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Scientists who study play, in animals and humans alike, are developing a consensus view that play is something more than a way for restless kids to work off steam; more than a way for chubby kids to burn off calories; more than a frivolous luxury. -- Robin Marantz Henig
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Play is your route to mastery. -- Sara Genn
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Play is the answer to the question, 'How does anything new come about?' -- Jean Piaget
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Play is the work of children. It's very serious stuff. -- Bob Keeshan
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Play is the creation of value that is not necessary. -- Dallas Willard
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Play is kids' work in that it is a form of experiential learning that contributes directly to a person's ability to handle failure, to work in teams, and to take risks. -- Jill Vialet
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Tobin Hart calls play "the holy work of children" that helps them "find and define themselves."[2] -- Tobin Hart
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When, who, and what things happen to becomes meaningful, then what happens starts to matter, and play can evoke strong emotions, fierce and ongoing urges to succeed, and a desire to leave a mark, drive meaningful change, or build lasting institutions. -- Ed Greenwood
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Play is the production of fun; entertainment is the consumption of fun. -- Charles Eisenstein
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Never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play. This turns possible underachievers into happy warriors. -- Ken Robinson
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Play allows us to maintain curiosity while learning. -- Sarah Lewis
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The best of my nature reveals itself in play, and play is sacred. -- Isak Dinesen
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Man's most serious activity is play. -- George Santayana
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A play is a painting that moves. Instead of it holding still, and you are looking at it, you hold still and it scrolls by. -- Patricia Zipprodt
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Play The Game or Get Played. -- Ziad K. Abdelnour
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Play is my Way. Fun is my destiny. Love and joy are my religion. -- Victor Shamas
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Enter into children's play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet. -- Virginia Axline
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When I go out there and play I just play. -- Terrell Owens
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The main characteristic of play - whether of child or adult - is not it content but its mode. Play is an approach to action, not a form of activity. -- Jerome Bruner
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I would argue that play is an essential part of living. It's the process by which great discoveries are made, industries are built, and people fall in love. The instinctive human drive toward play continuously pushes us to find new ways to understand and influence the world around us. -- John Ferrara
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Children's play is a way to express innate, spontaneous creativity. -- Iben Dissing Sandahl
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When we play, we sense no limitations. In fact, when we are playing, we are usually unaware of ourselves. Self-observation goes out the window. We forget all those past lessons of life, forget our potential foolishness, forget ourselves. We immerse ourselves in the act of play. And we become free. -- Lenore Terr
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Play cannot be defined, because in play all definitions slither, dance, combine, break apart, and recombine. -- Stephen Nachmanovitch
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If you're gonna play, play. Don't play! -- Stephen F. Kaufman
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Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning ... They have to play with what they know to be true in order to find out more, and then they can use what they learn in new forms of play. -- Fred Rogers
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Play with heart; Play with passion; Play within yourself; Have fun; Play like a champion. -- Jim Tressel
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True play is creativity. -- John Lasseter
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Natural play strengthens children's self-confidence and arouses their senses-their awareness of the world and all that moves in it, seen and unseen. -- Richard Louv
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Why we play as children is not because it is our work or because it is how we learn, though both statements are true; we play because we are wired for joy, it is imperative as human beings. -- John Thorn
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Play with no fear of failure. -- Max Seibald
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Play is the highest form of research. -- Albert Einstein
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Play begins as a major feature of mammalian evolution and remains as a major method of becoming reconciled with our present universe. -- Brian Sutton-Smith
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When we play a game, we tackle tough challenges with more creativity, more determination, more optimism, and we're more likely to reach out to others for help. -- Jane Mcgonigal
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You play, you win, you play, you lose. You play. It's the playing that's irresistible. -- Jeanette Winterson
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I think play must have been invented so we wouldn't go mad thinking about certain things. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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Playing lifts you out of yourself into a delirious place. -- Jacqueline Du Pre
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Play becomes joy, joy becomes work, work becomes play. -- Johannes Itten
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Games lubricate the body and mind. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Games lubricate the body and the mind. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Play out the play ... -- William Shakespeare
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Play is the highest from of research. -- Albert Einstein
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Play stimulates the parts of the brain involved in both careful, logical reasoning and carefree, unbound exploration. -- Greg Mckeown
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Play for the guy standing next to you. -- Matt Abbott
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It is essential to our well-being, and to our lives, that we play and enjoy life. Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing. -- Marcia Wieder
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Play is free movement within a more rigid structure. -- Katie Salen
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Whenever you trace the origin of a skill or practices which played a crucial role in the ascent of man, we usually reach the realm of play. -- Eric Hoffer
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THE "GAMES" BEGIN -- John Feinstein
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Life is no play. We meet people once, and never see them again. There is no shape to events, no point at which we turn to the audience for their praise. -- Neil Gaiman
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When we are playing [games], we are stretching our emotional expressive ranges, loosening up our biochemical flow of information, getting unstuck, and healing our feelings. -- Candace Pert
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Play is older than culture, for culture, however inadequately defined, always presupposes human society, and animals have not waited for man to teach them their playing. -- Johan Huizinga
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For since most of our living is unconscious, play is like matchstrokes in the void, bringing into light the structures we behave by, illuminating for us, however briefly, our deep meanings. -- Mary Caroline Richards
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This maybe a game, but it isn't meant to be played -- Reki Kawahara
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Fish play in the water
birds play in the sky
ordinary beings play on the earth
sublime beings play in display. -- Thinley Norbu
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Play hard, play smart, play together, have fun. -- Morgan Wootten
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When we treat children's play as seriously as it deserves, we are helping them feel the joy that's to be found in the creative spirit. It's the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives. -- Fred Rogers
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Our play is not something separate from our spirituality; it is itself a sign of the presence of God in the world. -- Ken Shigematsu
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For me, playing is about playing with other people. -- Derek Bailey
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I love plays. Even bad ones. I like the fact that actual live, breathing people are standing before you in tense situations that you are not personally responsible for. -- Lorrie Moore
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I love playing sport. -- Damian Lewis
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To enjoy each breathing day, you have to set time aside to play. -- Suzy Kassem
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Play is the taproot from which original art springs. It is the raw stuff that the artist channels with all his learning and technique. -- Stephen Nachmanovitch
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Once parents started scheduling play, they then began observing play, which led to involving themselves in play. -- Julie Lythcott-Haims
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[The child] takes his play very seriously and he expends large amounts of emotion on it. The opposite of play is not what is serious but what is real. -- Sigmund Freud
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If I couldn't play, I wouldn't be alive. -- Frank Iero
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Play in the things that light you up. -- Kami Guildner
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Playing and fun are not the same thing, though when we grow up we may forget that and find ourselves mixing up playing with happiness. There can be a kind of amnesia about the seriousness of playing, especially when we played by ourselves. -- Lynda Barry
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Not by force shall the children learn, but through play -- Plato
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Let's play," Peter said. -- Brom
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People have to see play as more important than what it currently is. We don't want to get boxed into thinking play only happens on a playground. The best type of play is all kinds of play. -- Darell Hammond
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A game is a problem-solving activity, approached with a playful attitude -- Jesse Schell
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It's hard to maintain a life when you do a play. You feel you have to pretend to go through a normal day, knowing that in the evening you'll be doing this. -- Chiwetel Ejiofor
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Play not only keeps us young but also maintains our perspective about the relative seriousness of things. Running is play, for even if we try hard to do well at it, it is a relief from everyday cares. -- Jim Fixx
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As we get older, a lot of societies, education systems and workplaces make us feel that playing is a waste of time. We end up suppressing stupidly brilliant questions for what we think are more serious responsibilities. -- Jessica Walsh
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Today, make time to play. -- Na'ama Yehuda
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Not a game, not a game ... practice. -- Allen Iverson
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Why do you play a game? I play a game to see how good we can be. -- Mike Krzyzewski
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Play doesn't have to be the opposite of work. -- Jill Vialet
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The human need to play is a powerful one. When we ignore it, we feel there is something missing in our lives. -- Leo Buscaglia
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Brown argues that play is not an option. In fact he writes, The opposite of play is not work - the opposite of play is depression. -- Brene Brown
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never stop playing -- Sarah Winman
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I do not live to play, but I play in order that I may live, and return with greater zest to the labors of life. -- Plato
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Very often the effort men put into activities that seem completely useless turns out to be extremely important in ways no one could foresee. Play has always been the mainspring of culture. -- Italo Calvino
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We live in an ironic society where even play is turned into work. But the highest existence is not work; the highest level of existence is play. -- Conrad Hyers
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Play is under attack in our nation's schools - and shrinking recess periods are only part of the problem. Homework is increasing. Cities are building new schools without playgrounds. Safety concerns are prompting bans of tag, soccer, and even running on the schoolyard. -- Darell Hammond
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Our whole life is like a play. -- Ben Jonson
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Play to win, but enjoy the fun. -- David Ogilvy
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If we play but not games, all will be well with the world. -- R.n. Prasher
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Nothing is more important than creative play through imagination.
Never stop playing, and never stop imagining! -- Carmela Dutra
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You play to win the game. -- Herman Edwards
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We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play. -- Charles E. Schaefer
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There is for many a poverty of play. -- Donald Woods Winnicott
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What all the basic religions are saying is this: Don't do anything that isn't play. -- Marshall B. Rosenberg
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Mankind may be divided into playgoers and not playgoers ... -- Vernon Lee
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Now, as God the maker play'd he taught the game to Nature whom he created in his image; taught her the selfsame game which he played to her. -- Johannes Kepler
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In play, a child is always above his average age, above his daily behavior; in play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself. -- Lev Vygotsky
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I love to play to win. -- Tiger Woods
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I just go out and play. -- Johnny Damon
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Play, and escaping the ideology one grew up in, is freedom. -- Frank Bidart
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Play hard. Play smart. Play together. -- Dean Smith
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We are not meant to be perpetually solemn: We must play. -- C.s. Lewis