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I'm not so weird to me. -- Haruki Murakami
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Terrible accidents, I have found, are often odd. -- Lemony Snicket
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There was something very slightly odd about him, but it was difficult to say what it was. -- Douglas Adams
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I think I'm a bit odd. -- Tamsin Greig
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You're special, not strange. You should be glad. -- Lesley Howarth
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It's weird not to be weird. -- John Lennon
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Everything is ultimately peculiar and ultimately ridiculous. -- Thomas Ligotti
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You are strangely troublesome. -- William Shakespeare
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I think we're all pretty odd. -- Michael Tippett
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Weird is good, strange is bad. -- Cinda Williams Chima
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I love being peculiar, Jacob- It's the very core of who i am. But there are days i wish i could turn it off. -- Ransom Riggs
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Film is a strange thing. -- Steve Zahn
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I come from a pretty strange family. -- Illeana Douglas
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I'm Odd but I'm not nuts. -- Dean Koontz
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We turn peculiar when we don't have anyone left to love. -- Nina George
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Strange words are better than strange Behavior -- Samar Sudha
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Strange things happen between here and there, -- Nathan Lowell
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Strange / to wish wishes no longer. / Strange / to see things / that seemed to / belong together / floating in every / direction. -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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Loop me in, odd one. -- Dean Koontz
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I'm weird, I do crazy things, it's not like the average norm. -- Timbaland
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That was also weird. Everything was weird."
"Stop using the word weird. You do your vocabulary no justice. -- Penny Reid
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Still, the question remained. Was he straitjacket strange or just go-off-by-yourself-at-recess-and-put-bugs-in-your-nose strange? -- Clare Vanderpool
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I'd always known I was strange. I never dreamed I was peculiar. -- Ransom Riggs
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Weird: of strange or extraordinary character -- Merriam-Webster
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It is exceedingly odd to see a piece of yourself apart from yourself. -- Rick Yancey
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To me, strange is just another way of saying unusual. And unusual is just another way of saying special -- Drew Hayden Taylor
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I am infinitely strange to myself. -- John Fowles
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We are each weird in a different way. -- Ava Dellaira
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Love is a peculiar thing. -- Georg Buchner
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Odd cases like his intrigued me. -- Julie Berry
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How strange women are. -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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It's peculiar what you remember when you're not trying. -- Chuck Klosterman
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He's not weird, just not super normal. -- Daisy Prescott
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In America many things that are interesting are seen as odd. -- Miuccia Prada
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It must be an odd person indeed that can say for certain they are normal. -- Initially No
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Life makes everybody strange, if you keep living long enough, -- Larry Mcmurtry
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Every day is bizarre. -- Mia Kirshner
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God willing. How strangely that strikes me now. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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I was always an odd child, though I had no idea what odd was, really. -- Patti Larsen
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The bonds between a family are strange indeed. -- Sara Sheridan
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We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all. -- John Hughes
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People are quite frequently eccentric. -- Jane Smiley
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This is just getting weird. -- Anonymous
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I'm not strange to myself, but I realize that I contrast with others fairly sharply. -- Jane Smiley
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You're the most obviously peculiar bunch of peculiars I've ever laid eyes on. -- Ransom Riggs
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Of course you are peculiar. If the world continues its present trend, and if you walk in obedience to the doctrines and principles of this church, you may become even more peculiar in the eyes of others. -- Gordon B. Hinckley
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Most geniuses are weird. -- T-Pain
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I have a percription ferret. I'm not a good judge of weird. -- Gordon Korman
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Something Wrong Somewhere -- Charles Dickens
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It's a strange world -- Stephenie Meyer
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And it is strange that absence can feel like presence. -- Ally Condie
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I'm sort of a strange bird. -- Ann Bancroft
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I'm the weirdest person. -- Rita Ora
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The unnatural and the strange have a perfume of their own -- Fernando Pessoa
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Well, I've read through that handbook for the recently deceased. It says, 'live people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual. -- Beetlejuice
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Grown-ups really are decidedly odd", -- Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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My mate is really, really weird.
She is also absolutely covered in brown, mushy clay.
She laughs and holds a large lump up to show it to me. Her mouth moves, and she makes enough noise to scare away a group of birds near the shore.
She is so, so strange. -- Shay Savage
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Thoughts rearrange, familiar now strange. -- Holly Golightly
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Weird doesn't equal morally bankrupt. -- Charlaine Harris
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Jonesing [10w]
Is it odd of me that I'm Jonsesing for strange? -- Beryl Dov
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Weirdness is not my game. I'm just a square boy from Wisconsin. -- Willem Dafoe
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It's the strange world.'
'The strangest. -- Stephenie Meyer
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Deal with my weird; I'm dealing with yours. -- Temple West
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I'm not weird, just different from people who aren't different. -- Barbra Streisand
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It's Wierd not to be Wierd. -- John Lennon
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Strange world isn't it? -- Stephenie Meyer
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It is strange a difference comes from a subtraction. -- Natasha Tsakos
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Weird is the new normal -- Wayne Lee
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If you do things out of time you're weird. -- Robyn Hitchcock
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I don't like to say something's weird when it's innovative and fresh. -- Kanye West
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Interesting indeed. -- Lily White
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I'm weird.
Everyone says so. -- Jodi Picoult
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People say of me, 'She's peculiar.' They do not understand me. If they did they would say so oftener and with emphasis. -- Mary Maclane
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Being strange is not necessarily bad ... Sometimes it's a person's only redeeming quality. -- Paula Sharp
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... Tell me, has anything odd happened to you recently?
What do you mean, odd?'
Unusual. Deviating from the customary. Something outside the usual parameters of normalcy. An occurrence of unprecedented weird. -- Jasper Fforde
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Odd things happen to all of us on our way through life without our noticing for a time that they have happened. -- James M. Barrie
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We had thought it a little odd, but what did we know? Lou has been peculiar since birth, after all. Mum -- Jojo Moyes
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We are not interested in the unusual, but in the usual seen unusually. -- Beaumont Newhall
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Change is always a little bit strange. -- Brendon Urie
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The beautiful is always bizarre. -- Charles Baudelaire
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There aren't weird things; there are only familiar and unfamiliar things! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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How is that weird?" Dark the First asked incredulously. "Literally everyone does it. Literally."
"I really wish you'd stop saying literally," Dark the Second said. "I literally don't think you understand what that word means. -- T.j. Klune
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I prefer to remain anomalous. -- Barbara Kingsolver
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Maybe your weird is my normal. Who's to say? -- Nicki Minaj
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Weird behavior is natural in smart children, like curiosity is to a kitten. -- Hunter S. Thompson
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Some mysteries are meant to stay that way. -- Truth Devour
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We're peculiar," he replied, sounding a bit puzzled. "Aren't you? -- Ransom Riggs
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I was a very strange child. -- Alessia Cara
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People are strange, but more than that, they're good. They're good first, then strange. -- Dave Eggers
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I am not normal. -- Elena Roger
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I was born odd. I was a strange child. My grandmother was always praying over me. She was always rubbing me and praying over me. -- Lorraine Toussaint
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Weird? One day you're normal and the next, you're walking around with a butterfly attached to your back. Then Malice in Wonderland tries to squeeze my head off, and you're calling it weird. This is beyond weird. Crazy, fantastical even, but definitely not weird. -- Kimberly Spencer
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The word 'weird' is never spoken or thought of by the Fey, as to them there is nothing very strange when you take it as it is. -- Gabriel Brunsdon
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The things that stand out are often the oddities. -- Pierre Salinger
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Everyone is weird. Some people just try to act normal. -- Stephanie Tom
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I guess I'm in a trivial pursuit question. It's really weird. -- Kevin Youkilis
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Tobias asked.
"Weird? Weird?" Marco crowed. "The talking bird wants to know if getting information on
the location of an alien from a whale, that you've just saved from sharks, by turning into
dolphins ... You're suggesting that's weird? -- Katherine Applegate
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There's some mysterious process at work here, which I don't even want to understand. -- Philip Guston
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People who are different from other people are always called peculiar,' said Anne. -- L.m. Montgomery
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Whenever we feel there is something odd in Christian theology, we shall generally find that there is something odd in the truth. -- G.k. Chesterton