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When you believe yourself to be a person, you see persons everywhere. In reality there are no persons, only threads of memories and habits. At the moment of realisation the person ceases. -- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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I'm definitely a people person. I love socializing and being around people and having a good conversation. -- Emily Deschanel
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A friend is another I. -- Aristotle.
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You are person with a goal -- Sunday Adelaja
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I'm a people person. I never get tired of watching people, especially young people. -- Judy Blume
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Selfie-centered person! -- Ljupka Cvetanova
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A person's a person, no matter how small. -- Dr. Seuss
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I say me, knowing all the while it's not me. -- Samuel Beckett
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All I can be is me- whoever that is. -- Bob Dylan
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anyone, but I'm a very stubborn person. -- Scott Hildreth
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Who knows anybody? -- Derek Kirk Kim
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No ID, no person -- Mikhail Bulgakov
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My beloved friend - one of the most unique and charming personalities of our time. -- Lewis Carroll
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I am a person. I am not a soap opera. -- Kate Winslet
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People as such do not exist: they are all 'things conceived -- Andrei Bely
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You don't have to be anybody ... because I would know, being somebody doesn't make you anybody anyway. -- Gia Carangi
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Clara Winter," he said. "You are a word person and don't ever forget it."
He was right. He knew. He could tell. It's something that can be sensed. There's a difference between word-people and non-word-people. -- Alison Mcghee
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I'm not going to call a dog "Dog." I suppose if she were a baby you'd cal her "Person." -- Warren Beatty
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I describe myself as a human being. -- Jimmy Kimmel
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Me"? I know a lot of "me's," actually, so which one are you? -- Aya Nakahara
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The Buddha is not a person but a (state of) realization to which anyone can attain. -- Swami Vivekananda
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Everyone is a somebody to someone. -- Jeffrey Fry
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Here is a human being; it's me! -- Walter Gilbert
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No one - can be you -- Gino Norris
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I'm a people lover. I love interacting with different people as I meet them, and I think people are one of God's greatest creations, I really do. They're interesting and intriguing. -- Gladys Knight
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A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did. -- John Burroughs
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A person who is not happy with their self, dont expect them to be happy with you. -- Beta Metani'marashi
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What? Who? You can't throw around pronouns like that without their antecedents if you want people to follow you. -- Kevin Hearne
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It's easier to know people in general than one person in particular -- Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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The first person I think of when I wake up in the morning, the last person I hope for when I fall asleep at night. -- Rachel Cohn
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I'm a person who has life and wants to live, and always have. -- Whitney Houston
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There are three people in yourself:Who people think you are, Who you think you are, and who you really are. -- William Shakespeare
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What was a person, if not the things they knew and the face they wore? -- Catherynne M Valente
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No one is any one thing. -- Martin Short
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CEO of People Incorporated, -- Tim Burkett
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It's not who, it's when -- Alejandro Taubas
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To the world you may be just a person, but to a person you may be the world -- Yonelfri Marte
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a virtuous person, -- David Eagleman
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I love people! I am a people person. I am a very curious human being. I am very interested in what people have to say. I love cultures, too, so I am always traveling. -- Kenny Johnson
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I'm just a person. I'm not anything! -- Brie Larson
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I love people. I enjoy people. -- John Catsimatidis
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The person is only a phenomenon, the principle is behind it. Thus from both sides, simultaneously, we find the breaking down of personalities and the approach towards principles, the Personal God approaching the Impersonal, the personal man approaching the Impersonal Man. -- Swami Vivekananda
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I feel not a person but an instrument of destiny. -- Charles De Gaulle
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Angela Wexler, person -- Ellen Raskin
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The owner of actions [doer] is called a worldly person [sansaari]. -- Dada Bhagwan
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People are my greatest resource. -- Tony Robbins
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Anyone who attacks individual charity, attacks human nature and casts contempt on personal dignity. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Well who's black and what is a black person? -- Pam Grier
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Most right-wing person I know! -- Howard Bloom
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I'm the kind of person you want to kill. -- Jodi Picoult
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See. My one act. I might be a person. Beneath the. -- Eimear Mcbride
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People are like books, unknown until they are opened. -- Richard Paul Evans
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Even the most despicable person is still a human being. -- Stellan Skarsgard
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better person." I'm -- Martha N. Beck
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The actor is not quite a human being-but then, who is? -- George Sanders
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In life, there is always that special person who shapes who you are, who helps to determine the person you become. -- Molly Ringwald
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A person is not earth, not water,
Not fire, not wind, not space,
Not consciousness, and not all of them.
What person is there other than these? -- Akkineni Nagarjuna
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I like people-people rather than movie people. -- Michael Keaton
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I love people, but I love the thought and memory of them just as much. -- Stevie Smith
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I like people, for a little while. -- Demetri Martin
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The only person I know, is the person I want to be -- Stephen R. Covey
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The person you encounter is often more than the person you see. -- Clare Vanderpool
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A person is, among all else, a material thing, easily torn and not easily mended. -- Ian Mcewan
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People are more than what a piece of paper or computer file says about them. -- Alexandra Bracken
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Most people are other people. -- Oscar Wilde
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I'm not a real person. I'm a legend. -- Jean-Michel Basquiat
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I am - Somebody. I may be poor, but I am - Somebody! I may be on welfare, but I am - Somebody! I may be uneducated, but I am - Somebody! I must be, I'm God's child. I must be respected and protected. I am black and I am beautiful! I am - Somebody! Soul Power! -- Jesse Jackson
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I'm not that interested in people. -- Taylor Caldwell
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I'm somebody that you should know. -- Drake
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People R Matter. -- Joseph Mcelroy
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You are a person. Words are labels. Don't ever accept to be labeled because labels are for things and you are not. -- Joan Ambu
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People are most important. -- Lech Walesa
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People who know me, know who I am. -- Jason Momoa
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God is not a person. God is an eternal principle. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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People are people, messy and mutable, combining differently with one another from day to day - even hour to hour. -- Elizabeth Moon
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I am somebody cause God don't make no junk -- Ethel Waters
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I'm the kind of person [who] when I'm doing a play, and even when I'm working, I don't do anything else. When I'm working, I just work. -- Jessica Chastain
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A thinker is a person. -- Joseph Cook
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People, generally, suck. -- Christopher Moore
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A wonderful person finds amazing beauty in everything and everyone. -- Debasish Mridha
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Sort of person who would set something on fire just to get attention. -- Rainbow Rowell
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One problem with ideas, however valid, is that they are static and impersonal, whereas a person is active and dynamic. -- William Hull
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I'd rather be dealt with as a person than a persona. -- Queen Rania Of Jordan
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I don't know how, but I know Who -- Beth Moore
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I desire a person, not a gender. -- Matthew C. Ehrlich
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The best person I know is Myself. -- Jeff Kinney
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Things don't make me a person. Character does. -- Jhinang
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You will be someone else if you did not answer the question "Who am I -- Sunday Adelaja
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People are wonderful. Each one has a story, each something to give, each knows something interesting, something that can make your life richer. -- Marjorie Pay Hinckley
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What is there about the notion of a person, at law, that makes every living member of the species Homo sapiens a person, irrespective of their mental capacities, but excludes every nonhuman animal - again, irrespective of their mental capacities? -- Peter Singer
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He who knows the treasure he has: his days and hours of life, which can change everything which goes on around him. -- Paulo Coelho
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He who treasures his body as much as the world can care for the world. -- Laozi
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Don't you know who I am? I'm an individual! I -- Barack Obama
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Time magazine announced its person of the year. It's health workers who treat Ebola. That's a person of the year. Time magazine told the health workers, 'No need to pick up your award, we'll mail it to you.' -- Conan O'brien
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I love people. People are lovely creatures. I'm one myself [so] I love to see people happy. -- Tom Hardy
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The person is a mystery. What I'm playing is the person so I really get to tell you and show you and communicate to you who I think the real person is and that real person is me. The most important thing is to play the human being you are creating, which is my job. -- James Cromwell
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You of all people, who seem to know things about me before I myself do. You know this is right. -- Jessica Brockmole
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Hi there, I'm a human being! What are you? -- Russell Lynes
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Some sort of psychopath, like a serial killer. -- Patricia Cornwell
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I'm a human being, I'm a friend, I'm a mom, I'm a writer, and I'm an artist. I do play electric guitar and all of that, but in the end, I'm just a person. -- Patti Smith