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Each visible planet is the embodiment of a great and exalted spiritual intelligence Who is the minister of God in that department of His Kingdom, endeavoring to carry out His Will, the latter having in view the ultimate highest good, regardless of temporary ill.
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You may have taken the planet, but you will lose this game!
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The planet isn't improvising, it's creating dynamic tensions between complex living systems in a planetary choreography, a balancing act between physical, chemical, biological, environmental, and human components.
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Earth is the ball. Humanity is the goal.
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We only get one planet.
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The Earth is not just an ordinary planet! One can count, there 111 kings ...
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I'm from the same planet as David Bowie.
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Your body is your own planet Earth.
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We have a choice to make during our brief visit to this beautiful blue and green living planet: to hurt it or to help it.
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From a large planet of overwhelming magnitude, unlimited resources and endless mystery, the Earth has suddenly become a small planet, thoroughly explored, limited in resources, and reduced in mystery.
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But it was more than a planet; it was the living pulse beat of an Empire of twenty million stellar
systems. It had only one, function, administration; one purpose, government; and one manufactured product, law.
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The original ancient Greek meaning of the word planet was simply wanderer,
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The fate of the living planet is the most important issue facing mankind.
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Here in a little lonely room I am master of earth and sea, And the planets come to me.
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To survive, our minds must taste redwood, and agate, octopi, bat, and in the bat's mouth, insect. It's hard to think like a planet, but we've got to try.
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Get off my planet, you son of a bitch.
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This was, I realized, a beautiful planet. Maybe it was the most beautiful of all. But beauty creates its own troubles. You look at a waterfall or an ocean or a sunset, and you find yourself wanting to share it with someone.
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Earth is for living only
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This planet is a broken bone that didn't set right, a hundred pieces of crystal glued together. We've been shattered and reconstructed, told to make an effort every single day to pretend we still function the way we're supposed to. But it's a lie, it's all a lie.
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The planetary phase of history has begun, but the future shape of global society remains profoundly uncertain. Though perhaps improbable, a shift toward a planetary civilization of enriched lives, human solidarity, and environmental sustainability is still possible.
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One planet, one experiment." If
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Man makes a great fuss about this planet which is only a ballbearing in the hub of the universe.
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The beautiful green earth.
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Mars and my stupidity keep trying to kill me.
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The planets. Now footnote, I'm including Pluto in the planets, because I think it's terrible what they did to Pluto. And it's still a planet to me. I grew up with Pluto as a planet, it will always be a planet.
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I am from the planet of elegance.
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The planet Venus, a circle of silver in a green sky, pierced the edge of the evening while the wintry woods darkened about me and in the stillness the regular sound of my footsteps striking the pavement was like a the rhythmic beating of a giant stone heart.
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The only truly alien planet is Earth.
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Outer Planets Alliance
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there is no planet B.
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The solar system is so humongous big.
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No hope for planet at all. But I will be gone before the planet is gone, so it's your problem.
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We haven't got a spare planet. If we had it, we would sell it long time ago.
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We intend to make this world the most beautiful, glorious planet that any human being can imagine and, really, beyond anything any human being can imagine.
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Our earth is but a small star in a great universe. Yet of it we can make, if we choose, a planet unvexxed by war, untroubled by hunger or fear, undivided by senseless distinctions of race, color or theory.
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Do you ever wonder if
well, if there are people living on the third planet?'
'The third planet is incapable of supporting life,' stated the husband patiently. 'Our scientists have said there's far too much oxygen in their atmosphere.
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We made war on the planet, and the planet fought back.
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Don't they watch the news? Uranus isn't even a planet anymore.
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I decided five years ago that I wanted to truly understand, for myself, what the state of the planet was, and when I dug into it, what I found was quite different than I'd imagined.
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We are a blue planet and an ocean world.
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It was a beautiful, harmonious, peaceful-looking planet, blue with white clouds, and one that gave you a deep sense of home, of being, of identity. It is what I prefer to call instant global consciousness.
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Astronomers have discovered a planet that is twice the size of earth and made of diamonds. President Obama says the planet may be inhabited by aliens not paying their fair share.
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This planet is 15 million years overdue for an asteroid strike like the one that killed the dinosaurs.
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You can't believe what a lovely planet we have until you see her from outside.
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And we are beginning to hear the groaning from our tortured planet. We are at a point when we must realize that if we want to continue to call this planet our home, we need to change - not the planet, but ourselves.
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this is a Free Planet.
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You promised the moon, but I prefer Uranus.
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The overwhelming astonishment, the queerest structure we know about so far in the whole universe, the greatest of all cosmological scientific puzzles, confounding all our efforts to comprehend it, is the earth.
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I don't see this planet being ... they're talking about how they're turning around the environmental problems here, but I think it's already too late.
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For nearly two years, I was flying above the planet with my camera. I knew straight away that this was something important to do, just at this moment, a portrait of the planet for the millennium year. I worked in 80 countries, fighting for money all the time.
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Honestly, what planet do these people live on? And why isn't it farther away?
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I've got a deep dark suspicion that pretty soon we should start looking around for another planet for ourselves.
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... after all, what is a planet but an island in space?
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This planet is obviously being used as an insane asylum by other planets.
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One the next corner stood a cinder block restaurant with a hand-painted sign that read CHICKEN & WAFFLES. There was a queue of twenty people outside.
You Americans have the strangest taste. What planet is this?
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We are hopeful that you will want to visit our planet in the near future. We are in the process of restoring our environment to its original grandeur, and hope to have completed the task before your RSVP.
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I refuse to accept Pluto's resignation as a planet.
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We all share one planet and are one hummanity, there is no escaping this reality.
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Were getting closer and closer to finding a habitable world.
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The solar system consists of Jupiter, plus debris.
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Today I saw my inner planet: a cracked rib, air in the lungs, fatty liver and an open heart.
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There is a powerful recognition that stirs within us when we see our little blue ocean planet in the skies of other worlds. In an instant we can see how small, fragile, and alone we all really are.
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There is no planet B. We have to take care of the one we have
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We are the planet, fully as much as water, earth, fire and air are the planet, and if the planet survives, it will only be through heroism. Not occasional heroism, a remarkable instance of it here and there, but constant heroism, systematic heroism, heroism as governing principle.
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The only planet we are sure is inhabited is a tiny speck of rock and metal, shining feebly by reflected sunlight, and at this distance utterly lost.
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Planet Earth is the last planet in this universe under the occupation of the Dark Forces, the last relic of galactic wars that raged throughout the galaxy for millions of years. This status has been imposed upon humanity by the negative ET races.
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You are more than the Earth, though you are such a dot:
You can love and think, and the Earth cannot!
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He was a planet without an atmosphere.
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[W]e people the other planets, not that we may place there different beings from ourselves, but more beings of our own and similar nature.
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In a billion years, Earth will become a second Venus.
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The planet isn't going anywhere. We are.
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For the Earth is only an atom in the universe of worlds.
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Fuck you," he said to the planet below.
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We have the most beautiful planet - the Rockies, the purple fields of the United States, the Lake District, the Pyrenees, the turquoise seas of the tropics.
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Of all celestial bodies within reach or view, as far as we can see, out to the edge, the most wonderful and marvellous and mysterious is turning out to be our own planet earth. There is nothing to match it anywhere, not yet anyway.
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Doomed planet.
Desperate scientists.
Last hope.
Kindly couple.
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The earth is a used Kleenex on the universe's nightstand.
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It's so hard to balance in our minds the knowledge that 'the world' is mundanely 'a planet.' The former is so holy; the latter merely a science project.
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And most importantly, the next time someone asks you "Who are you?" you must answer in this simple way, with sincerity and conviction: "I am an Earth Citizen
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We have at last glimpsed the surface of the fabled world, Titan, Saturn's largest moon and the greatest single expanse of unexplored territory remaining in the Solar System today,
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I'm just a guy on a planet, orbiting a sun, surrounded by a vast space extending in every direction.
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For millions of years, this world has been a great gift to nearly everything living on it, a planet whose atmosphere, temperature, air, water, seasons, and weather were precisely calibrated to allow us - the big us, including forests and oceans, species large and small - to flourish.
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Males and farts. Any species, any planet, didn't matter. We
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Heaven has a north and a south and an east and a west. Consequently, it must be a planet.
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Earth is an insane asylum, to which the other planets deport their lunatics.
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The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.
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The Moon is such a planet I can't even stand it.
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Our solar system is fantastically bizarre. There are worlds with features we never imagined. Storms larger than planets, moons with under-surface oceans, lakes of methane, worldlets that swap places ... and that's just at Saturn.
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What the hell happened to Pluto?!
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Jupiter, you are angry, therefore you are wrong.
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Due to many cosmic and worldly reasons, we will surely lose our planet one day! Till that dark day comes, let us give our profound affection to our beloved earth!
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We humans, though troubled and warlike, are also the dreams, thinkers, and explorers inhabiting one achingly beautiful planet, yearning for the sublime, and capable of the magnificent.
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Who is really in charge of this planet?
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What planet are you from? Obviously Planet Insanity was missing a local, long-term resident.' (Nick)
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We are all environmentalists now, but we are not all planetists. An environmentalist realizes that nature has its pleasures and deserves respect. A planetist puts the earth ahead of the earthlings.
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[W]e are prone to forget that the planet may be measured by man, but not according to man.
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We see it [the as-yet unseen, probable new planet, Neptune] as Columbus saw America from the coast of Spain. Its movements have been felt, trembling along the far-reaching line of our analysis with a certainty hardly inferior to that of ocular demonstration.
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The earth is the temple of our humanity
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NASA scientists announced the discovery of 50 new planets, among them what they're calling Super Earth. It's indistinguishable from regular earth until it removes its glasses.
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Never forget the gender of mother earth. This planet is a body through which arterial tides pulse and surge, and within this fluid murk stir serpents, inchoate monstrosities of the amniotic id.