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A Fake Friend is an enemy in disguise.
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Spoofing? No. Ponzi scheme? Not at all! Just finance. Legal as hell.
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It's a Barnum and Bailey world,
Just as phony as it can be.
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Authenticity is hard to fake
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[redacted; spurious].
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I owe it to my fans to be who I am. There's nothing fake about me.
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The fake people, are these which always lie.
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Pretend and real are all real to a psychopath.
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Like most disguises, the cover-up was worse than honest flaw, a lesson I had yet to register on my own account.
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my parents Oedipal fakers
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Don't support the phonies, SUPPORT THE REAL
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Fake is as old as the Eden tree.
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I think the fakest thing in the world is to judge someone on how they look.
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You don't look fake when you unconsciously pretend.
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You should be careful about who you pretend to be, because who you pretend to be - is actually who you are!
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Didn't lie give you
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God, it would be good to be a fake somebody rather than a real nobody.
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While you fake it, you are.
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When I sound real, I'm fake, and when I sound fake, I'm real.
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This is not a sham, not a game. This is the real stuff.
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I am a middle-aged opera queen in loafers that makes out I am a 16 year old death metal skater ... It's all fake! My hair is fake, my body is fake and my teeth are kind of fake
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What's the difference between spending your life trying to be invisible, or pretending to be the person you think everyone wants you to be? Either way, you're faking.
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Oh, someone has a fake ID huh?
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FAKE Mask... - That's when we are honest... or probably not...

More likely contradictory!

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Bravo for faking it yet again, Ethan. You're a perfect counterfeit copy of someone I thought I loved.
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I love fake people provided they are mannequins.
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fake people notice the most fake things in the most real people
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I'm a bit of a fraud, really, as I didn't study acting at a drama school.
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Santa was a fake.
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You fake something until you're good at it.
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I do not have any membership with fake names.
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How I know that??? Or that???
I'm around liars and scammers I know a lot of them.... I will only say this.
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From my hair to my toes to my nails. Everything's fake. Everything! Even my heart is fake.
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Fake it may be, lies and deceptions, but this is the world in which we find ourselves, and here we must make our little lives.
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I'm 100% real, even when what's real is ugly. I don't take any pride in covering up, hiding and lying.
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I will never understand the determination behind a fake personality
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Like cubic zirconia, I only look real. I'm an imposter. The fact is, I am not like other people.
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Because I hate fake people and I always think I'm never fake.
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I'm a fake intellectual.
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He knew he was sounding a little Holden Caulfield-esque calling everyone a phony, but he really did think everyone was a phony.
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For the first time, Smollett adopted a device that Barbara Foley calls "pseudofactual imposture," a strategy of presentation that we associate with the fictions of Behn, Defoe, and Richardson.
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I never pretended with you.
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I wasn't under the impersonation you meant me.
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What you see is kinda what you get with me. I'm a very real person, or I hope to be, anyway. I don't have nothing to hide
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If you claim to be a real friend then be real in your soul. If you claim to be fake then be an enemy instead.
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Sometimes you should be fake... to be honest is the thing which used against you... too much of you could kill ya.
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Don't go on pretending to be someone you are not
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Man prides himself on being the only animal who can modify his nature, yet when he chooses to do so he is called a phony.
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Some people fake their death, I'm faking my life.
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I'm really good at pretending.
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So you fake and you flaw, for your cops and your cause. It makes no difference to me. It's love that you stole, that you stole.
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Real or not real?
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I don't do interviews under false pretenses.
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I cannot accept fraud.
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It is a very honest world, our work. I think you cannot fake anything.
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dromedary." She has three-year-old Mark in her arms. The fake
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I'm a hoax, a dying boy who's grown wings.
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I'm not smart enough to lie
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What you pretend to be is so complicated that I don't even bother to try to understand it.
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Anything that consoles is fake.
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Once you can fake sincerity, you can fake anything.
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I don't like lying," Skellan began. "Says the man who passed himself off as my dog for a month,
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& if I'm fake I aint notice cause my money aint
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Well, it would have been easier if it were put on. But the only ruse of which I'm guilty is to have pretended for so long before coming to you that nothing was wrong. Pretending that the personalities did not exist has now caused me to lose about two days.
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Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud.His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.
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It is not only possible to be the person you pretend to be, but there is less effort involved.
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To deceive ones selfe is very easie.
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I'm just very good at pretending.
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Liberals are hopping mad because Rush Limbaugh referred to phony soldiers as "phony soldiers." They claim he was accusing all Democrats in the military of being "phony." True, all Democrats in the military are not phony soldiers, but all phony soldiers seem to be Democrats.
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I'm a lying liar who lies.
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I'm a real actress.
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Probably it's true what you think and you know... but I don't caareeee I'm a fake character...
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Appearances are deceptive.
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The problem of pretending to be alive.
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To say what your disguise is would be foolish.
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All your life you pretend to be someone else, and it turns out that you were someone else pretending to be you.
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It's a horrible thing to have someone pretend like they know what you're about and call you a fraud when they haven't given you a fair shot.
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A man who lives apart, not to others but alone, is exposed to obvious psychological dangers. In itself, the practice of deception is not particularly exacting; it is a matter of experience, of professional expertise, it is a facility most of us can acquire.
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I'm so good at faking I don't even know when I'm doing it
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Any you really need to work on faking it. You sound pathetic even from my bed.
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I'm just happy I'm not a phoney.
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Sometimes it's hard to seperate illusion from reality because you have to use one to obtain the other. And even though you know the difference between the truth and a lie, there are moments when it's best to pretend, even to yourself.
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Try to strip me of my credibility and make me look fake, G you only gonna be in for a rude awakening.
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Fake isn't the perfect choice one moment the person in front of you will just catch you... or you can't do that forever... and be a sick fuck to play with people's feeling.

To be real, sometimes is the worst pain.
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The constant assertion of masculinity is always the most obvious tell of a fake. You do not constantly assert what you know you have.
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We are only ever pretending to ourselves, never to other people ...
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I'm masquerading as an innocent pop star.
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Liar's such a strong word. I prefer to think of it as me omitting some of the details - Alex
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There are more fakers in business than in jail.
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False face must hide what the false heart doth know.
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Phantom Conspiracy,
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I'm not real. I'm theatre
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Out of all the things we fake we can never fake to be positive.
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I tried to figure out what everyone was so frustrated about. I thought maybe the Didot was going to show me an image or do something, but ... it did nothing. Nothing
so that's what everyone was so upset about. Silently, I passed it to Jayden.
"It's a fake," Chloe muttered.
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If you lie; are you real?
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To deceive gracefully is the very essence of social life. One must start by deceiving oneself, and make a lifelong practice of deceiving others; if one does it well enough, in time one might even become an artist, the greatest illusionists of all.
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Everyone is born sincere and die deceivers.
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You never wanted me to be real. You never wanted anyone to be. But you didn't want me to show it. You wanted an act to help your act ...
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All you fakers are in for it. I begged you on my knees and you didn't listen and now I can't hear you.