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Stupid people. Their faces are gonna get stuck that way. -- Melyssa Winchester
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A hundred children, a hundred individuals who are people
not people-to-be, not people of tomorrow, but people now, right now
today. -- Janusz Korczak
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The biggest mystery of the people is "The People". -- Himmilicious
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People are leaky. -- Douglas Coupland
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I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks. -- Harper Lee
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The TV people. I like calling them that. The TV people. And they have TVs for heads and their faces can change when the channels change. -- Paul Tremblay
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People?" As though she'd never heard of such a thing. "They're like dolls. Plastic and shiny and fake. -- Dia Reeves
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People is all everything is, all it has ever been, all it can ever be. -- William, Saroyan
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I had never known there were so many people on earth. -- Philipp Meyer
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People are strange . . . -- Jim Morrison
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Nobody sees people as people. It's all how they relate to my little group. -- Bill Maher
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People are dreams and awkwardness and gawk. -- Neil Gaiman
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We're very much in the people business in that there are two important groups you have to work with: customers and employees. -- Fred Deluca
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People are my religion/Because I believe in them. -- Andrew Jackson
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I'm a people lover. I love interacting with different people as I meet them, and I think people are one of God's greatest creations, I really do. They're interesting and intriguing. -- Gladys Knight
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The people who are interested in my work - they're quite far-out. -- Tino Sehgal
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People are what this election is all about. -- Patty Berg
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People, workers, the elderly, all these people I see with sympathy and affection. These are the people who have fought the battle of life and who now and then show the hard work and the frustration ... It's all about human activity, it's truth, and we all get there. -- Duane Hanson
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Human beings are interested in the human condition. -- William Boyd
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Bill brought up his question. "You said people -- Michele W. Miller
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I am not a people person. -- Susan Juby
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police are the people and people are the police -- Robert Peel
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I'm definitely a people person. I love socializing and being around people and having a good conversation. -- Emily Deschanel
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People are stupider than anybody. -- Tom Lehrer
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Who would not prefer animals to these people who prefer animals to people? -- Wendy Doniger
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People are incorrigibly themselves. -- John Updike
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I'm a people person and I've met some great people along the way and made some great friends. -- Mike Mayhall
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What kind of people?
The dead kind. The still-walking-around kind. The reeking, stinking, rotting-from-the-inside-out kind. Toothy and grinning, nasty with the dark and the dust of abandoned strip mines. But none of that was the whole truth. They were more than that. - page 135 -- Brenna Yovanoff
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What is a Person? is a clear and comprehensive reconsideration of the meaning of human personhood as the central core of social structures. With breadth of intellect and balance of wisdom, Smith resets the frame of reflection for the most important discussions of the twenty-first century. -- William B. Hurlbut
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Monsters, show me the monsters: these people out on the street.

My people. -- Jose Eduardo Agualusa
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Too many people who know more about the lives of others than they do their own. -- Darnell Lamont Walker
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People who love work, love life. -- Louise Fitzhugh
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I love people! I am a people person. I am a very curious human being. I am very interested in what people have to say. I love cultures, too, so I am always traveling. -- Kenny Johnson
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Human, all too human. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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People are pretty strange. -- Norman Reedus
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I'm a people person. I never get tired of watching people, especially young people. -- Judy Blume
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That's stupid."
"That's people. -- Jonathan Maberry
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People who live in the now; those people make things happen. -- Cesar Millan
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Folks is what they are and they ain't how they're not. -- K.i. Hope
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I am for people. I can't help it. -- Charlie Chaplin
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Crazy people. They never think they're crazy. Their craziness makes perfect sense to them. -- Rick Yancey
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What will people say? Who fucking cares. -- Nick Offerman
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Old people. They don't know shit. This generation is moving faster. -- Karina Halle
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People," he said. "They can't be underestimated. -- Amy Bloom
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I like to think of myself as a people person. -- Seal
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People who didn't need people needed people around to know that they were the kind of people who didn't need people. -- Terry Pratchett
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People are universal. -- L.a. Jones
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People are messy, unpredictable things. -- Mary Roach
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Edward, they might know me. Some people -- J.d. Robb
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Ah! what a nuisance people's people are! -- Oscar Wilde
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People don't help much. -- William Golding
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I believe in people. -- Javier Bardem
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People are not stupid. -- Charles Kennedy
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I find people confusing.
this is for 2 main reasons. -- Mark Haddon
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People are more than fun than anybody. -- Dorothy Parker
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People suck. They do stupid things and they're not nice. The end. -- P.c. Cast
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People are more fun than anyone. -- Dorothy Parker
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Ordinary French people. Citizens of fear. -- Jean-Claude Izzo
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I love people. People are lovely creatures. I'm one myself [so] I love to see people happy. -- Tom Hardy
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People are my greatest resource. -- Tony Robbins
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People who think honestly and deeply have a hostile attitude towards the public. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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People are wonderful. Each one has a story, each something to give, each knows something interesting, something that can make your life richer. -- Marjorie Pay Hinckley
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People that have been interested in our work for awhile ... those are the last people you want to disappoint. -- Joel Coen
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People are predominant in my paintings. Although they are not obvious, you can feel their presence. -- Ralph Allen
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I like butter and the people who like butter. -- Tori Amos
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Behind the world's most difficult problems are people - groups of people who don't get along together. You can blame crime, war, drugs, greed, poverty, capitalism or the collective unconscious. The bottom line is that people cause our problems. -- Zaid Hassan
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People care about people who care about themselves. -- Sandra Bullock
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Everybody in a hurry to slow down. -- August Wilson
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Laypeople. They think everything in the past happened at the same time. -- Christopher L. Bennett
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People are what bother me most in life. It bothers me that so many lack common sense, -- Cecelia Ahern
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Locals. They'll eventually get out. They're annoyed. Like when Americans go to the lake. And it's closed. 'Cause some kid pooped in the water. -- Elle Lothlorien
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The world must be peopled! -- William Shakespeare
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People are people, messy and mutable, combining differently with one another from day to day - even hour to hour. -- Elizabeth Moon
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The people who blind themselves to the truth. They're just trying to survive. -- Tarryn Fisher
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hob-gob of folks. And sometimes it's -- David Baldacci
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Human beings. They are the ones with the most important job. They are supposed to make what they want out of what they are given. -- Elizabeth Berg
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A people without the knowledge of ... -- Marcus Garvey
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There are people who are always, I think, going to remain people of the book, to use another author's title, but people of the book, who really must be around. -- Louise Erdrich
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They are not people
they are ideas. They are just extensions of the enemy. -- Neal Shusterman
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People are pretty respectful for the most part. -- Leighton Meester
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People!" she screamed. "There are people here! New people! -- Derek Landy
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People that really know me, they adore me. -- Cristiano Ronaldo
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All the people? There are a few, I think, six or seven. I glimpsed them years ago. But you never know where to find them. The wind blows them about. They don't have roots, which causes them a lot of problems. -- Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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People value people who value people. -- Tony Curl
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People are a soul-ego-spacesuit. -- Stefan Emunds
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Bad people? What kind of bad people? Members of the Church of Satan? Insurance salesmen? People who don't speak English? -- Wayne Gerard Trotman
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People are like lights. Some are colored lights and draw attention to themselves. Others are clear lights. They shine on people in around them. -- Steve Goodier
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Those that are above business. -- Matthew Henry
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A lot of people... use a calculator! -- Joe Strummer
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Friends and neighbors, -- Stephen King
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People helping people, builds stronger communities -- Andrew-Knox B Kaniki
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You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew. -- Stephen Schwartz
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Draft beer, not people. -- Bob Dylan
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People do too much. They say too much. -- Charles Bukowski
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They're not people at all, they're graduate students, there's a difference. They fuck like bunnies and drink like fish and stay up late worrying that somebody somewhere is getting something that they're not getting." - Erika Jones -- Kevin Canty
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You should also try to figure out which people are thing people and which ones are people people. -- Scott Adams
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All problems are people problems. And most people problems are people refusing to act like people. -- Solomon
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People don't do me much good. -- Charles Bukowski
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People who knew themselves, got the right answer. -- Innasafa
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Educated fools; from uneducated schools. -- Curtis Mayfield