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Pissing is the least of my talents. You ought to see me shit -- George R R Martin
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Ruben V is the keeper of the flame of the San Antonio vibe -- Joe King
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Me Tarz-tosterone; You Estro-Jane -- Tony Cleaver
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Furo Costas. The Rager. You, my friend, are an imbecile. You could have killed me twenty times, on the Tracks. I'm surprised you're not dead.
Ro shrugs, happily. It's nothing he hasn't heard before, and nothing he doesn't see as a compliment. -- Margaret Stohl
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What about Wee Squirl? --Rose MacDonell -- Jen Holling
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Logan's brow rose. I'll have you know that these are Armani track pants. -- Ella Frank
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I don't need any nicknames. -- Victor Cruz
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One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. -- George Carlin
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poxy shitweasel, -- Kevin Hearne
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Don't you dare pee on me. -- Roni Loren
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Ignazio Michele Vitale," I say playfully, intentionally flubbing the middle name, just to get more of a rise out of him. "I can't believe you were singing a song from the eighties."
"You were seeing things. -- J.m. Darhower
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passacaglia by the old master Buxtehude. -- Hermann Hesse
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Macho does not prove mucho. -- Zsa Zsa Gabor
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Jesu, Rike, you been gargling rat piss again? -- Mark Lawrence
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If I were a painter, you'd be calling me Shaqcasso. -- Shaquille O'neal
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Bellator silvae servi. Warrior of the forest, I, the alpha, call on thee to serve in this time of need. -- Andrea Cremer
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Miseria fortes viros, Ronan," Adam said.
When he said "Ronan," it meant: Ronan. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold. -- Wynne Channing
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My anger subsides, I'd like to pee. -- Samuel Beckett
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Zircoff," I said, "put the tomatoes away."
"Piss," he said, "I wish they were hand grenades. -- Charles Bukowski
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What will this boaster produce worthy of this mouthing? The mountains are in labor; a ridiculous mouse will be born.
[Lat., Quid dignum tanto feret hic promissor hiatu?
Parturiunt montes; nascetur ridiculus mus.] -- Horace
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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Zendagi migzara. Life goes on. -- Khaled Hosseini
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Eripuit coelo fulmen sceptrumque tyrannis. He snatched the lightning from the sky and the sceptre from tyrants. -- Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot
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Cockmotherhumpershitpissbodoinkeewacker, -- Robyn Peterman
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Stop kicking me! I do not want to pee right now! -- Martin Leicht
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A crier of green sauce. -- Francois Rabelais
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pocket lizard licker. -- Anonymous
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!Cabron!" [Mariposa] stomped her foot. "Hijo de puta."
Hard to believe that she was two centuries old and not the young girl she looked and acted. Like Peter Pan, she'd never grown up. -- Patricia Briggs
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Alea iacta est. The die has been cast. -- Stephen R. Lawhead
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Nadie me influye, todos contribuyen -- Kata Valast
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Halfway through his reclusion, Arredondo experienced more than once that almost timeless time. In the first of the house's three patios there was cistern with a frog in it. It never occurred to Arredondo to think that the frog's time, which borders on eternity, was what he himself sought. -- Jorge Luis Borges
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He's pulling him off! The Spanish manager is pulling his captain off -- George Hamilton
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Come t'e' picciol fallo amaro morso! Dante. What grievous pain a little fault doth give thee! -- Madeleine L'engle
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Kirito . . . teach me how to use a sword. -- Reki Kawahara
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I'll go to Santiago.
And the banana tree a jellyfish. -- Federico Garcia Lorca
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Gilderoy Lockhart -- J.k. Rowling
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Alejandro, who thought he was a wit. And he was, if you put a "nit" in front of it, -- Karen Chance
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Lazarevo drips you into my soul, dawn drop by moonlight drop from the river Kama. When you look for me, look for me there, because that's where I'll be all the days of my life. -- Paullina Simons
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Was Paco in here? -- Simone Elkeles
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The werehyena Casanova strikes again. -- Ilona Andrews
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the Roman satirical daily, Il Don Pirlone ('Mr Dickhead', -- Lucy Riall
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Philo of Alexandria, -- Sara Lewis Holmes
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Australians say 'pissed off.' Pissed means drunk. Piss is alcohol. To take the piss
that means to send someone up, make fun of them. -- Geraldine Brooks
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Marina, as of the sea. You stick with Hector Ricardo. I'll take care of you;its in my name -- Pittacus Lore
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Irish-sparkle-fish, -- Anne Eliot
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May "the Meatball" Wexler. -- Elle Casey
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As I squatted on the grass at the edge of the woods, the pee felt hot between my legs. I watched in puddle in the dirt, the smell of it rising into the night. There was no difference between my piss and June's. That's what i thought when I looked at the dark circle on the ground. Piss is Piss. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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Piss!" shouted Kosta, hoisting his tumbler toward Cosetta, who nearly came apart at the joints with the resulting fit of giggles.
"Thank you, Ravelle, for this gift of a daughter who will now be up all night repeating that word ... -- Scott Lynch
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Gabriel, Michael, Raphael. -- Doreen Virtue
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Marie Laurencin. -- Stella Gibbons
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On the mound is Randy Jones, the left-hander with the Karl Marx hairdo. -- Jerry Coleman
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Cuerdos, he says. They're sane. -- Hector Tobar
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If you couldn't handle someone who did the impossible, the improbable, the implausible, then you couldn't handle the VRMMO player known as Kirito. -- Reki Kawahara
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Everton" (Francis)
Alex turned his head to view a rainbow peacock mask bobbing toward him. "Good Lord, Francis, you are replendent," he said admiringly.
The peacock stopped beside him. "Dash it, Everton, how'd you know it was me?"
You're still wearing your faux ruby ring. -- Suzanne Enoch
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A panel at a beautiful annual literary festival in Brazil, held in the almost Utopian coastal town of Parati, found me matched with Fernando Gabeira. This comparison reduced my own limited charisma value to something like zero: Gabeira has excelled at every cultural activity in Brazil. -- Christopher Hitchens
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"Forgive Yourself) -- Mitch Albom
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Perry Johansson. -- Rick Riordan
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I think I'll side with the pissheads <>ong>onong> this <>ong>onong>e. -- Larry Wall
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Baby names are a big debate in my family. Like true Colombian and Puerto Rican families, everybody and their mother is putting their two cents in - everything from Jose to Francisco to Victorio to Rain has been suggested. -- Paula Garces
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Let's play Russian roulette. If you win, I give you a Colombian necktie. -- Natalya Vorobyova
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My name is Raphael. Not chico. -- Cassandra Clare
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Kalevala, whereas -- Arthur C. Clarke
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Rus, dancing alongside Roza like a monstrous, bedraggled pony. -- Laura Ruby
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I always beat Jankovic so who do you think I want to play? -- Marion Bartoli
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When I have you bent over this couch, which one of your names should I moan? -- Teresa Mummert
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Lorenzo Gambini, I presume? Or would you prefer to be called - "
"Sir," I cut in before he can say Scar. "You can call me sir, if it gives you the tingles. Otherwise, let's just stick with Gambini. -- J.m. Darhower
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What is man, when you come to think upon him, but a minutely set, ingenious machine for turning with infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine? -- Isak Dinesen
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Casildea de Vandalia, the rawest and best -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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Amarillio, just turn to the left and 500 yards down -- Peter Kay
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You'll piss when you can't whistle, -- Richard Zacks
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I'm horrible with names" He said "I'm still not sure what your is. You say Blake, but I'm pretty sure it's like Bob. Or Sanchez -- C.l.stone
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That Reyes Farrow boy. -- Darynda Jones
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Do you want a margarita? I'm making them with Limoncello and Petron. -- Penny Reid
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I am Alberto Del Rio, but you already knew that. -- Alberto Del Rio
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Sapere aude. Dare to be wise. -- Horace
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Retire me to my Milan, where
Every third thought shall be my grave. -- William Shakespeare
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A banty-rooster sort of guy, the kind that likes to pick fights, especially when the odds are all their way. -- Stephen King
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Javier Chevanton don't speak the language too good. -- Kevin Bond
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This poor gambler isn't even a noun. He is kind of an adverb. -- Stephen Crane
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Uhtred of Steapa - He might be dumb as a parsnip but he knows how to fight. -- Bernard Cornwell
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All my fans, especially my Latino fans and Nicaraguan fans, I promise you I will become world champion. After I become world champion Piccirillo can go back to Italy and make pizza or pasta or whatever it is he does over there. -- Ricardo Mayorga
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Dukhoborcheskaya -- Thomas Paine
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Chadwickius frenemus, -- Heather Vogel Frederick
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Don't fuck with me, ball sac, -- Richard Kadrey
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Ashurbanipal." Oh, baby, keep talking dirty to me. -- Jo Raven
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Whiz Galliano whip whip the Armani In the drip drip lick lick like a lolly -- Nicki Minaj
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Peter Grant,' I said. 'Recent arrival, slacker and man of very little fame. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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Like millions of others, he mockingly calls himself, in evocative modern street slang, a diaosi, the term for a loser that literally translates as "male pubic hair". -- Anonymous
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I play Peeta. That's his name. It was given to him by his parents. He comes from a long line of bread. His sister is Rye. And his brother is Whole Wheat. -- Josh Hutcherson
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Mandy (lentil eating, lesbian, long socks) in PR -- Poppet
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Abracadabra, I'm up like Viagra. -- Lil' Wayne
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Vagisil. Any one of them will give you another two to three inches drop on your curve ball. Of course if the umps are watching me real close I'll rub a little jalapeno up my nose, get it runnin', and if I need to load the ball up I just ... (wipes his nose) -- Eddie Harris
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Victor Hernandez, like an orchestral conductor directing his troops ... -- Jon Champion
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Cat piss and porcupines! -- Kate Hattemer
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The rain of Madre de Dios is similar to that of the Amazon, but there is a petrifying aspect to it, as if it seeks to wound rather than to nurture. -- Tahir Shah
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What is the boy now, who has lost his ball, ... I am not a little boy. -- John Berryman
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What kind of piss is this?" he said when he caught a breath.

Louvaen frowned. "Probably something he made with the venom and scales of the worlds most evil viper."

"Oh, you have a twin? -- Grace Draven
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Jorinda and Jorindel -- Jacob Grimm
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Baikida Carroll, whose balance of bravada and tenderness, facility and understatement mark him as a player to be reckoned with. -- Jon Pareles