just stops your life. -- Amanda Seyfried
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A doctor once told me I have abnormal levels of adrenaline in my system. -- Jamie Dornan
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A brave heart? It feels like a swollen and aching thing in my chest. -- Lisa See
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I feel it right down in my stomach when I'm in touch with something. I don't know what it is. -- Dan Fogelberg
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When I'm in pain and grief and despair, my throat is clenched and my heart hurts. -- Alanis Morissette
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I that was near your heart was removed therefrom -- T. S. Eliot
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Instead, I'm met with the only familiar sensation my heart is capable of feeling: pain -- Colleen Hoover
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My blood singing as it courses through my body, -- E.l. James
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Heart throbs- yes, heart throbs of happiness, heart throbs of courage, heart throbs that make us feel better. Those things that appeal to others; that note of inspiration laid aside
bring it forth and let us make a magazine that will speak the language of the heart as well as of the mind. -- Ami Mckay
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The heart, that secret repository where needs and fears elbowed each other continuously like uncomfortable passengers in a crowded subway car... -- Stephen King
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Wherever there is a heart and an intellect, the diseases of the physical frame are tinged with the peculiarities of these. -- Nathaniel Hawthorne
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Darry took a step toward me, but I backed away. "Don't touch me," I said. My heart was pounding in slow thumps, throbbing at the side of my head, and I wondered if everyone else could hear it. Maybe that's why they're all looking at me, I thought, they can hear my heart beating ... -- S.e. Hinton
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The panic that's gonna kill you or get you seriously hurt, -- E.l. James
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[F]alsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good dispositions. -- Thomas Jefferson
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I could feel parts of my body that had never sweated before break out in nervous droplets. -- Sarah Jamila Stevenson
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There is a chord in every heart that has a sigh in it if touched aright. -- Ouida
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The heart is an organ of fire and you can't stop it from feeling or connecting. -- J.h. Wyman
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It's the sound of my breathing that gets me, pouring down into my lungs and then tripping back up my throat. -- Markus Zusak
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Sensations sweet, Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart. -- William Wordsworth
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Your heart spoke before your brain could stop it. -- Kelly Oram
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My chest bumps like a dryer with shoes in it. -- David Foster Wallace
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His hearts beat crazily in his chest, so laboured he thought it might burst. -- Stephen Lloyd Jones
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Oh the nerves, the nerves; the mysteries of this machine called man! Oh the little that unhinges it, poor creatures that we are! -- Charles Dickens
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The heart apparently doesn't stop that easily. -- Haruki Murakami
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Hip, I murmur, remembering last night, how I lost it completely in a stall at Nell's
my mouth foaming, all I could think about were insects, lots of insects, and running at pigeons, foaming at the mouth and running at pigeons. -- Bret Easton Ellis
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Your muscles tensed up, your blood pressure rose, and your heart rate increased. Someone looking closely at your eyes while you tackled this problem would have seen your pupils dilate. -- Daniel Kahneman
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Tend to your vital heart, and all that you worry about will be solved. -- Rumi
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Anger and jealousy are spasms of the nerves, not of the heart. -- Ellen Glasgow
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A heart has problems which mind cannot understand. -- Santosh Kalwar
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My heart stirring this way and that like so much hot soup, -- Helen Oyeyemi
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It's amazing that the heart makes no noise when it cracks. -- Robert Cormier
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My heart was beating out of my chest. -- Swoosie Kurtz
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Something inside my chest breaks loose and falls. It never stops falling. -- R.a. Nelson
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Conscience. That stuff can drive you nuts. -- Budd Schulberg
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You breathe fast when you're scared. -- Kelli O'hara
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Her heart was twitching like a dying insect. -- Robert L. Anderson
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The thing about hearts is that they always want to keep beating -- Elizabeth Scott
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Empathy, the least comfortable of human emotions. -- Frances Gray Patton
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What good is intuition if your heart gets in the way of hearing it? -- Shannon L. Alder
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My heart, for unknown reasons, seems to freeze in motion in my chest. I can see he senses it and he holds his pause to enjoy my suffering, prolonging my ignorance. Viktor, what? -- Gwenn Wright
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Giving credence to persistent intuitions awakens the dormant heart consciousness. -- Steven Redhead
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When one heart moves the whole web trembles. -- Mark Salzman
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The heart-sick faintness of the hope delayed! -- Walter Scott
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I wonder what sound a breaking heart makes? -- Yuri Olyesha
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Do you know the feeling, when your heart is so hurt, that you could feel the blood dripping? -- Lady Gaga
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You can look up keening in the dictionary, but you don't know what it means until you hear somebody having their heart ripped out. -- Bryn Greenwood