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Whatever is missing is what you're not giving.
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Four-Step Dimensional Design Process The four key decisions made during the design of a dimensional model include: 1. Select the business process. 2. Declare the grain. 3. Identify the dimensions. 4. Identify the facts.
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I'm gonna come, Jenna. Because of you. Make me feel so fucking good."
She moaned, adoring the desire and need straining his words. "I wanna feel it," she said.
"Oh, baby, right now," he said. His hips crashed into hers once, twice, three times more, and he cried out. "Oh, fuck, Jenna.
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The elements which determine the make of any particular sermon are three; the preacher, the material, and the audience; just as the character of any battle is determined by three elements; the gun (including the gunner), the ammunition, and the fortress against which the attack is made.
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AuthorLastName, FirstInitial. (Date of publication). Title of the article. Title of the Scholarly Journal, volume number, page range if applicable. Retrieved from URL.
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Shell, tell me everything you want.
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I am choosing to explain them to you because I hope to fuck you in the future
" he placed careful emphasis on the word fuck "
and I don't want to do it with any misplaced expectations on your part.
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Quality is my principle and qualified is my attitude.
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PRICE, n. Value, plus a reasonable sum for the wear and tear of conscience in demanding it.
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I cannot help you. So, I will find you unworthy of help.
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She was off like a bird, bullet, or arrow, impelled by what desire, shot by whom, at what directed, who could say?
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You seek too much information and not enough transformation.
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You're mine to take, pretty one. I'll fuck you when I want and how I want!" Another surge of the heat wave, muscles clenching and squeezing. "Let me in," he commanded. "Don't fight me. I will have you dammit! You're mine!"
"Give me all of you," Killian demanded of Colton. "You're mine! It's mine.
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Sacrifices A novel by Roger Smith
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Chapter 2. Requirements from the customer's perspective
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Come I should like to hear you tell me what there is in yourself that is not just as wonderful,
And I should like to hear the name of anything between Sunday morning and Saturday night that is not just as wonderful.
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All I want is nothing
but a window to your soul
and time to sit and stare.
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Look for the answer inside your question.
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Can i get you anything?"

"I need a young priest and an old priest."

Rule groaned. "is there no one on this plane who hasn't seen that bloody movie?"

~Demon you Know
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Thank you. This line of salt is the beach. And this piece of bread is a rock at low-water level.' Wimsey twitched his chair closer to the table. 'And this salt-spoon,' he said, with childlike enjoyment, 'can be the body.
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127 How do you express your creativity?
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If you have any requests. keep them to yourselves. we don't play requests!
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Compromise - Lowering my standards. So you can meet them.
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The character of the subject must influence the choice of the method of its representation.
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Footballs, basketballs, microphones, gas and grass ...
Just some of the few things that J-Ro likes to pass.
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Any requests on the kind of car?"
"Something with armor?" she said. "Oooh, and headrest DVD. Bonus for surround sound."
"Rocket launchers," Michael said.
"One hot yellow Hummer with optional mass destruction package, coming up.
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What the devil are you doing here?' Rafe demanded, eyeing him suspiciously.
Warefield raised his eyebrows. 'You asked for help.'
'I asked for money.'
'It's the same thing.'
'No, it's not. You-'
'And who might this be?
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I have what makes you moan. What's going to make those thighs open wide. I've got it right here and you're fucking dying for it.
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Quality input determines a quality output and feedback.
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Techniques employ four qualities that reflect the nature of our world. Depending on the circumstance, you should be: hard as a diamond, flexible as a willow, smooth-flowing like water, or as empty as space.
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Above all else show the data.
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It's clearly a budget. It's got lots of numbers in it.
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What you don't want is to repeat a formula over and over or impose a formula to a movie that ... when you impose yourself and you impose a formula and you're not open to explore and to find what is right for the movie, I think you're doing a disservice to the story and what you're trying to express.
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Pleasure and pain.
That was my Melody.
She was my poison
so toxic, when sampled,
so sweet ...
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You need, instead, to be defined by your values.
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It is not about what I want from you, Rita. It is about what I want to offer you. What I want to give you. I want to give you an escape.
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I'm crass, contemptuous and crude, obstreperous, obnoxious, rambunctiously raw and rude.
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Give what you possess.
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Do you have any idea what your sacrifice was?" he asked Chase.
"Yeah, my sanity," he mumbled under his breath.
I kicked him.
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What you need is an idea.
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Give me the heartbeat. Give me the salt. Give me the Viaticum. Fill my mouth.
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God don't give out certain.
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I'm about as monolingual as you come, but nevertheless, I have a variety of different languages at my command, different styles, different ways of talking, which do involve different parameter settings.
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Come give us a taste of your quality.
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The model and size of the server was determined with help from an application vendor who provided a recommended configuration based on the company's specific need. That need was not the company's
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In relationships with a directors, I want to be able to give and take, and I can't name what it is: respect, energy, investment in the task, focus, humor, intelligence, but I always feel responsible for taking the money.
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hot, dirty, and multi-orgasmic kind. "Cavolo,
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In the Greek way of dealing with alchemy, which was earth, air, fire and water, these were the objective qualities. Within the objective qualities - things of earth, air, fire and water - are our subjective experiences of hot, cold, dry, and moist.
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Of the four project development variables - scope, cost, time and quality - quality isn't really a free variable. The only possible values are "excellent" and "insanely excellent", depending on whether lives are at stake.
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I will give you the best I have.
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Facts and Facts, very useful once out there and there!
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So, what are you?"
"What I am is someone who doesn't want you to jump out of the window. The rest are details.
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The customer deserves to receive exactly what we have promised to produce - a clean room, a hot cup of coffee, a nonporous casing, a trip to the moon on goassamer wings.
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Why didn't you kill me like you did that guy back there? Billy? Or does it even make any sense to ask? Are you beyond why?'
Oh shit, we're all beyond why, you know that.
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It's a wonderful thing, as a writer, to be given parameters and walls and barriers.
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My eyes traced the lines of my hips, my convex stomach, the legs beneath my jeans.
What did the world see in me?
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Brys, how big do you want to make your escort?"
"Two brigades and two battalions, sire."
"Is that reasonable?" Tehol asked, looking around.
"I have no idea," Janath replied. "Bugg?"
"I'm no general, my Queen."
"We need an expert opinion, then," said Tehol. "Brys?
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So you don't do one night stands. And you're not looking for a boyfriend, or a husband. What do you want, Reina?"
I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry. How could one sentence strike with the force of a lightning bolt? "How about you make me an offer?
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And what," he inquired
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An equation commonly contains one or more so-called unknowns, often represented by x, y, z, etc.
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Id you're finished picking out my flaws,maybe you'd like to tell me what you want now.I have other customers
"What was that?"
"I Want You.
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Be personal. Be relevant. Be specific.
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who, what, where, when, and why?
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Suffering is described in terms of three characteristics of impermanence or transitory nature, unsatisfactoriness and selflessness.
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Ninety per cent of the drugs were for him and ten per cent for Natasha, a woman who remained an impenetrable mystery to him during the six months they lived together. The only thing he felt certain about was that she irritated him; but then, who didn't?
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Question 6 asks you
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Sir, are you trying to offer me a bribe? How much
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The equations at which we arrive must be such that a person of any nation, by substituting the numerical values of the quantities as measured by his own national units, would obtain a true result.
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You use everything. You use tragedy you use everything.
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He wants to know everything about her.
How she spends her time when not performing.
How she interacts with her audiences.
How she takes her tea.
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In order to make a great, epic movie, you have to have the four Bs - babes, bullets, blood and blades.
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What pleases is what is terrible, gentle, and poetic.
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If I told you, you wouldn't know what I was talking about.
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I can't give you 150 takes. I can't even give you 30 different ways of doing it! I don't have the talent or the range for it.
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Hot, raunchy and funny. - GiveMeBooks
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She will give me all of herself, and I will take it. I will take it all, and then I'll demand more.
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All I took was a freaking penny. Besides, I already gave you another one."
"You took a 1962 penny," Dragos said. His teeth were gritted. "You left a 1975 penny. It's no replacement."
She stared at him. "Oh my God, it's scary you noticed that.
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The pitch count situatio-it doesn't matter if you throw 120 or 80, whatever. It's the quality of pitches that you throw.
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I have to go," he said. "You don't understand. Someone wants to kill me.
"Someone wants to kill you?" she repeated. "Well, I want to make love to you. My goodness, Julian. With two such compelling alternatives, however will you choose?
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I don't need words. It's all in the phrasing.
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Nobody can do it for you.
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14. Sensuality Sensuality
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Why couldn't you let me have it? Why did you have to take it? Why did you always take everything?
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What can you take from me which is not already yours?
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Along with food, Roosevelt considered the finer points of bullets, colored glasses, Zeiss lenses, iron pans, enameled tableware, cameras, and "flashlights."32 When considering
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What is our mission? Who is our customer? What does the customer value? What are our results? and What is our plan?
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Mrs. Conners I will take you last 'cause I know you like it kinky. You are into some rough stuff and that black lacy teddy really is set off by all those blue veins on your thighs.
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He noticed Sandys wide-eyed expression as she took in the flight deck, but there was no time to explain what all the controls were for. That, plus he didn't know what ask the controls were for. 'what are ask these controls for?' asked Sandy.
'no time to explain' said Hal quickly.
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What's Julie's number?"
Curran glanced at me.
"Julie's fluctuating between thirty-two and thirty-four units. Her shift coefficient is six point five and she's been at it for sixteen hours."
Dear God, I'd need a damn calculator.
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Jared told her he used to be an exotic dancer in San Francisco.'
'My body is a gift from God,' Jared said gravely. 'Except for my hips, which are clearly a gift from the devil.
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Don't pass it by
the immediate, the real, the only, the yours.
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I'm offering you my pain. My blood. My pleasure. I'm offering you the right to whip and fuck. To debase and harm. I'm offering to fight your needs with my own. I'm willing to join you in the darkness and find pleasure in excruciating pain. I'm willing to be your monster, Q.
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You're not asking for input. You are asking your admirer's to prove they are paying attention.
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Are you trying not to give me information? Or is cryptic your only way of communicating?
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Then what exactly is it that you design?"
He gave a proud smile.
"Bitless compositions."
"Bitless? You mean, from bits, the units of information?"
"No, Mr. Tichy, the units of being bitten.
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Ashes. Ashes, and blood, and nothing more.
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My reactions to you make me question myself because they aren't light and carefree, they're dark and dirty Lena. I want to do so many dirty things with you, to name them all wouldn't be possible.
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For the simplicity on this side of complexity, I wouldn't give you a fig. But for the simplicity on the other side of complexity, for that I would give you anything I have.