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No country. is as harsh as the world.
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I had an experience of knowing the Polish people when I was a child, and where my father worked many Poles came to work after the war. They were good people, and this has stayed in my heart.
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Our part of Poland was under Russian occupation from 1939-1941.
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My family's from Eastern Europe.
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Orlaith asks as we return to the tree. Germany. You know they have sausages in vending machines there?
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JARRY: (To audience) As to the action which is about to begin, it takes place in Poland - that is to say, nowhere.
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raging across Europe. Every night, families sat glued to the radio, listening to the news of Poland. Most still had relatives
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Puszcza, an old Polish word, means "forest primeval." Straddling the border between Poland and Belarus, the half-million acres of the Bialowieza Puszcza contain Europe's last remaining fragment of old-growth, lowland wilderness.
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United States of Europe will resemble USA, where the Poland state will be a lot more like Dakota than New York.
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In the German tongue, in the Polish town
Scraped flat by the roller
Of wars, wars, wars ...
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In Poland we are all poets, working every day with our seven noun cases and millions of lovely diminutives that no foreigner will ever understand fully.
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The government has been repairing Poland's image and its relations with the European Union and the world.
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Politicians that proclaim big words without meaning rule in democracy. At best they allow themselves to discover that it's better to be rich and healthy than sick and poor and that it is necessary to care for 'good of Poland - clap clap, hurricane of clapping.
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Some in the West apparently believe that Poland no longer has its own interests, and that it is all too willing to agree with the opinions of others. This is absolutely not the case. Indeed, other countries in Europe uphold their own interests with great determination.
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one legend has it that Jews found Poland attractive because the country's name sounded like the Hebrew imperative po lin ("rest here").
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I'm Switzerland; neutral as can be, and also with great chocolate.
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To those who don't know the historical truth, I would like to say today, Poland was not an aggressor but a victim during the Second World War.
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Unfortunately the niveau of political culture is not particularly high in Poland - a relic of the communist past.
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America, the plum blossoms are falling.
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Germany is a great nation only because its people have so much Polish blood in their veins.
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You should learn Polish and read Szymborska!
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Poland, after the First World War, was beset by chaos, disorder, and a foolish incursion by the Red Army, which helped to produce the ultra-nationalist military dictatorship of General Pilsudski.
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China. The Kaiser had temporarily
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Peru, Peru. My heart's lighthouse.
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Krakow is one of my favorite places on earth. It is a medieval city full of young people. A wonderful, striking combination.
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Czech Republics worst pick up line: What's a nice place like this doing around a women like you?
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Name a country, and I have probably been there.
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The only thing I know about Slovakia is what I learned first-hand from your foreign minister, who came to Texas.
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Homeland of patience, land of the Russian people.
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A country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies.
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My message to the Americans, to the American President, is that I am coming from Poland, which is in good shape; it is much different than ten years ago when last state visit from Poland was here in the United States.
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We speak of peace, yes, but whose peace? Poland's? Bulgaria's? The peace of the grave?
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Prussia: freedom of movement with a muzzle. Austria: an isolation cell in which screaming is allowed.
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I'm German in my mind, but from a Germany that doesn't exist any more.
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Canada, or as i call them, America Light.
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I am very familiar with Hungary, because I grew up in Romania, which borders it.
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Romania, which had the worst dictator in Eastern Europe, Ceausescu, he was a darling of the West. The United States and Britain loved him. He was supported until the last minute.
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beautiful country with spectacular views. As
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I'm amazed to find those countries are in Europe.
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Poland is one of the few countries that can afford to conduct a conventional monetary policy and that means we have to act against the buildup of imbalances in the economy.
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Poland nil, England nil, though England are now looking the better value for their nil.
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Poles finished communism, and Great Britain profited significantly from this.
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America I used to be a communist when I was a kid and I'm not sorry.
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United States: the country where liberty is a statue.
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I've never lived in Eastern Europe, although both my wife and I have ancestors in Poland and Russia - but I can see the scenes I create.
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The saddest country I went to was Romania, years ago, during Ceausescu's rule.
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Sixty years ago this week Hitler invaded Poland. This led to the creation of The History Channel.
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my country is the world
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I can confirm that Poland should become a eurozone country, and not just because of the treaties that have been signed, but because I consider it of strategic interest both for Poland and the E.U.
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Poland not only has a capable military but also is strong economically and does not need money being raised for it.
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That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts.
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There is a certain artificial polish, a commonplace vivacity acquired by perpetually mingling in the beau monde; which, in the commerce of world, supplies the place of natural suavity and good-humour, but is purchased at the expense of all original and sterling traits of character.
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When people are coming to Krakow and we show them how and where we practice, they are like, 'Seriously? Are you kidding me?' But we're always saying that what matters about the courts - the lines, the nets - are the same. I'm practicing in Poland even when I don't have good facilities.
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Croatia is an amazing place.
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In Poland we still believe - and this certainly applies to my government - that greater competitiveness, and greater growth and savings are possible in an economy which is as sparely regulated as possible, where freedom, competition and private ownership are key values.
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Cesky Krumlov, the little jewel box of a city in southern Bohemia.
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In the wake of winning the war, Poland wants to help win peace with Iraq. I believe that the international community cannot leave Iraq without support.
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Poland didn't experience a groundbreaking moment in 1989. We didn't storm the secret police building. The squads of secret police, with all their political baggage, remained unscathed.
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What other country has had the privilege of making the world's heart beat faster?
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Of great interest to students and teachers of immigrant history as well as to those of Polish descent.
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One of the cool, chaste countries - Canada or Sweden.
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You can't destroy the polish national-consciousness or Poles on the battlefield, but if you give them power, they will destroy themselves
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It's too early for a Polish pope.
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Europe, I have lived in your future, and I did not like it ...
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Canada - they won't like me saying this, but it's really like it's a part of Michigan, that area.
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The new European Soviet.
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There are certainly major differences between Poland's policies and those of the old EU countries. Debates are going on in Brussels over a shared foreign policy and even a shared foreign minister.
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great mysteries that the Poles have been able to keep their language, culture and religion alive despite inhabiting an area which has usually belonged to either Germany, Russia or Austria, or sometimes to all three.
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up yonder in the guzzling Germans' land,
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Spain and Greece have 25%
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A Lithuanian friend asked me what am I doing in Lithuania. If I knew the answer I would probably not be in Lithuania talking to her.
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A relatively small and eternally quarrelsome country in Western Europe, fountainhead of rationalist political manias, militarily impotent, historically inglorious during the past century, democratically bankrupt, Communist-infiltrated from top to bottom.
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Poland, of course, was the key country. I remember Stalin telling me that the plains of Poland were the invasion route of Europe to Russia and always had been, and therefore he had to control Poland.
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France: As a professional journalist, I like the idea of a society where it is considered an acceptable occupation to basically sit around and drink.
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Society is now one polish'd horde, Form'd of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored.
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I married a German. Every night I dress up as Poland and he invades me.
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I belong to the generation of workers who, born in the villages and hamlets of rural Poland, had the opportunity to acquire education and find employment in industry, becoming in the course conscious of their rights and importance in society.
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In the end, for congenial sympathy, for poetry, for work, for original feeling and expression, for perfect companionship with one's friends
give me the country.
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There is an abundance of ancient place names in the Ukraine and Poland, which derive from 'Khazar' or 'Zhid' (Jew).
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Krakow the city of Kings, was no longer mine. I had become a foreigner in the place i had always called home
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Wales! Where the men are men and the sheep are scared!
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In Poland, some people think that I'm kind of scandalous because I'm a woman who should stay at home with her kids instead of making movies about what I want and, even worse, addressing Polish taboos like church, homosexuals and history.
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The land of embarrassment and breakfast.
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My father's father came from Russia; my mother came from Romania.
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If you don't know how great this country is, I know someone who does; Russia.
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A Polish man bought a zebra for a pet. What does he call the zebra? Spot!
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After a Polish Pope, whose country was first to be invaded by the Germans in World War Two, we now have someone from the generation drafted at the close of the war.
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Had I known back then just how cheap it was to employ Poles, I might as well have leapfrogged their country.
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I was born in Vienna on November 7, 1929, eleven years after the multiethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire fell apart following its defeat in World War I.
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Spain, the country for castles in the air!" I
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I asked somebody else who is out my country about his country and what he answered what's a big suprise what the people said in my country was "STUPIDY" - Category answer!
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South Africa, it's like the little asshole of the whole world - it's, like, the bottom. It's, like, in the dark depths of the hallway.
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My Country is Truth.
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India Lima Yankee
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A country of long shadows on county cricket grounds, warm beer, green suburbs, dog lovers, and old maids cycling to holy communion through the morning mist.
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I was born in Poland I came to Sweden when I was eight and always wanted to act and suddenly ended up in a Bond movie which was for me at that time absolutely enormous.
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When people ask me where I am from I never say, 'Serbia.' I always say, 'I come from a country that no longer exists.'
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I do not have to look for credentials for my Polishness and for my patriotism. I'm a Pole. The chronicles of my family go back - as far back as the 13th century.