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Pigeon-holes are only comfortable for pigeons. -- Jessye Norman
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little red bird. Don't go. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Bird of Wide Experience I -- Michael Chabon
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The shit is *not* the shit (this was Mo's mantra,) the *pigeon* is the shit. -- Zadie Smith
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A bird no one wants. he's mine. my bird of pain. he doesn't sing. that bird swaying on the bough. -- Charles Bukowski
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That bird is too clever by half. -- George R R Martin
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Normally I give permission to take my daughter for a walk after only the building of a wall and a stone pathway.' He smiled. 'For future reference.'
'But, Pan, I knew after the first week that a walk was not the only thing I would request,' the Pigeon said, smiling, 'and winter will be here soon. -- Brigid Pasulka
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It doesn't matter what people call you unless they call you pigeon pie and eat you up. -- Evelyn Waugh
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A crossbow?" Pigeon asked.
I left my battle-ax in my other jeans," the man said. -- Brandon Mull
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Somedays you're the pigeon, somedays you're the statue. -- J. Andrew Taylor
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Who will not change a raven for a dove? -- William Shakespeare
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I am a cage, in search of a bird. -- Franz Kafka
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But who does hawk at eagles with a dove? -- George Herbert
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Sent as a present from Annam
A red cockatoo.
Coloured like the peach-tree blossom,
Speaking with the speech of men.
And they did to it what is always done
To the learned and eloquent.
They took a cage with stout bars
And shut it up inside. -- Bai Juyi
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Is this chicken or is this fish? -- Jessica Simpson
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Serpent, I say again!' repeated the Pigeon, but in a more subdued tone, and added with a kind of sob, 'I've tried every way, and nothing seems to suit them!' 'I haven't the least idea what you're talking -- Lewis Carroll
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Oh, nature's noblest gift, my grey goose quill, Slave of my thoughts, obedient to my will, Torn from the parent bird to form a pen, That mighty instrument of little men. -- Lord Byron
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Abby. She's a pigeon. A demonic pigeon that fucks with my head so bad I can't think straight. Nothing makes sense anymore, Cam. Every rule I've ever made's getting broken one by one. I'm a pussy. No ... worse. I'm Shep. -- Jamie Mcguire
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I love the pigeons. I just raise them, period, and feed them. Pigeons go away, and they always come back. You get a touch of freedom, and then they are free to come back to you. I love the idea of pigeons. -- George Foreman
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Kill no more pigeons than you can eat. -- Benjamin Franklin
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If pigs had wings, they would be pigeons. -- W.c. Fields
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A wonderful bird is the pelican His bill will hold more than his belican. He can take in his beak Food enough for a week, But I'm damned if I see how the helican. -- Dixon Lanier Merritt
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The feasant hens of Colchis, which have two ears as it were consisting of feathers, which they will set up and lay down as they list. -- Pliny The Elder
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When I first came to New York, I would scream like a girl and run to the other side of the street if there was a pigeon. Now I can face off with a pigeon. -- John Searles
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I can't stand this, Pigeon. I feel like I'm going crazy."
I threw out my hands and let them hit my thighs. "You can't stand what?"
"If you sleep with him, I don't wanna know about it. I'll go to prison for a long time if I find out he ... just don't tell me. -- Jamie Mcguire
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I'm sort of a strange bird. -- Ann Bancroft
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If you want to say, Lucia, there is no inside of the park benches, I won't argue with you. But, then you have to say where the pigeons come from. -- Jesse Ball
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Rooster, maybe well crows, but the eggs still bears the chicken. -- Margaret Thatcher
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I bet your mom would let me.
-Pigeon, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus- -- Mo Willems
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Lord love a duck. -- Carolyn Brown
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What is a bird if it can't fly? It might as well be a cockroach. -- Eleanor Morse
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Whistle a birdcall. The mockingjay cocks its head and whistles the call right back at me. Then, to my surprise, Pollux whistles a few notes of his own. The bird answers him immediately. -- Suzanne Collins
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You know why I want you? I didn't know I was lost until you found me. I didn't know what alone was until the first night I spent without you in my bed. You're the one thing I've got right. You're what I've been waiting for, Pigeon. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Oh, what is that bird?'
'It is a wheatear. We have seen between two and three hundred since we set out, and I have told you their name twice, nay, three times. -- Patrick O'brian
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I heard of a man who made a fortune selling homing pigeons, and he only had the one! -- Terry Pratchett
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I wonder at the weight of a Sparrow. -- Mary E. Pearson
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about a bird, wasn't there, Mike? -- Stephen King
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Even after she was gone, he passed her place each day:
something white in a high window - not a face,
but the white belly of a pigeon beating its wings
against the pane in the boarded-up house. -- Zoe Brigley
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We had left the flea market - collecting Malena from a stall that sold live birds, where she'd purchased a box of pigeons which she had proceeded to suck dry in the car - -- Seanan Mcguire
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a misbegotten cockwaffle. -- Kevin Hearne
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Don't be a pigeon if you were born to be an eagle. Experience God's altitude for your life. -- Myles Munroe
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The only thing I'm afraid of is a life without you, Pigeon."
"Then you have nothing to be afraid of," I said. "We're forever. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Not an angel of the air,
Bird melodious or bird fair,
Be absent hence! -- William Shakespeare
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Pel-i-cans, their beaks hold more than their bellies can. -- Kelly Corrigan
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What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree, and is dangerous?"
"A sparrow with a machine gun."
"Or course -- Batman Memes
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A bird painted not with beauty but with all the dirt and wounds collected in a long hard life, in battle, in love, with torn feathers and a busted leg and a chipped beak and one of its eyes half closed; and yet a bird of deeper loveliness for all of that. -- Jeff Noon
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The Woodstock dove on the iconic poster is really a catbird. And it was originally perched on a flute. -- Shawn Amos
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One bird's an eagle born - FALK. And one a hen. -- Henrik Ibsen
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Once they get their hooks into you, you're a dead pigeon. -- Bud Abbott
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if your a bird, I'm a bird -- Nicholas Sparks
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Coo ... coo ... here comes the dove from above! -- Vic Reeves
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When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. -- James Whitcomb Riley
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I am not an ornithologist - I am a bird. -- Saul Bellow
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Stop that! What were you doing, perched on the window ledge like a big chicken?"
Despite his aches and irritations, he couldn't help but grin. "I prefer to think of myself as a more noble bird, like a hawk."
"I'm sure you do. But you flew like a chicken than any hawk I've seen. -- Karen Hawkins
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He plants his feet stubbornly, adopting what he must think is an heroic post. He's just begging for a pigeon to fly by and relieve itself. -- Libba Bray
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The English eat all sorts of birds - pigeons, ducks, sparrows - but if you tell them you eat puffin, you might as well come from Mars. -- Bjork
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The brassy wood-pigeons Bubble their colourful voices, and the sun Rises upon a world well-tried and old. -- Ted Hughes
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The white Aylesbury duck is, and deservedly, a universal favourite. Its snowy plumage and comfortable comportment make it a credit to the poultry-yard, while its broad and deep breast, and its ample back, convey the assurance that your satisfaction will not cease at its death. -- Isabella Beeton
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Pigeon she strut on the rooftop
Cockroach he strut on the sink
My baby strut down to Jerusalem
Where blood is the favorite drink -- Tom Robbins
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Hast thou named all the birds without a gun? -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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A pasty costly-made, Where quail and pigeon, lark and leveret lay, Like fossils of the rock, with golden yolks Imbedded and injellied. -- Alfred Lord Tennyson
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The dove is my emblem. -- Thomas A. Edison
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Phoenix, n.
The classical prototype of the modern 'small hot bird.' -- Ambrose Bierce
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My shoe is off. My foot is cold. I have a bird I like to hold. -- Dr. Seuss
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Better a sparrow, living or dead, than no birdsong at all. -- Catullus
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Sweet bird, that shun the noise of folly, most musical, most melancholy! -- John Milton
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If you're a bird... I'm a bird... -- Nicholas Sparks
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A little roving, solitary thing. -- Charlotte Bronte
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Hey Chris, bet you don't know the Latin name of the red-headed woodpecker.
That was a hard one. Chris had to say Melanerpes erythrocephalus very slowly. -- Ellen Raskin
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Birding to Change the World, -- Anonymous
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A gourmet can tell from the flavor whether a woodcock's leg is the one on which the bird is accustomed to roost. -- Lucius Beebe
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What: is the jay more precious than the lark because his feathers are more beautiful? -- William Shakespeare
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A hanged sparrow! Who would ever think of hanging a sparrow? It's like flavoring borscht with two mushrooms instead of just one - it's too much! -- Witold Gombrowicz
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No man had ever heard a nightingale, When once a keen-eyed naturalist was stirred To study and define
what is a bird. -- Emma Lazarus
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I only speak a little pigeon French. Just enough to get by with the little French pigeons. -- Bob Hope
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If there were any justice in this world, people would occasionally be permitted to fly over pigeons. -- Gene Brown
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Look at all these pigeons, think they can just trust us humans? You can't trust us humans! -- The Rev
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I don't understand why people would want to get rid of pigeons. They don't bother no one. -- Mike Tyson
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A peacock escaped from the Central Park Zoo and wandered around the city. Either that or I just saw a pigeon on his way to a gay pride parade. -- Jimmy Fallon
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If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands. -- Douglas Adams
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How can you be dour when you have a tiny duck? -- Caitlin Kittredge
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A flat black bug, that is London. -- Paul Verlaine
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What do you get if you cross a cat with a parrot? A: A carrot! -- Johnny B. Laughing
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My soul-bird loves my body-cage Only when it is kept fit, Pure and absolutely immaculate. -- Sri Chinmoy
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Egg-sucking son of a porcupine! -- Diana Gabaldon
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You sure telling me this won't cause a problem with your bird?" "Stop calling chicks birds. It's fucking weird." He rolled his eyes. "Isn't a chick a baby chicken?" I asked as he shot me the finger. -- Teresa Mummert
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Sex was the first dove. -- Parker Tyler
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No one's ever very sure if doves and pigeons are the same bird or not. -- David Mitchell
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This bird sees the white man come and the Indian withdraw, but it withdraws not. Its untamed voice is still heard above the tinkling of the forge ... It remains to remind us of aboriginal nature. -- Henry David Thoreau
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The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation. -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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How can a bird that is born for joy Sit in a cage and sing? -- William Blake
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These pigeons seemed to have an inordinate amount of room on their legs. -- Susan Elizabeth Curnow
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One sparrow is worth a thousand gulls,
When it sings. The gull sits on chimney-tops.
He mocks the guinea, challenges
The crow, inciting various modes.
The sparrow requites one, without intent. -- Wallace Stevens
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Those pigeons couldn't take us out if they send their entire chirping flock. -- Susan Ee
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Peregrine Falcon This is a large falcon about the size of a crow. -- Mark Farley
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In a twilight garden, when a brown nightingale starts singing, what is left to a blonde chicken is to remain silent. -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Why does a silly bird go on saying "chiff-chaff" all day long? Is it happiness or hiccups? -- A.a. Milne
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I'll never love anyone the way I love you, Pigeon. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Birds, birds, birds, I'm a Pet Shop Boy -- Killa Kyleon