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I don't plan. I don't think, 'I have to do this kind of part 'cause I've done that kind of part.' I'm not a very good planner. -- Rupert Graves
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Plans are worthless. Planning is priceless. -- Winston Churchill
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Plan your work - work your plan -- B.c. Forbes
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Start at the beginning," he said. "Move one step in the direction of your goal. Remember that you can change direction to maneuver around obstacles. You don't need a plan, you need a vector. -- Cory Doctorow
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Plan the Path, Define the Purpose! -- Anuranjita Kumar
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Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance -- U.s. Army
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Planning is not my friend. Impulse is. -- Kiersten White
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The person with a plan, a picture, will go after thoughts that add value to their thinking. -- John C. Maxwell
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Plan your work and work your plan. -- Marv Levy
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A plan concerns your life and your calling -- Sunday Adelaja
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I'm not good at making plans, because I never have been. I never do things with an idea of where they may wind up. -- Rick Moranis
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With a definite, step-by-step plan - ah, what a difference it makes! You cannot fail, because each step carries you along to the next, like a track. -- Scott Reed
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Plans get you into things but you've got to work your way out. -- Will Rogers
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I find it tricky to make plans. -- Isabel Lucas
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You don't need a plan; you just need to be present. -- Bob Goff
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What is called "planning" in political rhetoric is the government's suppression of other people's plans by superimposing on them a collective plan, created by third parties, armed with the power of government and exempted from paying the costs that these collective plans impose on others. -- Thomas Sowell
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It is one thing to conceive a good plan, and another to execute it -- Aesop
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If you don't have a plan, you can end up doing some interesting things. -- Karl Pilkington
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There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true. -- Edwin Louis Cole
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Plans get you into things, but you got to work your way out. -- Will Rogers
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The only planning I do is about a minute before I play. I desperately try to think of something that will be effective, but I never sit down and work it out note for note. -- Eric Clapton
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People with a plan see and wait for the right time. -- Marlon James
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Always, Always have a plan -- Rick Riordan
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I don't really plan. I'm almost intuitive about things. -- Terry Pratchett
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Planning, gentlemen, is 'What are you going to do next year that's different from what you did this year?'" he told them. "All I want is five items. -- Bryan Burrough
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Plans let past drives the future. -- Jason Fried
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If you don't have a plan, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, and before you know it you're looking back saying, I should've had a plan. -- Phil Mcgraw
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In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. -- Dwight D. Eisenhower
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There is nothing more satisfying than having plans. -- Lalita Tademy
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It is easy to make plans but difficult to carry them out -- Keiichi Tsuchiya
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What you can plan is too small for you to live. What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough for the vitality hidden in your sleep. -- David Whyte
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You need a plan for everything, whether it's building a cathedral or a chicken coop. Without a plan, you'll postpone living until you're dead. -- John Goddard
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Plan your work and work your plan"
"where there is a will, there is a way -- Stephen E. Ambrose
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Let planning be the springboard, so that spirituality can be our splash. -- Robin S. Sharma
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Good planning avoids the need for fixing up a project that plowed ahead without thought ... about potential pitfalls. -- Bobby Knight
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Slow down, take time, allow yourself to be wildly diverted from your plan. People are the soul of the place; don't forget to meet them and enjoy their company as you explore a place. -- David Duchemin
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Everybody's got plans ... until they get hit. -- Mike Tyson
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big plans require big action -- Greg Behrendt
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Planning is the only way to keep yourself on track. Plan your moments to be joyous. Plan your days to be filled with peace. Plan your life to be an experience of growth. When you know where you are going, the universe will clear a path for you. -- Iyanla Vanzant
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Make big plans, but change your plans as time changes. -- Kenny Marchant
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Packing is chiefly planning
if it is -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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But it is meaningless to speak of short-range and long-range plans. There are plans that lead to action today - and they are true plans, true strategic decisions. And there are plans that talk about action tomorrow - they are dreams, if not pretexts for nonthinking, nonplanning, nondoing. The -- Peter F. Drucker
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You are engaged in an undertaking of major importance to you. To be sure of success, you must have plans which are faultless. -- Napoleon Hill
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The best plans evolve. -- John Paul Caponigro
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I'm in no hurry to get anywhere. I don't have any plans. I don't have a map. If you did in this business, you'd destroy yourself. -- Colin Farrell
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I like plans. They create a comforting illusion of sanity and order. -- Tim Pratt
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It's good to plan, but don't let the planning take the place of doing. -- Karen Mcquestion
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Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city. -- Le Corbusier
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The right priorities in planning will help you to avoid fuss, tiredness and overwork -- Sunday Adelaja
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plans have about as much substance as daydreams, -- Jodi Angel
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The most experienced planner in the world is your brain. -- David Allen
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The most important product of interactive planning is the planning process, not plans. It is in the planning process that knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are generated. It is in these acquisitions that the value of planning resides. -- Anonymous
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The plan, a memory of the future, tries on reality to see if it fits. -- Laurence Gonzales
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You must create a plan that highlights your strengths and hides your flaws. -- James Patterson
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The planner is a potential dictator who wants to deprive all other people of the power to plan and act according to their own plans. He aims at one thing only: the exclusive absolute preeminence of his own plan. -- Ludwig Von Mises
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Those who are patient, plan. And beware the man with a plan. -- Penelope Douglas
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I'm a huge planner, more and more so as the years go by. -- Emma Donoghue
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The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry and depression.' John Harvey Jones -- Peter Taylor
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A plan is a real thing, and things projected are experienced. A plan once made and visualized becomes reality along with other realities - never to be destroyed but easily to be attacked. -- John Steinbeck
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In schools, many kids are asked, "What is your plan?," but many aren't even thinking that far ahead. -- Raheem Devaughn
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We need to have a plan equal to the challenge. -- Jim Yong Kim
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Plans turn promises into results and dreams into realities. -- Ron Kaufman
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I don't really live by plans. -- Andrea Corr
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I don't like to plan. Very often, for me, acting is like loving; it's using the muscle that you use in loving, in that your heart feels open. Physically, you feel open. And so therefore your job is to enter, open, and listen. And see what happens. -- Susan Sarandon
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Strategists who don't take time to think are just planners. -- Max Mckeown
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Who can plan so far ahead? I just promise myself to do the most interesting thing every time there's an opportunity. -- Ken Liu
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The world is full of people who have dreams of playing at Carnegie Hall, of running a marathon, and of owning their own business. The difference between the people who make it across the finish line and everyone else is one simple thing: an action plan. -- John Tesh
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When we plan our time, in fact, we plan our success. -- Sunday Adelaja
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I don't seem to have ever had a plan, but I have always been quite good at walking through doors when they are opened. I am never any good at anticipating what will happen next, but I always go for it when it does. -- Julian Fellowes
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We have a strategic plan. It's called 'doing things'. -- Herb Kelleher
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You must plan your work and then work your plan. -- Dave Ramsey
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So what's the plan?'
'Why do people ask me that? Do I seem like a person who could make and then keep plans? -- Molly Jong-Fast
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Socratic question: all plans? Some? Which ones? How do they do so? -- Will Evans
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I always wished to be a better planner. It seems more elegant, while my trial and error process is more akin to someone scratching an awful case of poison oak. -- Joshua Mohr
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Planning?" She fluttered her eyelashes at him. "Me? -- Andrea Cremer
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you plan to fail if you fail to plan -- James Patterson
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The process of developing superior strategies is part planning, part trail and error, until you hit upon something that works. -- Constantinos C. Markides
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I believe good plans are the best way to maximize fun, avoid disaster, and possibly, save the world. I spend a lot of my time making them. -- Katherine Hannigan
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A plan is a thing that goes unsaid, but puts the hope in your voice nonetheless. -- David Levithan
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Far better than a precise plan is a clear sense of direction and compelling beliefs. And that lies within you. The question is, how do you evoke it? -- Dee Hock
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Never make the mistake of planning the day ... a day plans itself -- Dick Romeo Matshaba
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I don't really believe in plans. They only change. My goal is simply to be able to make music and live life in this crazy, falling-apart world. -- Jason Reeves
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Always plan no matter how improbable it seems. The bill for hindsight is much more expensive than the reciept for foresight. -- Johnnie Dent Jr.
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Plans make dreams reality. -- Susan Pace-Koch
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My real thinking and planning gets done when I'm doing something else like driving or walking or taking the shower. -- Liane Moriarty
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I'm up to my hairline in planning. It's a lot, especially when you're a woman of detail, -- Katy Perry
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plan, organize, integrate, motivate, and measure. -- Peter F. Drucker
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Rule #1 of Traveling-
Don't even think of answering questions that contain the word "plan"? -- Sanhita Baruah
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Vision leads to proper planning and proper planning leads to successful completion. -- Farshad Asl
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Planning stuff out sucks. If you plan stuff out, you wind up talking in a very monotonous, unnatural way. -- Cm Punk
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One of the things I've really realized over the past number of years is that you can't plan - you really don't know what's going to happen. All the plans I made for myself all turned out really differently in the end, so I just go with it. -- Lights
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If you hesitate to map out your future, to make a big plan or to set a goal, you've just gone ahead and mapped your future anyway. -- Seth Godin
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Plan your hours to be productive ... Plan your weeks to be educational ... Plan your years to be purposeful. Plan your life to be an experience of growth. Plan to change. Plan to grow. -- Iyanla Vanzant
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Living life with a plan can be harder without a plan. -- Pontius Joseph
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Well, I like to know where I'm going before I try to get there. It's a mistake to try to execute a plan before you've thought of one, in my experience. -- Max Barry
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I'm a plodder, not a planner. -- Dan Webster
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What could be a better use of your time than establishing a game plan for your life? -- Michael Hyatt
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SOMETIMES A plan is just a list of things that don't happen. Ruben -- Damon Suede